Bedside Table Lamp for Bedroom with Dual Fast USB Charging Ports, Fully Dimmable Nightstand Lamps


💡【Fully Dimmable Bedside Lamp】 By rotating the knob switch to adjust the brightness from 0% to 100% whatever you want smoothly and simply to meet all your need. The dimmable bedside lamp with Dual USB charging ports offer fully dimming lighting, so th…

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  • Elaine 2022-04-22 Verified purchase
    Too small
    The lamp is too small for the space.
  • Karen 2022-12-10 Verified purchase
    Very bright
    It’s a lot smaller than I thought and every setting is super bright.
  • DOLLYD 2022-10-11 Verified purchase
    Was great, already died
    This was a great lamp, pretty easy to put together, outlets work great, very bright etc. However, it has officially lost all power to it and no longer works. I’m very disappointed. I can get a lamp at for cheaper and it would last longer then what I paid for this. However, I was using for better products and convenience. No longer happy with it
  • Glendale 2022-02-14 Verified purchase
    Not a cell phone charger.
    Smaller than expected. Also, the photo shows two cell phones plugged in but in reality it’s just two electrical outlets. We were VERY disappointed in that. The first description you read strongly indicates it’s a USB port but it carefully doesn’t say that. And if you don’t expend the picture, it appears it’s a USB. Seems like an inexpensive good enough lamp for a cheap price. Am getting disappointed with much of s quality lately.
  • Glendale 2022-11-10 Verified purchase
    Not a cell phone charger.
    Smaller than expected. Also, the photo shows two cell phones plugged in but in reality it’s just two electrical outlets. We were VERY disappointed in that. The first description you read strongly indicates it’s a USB port but it carefully doesn’t say that. And if you don’t expend the picture, it appears it’s a USB. Seems like an inexpensive good enough lamp for a cheap price. Am getting disappointed with much of s quality lately.
  • NEE 2022-02-03 Verified purchase
    The quality leaves more to be desired but works
    Wanted something similar to what hotels have but like the title says
  • Deana 2022-09-26 Verified purchase
    In fact, it looks and is worse than in the photo and in the description
    The description on the site says that the stand is made of polished metal. In fact, the stand is made of mirror-shiny metal, which is bad, as it glares and causes eye irritation. Also, the lampshade fixed according to the instructions has a broken geometry and it has to be manually aligned, repeatedly applying force to the mounting structure. All 4 sides of the lampshade have an uneven convex surface due to some initial deformation of the plastic base on which the fabric is duplicated.
  • Katia 2022-06-04 Verified purchase
    A must-have
    I’ve bought 3 of these and love them. I absolutely hate top lights and have lamps everywhere. These little lights are perfect and give you 3 strengths of light from dim to brighter. I have one in my bathroom, one in the kitchen and my grandson has one next to his bed. No fumbling to find the switch to turn on. Just a touch and it comes on
  • Michael 2022-12-16 Verified purchase
    It does the job, not super bright but enough to see throughout your room. I don’t like how I have to pull the chain to turn it off and turn it on for it to be a different color and continue to do that until I get to the shade of light I want it at. Ports work for charging though, lamp cover is cheaply made it’s already all fuzzy looking like it’s super old.
  • HarmonShoemaker 2022-05-31 Verified purchase
    Size of lamp
    Smaller then I though
  • Fussy 2022-08-06 Verified purchase
    Could use some improvements
    I wish it was a little taller but I love the shade . The light bulbs didn’t do it for me as I’m using it to light up my room not just a desk. I ended up changing the bulb and that did the job.idk who packaged this lamp but I was very close to returning it because I couldn’t figure out how to take the base out. It was stuck inside the shade. The manual for setting it up was inside the lamp where I couldn’t reach it . So it was useless after I found it.
