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Goodbye to Low Quality SleepThe quick rebound pillow core in our pillow can support the head and neck in different shapes depending on the sleeping position and reduce the pressure on the cervical spine. Memory foam pillow can make you say goodbye to low

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  • cletejones 2022-10-26 Verified purchase
    Like a rock
    got up in the middle of the night. This pillow has zero comfort and makes my neck stiff. They call it memory foam. This is one of those memories I’d rather forget.
  • McAlister 2022-07-15 Verified purchase
    much harder than advertised
    This pillow seems like a good choice...but it’s very firm and takes a long time to sink into the foam. If that’s what you’re looking for, it has support. But not soft.
  • Michela 2022-03-18 Verified purchase
    not suitable for side sleeping
    This is a great pillow if you sleep on your back. However, since I slept on my side, I had pain in my side shoulder and upper arm because the pillow was flat and low.
  • DebraP 2022-02-10 Verified purchase
    hard pillow
    This pillow is supportive but firm. The head does not sink in, it is uncomfortable. But it helped my neck pain.
  • stevan 2021-12-04 Verified purchase
    For the first month or so it was fine and firm until it became less stiff and looked like a pillowcase blanket.
  • missy 2021-11-19 Verified purchase
    too thick
    don’t hate the pillow, but at almost 6 inches it feels comfortable, but it’s too thick for me. If you don’t mind height, this should be a good pillow
  • nikboom 2021-04-30 Verified purchase
    Works perfectly, but is not cool at all. I don’t feel cold on either side, so it still doesn’t work on my head.
  • MollyW 2021-05-28 Verified purchase
    have no idea! !
    I don’t know if you like this or not. I’m leaning towards no! Hard and uncomfortable! Not sure if they will adjust with usage? ?
  • Mikayla 2022-12-12 Verified purchase
    I have 2 but they are different
    One is much better than the other. I tried to pay a little more for two good things, but somehow I had to buy another one.
  • TOMMYBOY 2022-03-11 Verified purchase
    very soft
    This pillow is very soft. I would love it if it wasn’t for my chronic neck pain. It’s like sleeping on marshmallows. I bought it because it is 5cm thick. The only part of the 5" is right in the center and not around the desired border of the neck. Absolutely no support around the edges. If you bought this for neck pain, I recommend you keep using it. If you want a super soft and soft pillows, then go for it.
  • aparillo 2022-10-06 Verified purchase
    not the same pillow
    I have bought this pillow for my spouse for several years and he always loves it. However, in the last year, the density has dropped dramatically. The pillow will flatten after a month of use. Previously, it took 6 months to see noticeable changes.
  • Boatright 2022-03-10 Verified purchase
    a little comfortable
    I love this pillow, it’s just that your head sinks so fast. Second, one side of the pillow feels like a chipmunk next to your cheek. Not soft at all.
  • ChrisM 2021-11-14 Verified purchase
    Nice pillows that are cool and comfortable, but could be firmer.
    This pillow is suitable for back/side sleepers. Personally, I prefer a firmer pillow, but in the course of using them, I’ve been able to get a good night’s sleep. I would give it 5 stars if it was a little firmer, but if you move the pillow or leave it, the memory foam will spring back to its original shape.
  • Siegrist 2022-08-12 Verified purchase
    Not super soft.
    Firm single foam for side or back sleepers.
  • Rebecca 2022-04-04 Verified purchase
    Finally got a pillow that actually works
    If all the pillows you wear give way a little bit, you won’t be able to support your head the way it should, sleep on your side, and wake up every morning in pain so its weight is on your shoulders. Since then, my pain has disappeared, my breathing has improved, and my rest has improved overall.
  • Joleen 2021-11-28 Verified purchase
    well made and comfortable
    have a bulging disc in my neck and I have tried many pillows except the foam as I found it too firm. I just started physical therapy and she recommended this pillow. I’ve only used this pillow for two nights, but I’m really impressed. No more headaches!
  • Wildberry 2022-08-03 Verified purchase
    Great pillow! I’m so happy! !
    I love this pillow. Great quality and fits my neck perfectly. Short and perfect for my needs. I haven’t slept this excitedly in a long time! Highly recommended for neck pain.
  • SashaQ 2022-06-15 Verified purchase
    Godsave Holy Ash Pillow
    After a night of insomnia due to a bad pillow, I purchased this pillow after desperate research at 4am. I can’t seem to find a pillow that is firm enough to support my head and neck. This pillow is the answer. It’s soft enough to sleep on your side or back, and it’s supportive enough to keep your head from sagging into the mattress. It never goes flat. Perfect cooling memory foam. I travel with this pillow because I never want to have another sleepless night without it.
  • Pikmin 2022-02-11 Verified purchase
    Amazing and cost effective purchase!
