Table Lamp with 2 USB Charging Ports and Fabric Linen Lampshade Silver Base


💡【USB Table Lamp with Charging Port】The USB bedside lamp designed with a 5V/2.1A USB charging port. It’s very convenient to charge your different devices by the USB port, keep your desk neat. You can use them regardless of whether the light is on or …

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  • Lori 2022-09-22 Verified purchase
    Cheap Cheap Cheap
    I bought two of these for the bedroom about 3 months ago. I liked them because I don’t have to reach too far to turn off a bedside lamp. The night before I wrote this , the USB-C charger stopped working on one of them. This doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, but when you purchase an item for a specific purpose and part of that fails, it defeats the purpose of purchasing it.
  • Heather 2022-10-05 Verified purchase
    Popping sounds coming from switch
    Came with no bulb as advertised and lamp didn’t even work. Charging ports didn’t work. Very poor quality
  • Sarah 2023-02-09 Verified purchase
    It gives you light!
    So small and I felt it wait my money. I found one lamp that bigger with same money. I wish i keep the Package box so I can return.
  • Gail 2022-06-09 Verified purchase
    Decent lamp, but bulky flattering lamp shade
    The color temperature changing bulb is a cute gimmick, but every time you turn the lamp on - be it via a switched outlet or by pulling the chain - the color will change. So if you want one color temperature, you’ll have to turn the lamp off and on however many times it takes to find the temperature you want.

