Bedside Lamp, Pull Chain Table Lamp with 2 USB Charging Ports


💡 【Fast Charging USB port 】 The base of this decorative table lamp contains dual easy access 5V/2A USB ports so that you can charge 2 DEVICES AT ONCE, such as mobile phones, tablets, kindle readers, iPad, iPhone and so on. The USB port functions regar…

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  • SusaniGeorgescu 2022-12-28 Verified purchase
    I don’t like it much, here’s why:
    The shade is balanced on top of the bulb and so it’s almost always cocked, crooked. Also the entire ensemble is so feather light AND top heavy it topples at the slightest . If it’s on your nightstand, like mine, you’ll be up-righting it a couple hundred times a year.
  • TexasiMom 2022-06-13 Verified purchase
    Very small.
    So small. Have ordered these before and we’re of normal size
  • Cindyijessup 2022-12-09 Verified purchase
    An excellent home strobe light.
    This lamp worked fine for about 3 months, then turned into strobe light. Other s have mentioned this too, so it’s not a particularly rare problem. I cleaned the base thoroughly to make sure there was no dust or oil that could be activating the sensor. It’s a good lamp when it’s on, but it doesn’t want to stay off.
  • Katherinei 2022-05-02 Verified purchase
    They are not as big as you think
    They will work.. they are not as big as I thought.
  • Rachelle 2022-01-21 Verified purchase
    Haunted or faulty
    My lap will automatically turn on throughout the night. I thought maybe it was my fan blowing, but it’s not. I thought maybe the cord of my phone ing the base, it’s not. Now, I have to unplug it at night to sleep.
  • StuckeysGirl 2022-01-16 Verified purchase
    Intermittent Response
    Intermittent Response To The
  • JenniRob 2023-01-10 Verified purchase
    It works
    It’s a small and simple design. Set up is easy, the USB ports all work great. The only thing that kind of blows is in order to turn it off you have to through all the settings. So if you have it at the lowest setting you have to through to the brightest setting. Had I realized it wasn’t a dim lamp I would have bought something else. I already threw the box away so I can’t return.
  • Kat 2022-04-18 Verified purchase
    Lamp is perfect size and brightness, but has one flaw
    Everything about this lamp meets my expectations but one area…the charging port for my iWatch does not work.
  • DonnaiG 2022-04-23 Verified purchase
    Doesn’t work with smart switches
    Disappointed that these don’t work with smart switches/ . Otherwise they’re ok.
  • Savannah 2022-11-06 Verified purchase
    It be perfect if the usb-c actually worked!!
    It’s a cute lamp, everything works but the usb-c!
  • Debra 2022-09-14 Verified purchase
    Black shade blocks most of the light
    The lamp is a great item for an area where not a lot of light is needed. The black shade does not allow much light to shine through, a white shade would work better. This lamp does not work well as a desk or task lamp, good for accent lighting.
  • ridelead 2022-03-04 Verified purchase
    Shade wobbles
    Am I the only one that the lamp shade wobbles? Is it missing a piece.. very annoying help
  • ShariTom 2022-04-17 Verified purchase
    It’s an okay product
    One of the usb charging ports stopped working. The lights work great
  • Luciani 2022-08-31 Verified purchase
    Good bedside light
    This is a great little bedside lamp. It was missing a small piece to keep the shade stable but we can deal with that.
  • KristeniPinnick 2022-01-26 Verified purchase
    Nice lamp but too light
    Everything is good except it isn’t heavy enough to make me always feel like it might falling
  • KatherineTobias 2022-11-22 Verified purchase
    good deal
    My wife loves it, especially the extra plugs in the base.
  • Yun 2022-07-24 Verified purchase
    This lamp is perfect in every way!
    I usually don’t take time to purchases, but this lamp deserves one. It really is perfect. Great quality with space saving slender design and weighted base make it very stable, light bulb was included, 3 levels of brightness plus the feature and 2 kinds of charging ports make it ideal for nightstand and desk. I’m actually going to buy a couple more. This lamp does not disappoint!
  • Truscott 2023-01-14 Verified purchase
    Must buy
    I purchased this lamp for my daughter’s bedroom. We love it. It’s so bright. I def recommend it.
  • SandraiCowan 2022-04-11 Verified purchase
    Easy to turn on off
    Nice to turn on and off in the dark
  • TarraiTraditi 2022-07-12 Verified purchase
    Value for money
    Love the USB ports and control.
  • Carroll 2022-05-04 Verified purchase
    Very nice bedroom light
    This lamp is awesome. It has three brightness levels, both USB A and USB C ports, control by ing the lamp base, and a tasteful modern design. Plus, it was very reasonably priced. I can’t recommend this lamp highly enough.
  • BardiHeavens 2022-08-07 Verified purchase
    Small but bright enough
