Mini Stroller Fan Clip-on for Baby, Small Portable Fan Rechargeable and Handheld


The mini stroller fans cover only has 5.5mm gaps, so it will protect the infants little fingers from entering. While keeping toddlers safe, our fans work quietly and provide powerful windTripod: Optimized the tripod fixing method, which is more durable an

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  • KristaB 2022-11-27 Verified purchase
    Battery life kinda sucks
    It’s easy to use and charge and also convenient but also the battery life is no where near 6-8 hours.
  • Amanda 2022-08-07 Verified purchase
    Not durable
    We purchased this fan less than a year ago and only used it during summer months. The arms are flexible to attach, but after so many times of bending them they break. We now have two operating arms instead of three for attachments. Two stars for lack of durability.
  • BCM 2022-12-16 Verified purchase
    Didn’t realize this was so tiny but does put out quite a bit of air.
  • Taylor 2022-01-31 Verified purchase
    Be mindful of size!
    Ordered this as a friend had one and I loved it. This fan came and the box was tiny. My own fault for not reading dimensions, but, be mindful that this fan is smaller than the average sized portable fan. Fan otherwise is as advertised and came quickly after purchase.
  • MDCook 2023-02-24 Verified purchase
    Doesn’t come with charger like it said
    It does not come with a USB charging cable even when it says it does. It just came with the host and instructions manual. The manual also says not to place in humidity areas or high temperatures? When the whole point of a portable fan is to use it in heat outside. Which is probably why some ppl say it doesn’t last that long. Does not take batteries just the cord. Not strong enough wind to use for baby stroller, if that is your plan I would buy two of them. I do think this product is cute but should be at least a bit cheaper if it’s not gonna come with the charger it says it does.
  • Aryan 2022-10-25 Verified purchase
    Great little fan for a baby stroller
    Everything is fine I just wish that the legs were a little bit longer
  • jocelyn 2022-05-11 Verified purchase
    Awesome product
    I still have this cute fan !
    I had it for about almost a year
    I bought it for my daughter car seat/stroller it works just right I love it
  • Dexter 2023-01-06 Verified purchase
    Great for a mommy bag!
    Great for my mommy bag! Surprisingly puts off a lot of wind for its small size.
  • Jennie 2022-09-15 Verified purchase
    Nice and small
    Very compact but has a punch with the fan
  • Tyler 2022-06-20 Verified purchase
    Good quality
    I like that it has 3 speeds and that it’s rechargeable
    It’s perfect to put on my daughter’s stroller.
    Would recommend
  • at 2022-06-18 Verified purchase
    Great for infant strollers
    We live in south texas so it’s always hot and humid here, these are perfect for the stroller especially if you keep a cover over the top, believe it or not it gets hot in there even with a light cover. I liked it the most because if the baby grabs it it won’t hurt their little fingers like a regular fan would! We’ve purchased 3 more since!
  • Winnie 2022-04-27 Verified purchase
    great gift. used a lot, nice price
  • Rhodes 2022-09-24 Verified purchase
    Easy and effective
    Easy to use and works well
  • sortiz 2022-08-01 Verified purchase
    Great little fan
    This is worth the money it’s great last a long time and u can put it on anything.
  • Vanessa 2022-10-31 Verified purchase
    We take it everywhere!
    When my daughter was born we did a lot of outdoor seating to prevent her from getting sick or picking up something! We bought two fans and took them everywhere with us to make sure she stayed cool in this Texas heat! They have a long lasting battery and they’re easy to grab and go. You can set them up just about anywhere!
  • Maria 2022-06-19 Verified purchase
    This helped me get through labor , I also use it to dry bottles faster
  • zachary 2022-09-22 Verified purchase
    Little N good power!
    Very nice- strong -N- handy! N for D price?
    So glad I bought it !!!
  • Jakayla 2022-04-13 Verified purchase
    Perfect for hot Florida summer day!!