    Absolutely baffling design and you’ll most likely need to buy a new bulb for it
  • Pennewell 2022-10-20 Verified purchase
    Cheap LAMP
    always check specs and never trust pictures. its laughable small!
  • Ruth 2022-07-22 Verified purchase
    The height.
    The only concern is that the different light changes would be
    better if there was a switch on the base rather than having to
    keep pulling the chain again and again to reach desired brightness.
  • Gloria 2022-03-04 Verified purchase
    I like the size of the lamp and the chargers on it ... I don’t understand the 3 levels of brightness advertised. I returned one, got another because i like the lamp. I pull the chain. It’s bright. I pull the chain, it’s off ... anyhow disappointed about that.
  • Estefanny 2022-01-03 Verified purchase
    Smaller than I thought but it works
    Item arrived quickly and as described. I didn’t like that you have to turn the light on and off to get to the lowest setting. I wish there was a way to set your preference instead of on/off, on/off, on to finally get to the dimmest setting. I returned it for another light. But it is cute and small and fits in small rooms but puts out a lot of light.
  • Martinez 2022-05-18 Verified purchase
    Great lamp
    Beautiful Just As described but the packaging is So stu*** I Ripped My Own lamp trying to take it apart. They shoved the lamp inside itself to save space with packaging. Honestly, don’t bother.
  • JoeKing 2023-02-03 Verified purchase
    Super cute!
    The charging port does not work for longer than 20 minutes. You have to unplug and plug back in for it to start charging again. But the brightness is good and it’s a decent small lamp. Just wished the charging port was working.
  • LINDA 2022-12-01 Verified purchase
    Thos was a little smaller than I expected (totally my fault) but it works great!
  • Laura 2022-06-26 Verified purchase
    LOVE these lamps - have two now
    It is a bit smaller than I expected. However, it works just fine.
  • Terence 2022-07-19 Verified purchase
    True to suze
    Doesn’t take up a lot of room on the table top. Three levels of brightness. Handy to be able to charge cell phone at bedside. Touching the base to turn on and regulate brightness is very handy. No awkward reaching under the shade to turn it on and off allowing cosmetic shade design.
    Real nice lamp!
  • Andrew 2022-12-29 Verified purchase
    Great Price
    Great bedside table lamp. Easy touch to turn on and off and nice to have ports for charging cords.
  • Ed 2022-10-29 Verified purchase
    Very nice
    This lamp and bright easy to assemble the tap on and off is so convenient
  • PatT 2022-09-05 Verified purchase
    Slow USB charger
    Finally, I have a table lamp that can adjust the brightness with a touch, and can also charge the phone. The color is also my favorite, and it is very easy to use.
  • Sandy 2022-02-16 Verified purchase
    Held up nicely
    The light bulb was really bright switched out for a lower wattage one.
  • GreenEggs 2022-09-24 Verified purchase
    attractive lamp
    Great lamp great price
  • Giants 2023-01-02 Verified purchase
    It’s the perfect little lamp for my entryway table. I was concerned about the shade in shipping, it came in perfect condition. I would recommend. Love it!
  • jrux 2023-02-26 Verified purchase
    Good Value
    Perfect small table lamp
  • Kim 2022-12-14 Verified purchase
    Just what I needed.
    This is a great lamp and great price
  • Tasha 2022-12-15 Verified purchase
    Funciona bien crei leer que se podia cargar el apple wash
    Super cute and works great!
  • Lucy 2022-06-26 Verified purchase
    It’s okay
    The lamp(s) that I buy from different company’s similar to this one,only seems too last about 14-16 months. But they are a very good price,most of them,if you are on a fixed income. They are very easy to assemble. I do use higher wattage bulbs then suggested, and that may be the issue. I’m not an electrician, so do not really know. But none the less,they are very good lamps,and I’ll keep on buying them. This one was reduced 40%,and only cost about $16.99. So even with issue,I still give (7) stars. 11-3-22
  • D11 2022-03-19 Verified purchase
    Easy to use, as it should be!
    Fits right on my side table and has 3 settings. I love that it has the charger ports built in too
  • Luke 2023-02-01 Verified purchase
    Great lamp. Get a brighter bulb.
    Good bedroom lamp. Just the right brightness.
  • Kindle 2022-10-14 Verified purchase
    It looks nice, although, the shade is wobbly
    This lamp is perfect size for a night light on my table where I have my husbands ashes. Doesn’t get hot. Charging ports are a bonus! Would definitely recommend
  • Dimension 2022-02-17 Verified purchase
    Works very well
    This lamp is awesome. It has three brightness levels, both USB A and USB C ports, touch control by touching the lamp base, and a tasteful modern design. Plus, it was very reasonably priced. I can’t recommend this lamp highly enough.
  • Jake 2022-03-18 Verified purchase
    The base is chrome
    Came as described,easy set up. Best little lamp I’ve ever ordered. I even tripped over the cord and it fell off the nightstand and was perfectly fine. It’s very durable lol
  • Michelle 2022-01-28 Verified purchase
    Great for seniors to tap on n off
    Love the USB ports and touch control.
  • Nicholson 2022-08-13 Verified purchase
    Smaller than expected
    So cute for bedside table
  • Max 2022-06-03 Verified purchase
    Bonita y funcional
    Love it! Nice for the night time with just a anywhere you have light. Nice for when I get up during night...touch for dim lighting so not to get me fully awake make going back to sleep easier. Stylist and great for my night stands.
  • Michael 2022-01-04 Verified purchase
    Nice light for the spare bedroom bedside table.
    My partner and i love the lamps bought 2. Easy to turn on and off cool pet we can charge our phones on them highly recommend
  • Heinzman 2022-10-02 Verified purchase
    Excellent quality for the price...
    It’s perfect for a small area
  • sanbow 2022-09-27 Verified purchase
    Great bang for the buck
    Arrived the day after I ordered and was easy to set up. The shade fabric is very nice and the whole lamp is well made. Touch on and off works great and the 3 levels of brightness are just perfect. USB and usb c charging is a great bonus.
  • BJ 2023-01-21 Verified purchase
    Bedroom touch lamp
    Husband loves this 3 way touch lamp
  • Frances 2022-01-15 Verified purchase
    I love the shade and that it’s touch
  • Drusilla 2022-10-13 Verified purchase
    Neat Little Touch Lamp with USB C charging Option
    I love the lamp it looks very stylish and it’s very compact and convenient with ports to charge my iPhone as well as my watch, I also like the fact that you just have to touch the base to turn the lamp on and there are three different brightness levels
  • Brenda 2023-01-16 Verified purchase
    Bed side lamp
    This is a great smaller lamp. I use it on my night stand to light my way to bed and in the morning when it’s dark. I like that it has three levels of lighting, all controlled by touching the base (no physical switch). Great lamp!
  • ginger 2022-06-09 Verified purchase
    Super cute and easy to put together nightstand lamps
    After looking for the perfect lamp online for a week, I decided on this one and it was the perfect choice for me. The size is perfect and I chose the cream fabric which provides a soft light to the room. I use it to charge my phone, watch, and iPad. Also the touch is convenient. My only minor complaint is a slight flicker on the dimmest setting. So slight that I didn’t even notice until my kid pointed it out to me.
  • curry 2022-02-14 Verified purchase
    Fabulous bedside light is very convenient to use.
    The lamp works great. I recommend this lamp, my daughter had a stroke and it makes very easy for her to just touch it instead of trying to find a switch.
  • Christine 2022-10-12 Verified purchase
    Small but bright
    I bought this light for my nightstand in my spare room. Cute and exactly what I needed.
  • Glo 2022-03-20 Verified purchase
    Great Bedside Lamo
    I like the USB ports and the touch feature a lot.
  • dalan 2022-12-19 Verified purchase
    Great small lamp!
    Exactly what I needed, a light where I can adjust brightness and keep it dim right before bedtime. Simple to assemble. Hopefully this will last
  • Cindy 2022-12-19 Verified purchase
    Works Great
    Definitely meets the need for a light and chargers next to the bed with only one plug in!
  • Kirsten 2022-03-03 Verified purchase
    gorgeous light with a base that can turn it on or off with a finger
    Lamp just came and it’s very nice! Easy to assemble. Everything works. Even charges phone when light is off
  • Penny 2022-09-09 Verified purchase
    Great for low light rooms
    I purchased this for my 5 year old. This is easy for her to tap off and on. I wanted her to be able to read at night without getting out of bed. The last time she had a pull string lamp she pulled to hard and broke it. This is a great option for an easy off/on without the hassle of fumbling for the cord!
  • Brian 2022-10-21 Verified purchase
    Great bedside lamp
    Bought this for my brother who has ALS. He has very limited use of his arms, hands etc. He is able to work this well and gives plenty of light. Plus it has extra plug-ins so you do not have to worry about plug ins.
  • caridad 2022-06-04 Verified purchase
    Great product
    This is a nice and solid lamp. It is easy to use and I am sure it will last a long time.
  • ritchey 2022-11-16 Verified purchase
    Works Good
    This lamp was a bit smaller than I was expecting, but it’s actually perfect for my nightstand. Needed something new to light my way while getting in bed and this is perfect. Love the simple touch feature and 3 levels of brightness, and who doesn’t love 2 extra USB ports?!?
  • lorenzo 2022-09-07 Verified purchase
    3 levels of brightness are great
    Love this. Plugs on the base create easy plug in for my phone and smart watch. Touch lighting is easy and makes it very convenient turn the light off and on. Oh, and it had three lighting levels. It was a little smaller than I expected but that was ok.
  • Brunner 2022-11-05 Verified purchase
    My girls love this!
    These things are so convenient, provide warm light out of the box — my girlfriend loves my bedroom more because of them.
  • aubrey 2023-01-29 Verified purchase
    Perfect bedside lamp for reading in bed at night
    Use them every night, so good
  • Walton 2022-11-13 Verified purchase
    Nice and handy little corner lamp
    This is a very nice lamp that is very sturdy and provides a nice amount of light output. I like how it came with the lightbulb and how there are USB ports built into the base.
  • YPatel 2022-11-30 Verified purchase
    Looks beautiful, easy to use and bright!
    Product was as described pictured and easy to assemble. Love that it has 3 way brightness and charging port. You barely have to touch the base to turn on/off or to change the brightness. No more fumbling for a switch or pull in the dark!
  • anniepie 2022-01-23 Verified purchase
    Better than expected
    The lights are Simple and beautiful on the nightstand. I can plug in my phone and AirPods to charge as I go to bed. Really love this feature.
  • Araceli 2023-01-14 Verified purchase
    Great purchase
    put on and off control
  • Crystal 2022-12-01 Verified purchase
    Muy simple y linda
    It took seconds to assemble this light. I love the base touch that offers 3 levels of brightness. Easy on, easy off looks great. It’s perfect for a small table very nice looking!!!
  • Jennifer 2023-02-10 Verified purchase
    Nice easy to assemble switched out light bulb. Way to Brite but great value
    Mom can charge her phone, and have a light at her fingertips. She loves the size as well.
  • James 2022-04-07 Verified purchase
    Seriously love this little lamp!
    This give great light. Using for bedroom light
  • Statham 2022-05-06 Verified purchase
    Easy to put together
    Bought this for my daughter so I can plug the mini humidifier I bought. It works well!
  • jknucks 2022-10-21 Verified purchase
    Great small lamp with charger. Exactly what I wanted
    Liked the height, brightness, touch control, the price is just right!
  • pomp 2022-12-04 Verified purchase
    That it works for over a year.
    work just fine! and it does have 3 different brightness levels, easy-adjust with all surfaces, and also helped me save a power outlet, but also let my charging cable closer to me!!!