  • Jessie 2023-02-17 Verified purchase
    not a whole lot of light
    not meant for a big room, it’s very tiny
  • Kayla 2022-08-30 Verified purchase
    Remove collar to get base out of lamp shade
    I love the light that it puts out and i like the look of it. I gave it four stars only because it did not have instructions as to how to get the base out of the shade. It took a bit to figure it out.
  • carla 2022-09-13 Verified purchase
    Works great except for one thing
    This lamp is great for the price. I like the 3 light options, and the charging ports at the base work fine so far. The one issue is with the lamp shade. It balances (sort of) on the light bulb, so it easily falls off, such as when I pull the chain or unplug my phone. I’m not sure if there’s a piece missing or what. I wouldn’t have this lamp on a desk or somewhere it could get bumped.
  • TConn55 2022-04-02 Verified purchase
    I like the old fashioned pull string. The shade collects some dust quicker than other lamps because it’s fabric. It did take me about a half an hour to get it out of the box because it was too tightly packed and I was afraid I’d ruin the fabric lampshade.
  • Mitchell 2022-07-24 Verified purchase
    overall 4 stars
    Overall, this is a very nice lamp. I gave 4 stars as the shade is easily removable. If there was an option to attach the shade to the lamp, I would have gave 5 stars. It is a pain for people with kids and pets.
  • Donna 2023-01-20 Verified purchase
    Adorable, many compliments.
    Used in the guest room.
  • Janis 2022-05-05 Verified purchase
    Not an iPhone port!!
    I brought it thinking It was an iPhone charger port and it’s not.
  • Richard 2023-01-02 Verified purchase
    I love these
    I bought 2 lamps and even though they aren’t as bright as my old ones it’s still a wonderful light they give off. They look so nice. A little cheaply made but for the money they are so worth it. Only one concern is that when I charged my cellphone the part of the cellphone cord that plugs in got rather too warm. I just love the way they look.
  • Jaskarn 2022-07-12 Verified purchase
    Bring beautiful light to our room!
  • Randa 2023-01-28 Verified purchase
    Nice Little Lamp
    I’ve been wanting a nice looking lamp that I could plug things like my cell phone into to charge. I purchased 3 of these, no issues with anything, they are bright (depending on the type of bulb you get), and look nice. They are small and lightweight but the quality is good.
  • Lisa 2022-08-27 Verified purchase
    Cozy looking lamp
    The only con about this lamp is that of is brightness. It’s not terribly dim but not bright enough to use as the main lighting source for a bedroom. Great, classified as a soft light that gets a bit brighter than usual, but not your stand, normal, everyday, usual activity level standard lamp. I’d recommend for couples. Cheers!
  • Sasa 2022-06-07 Verified purchase
    The Perfect Bedside Lamp
    Love this lamp! It was almost assembly free. I lifted lamp out of box, unscrewed the big nut holding the shade on (the shade will come upside down), flipped shade over, screw nut back on, put a light bulb in, not included, uses a max 60W bulb, I used 40W and then plug it in. It has an on off switch on the cord and a pull chain on/off. Just make sure the switch is on in order to use the pull chain function ( I thought mine was broke until I realized the switch needed to be on). NO instructions were included. The lamp shade comes wrapped in celephane plastic, I removed it. Its also convenient that it has two outlets on top base to plug in your cell phone or small fan.
  • Kindle 2022-01-03 Verified purchase
    I love this lamp is the perfect size for a bedroom side table.
  • White 2022-09-26 Verified purchase
    Work Great
    Simple to assemble, easy to operate and looks nice.
  • Deanna 2022-07-30 Verified purchase
    Very nice and works well!
    I was a little bit surprised at the small size of this bedside lamp but I actually love it!
    It doesn’t take up a lot of room on my table, and I really like the ease of a pull string to turn it off and on. 3 different shades of light work well and the USB port is a real help!
    Well recommended!