    Loved them. Shade a bit unstable but I followed assembly instructions to a ter
  • Mrsgh 2022-11-11 Verified purchase
    It was exactly needed for a bedside light
    It was exactly needed for a bedside light
  • Jerseyigirl 2022-11-07 Verified purchase
    Many other uses available
    Perfect fit for a small space
  • Budperry1 2023-02-26 Verified purchase
    Tapping is so much easier than turning a switch
    Love this little lamp. It’s much easier to tap it off than to reach for a light switch from the bed. The brightest light is good for reading in bed. The lowest light makes a useful night light or transition from sleep to awake before the sun is up.
  • Carolyn 2022-09-09 Verified purchase
    Efficient, multifunctional, elegant.
    This little beauty provides three levels of lighting and phone-charging ports. I am delighted with this purchase. It was very affordable and arrived without a scratch. The lamp takes up very little space but provides more than adequate lighting.
  • AlfredaiLandry 2022-11-07 Verified purchase
    Great Lamp
    I ordered this lamp for additional desk lighting, the sleek design is perfect!! Great for a small space or a night stand! I highly recommend!
  • Bruce 2022-08-22 Verified purchase
    Cute little lamp
    I like this small three setting also has place to plug in phone or tablet for charging.
  • Robe 2022-05-01 Verified purchase
    Beautiful lamp-perfect for bedroom reading
    I love this lamp! It came well packaged. It has a chic design and the charging ports work beautifully on it and there are three light settings, each providing a cozy ambience.
  • barbaraireynolds 2022-05-15 Verified purchase
    Modern look
    Bought two for bedside lamps , very easy to use ,can charge phone as well
  • KathyiMorio 2022-04-06 Verified purchase
    Great Lamp With Options!
    I love this lamp for four reasons: It doesn’t take up a lot of space on the nightstand, it turns on by ing the base with three options for the light brightness, and it has USB chargers on the base. I would highly recommend this lamp.
  • Kim 2022-05-07 Verified purchase
    Perfect for nightstand
    Great size for bedside table. I love the adjustable brightness and the ability to charge a couple devices in the base. Reasonable price.
  • TrinaiAllen 2022-09-20 Verified purchase
    Smaller than I thought it would be
    This is a great lamp. There’s three different lights settings. All are great.
  • RobiniHobb 2022-03-05 Verified purchase
    A very successful desk lamp.
    Good price, easy to assemble and came with the bulb. It’s a perfect size for the bedside nightstand. I really like the feature to turn on and off.
  • carl 2022-02-08 Verified purchase
    Very bright!
    Love the USB feature. works great and light has 3 brightness settings. Low is just right and bright is very bright. I have the off white color.
  • Jan 2022-03-02 Verified purchase
    Great little lamp
    I love that I can just it at night and a gentle light comes on. Tap it 2x more and brighter and brighter. I like it so much that I bought another one! They were extremely easy to assemble; they have ports for charging your cell phones. Excellent purchase.
  • Raymonditaliaferro 2022-06-09 Verified purchase
    Best little bedside lamp ever
    Inexpensive, easy to use. You’ll have it forever and buy it for your kids who have left home.
  • Phoebe 2022-07-01 Verified purchase
    Ordered a second
    I got one for my kiddos room, like it’s so much I ordered a second for another space in out home
  • ChooChoo 2022-09-08 Verified purchase
    It works perfect. It was a gift for someone.
    Ease to put together and the light was great
  • Roseanni 2022-05-17 Verified purchase
    to turn on / off, also has usb charger, so convenient
  • Guercia 2022-07-16 Verified purchase
    Awesome buy
    Was super happy with this purchase. The tapping is easy and the three different degrees of light are super.
  • Dawn 2022-06-10 Verified purchase
    Very cute and modern. My daughter loves it
    All in one. Dimmer, charger and compact. Perfect for a nightstand or desk
  • Na12 2022-03-30 Verified purchase
    Exactly what I needed
    Needed a small bedside table lamp for our guest room.. perfect!
  • ZoeyiQ 2022-03-14 Verified purchase
    Son loves it
    Son loves it. Fits perfectly in his room
  • AnaR 2022-12-12 Verified purchase
    Great lamp!
    I just ordered a second for another room ! Attractive lamp with bright light ( included) and phone chargers . Definitely exceeded expectations !
  • Kaylie 2022-07-10 Verified purchase
    I love this lamp. I’ve bought 4 of them already!
    just right for me
  • Esther 2022-05-15 Verified purchase
    Luv it, Easy to assembly. Great price point and the 3 levels of brightness are perfect.
  • DaisyiVillar 2022-08-10 Verified purchase
    Did the job, looks nice
    Worked as advertised.
  • Vanessa 2022-09-11 Verified purchase
    Love my lamps
    Easy to assemble. Great quality and love that we can turn it on/off by ing the base of the lamp.