    Definitely worth buying. Easily attaches to stroller to keep baby cool!!
  • Raven 2022-12-20 Verified purchase
    This thing blows.
    Great fan. I am hard on my fans, this is been running 24 hours a day since I bought it. I like air and the low speed is enough. I would by another!!
  • zabala 2022-07-17 Verified purchase
    Amazing for stroller walks AND during Labor!
    I am SO glad I ordered this before my due date and brought this with me to the hospital! After pushing for so long it started to get VERY hot and I needed something quick to keep me cool, the power this little fan has is AMAZING! It helped me through labor so much and wrapped around the arm of the hospital bed very easily!
  • Makenzie 2022-10-11 Verified purchase
    Easy and compact
    Great fan! Can be carried just about anywhere
  • Daniela 2022-02-03 Verified purchase
    Perfect little fan
    I have this attached to baby’s stroller and it has 3 different intensity levels. It doesn’t fall off even on bumpy terrain, very sturdy and definitely cools baby off. The power level options are great. Highly recommend!
  • Kimberly 2022-12-11 Verified purchase
    Use it for the Peloton and we love it!
  • Macy 2022-11-28 Verified purchase
    Great for a travel fan
    I really like having my own fan for white noise and this is excellent for travel. I just bought this one cause my son wanted one too.
  • Robert 2022-06-02 Verified purchase
    Love This
    Bought a black one and then bought this white one because I like it so much. Battery life could be better but it’s rechargeable so I don’t mind
  • Ada 2022-09-02 Verified purchase
    We bought this for our baby and it was one of the best things we got for our newborn in the summer time!! One full charge could get you through at LEAST a day of fun in the sun. The movable legs are great in keeping it secure on the car seat or stroller. We’ve loved having it handy in the car when it’s super hot, we can turn it on and get some air flowing for our baby so she’s comfortable. Would definitely recommend to new mothers!!
  • Streater 2022-12-15 Verified purchase
    Great small fan!
    I ordered this fan for our trip to Disneyland in the summertime and it worked really well! It was easy enough to be positioned, yet stiff enough to stay in play and it provided a breeze for our little one almost all day on the lowest setting. If we wanted it higher than that we would have to use a charging port during the day to keep it going. We ended up returning because living in Arizona requires a much bigger fan to stay cool. If you’re looking for a mini fan then this is a great option!
  • Monique 2022-12-22 Verified purchase
    Perfect for a hospital stay
    I bought this for the hospital stay while I was in labor. It was a godsend while I was there! I haven’t used it much except during my hospital stay and I just kept it plugged in all night on a charger so I am not sure how long the charge lasts. But I was still so glad to have it.
  • Sharmy 2022-04-22 Verified purchase
    Super strong fan actually!!!
  • Ilmary 2022-11-13 Verified purchase
    Nice Air
    This fan has a lot of power for its size! It is great I can put it anywhere. Love it!!!
  • breanna 2022-08-10 Verified purchase
    Love it!
    We used this on vacation to keep the LO from overheating! It worked great!
  • Brianne 2022-10-14 Verified purchase
    A lot smaller than I thought
    This was a lot smaller than I thought but still serves its purpose! There are three speeds and the high speed is pretty good
  • Kris 2023-01-26 Verified purchase
    Used on "Buddy Heather" to blow the heat out. Work better than its internal fan.
  • Misti 2022-08-09 Verified purchase
    Easy yo use and bring
    It’s easy yo use and bring and it fits in your daiper bag
  • Wendi 2022-12-09 Verified purchase
    Best fan
    I love the different levels it has and that it’s chargeable as well as how secure on the baby seat it is.
  • McInerney 2022-02-25 Verified purchase
    Love it so much that you just have to charge it will be perfect for summer for baby
  • Rachael 2022-04-11 Verified purchase
    It’s perfect!!