  • Judy 2023-01-27 Verified purchase
    Cute little lamp
    Great for small spaces
  • Lily 2022-03-17 Verified purchase
    Looks great in my guest room
    I needed a lamp for guests when they visit and this lamp is perfect. Gives the room the feel of an upper end hotel with the charging outlets at the base. I think it lends an air of sophistication.
    It was very easy to put together and set up. Not sure how much I need the color temp of the lamp to change with each switch but that’s not a deal breaker.
  • Cheril 2023-02-16 Verified purchase
    Nice little lamp
    This lamp has a nice simple look. It is small and does not overtake the space on your desk or bedside table. Pull the cord on and off to change to the different light settings. It would be better if it cycled through the different settings all in a row instead of having to turn it off and on.
  • daniel 2022-09-07 Verified purchase
    Awesome lamp
    I low-key love this lamp. A bit hard to get out of the packaging, but once it’s out, it works great! The three different life shades are great (I prefer the orange to the white, but others may prefer differently), and the presence of both kinds of USB ports is wonderful. Wonderful light feature for my bedroom!
  • Allyson 2022-04-16 Verified purchase
    It’s a lamp
    I really like that it has a USB -C outlet on the base for my phone charger.
    I damaged the lamp shade trying to get it out of it’s packaging, so be careful. The shade is a little more delicate than I was anticipating. It’s still pretty though. Nice, neutral color. Tall and slim.
    The bulb has three color settings, which can easily be changed by turning the lamp off and on again. It comes with its own LED bulb.
    It’s very lightweight. I’ve dragged it off my table on accident once already. It would be better if it had a heavier base, I think.
    Overall, I like the lamp. It’s just what I needed for my nightstand.
  • Gregory 2022-08-18 Verified purchase
    Small but efficient
    Really cute lamp!
  • Aleana 2022-02-03 Verified purchase
    Cute little lamp
    This is a very cute lamp. The square cross-section shade has clean lines and warms the light a bit. The light is turned on and off via an old style pull chain. It has no brightness options, but repeated switching (off-on) cycles the bulb through different color temperatures.

    The base is a simple black square with a black post. It is very simple and disappears into the background.

    Overall, this is a cute but simple lamp that works well with most decors.
  • Michelle 2022-09-06 Verified purchase
    Terrific Lamp
    This lamp is great. The charging ports on it eliminate clutter on my nightstand and work well. It is just right for a small nightstand, not taking up too much space.

    The different light modes are really nice. You choose the color tone of light you want. I experimented with bulbs and found that when using a regular light bulb, you don’t get the three light tones, only the color tone listed on the light bulb box (ex. 2700K yellow tone, 5000K white tone). That’s not a problem.

    If you need a lamp for a small space, you won’t go wrong with this lamp.
  • Magdalene 2022-09-23 Verified purchase
    Love love this lamp
    Love love this lamp .. just the right size in my room and the charging ports are a plus .. It’s just what I needed
  • Gerry 2022-06-24 Verified purchase
    Excellent Lamp
    Love the pull chain, it’s a charger, perfect size for my bedroom
  • Shantell 2022-01-10 Verified purchase
    Small, cute little table lamp
    This is a very cute, small table lamp that has two settings for the light -- a bright light and a warm, almost yellow color light. The base has a USB and USB-C port for charging your devices.
    Warning, take the plastic off before using the lamp. Our pictures show with the plastic still on. Do not operate the lamp with the plastic still on.
    We tested the USB and USB-C ports and they work well.
    This is a nice bedside table lamp and I would recommend.
  • Artittaya 2022-08-05 Verified purchase
    Met all expectations
    I am very pleased with this lamp. It’s small footprint doesn’t take up alot of table space ,but it provides great lighting. Pull chain makes it easy to turn on and off.
  • Mary 2022-04-30 Verified purchase
    Me encanta
    The lamp is one of my best purchases. The lighting works like a charm with three levels of light. It takes up very little space on small end tables, yet is very stylish, and for the money it looks classy. The usb ports are an absolute plus. This lamp is functional and I plan on buying more.