    I purchased his products for my husband. It took him about a week to get used to it, but once he did, he loved it! Help him fall asleep fast! When I nap or sleep in front of him, he always complains that he finds me on his pillow instead of mine, which is more flattering, so I do it myself. Comfortable!
  • Ohstacy 2022-05-26 Verified purchase
    I like it!
    This is exactly what I need! It’s so cold waiting outside the door, and it feels perfect after entering the house to warm up. I broke my Tempurpedic pillow and this one is on par! The cover is soft, so it’s a bargain!
  • DiveGirl 2022-10-27 Verified purchase
    Great pillow!
    If you’re looking for a firm yet comfortable pillow, this one is worth the money.
  • leslicallahan 2021-06-10 Verified purchase
    A must see for anyone with neck and back problems
    Best pillow I’ve ever had. It has solved a lot of my neck and back pain issues.
  • Simant 2023-01-30 Verified purchase
    I am a cheap pillow buyer and this is worth more than the cost
    First of all, I’m not a robot. I live in Florida and despite the rising temperatures over the past few weeks, I’ve been staying cool in this pillow. This has relieved my chronic neck pain and greatly improved my sleep. I’m male, 6’3", 205 lbs, broad shoulders and sleep on my side most of the time.
  • JasonRay 2021-05-12 Verified purchase
    I replaced this pillow with the same one. I’ve owned it for the past 5 years and love it.
    The perfect pillow, front and back. The hot flashes are gone.
  • Ruinedne 2022-12-17 Verified purchase
    exactly what i wanted
    I want a very firm pillow that is comfortable for me. I am very satisfied!
  • Berthe 2021-11-30 Verified purchase
    saved my neck
    Great support, soft and supportive. Just the right height for your neck and shoulders. Suitable for side sleepers and back sleepers.
  • Adamood 2022-07-19 Verified purchase
    Great pillow but felt hard at first
    Three quarters of my family are happy with these pillows. It arrived with one stuck but was quickly replaced. The pillow felt firm at first, but it provided good support and was very comfortable to sleep on.
  • Reddy 2022-07-17 Verified purchase
    Ideal for side sleepers
    Seller: Shipping issues, customer service was so good, they quickly turned their backs on this pillow. Pillow: I sleep on my side and this pillow is perfect for my side sleeper. It feels stiff when you take it out of the box, but sinks in nicely when you put your head on it. I slept soundly. This pillow is not recommended for sleepers. It’s strong and thick.
  • John 2021-11-11 Verified purchase
    The bed was very comfortable!
    I am very happy with this memory foam pillow, slept very comfortably without any neck discomfort!
  • Christopher 2023-02-04 Verified purchase
    mission completed!
    I’ve only used it 2 nights so far, but it has allowed me to sleep undisturbed. I had two nights of deep, dream-filled REM sleep. This pillow is the "icing on the cake"!
  • Dalaten 2021-10-10 Verified purchase
    i like this pillow
    I’m having issues with my neck again, and I think it’s due to my "extra firm", "never out of shape" pillows being deformed and firm. After buying this pillow, I have never had any problems. It gives your head the support it needs whether you sleep on your back or your side. Pillows are a bit pricey but worth it for the quality of my sleep so far. real.
  • Aakrk 2022-10-11 Verified purchase
    no error
    Memory foam is expensive and seems to hold up over time.
  • TGMormon 2022-03-07 Verified purchase
    comfortable and cool
    I’ve tried many cooling pillows and they were uncomfortable or cooled for a few seconds and had to be turned over. I’m hesitant about this, but I sleep hot and have hot flashes, so something has to be done. It’s comfortable and keeps me cool. I think the longer I hold my head down, the cooler it gets. I bought a bamboo pillowcase for this, but I think it will work fine without it. I highly recommend it! ! !
  • MariaA 2021-11-26 Verified purchase
    I would give more stars if I could!
    I’ve been using the same pillow for longer than is explicitly recommended. One of the reasons it took me so long is that I don’t sleep well with other pillows. I didn’t miss a beat with this pillow! Supportive and soft. It’s perfect! I have to buy another one before my spouse steals it!
  • Afreenzad 2022-11-28 Verified purchase
    very cool
    Bought in the 90s. Dad and he loves its comfort and support. Inexpensive
  • Ramget 2022-06-07 Verified purchase
    best sleep
    I was skeptical about ordering a pillow that I never felt in my hands, but I took a chance. My old foam pillow is ready to retire. This Serta pillow is the best thing I’ve ever gotten. I sleep on my side, which supports my head without being too hard or too weak. I can sleep soundly. I recommend this to side sleepers.
  • EsinDal 2021-07-21 Verified purchase
    Great pillow!
    Months later, I can’t sleep without it! ! ! I’ve bought a lot of pillows claiming it’s the best and will heal your pain. ,,,no! Now I sleep like a baby with little or no tossing and turning. "I’m a happy girl."