    Love it!
  • LeahiAcree 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Cord is brown instead of white
    We like them only wish cord was whute
  • PauletteiClark 2022-10-21 Verified purchase
    Good lamp
    Easy to assemble, perfect for guest room
  • Krystin 2022-02-27 Verified purchase
    I love this lamp is very nice to have. You can charge your phone or any UBS Item this is a great lamp!
  • RandiiLa 2022-07-23 Verified purchase
    space saver
    This lamp just needs a tap anywhere, and the three settings let her adjust it as she wishes.
    This lamp solved a bit problem for us.
  • Tobias 2022-05-08 Verified purchase
    Perfect for bedside for invalid
    This lamp performs exactly as advertised. My relative can just it to turn it on and off. Previously, her bedside lamp had a switch mounted on the neck of it, and it was very hard for her to reach the switch.
  • blank 2022-10-08 Verified purchase
    Great value!
    Very easy to assemble! Warm and bright lighting! Charges my phone quickly!
  • CalebiCristofaro 2022-12-24 Verified purchase
    Well-made, bright to dim.
    It’s nice looking and well-made with a heavy base. The three-way dim to bright works easily by at the base. Nice to have USB on the base as well. Comes with a bulb.
  • SonjaiWalton 2022-04-09 Verified purchase
    Lamp that can charge your phone
    This table lamp is very delicate, just as I imagined, with three levels of light, the brightness can be adjusted by ing the chassis, very sensitive!
  • Spencer 2022-04-06 Verified purchase
    Great light for a nightstand
    I love this light! The base and the 3 levels of brightness is perfect! I thought this was an unusually short lamp, but then I read the directions correctly and it is fine. LOL Sorry about that.
  • TimiH 2022-03-12 Verified purchase
    Perfect, so easy to assemble and use!
    Perfect for my son’s room! Easy to assemble and easy to use!
  • RuthJudy 2022-07-31 Verified purchase
    awesome bedside lamp
    I’m happy with this purchase, this lamp is so convenient, you can anywhere of bottom of the lamp to turn the light. Plus, it has 2 usb outlets.
  • Bill 2022-01-11 Verified purchase
    Perfect for Grandma!
    This lamp is easy to use, three light intensities, small and cute. Modern look. Super easy to assemble. The USB charging ports are very helpful.
  • Jabkt5 2022-04-11 Verified purchase
    They work okay
    They look lovely and serve their purpose. I changed out the lightbulb for a bulb. And it becomes a little confusing if I tell to turn them on and off and then my boyfriend taps them on and off because sometimes won’t work if there ed. But other then that there great. I just wish I could turn off the
  • sandra 2022-05-11 Verified purchase
    Nice bedside table lights
    I’ve only had a month but we absolutely love it. We have near entryway and it’s super cute, modern and very easy to turn on/off. Has 3 different light settings so you could even leave a dim light on over night or while you’re out. I’m ordering a second one.
  • Dwayne 2022-12-16 Verified purchase
    Lamp is not big about 24 inches
    Lamp is not tall but very bright. The fact that it’s a lamp it’s easy to use and has USB plug for your phone.
  • DES 2022-06-15 Verified purchase
    good choose for chris gift!
    Easy to assemble and the USB charging system is great! I haven’t taken the second lamp out of the box yet. I assume it works fine. I love that I don’t have to flip a switch or push a switch to turn on my lamp — just and it’s on. Love it!
  • fluharty 2023-01-25 Verified purchase
    This lamp is perfect for my small bedside table.
    The 3 levels of brightness allow me to easily read before bed and it’s great for early mornings when I need a little light but don’t want to wake my baby.
  • RON 2022-04-02 Verified purchase
    Great very versatile for any age
    I loved these very handy I started with one for a dark corner. Easy to reach and like the 3 light settings. Bought 2 for preteen grands and they live them they can charge device and plug in alarm on smaller night stand and other grandparent bought two for herself. Been a hit in my family
  • James 2022-06-19 Verified purchase
    Surprisingly Bright!
    Needed a light for a guest room and thus one had the bonus features of charging phones. Good deal.
  • Kristin 2023-02-09 Verified purchase
    Nice little activated 3-way lamps
    I had not seen a 3-way LED lamp before but this little lamp has one. The in-base USB charging connectors are a nice feature. Personally I would have preferred it had 2 regular size USB ports instead of one regular and one micro USB as I find most charging cords have the regular USB at the source.
  • James 2022-04-23 Verified purchase
    Great price for a basic light w/charging port
    This is at the bedside, perfect with the 3 lighting choices.
  • Olivia 2022-03-31 Verified purchase
    Gives Good light incrementally.
    I liked everything about it. The shipping and time was excellent. I just thought it could have been a little less for the price.
  • Williamson 2022-11-05 Verified purchase
    Affordable and cute
    This lamp is a very good deal and it is very cute!
  • gayle 2022-10-11 Verified purchase
    User friendly
    This little inexpensive lamp was just what I wanted for night stand. So easy to base to dim, brighten or turn off with a .
  • keating 2022-09-26 Verified purchase
    What a safe and durable lamp!