  • William 2022-01-17 Verified purchase
    Great size!
    I liked the 3 brightness option. Easy to use and the off and on chain is very retro!
  • NinjaCroft 2022-10-11 Verified purchase
    Just what I needed
    Great item. Great price
  • Bill 2023-02-18 Verified purchase
    Cheap little lamp illuminates 3 different ways.
    I have it in my low-light kitchen underneath the cabinets where it easily fits because it’s about 15 inches high. I connected two cords so I can charge the phone, and another portal for my new iPad. (In the base.) it only charges if the light is on btw. It has these 3 light settings: one is bright white, next one softer white , and third is cozy warm (my fav). Recommend.
  • DSauceda 2023-02-01 Verified purchase
    Small but mighty
    I didn’t expect it to give off so much light. It is small, but perfect for a bedroom all by itself. It’s bright, but cozy.
  • DONNA 2022-03-05 Verified purchase
    Light me up
    I love this lamp. It’s a little smaller then expected but it does it’s job well. Has a built in port for charging cable and it was essentially easy to assemble. Came compact.
  • OrganicMomma 2023-01-07 Verified purchase
    Perfect for the bedroom
    It is lightweight. I needed an inexpensive light to put on a timer while away from home and this fit the bill.
  • Andy 2022-11-14 Verified purchase
    Awesome lamp!!
    I love this lamp. I have it on my nightstand in the bedroom. It brightens the whole room.
  • Michael 2022-03-07 Verified purchase
    There are three levels of brightnes that changes the color of the shade. Very nice looking.
  • Brianna 2022-10-03 Verified purchase
    Great value!
    Great value for an even better price
  • Jared 2022-08-03 Verified purchase
    Great Buy
    This was a great purchase looks amazing in my living room
  • Natalie 2023-02-16 Verified purchase
    Great light!
    But, it was really hard to get out of the box! One piece fits inside the other and separating them was difficult.
  • Anthony 2022-03-28 Verified purchase
    Just what I needed
    I needed a lamp for my room that I could have on at night because the overheads are a bright white. Not super great when you’re getting ready to sleep and settle in for the night.

    Personally, I never take the lamp off the warm yellow light setting. The other two are way too white for me. I was worried it wouldn’t light my room super well with how small it is, but it’s perfect! For reference, my room is 12x13 sq/ft.

    Assembly was a little tricky but other than that it’s a great, powerful little lamp. Highly recommend.
  • RO 2022-05-16 Verified purchase
    Perfect for my need
    This little lamp fits my small night stand and puts out the amount of light I wanted. With the included bulb, it only has one level of brightness, not three. Doesn’t matter to me.
  • Annette 2022-11-13 Verified purchase
    Perfect for my bedroom!
    I bought 2 for each side of the bed. Totally worth the $30 I spent on these. They’re cute, have 3 light brightness, it actually came with the bulb, and the usb charges my phone way faster than the wall outlet did by half the time. 10/10!
  • Kcoe 2022-01-24 Verified purchase
    I am pleased with this product, it was easy to assemble, its sturdy and looks great on the small table I needed it for, and it has an on/off switch on cord which makes it convenient. Would definitely recommend this product.
  • Amanda 2022-11-14 Verified purchase
    Love this lamp. Everyone comments how nice they are and cannot believe how inexpensive they are. Love the 3 different light settings; the fact it is a pull string, and that you can charge other devices on this lamp. A win win!
  • Cma 2022-12-12 Verified purchase
    One month later I love it. It works fine, the USB ports are really handy and I really love the control feature.
  • Diana 2023-01-04 Verified purchase
    Brighter than you think
    Nice compact lamp - easy to use pull string to turn on/off - much brighter than it looks.