    will buy other one soon as chris gift!!
  • David 2022-04-20 Verified purchase
    Bright and small
    Easy to assembly. Great price point and the 3 levels of brightness are perfect.
  • Sharon 2022-07-20 Verified purchase
    Just Right
    Well not much to day, Bulb is beautiful perfect for day and night and the design is very modern.
  • Treeshrub 2023-01-16 Verified purchase
    Awesome little lamp
    This is a perfect nightstand lamp. It takes up so little space but provides 3 light settings, places to plug in things you charge overnight but need close at hand, and light but touch without fumbling for a switch. I originally purchased this for my disabled mom, but loved it and bought 3 more for my home.
  • Jeffrey 2023-01-15 Verified purchase
    Perfect Nightstand Lamp
    Nice packaging, easy to assemble, works well as bedside lamp
  • MamaKloves2Slay 2022-10-17 Verified purchase
    Perfect bedside lamp!
    I love my lamp. It’s so nice to just tap for it to go on. I like the 3 settings at night I like using one as it’s a soft dimmer light. The best is the 2 charging ports and the outlet. It’s so nice not to have to go down near the floor to plug something in. Also, if you have short cords it’s close enough to use them.
  • Ginny 2022-06-05 Verified purchase
    Cute lamp
    Fits the area i needed a little bit more light for. The 3 touch brightness is perfect and very sensitive.
  • Linda 2022-02-04 Verified purchase
    It meets everything I was looking for.
    Excellent light for a tight corner.
  • Diana 2022-07-30 Verified purchase
    It is so Cool!
    Bought this for night time feedings/diaper changes for newborn. I am a first time mommy and this product has been a huge help! It’s perfect size for my bedside dresser. Easy set up and I also enjoy the outlet for charger! Overall, it’s a great lamp and would suggest buying it!
  • Richard 2022-07-03 Verified purchase
    Convenient, small and bright!!
    I thought this would be some cheap short time use light, but I love it. The brightness is adjustable with a tap and I can charge my phone and iPad now without another plug. So good we bought a second one for the other side of the bed!
  • Jacobus 2022-01-17 Verified purchase
    Great little lamp for the price.
    Brightness and assembly is easy
  • zurich 2022-03-27 Verified purchase
    It’s a great little touch lamp!!!
    They do not take up a lot of space. They compliment my table and room appeal.
  • Basson 2023-02-04 Verified purchase
    I love love love it
    They were equal in quality and fit to higher priced mats
  • Samantha 2022-03-30 Verified purchase
    Excellent bedside lamp compact and convenience
    Seriously, lamp is haunted, I have it on top of my bookcase headboard, at least a couple times a day when I enter my bedroom I will notice that the light is on, and I live alone.
  • Trish 2022-12-08 Verified purchase
    as described
    Good price, easy to assemble and came with the bulb. It’s a perfect size for the bedside nightstand. I really like the touch feature to turn on and off.
  • Sophia 2022-04-24 Verified purchase
    Lamp works great.
    This lamp was super easy to assemble. Nothing special to putting it together if you’ve ever owned a lamp before. I didn’t even need the instructions to set it up. I like the tactile response of the pull switch on it and the three different tones are nice and all the charging ports work. I really like that the bulb came with it, too. My husband saw it set up and wanted one, so now we have two matching. Definitely would recommend.
  • Laurie 2022-05-19 Verified purchase
    It is a little smaller then some lamps.
    This lamp is so cute! Easy touch lamp with 3 levels of brightness and 2 ports for electronic devices!
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💡【USB Table Lamp with Charging Port】The USB bedside lamp designed with a 5V/2.1A USB charging port. It’s very convenient to charge your different devices by the USB port, keep your desk neat. You can use them regardless of whether the light is on or off.