    Amazing design Extremely light weight and durable. Has the -base, 3 level lighting system, which includes the USB and type-C plug-ins, which are Awesome! It proves to be Very strong and yet? Very light-weight! the Round base, keeps it flat and secure. No tip-over feeling! Seems very well balanced! Doesn’t have that "fragile" feeling, of inconsistency! Instead gives a feeling of Strength, Durability and an Excellent craftsmanship!
  • Tiffany 2022-04-07 Verified purchase
    Light for Nightstand or hallway
    This lamp comes with a bulb and is so beautiful. Just what I wanted. And it’s a on and off and has a 3 light setting. Low Med High
    It’s wonderful. Soft white light. Would definitely highly recommend this lamp/light. Love it.
  • lingxiaoniao 2022-04-06 Verified purchase
    Great little lamp!
    Easy to assemble, cute little lamp. Great dimmer switch. Doesn’t take up much space. Love having a USB/charger port close. Bought one for each room!
  • MorDy 2022-08-02 Verified purchase
    It lights up my life!
    This is a great little lamp! Love that it is just a simple to turn it on and off. It has 3 levels from dim to bright. It is in my sons room and it is perfect to for reading bedtime stories.
  • David 2023-02-04 Verified purchase
    Great product, does what it’s suppose to due.
    Excellent product. It does everything it’s suppose to do. Like the concept of the dimmer light works just like it is suppose to do.
  • Keyera 2022-11-15 Verified purchase
    Perfect bedside lamp
    Exactly what I was looking for and couldn’t find in stores. Slim, usb phone charger and on/off. The 3 light option was over the top.
  • Teresa 2022-08-11 Verified purchase
    Great addition to a room
    Very nice table lamp with silver base and feature. Nice shade and also comes with a light bulb.
    No complaints at all.
    Thank you!
  • Trista 2022-01-15 Verified purchase
    Good things come in small packages.
    Fits the space and yet illuminates the room well.
  • Keneisha 2022-02-18 Verified purchase
    Great lamp for my bedside and desk
    I loved this lamp enough that I bought 2 more. I love the ability to charge my electronics directly off the lamp. Also the feature to turn on and off is so much easier than a switch. There are 3 different light settings you can through. The price is great as well! You will not regret this purchase.
  • Cindy 2022-01-09 Verified purchase
    Perfect for guest room
    I researched the many products and settled on this perfect gem. I needed a light on my bedroom table and this has fit. I plugged in this lamp and used it immediately. I love this lamp for reading before bed and then it makes my life so convenient as I turn it off with the tap of the base. No more almost knocking over my water glass trying to find the little knob to turn it off.
  • Bruce 2022-04-12 Verified purchase
    Very Pleased with Purchase
    Purchased as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loves it and has no issues with it. Light is bright enough to read and at its lowest light level; perfect for sleeping. Great price as well. No complaints.
  • sherry 2022-05-13 Verified purchase
    Satisfied Customer
    Product is easy to assemble and simple to use.
  • Nath 2022-11-24 Verified purchase
    This lamp is awesome, the bulb works, it’s good quality, and I love the tap feature on it! You can also charge things on the lamp both outlets on the lamp work!
  • Nath 2023-01-14 Verified purchase
    This lamp is awesome, the bulb works, it’s good quality, and I love the tap feature on it! You can also charge things on the lamp both outlets on the lamp work!
  • smith 2022-07-27 Verified purchase
    Nice little lamp, has two USB charging ports. Good price too.
  • Mary 2022-01-13 Verified purchase
    Saved me some space
    The two plugs are great for me! I’ve had an older lamp before but nothing like this. I love it! Love the 3 settings for when I have a headache or something.
  • Jessie 2022-12-06 Verified purchase
    Nice lamp, highly pleased. Better then expected!
    Loved everything about it.?
  • Tina 2023-02-08 Verified purchase
    Just what I needed!!!
  • Candiance 2022-08-26 Verified purchase
    So cute and works great!
    The 3-Way Dimmable and USB charging ports are a bonus. This is a great lamp for a small table/stand. I am considering purchasing another one with a different color shade as a gift.
  • Moy 2023-02-08 Verified purchase
    Ordered a second!
    Love it for my bedroom, adding a second for my reading space in the livingroom.
  • Terri 2022-09-22 Verified purchase
    I would highly recommend this lamp!
    Love it!! It fits perfectly on my bedside table!!
  • Suzy 2022-03-01 Verified purchase
    Well worth it for the price
    Awesome for besides table
  • Cali 2022-03-02 Verified purchase
    Great lamp for small area.
    I purchased this lamp for a small corner stand in a small room. The size and style are perfect. I am really satisfied with this lamp. So far it has operated without any problems.
  • FarNorth 2022-02-26 Verified purchase
    Great little cheapo lamp
    I really like the USB feature on the lamp, as well as the to brighten . Highly recommend.
  • Peg 2022-04-12 Verified purchase
    worth the money
    I needed a small lamp that would not take up much space, this little map did just the trick. It has 3 levels of brightness, a USB port and it’s very easy to set up and use. This was worth every penny, and I could see myself buying more of these in the future.
  • Jose 2023-01-12 Verified purchase
    LOVE IT!
    I got this to replace my giant clunky antler lamp. You won’t regret it.
    I did put my own bulb in because I’m super particular but it does come with one.
    My family loved the lamp so much I had to order 2 more for them as well.