  • shirley 2022-02-28 Verified purchase
    Surprisingly great purchase
    I needed bedside lamps and bought two of these on a whim. They are small but mighty! I’m pleasantly surprised by how amazing they are- super bright, two settings, and both a usb and usb-c outlet which make it really handy to charge my phone at night
  • LeFevre 2022-07-13 Verified purchase
    An amazing lamp
    I got this lamp as a replacement for an LED one I have and I love it. It’s true to size, maybe just a little smaller but not enough to actually notice. I love all the 3 different levels of brightness, and they aren’t too bright like other lights. The USB-port and C-port are super convenient and the assembly process was super easy. Absoluelty nothing bad to say about this lamp!
  • Brett 2022-03-09 Verified purchase
    Works wonderful
    I love it! I love the 3 lights setting! I would recommend this light to anyone it works great!
  • eezerbee206 2023-01-16 Verified purchase
    Exceptional buy.
    We wanted a couple of area lights in dark corners; perfect solution. Lamps are of unexpectedly high quality. The triple settings are also a bonus.
  • John 2022-11-01 Verified purchase
    Awesome light!
    Perfect size for a side table. 3 levels and the brightest one is great! USB port works great too. Highly suggest!
  • PJ 2022-06-13 Verified purchase
    Love the lamp
    Good little bedroom lamp. Just what I expected and needed. Good value too.
  • Sunrise 2022-03-17 Verified purchase
    Great product
    So far so good. Love the different light colors and the fact that I can charge my watch and phone like I would if I was at a hotel! Light is bright af. Will update once its a few months old and see where it stands
  • Mario 2022-11-10 Verified purchase
    A great value clearly. Very nice.
    Money well spent on a very practical useful item.
  • Taylor 2022-11-16 Verified purchase
    Small but powerful
    I was looking for a lamp for an ikea night stand, I found these and was surprised how nice the three light settings are. My girls enjoyed being able to pick how bright or low they wanted their light. The lamp is on the smaller side so if you are looking for something medium to large this is not it. I had trouble unpacking the bottom part of the lamp, so a quick tip is to unscrew the metal part on the lamp shade first. I missed doing that and was trying to pull the base out of the shade until I figured it out. Overall, it’s a nice lamp.
  • Sharkmarina 2022-12-22 Verified purchase
    Lamp with USB port
    Nice lamp with the USB port is an added value. Nice to have 3 light levels. Great value.
  • Catherine 2022-08-05 Verified purchase
    Affordable and Cute
    Easy to assemble. Cheap but looks good. Love that you can switch from yellow to white light.
  • Sharon 2022-07-25 Verified purchase
    Nice product
    Love it. Perfect size lamp for our end table. Like the look and features.
  • lynn 2022-04-02 Verified purchase
    Great lamp
    great lamp! perfect for nightstand!
  • Larissa 2022-02-19 Verified purchase
    Exactly what I needed Small lamp 3 settings
    Small little lamp has 3 settings love that I can plug my phone in
  • Alila 2022-04-26 Verified purchase
    Great lamp
    Great lamp for a great price!
  • UglyFrank 2022-05-02 Verified purchase
    True statement of product
    I like that is was easy to install. The lighting is perfect
  • Cait 2023-02-08 Verified purchase
    Love this lamp small but bright
    It’s prefect for my couch end table. I was surprised at how bright it is, but not too much brightness. I love the warm setting
  • Lance 2022-06-12 Verified purchase
    Options. Love this lamp
    I use this in my office additional outlets for electronics. 3 yes 3 different light settings. Comes with bulb Excellent addition to my office
  • Steve 2022-01-29 Verified purchase
    Nice small size, which is what I was looking for. Assemb asly was easy, just got sick in the box but other than ßs it was great
  • MattS 2022-07-09 Verified purchase
    Way to small. Didn’t like it.
  • JJColl 2022-12-15 Verified purchase
    really cool lamp
    small footprint, good lighting, and colors, and no problems using the ports. I recommend this lamp, really good functions, and price.