    I use it for drying my painting quickly and I love how easy it is to move around. It has three different speeds as well
  • Minton 2022-11-30 Verified purchase
    Very useful
    I love this fan as I can just grab it anytime for my baby! She sweats when she sleeps so this is a really great item. I don’t have to grab my stand up fan or any other fan as it can be too much work and sometimes too loud.
  • Tori 2022-06-05 Verified purchase
    Works great for when in labor!
    I had originally bought this before my daughter was born to bring with me while in labor. It was a life saver and pretty powerful for the size. Definitely a must purchase.
  • Kindle 2022-10-10 Verified purchase
    Very useful
    Perfect size! Perfect speed! Perfect airflow. The only change I would add is the knob, and that would be putting it in the front as opposed to the back. Having hot flashes at night that wake you up and you need that hurry up cool off effect, having to locate the knob control slows you down.
  • Casey 2022-10-06 Verified purchase
    Gets the job done
    I used this for our trip to the zoo. The battery lasted until we left maybe 4hrs. For the size it provided a nice breeze and really helped cool off my son.
  • Juan 2022-06-01 Verified purchase
    A Hot Flash Live Saver
    I keep this next to my bed for nighttime hot flashes, and it works great! Remembering to charge it is my biggest issue. Charge lasts quite some time as I only run it for a few minutes at a time, until the flash passes. Running it continuously I can’t speak to.
  • Katie 2022-06-08 Verified purchase
    Little giant
    So easy to use with a baby, it’s a powerful little family love it.
  • Brenda 2022-10-10 Verified purchase
    Nice mini fan
    Got this fan as it was highly recommend for people with newborn or expecting. Though I haven’t been able to test out the extent of the battery yet, It’s lightweight and very quiet. Cannot wait to use on the stroller during the summertime.
    It comes with a small cord to charge it as well.
  • Jennifer 2022-06-09 Verified purchase
    Really nice fan
    Compact and nice quality!
  • jtmj 2022-10-10 Verified purchase
    Perfect little fan
    Love this tiny fan. It has three settings and is rechargeable. Perfect for what I need it for. Love it!
  • Aladriene 2022-01-25 Verified purchase
    Great baby gift
    I’ve purchased several of these as baby gifts for new moms. They always say it’s a gift they’ve not thought about, but will definitely use on baby’s stroller. Not sure about battery life as I’ve not used it.
  • Carly 2022-07-26 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    Love it great quality light and had great air power
  • Alexis 2022-10-27 Verified purchase
    I previously bought a little battery powered one speed fan for my babys carrier and after a couple months I realized it wouldnt hold up to Texas car heat, so I replaced it with this one. I love the 3 speed options, and even on the lowest speed it was better than my previous one. I will certainly get the most use out of the highest speed im sure! I havent charged it yet so i cant comment on that yet, but so far i am impressed and im very happy with my purchase
  • Madison 2022-06-17 Verified purchase
    So far so good!
    Just received this today and I love that it has three different settings ! I will say I wish it had a spot for batteries as a back up. I plan on taking this with me to the delivery room so I love that it’s able to wrap around pretty much anything! Also it’s not to big so it makes it easy to travel with.
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The mini stroller fan's cover only has 5.5mm gaps, so it will protect the infant's little fingers from entering. While keeping toddlers safe, our fans work quietly and provide powerful wind
  • Tripod: Optimized the tripod fixing method, which is more durable and not easy to fall off. Structure: You can remove the fan head to charge at will, no need to remove it from the original fixed place
  • Strong Wind & Low Noise - This stroller desk fan built-in brushless motor, which is powerful and has a long service life. Our fan blades and fans cover has been upgraded according to the principle of aerodynamics. So fan can support powerful airflow but also makes the fan operate quietly, it will not disturb you at all when you are working or sleeping
  • Mini Size with Rotation Design - 360° of horizontal rotation and 210° of vertical rotation, You can always find your favorite angle to enjoy the comfort of the wind.
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