    Pros: Chargers work great (I use apple products)
    Minimal space used.
    Looks great with it’s minimalist design.

    The only con - the is super sensitive so my cat randomly blinds me when she climbs onto my end table at night.
  • Edwin 2022-04-08 Verified purchase
    Slim Design for my nightstand
    Love the easy to turn on and off. Charges my phone and Ipad easily. Love it!
  • Norwood 2022-02-05 Verified purchase
    Exactly what I expected and needed
    The lamp came when promised and was very easy to assemble. The three light settings are perfect depending on how much brightness I need in the room and the USB-A and -C connections are very convenient. I definitely recommend.
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💡 【Fast Charging USB port 】 The base of this decorative table lamp contains dual easy access 5V/2A USB ports so that you can charge 2 DEVICES AT ONCE, such as mobile phones, tablets, kindle readers, iPad, iPhone and so on. The USB port functions regardless of whether the lamp is on or off.

💡 【3-Color Temperature】Take the upgraded technology chips, our USB table lamp realizes 3 color temperatures to meet your different demands. 2700K Warm white is great for the nightstand lighting, 4000K natural white is a perfect choice for basic daily life, the 5000K daylight white highly suit for reading and play electronics, you can choose the most fairish light by your preference.

💡 【Refined Exterior & Wide Application】Unlike other cheap plastic base bed lamps, our bedroom lamps for nightstand are made of high-quality sleek metal base and premium grey linen fabric lampshade. The fabric lampshade of this USB bedside table lamp diffuses the light uniformly to reduce your eyestrain. Giving off a flicker-free soft light to make you and your families feel comfortable. High-quality materials and stable current ensure its safety and allow it to be an optimal choice for elderly relatives and young children.

💡 【 6W LED Bulb Included 】You will receive a 6W E26 LED bulb. No flicker, energy saving, lifespan is 30 times that of ordinary bulb, and the brightness is equivalent to 60W incandescent bulb, which can completely allow you to use the desk lamps for bedrooms to read, study or work. Tips: This lamp is not compatible with smart bulbs.

💡 【 Small Lamps for Small Spaces 】This basic side table lamp has a simple design, it is very suitable to decorate anywhere in your home, especially bedroom, dorm, living room, study room, guest room, kids room and so on. With a Beige fabric shade and silver metal base, the dorm lamp is exquisitely crafted and ideal as a gift for family and friends.
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