  • SoCalLocals 2022-07-25 Verified purchase
    Bright Light.
    It’s a cute little lamp. That’s all you can really say basically. It puts out plenty of light, it’s pretty small, and I love charging my iPhone on it overnight, and it does the job perfectly for me. The trickiest part was taking it out of the box. Man do they EVER pack it!! It was a workout just getting it out of the packaging. But once that’s over, it’s not hard to put it together really. Just be CAREFUL when unpacking it and be patient. That’s all I can say.
  • Carol 2022-05-01 Verified purchase
    Perfect lamp!
    I love this lamp. It’s perfect for reading in bed at night. It’s small but BRIGHT!
  • Joan 2022-05-26 Verified purchase
    Such a nice lamp.
    It not a very large lamp. But it is a very noticeable lamp and it is quite distinctive in its design and simplicity.
  • Kerstin 2022-10-13 Verified purchase
    Modern, packed with features, bright and affordable
    I purchased this touch control lamp for my bedside.
    I Really Love the modern look.
    Solid metal frame, with some good weight. sturdy durable and designed to last. With usb outlets, type C plug and even a 2 prong for power to just about anything., so convenient!! they kind of remind me of a high-end hotel.
    The Brightness levels are excellent.
    Great for reading before bed. The touch is accurate and it turns on quick. I love that the initial on setting is low so I don’t have to worry about waking hubby if I have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.
    Well Worth the price!
  • sierra 2023-02-20 Verified purchase
    Nice Small Lamp
    I had zero problems putting it together, came with instructional sheet, not that it was needed. I’d say a 10 year old could figure out how the lamp assembles. I bought it for my office and it is perfect. Plenty bright enough for my needs, which is so that I don’t have to walk into a dark office at night. Well made and I like the 3 different light settings. The two USB plug in’s are an added bonus that I will certainly use to charge various items. I would recommend this product to friends. Nice light....nice price!
  • Stomp 2022-02-27 Verified purchase
    Love this Lamp!
    Wanted a smaller footprint lamp for my nightstand. This is great. It has the USB port to charge my phone at night, allows the space I need for other things on the nightstand, so awesome that it comes with its own light bulb, and all three light settings give off great light!
  • LMCC 2023-01-10 Verified purchase
    Great lamp for small nightstand
    This is a nice lamp for a small night stand like mine. Very sleek and looks more expensive than it was. It has three different tones of light which are changed by pulling the chain. I use the the amber light for reading in bed so I can fall asleep after reading. Recommend
  • TBStiles 2022-11-14 Verified purchase
    It’s perfect for bedside feeds in the middle of the night. I’d recommend it.
  • Andrea 2022-07-22 Verified purchase
    Great value
    Small but bright. Brightness is adjustable
  • Davis 2022-07-13 Verified purchase
    Purchased for spare bedroom where everyone seems to end up hanging out. In an effort to not use “the big light,” we needed something aesthetic and soft, but bright enough to read by. I really only see cool and warm as an option (which is fine, but I think three lighting options are shown), but both are really pretty. The usb for charging your phone is an added bonus, too. Proof positive that good lighting can totally change the vibe in a room. I’d buy it again.
  • Arlen 2022-11-04 Verified purchase
    Love my light on my desk! Smaller than i thought from the pictures but i really like it!
  • Qmnauni3 2022-09-14 Verified purchase
    I don’t have much light in my bedroom. The LED bulb is perfect for lighting up my whole room.
    It’s a great lamp. Small and efficient. It is lightweight and easy to move from place to place. It doesn’t require a lot of space. I didn’t like the packaging it was secure but the LED bulb was hard to get out of the lampshade. It was packaged very well but the bulb should have been packaged separately. I did not receive a 3-way bulb I received a 2-way bulb.
  • Thomas 2022-12-05 Verified purchase
    Love it it it
    I love it. It’s cute
  • May 2022-07-25 Verified purchase
    I love this bedside lamp sooo much!