  • NganNguyen 2021-11-16 Verified purchase
    affordable pillows
    The plush shell stays on the stand below. A good product that looks like the part.
  • Ren 2023-02-04 Verified purchase
    deep impression
    I had to try it. I’m on my side and need support. I was impressed and glad I went to this. It doesn’t have a cooling surface like other pillows, but it replaces the shell.
  • Kenney 2021-07-03 Verified purchase
    This has greatly reduced my shoulder pain.
    I love this pillow I can sleep better at night and my stiff and sore neck is really relieved.
  • Diana 2022-11-22 Verified purchase
    my neck hurt
    I ordered 3 individual pillows and this was the best of them all. I woke up with neck pain and now I really don’t have it. Worth the investment.
  • Siddhant 2021-08-21 Verified purchase
    This is it!
    I’ve ordered a variety of affordable memory foam pillows and this is my favorite. Thick enough for side sleeping. No need for weird woods. You just need a pillow thick enough to support your head on your shoulders. This one is firm but smooth as butter.
  • Joseeon 2022-05-23 Verified purchase
    my wife loves this pillow
    I needed a new pillow and wanted to try memory foam so I got myself one. This is too difficult for me. My wife has tried it, loves it and uses it every night. She wakes up happy and refreshed...
  • abdullatif 2022-10-27 Verified purchase
    My favorite pillow ever!
    It’s the perfect combination of support, softness and comfort. I’m only 6 weeks away from home and can’t wait to get home and make my pillows.
  • franstanedo 2022-11-30 Verified purchase
    very comfortable
    I bought one for everyone in my family. The most comfortable pillow I’ve ever tried
  • Mary 2021-07-20 Verified purchase
    sleep well
    You can sleep well with this pillow. comfortable. I tucked in the comforter and it was still comfy. I love the way it holds its shape and holds up.
  • Cynthiaesus 2022-07-06 Verified purchase
    It’s been 2 years and I’m still having fun!
    My pillow is still firm and provides great support. When I’ve purchased more affordable pillows, I find myself changing them often. This pillow works.
  • Ruthautista 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    No more neck pain!
    I often wake up with neck pain and headaches. After using this pillow for 2 months, there is no such feeling at all. Provides excellent support and maintains its shape no matter how you sleep. Those down pillows are nothing compared to this. My husband always tries to steal it when I wake up. If you put a satin pillowcase on it, it becomes a luxurious pillow.
  • Nodosha 2022-07-30 Verified purchase
    Best pillow I’ve found!
    When it comes to pillows, I’m really picky. I like firm pillows that are a little softer, but I really hate sinking my head into them. This pillow is great because it doesn’t pile up to one side like shredded memory foam pillows do, and provides just the right amount of support for watching TV or sleeping. This pillow is so good, I’m going to buy an extra just in case I can’t find it all at once. BTW, I bought this pillow a few months ago and it is not flat at all. The other, a shredded memory foam pillow I bought around the same time, didn’t have as good a fairing. no. Just for comparison.
  • Adrian 2022-12-27 Verified purchase
    soft and firm
    It’s still a decent pillow, but it provides a lot of support for my neck. I can’t sleep without it. My cuddle pillow is a necessity.
  • Johana 2021-10-24 Verified purchase
    very comfortable
    This is my first memory foam pillow. It took me a few days to get used to it, but now I know why memory foam pillows are so popular. I sleep on my stomach and have neck pain after a night of sleep. This pillow relieved my neck pain. Memory foam supports your neck while you sleep. The coolness of the pillow doesn’t last all night, but it does help with falling asleep. And the cooler side is slightly firmer. Flip it over if you want it softer. And the price of this pillow is very reasonable. I’ve seen the same pillow three times. Since I got this pillow, I never want to get out of bed.
  • Anisha 2023-01-11 Verified purchase
    Firmness and comfort at its best! ! !
    This pillow is amazing! The neck is strong and very comfortable, and more importantly soft without sacrificing comfort. Great product!
  • SeanM 2022-05-04 Verified purchase
    super comfy pillow
    Moderately soft and hard, very comfortable to sleep on.
  • Sheila 2022-09-05 Verified purchase
    Support without letting you down - just right!
    side sleeper. The only thing I wish this pillow was cooler. But other than that, this is the perfect pillow for me. It’s strong, but hugs my head just right. It’s kind of like silly putty. Even if you hit hard and fast, it doesn’t work. However, if you put it down gently, the resistance from all directions will be reduced, and the head can be supported, so there is a feeling of floating. I flip it over once or twice because it’s just to give myself a cool side, but other than that it’s perfect.
  • Aggie 2021-12-31 Verified purchase
    owned for many years
    I’ve owned one of these pillows for years. This is the only pillow I use.