💡【Nightstand Lamp with 3 Colors】The nightstand lamp set of 2 designed with 3 Color Modes: Warm White, Soft White, and Daylight White (2700K, 4000K, 5000K). You can change the light by pulling the chain. Different Modes creates a different atmosphere to meet your daily needs.

💡【Convenient Pull Chain Switch】Pull chain switch nightstand lamp is very convenient to turn on and turn off. Just simply pull the chain, the bedroom lamps can create a comfortable and relaxing light for your home. You can control the nightstand lamp with pull chain instead of getting up to flip a switch.

💡【LED Bulb Included】USB bedside table lamp includes a 2700K warm white E26 base LED bulb, which has a comfortable and eye-caring light effect with no flicker and no dazzle. And E26 LED bulb can save up 90% energy compared to traditional LED bulb. Stable flicker-free and eye-protective lighting is suitable for study and working. An ideal 2700K warm table lamp for living room, bedroom, study room, kids' room, etc.

💡【Ideal household decoration】USB table lamp comes with the minimalist design of stylish beige fabric shade, which will soften the light and protect your eyes, creating a relaxing environment for your home. And table lamp with USB port and outlet is made of high quality material, which has high performances. Perfect household addition as a bedside table lamp, bedroom lamps, or living room side table lamp. Beside table lamp serves as an ideal decoration for your home and a decent gift to your friends.
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