    Looked at many small lamps before settling on this one. Using it for bedside reading and like the easy-to-reach pull switch when ready to turn it off/on. It’s unusual but attractive and a much smaller footprint than the ones with the typical bell-shaped shade that I’ve used for years. Love it!
  • Sport 2022-02-10 Verified purchase
    Small attractive lamp that gives a nice warm light.
    This lamp doesn’t take up a lot of space, perfect for night table or small side table The USB port is a plus.
    Nice style. It gives plenty of light for reading.
  • Jozwiak 2022-07-23 Verified purchase
    10/10, recommend
    if you’re looking for a small lamp for your desk, i recommend this. perfect amount of lighting especially considering it’s close to my face
  • Theresa 2022-08-12 Verified purchase
    Great lamp
    Bought this for my son. He said it was a really nice lamp. He wanted a small footprint lamp for his bedside table and this fit the space. The fact that it came with the proper bulb was a huge plus.
  • Barbara 2022-06-06 Verified purchase
    Great value
    These lamps are perfect for nightstands. Bright enough, perfect charging station too. Very happy with them. There was no assembly needed, except to screw in the light bulb. I would buy them again.
  • Paola 2022-02-05 Verified purchase
    Adorable and perfect
    Smaller than you think but so worth it!
  • Dani 2022-03-25 Verified purchase
    Adorable for Bedside
    Absolutely darling, snapped together in a few minutes and the charging ports are convenient.
  • ruth 2022-01-04 Verified purchase
    Powerful little lamp
    I am so happy I made this purchase! This is a powerful little lamp! It gives off just the right amount of light! I mean it’s darn near perfection. Now, you’re gonna struggle, if you’re like me, getting this thing out of its packaging! GOOD LAWT! They make you work for it! All in all, it’s a very good little lamp. So good I have 2 of them. I highly recommend them.
  • Andover 2023-01-27 Verified purchase
    All I wanted in small lamp. It’s wonderful. I give it 5 stars.
    Their was nothing I dislike about the lamp. I like that charge my iPhone with the port on the lamp
  • Bogz 2022-05-01 Verified purchase
    Perfect little lamp
    Perfect little lamp. Three different light settings, which are all very bright with a coziness. Would recommend.
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💡【Fully Dimmable Bedside Lamp】 By rotating the knob switch to adjust the brightness from 0% to 100% whatever you want smoothly and simply to meet all your need. The dimmable bedside lamp with Dual USB charging ports offer fully dimming lighting, so that you could accommodate a variety of usage scenarios and enjoy the interesting lighting experience for working, reading and relaxing.

💡【USB Table Bedside Lamp with Phone Slots】With the minimalist but practical phone stands design, the nightstand lamp can place your smart phone, iPad or kindle reader in the phone slots while charging, which leave more room of table for you. The lamp base is high quality material which is solid and sturdy, and the height of the charging table lamp for bedroom is 15 inch that is perfect and essential decor for study room, living room, bedside tables, nightstand, sofa, etc.

💡【Premium Fabric Lampshade】beige Lamp shade helps to minimize glare and eye strain, let the lamp deliveries comfortable lights for your needing Perfect Lamps for Your Rooms Decor: This table lamp is ideal for bedside, nightstand, bedroom, guest room, living room, office, coffee table, college dorm, any where to decor and lighting.

💡【Convenient Dual Outlets and USB Charging Ports】As dual additional 2-Prong outlets charging feature are included in this bedroom lamp with dimmer, you may charge the electronic devices by any charging port you like. 

💡【Eye Protection Bulb Included】The gray lampshade is stylish and durable, and also it can soft the light radiation to protect your eyes and give your bedroom a soft tone. Meanwhile, one compatible bulb come with the dimmable table lamp, Comfortable and soft light, no flicker and glare, which won't hurt your eyes. (E26 Bulbs Included)
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