  • Tommy 2021-07-01 Verified purchase
    Beautiful pillows at a great price. The new pillows are great. Soft to the touch but lacks support. But I’m fine too. The cover can be washed separately.
  • Ericaerzog 2022-01-11 Verified purchase
    well made pillow
    Pillow is well made, good material, good support.
  • Juliaouza 2022-11-27 Verified purchase
    Sturdy and comfortable
    A firm pillow recommended for side sleepers. I like the way it supports me. There is a little consolation. I ordered a pillow to go with the first one. I highly recommend it.
  • Wasahalik 2021-06-18 Verified purchase
    Sturdy memory foam pillow.
    This pillow is perfect for me. It has just the right amount of firmness and support, yet remains supple.
  • Nicholas 2021-08-10 Verified purchase
    nice comfy pillow
    It’s a pillow as soft and fluffy as a hotel pillow.
  • brendaoffee 2021-05-31 Verified purchase
    The perfect pillow!
    The pillow feels cool and retains its shape for a night of pain-free rest.
  • Andrewarshall 2022-07-23 Verified purchase
    cool and comfortable
    I have allergies and this pillow is perfect for checking things while I sleep. It’s very comfortable and cool when I put my head on it.
  • ushaivaharan 2022-02-20 Verified purchase
    sleep aid
    It’s very comfortable and helps my sleep quality
  • Adam 2023-01-16 Verified purchase
    the only pillow i use
    This is the only pillow I use and I just replaced another one I used a few years ago with a new one. You can’t pay for a good night’s sleep
  • Hugo 2021-10-02 Verified purchase
    only sleeping pillow
    With this, all other pillows become bed decorations. A very happy side sleeper after years of neck and shoulder pain. I won’t say it cured me or anything unusual. But it’s worth it. About a month ago, I woke up with neck pain and when I was changing the bedding, I realized I had misplaced my pillow. Make sure to come back and use this pillow the next night! ! !
  • Harpreetaur 2022-09-09 Verified purchase
    Love this, great quality
    For about a year now, I’ve been looking for new pillows for my family. Wanting to actually try it, I went to various stores but couldn’t find anything. Firm yet soft, this pillow is slightly stretchy and can be easily folded in half for side sleeping. , too soft, dense material, not synthetic. This one is the best. I highly recommend purchasing 3 more. I hope they keep selling these. I give it 5 stars!
  • Xavier 2022-03-02 Verified purchase
    Great pillow!
    I love this pillow. I finally found my favorite pillow and got a good night’s sleep. Great pillow! ! !
  • Russ 2022-06-14 Verified purchase
    exactly what i wanted
    There is nothing I don’t like about this pillow. I love square pillows. I’m a big fan of Tempurpedic pillows, but this is surprisingly just right in my opinion. Worth your money! I used most of the padding to get the right height
  • pavneetkaur 2022-05-18 Verified purchase
    this is a great pillow
    I love this pillow. It’s comfortable and holds its shape for months.
  • Chinyere 2022-08-06 Verified purchase
    new favorite pillow
    This is seriously my favorite pillow ever. Fast rebound, moderate hardness (for memory foam), moderate size. If that makes sense, I really like the structural sides rather than the sharp edges. So you don’t have to squash it when you sleep on your side.
  • Michealknight 2022-04-28 Verified purchase
    Best sleep ever!
    I’m usually on my side and it’s hard to find the right level of support. I usually wake up with a headache! One night’s sleep on this pillow and I am very satisfied! My neck feels great, no headaches at all. So comfortable, getting up is a bit of a waste!
  • Rudyunn 2022-10-17 Verified purchase
    comfortable and soft
    Very comfortable and soft. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if it was a little harder. Great pillow as always!
  • Ingrid 2022-02-23 Verified purchase
    Exactly what I was looking for!
    I’ve been looking for another FIRM memory foam pillow that offers great support! My 15 year old Sleep Innovations pillow is no longer supportive. I don’t want broken foam! I want another firm pillow. Amazing pillows! I will order again!
  • Mariandrea 2022-01-26 Verified purchase
    exactly what i need
    I love my new pillow this is the perfect level of comfort for me
  • Tanya 2022-06-22 Verified purchase
    Do not hesitate. comfortable
    This pillow is great! I had neck surgery and this pillow is very comfortable and keeps my neck straight. I like to sleep on my side and it fits me perfectly. Love the washable cover!
  • Mathewhilip 2021-06-05 Verified purchase
    Finally the perfect pillow!
    I’ve never had a pillow I liked. I sleep on my side and sometimes on my stomach with sleep apnea just to make it easier to breathe. I have severe muscle spasms in my back and neck and feel pain every night. So I figured it would be another waste on another pillow. Luckily my sarcasm isn’t fair! This pillow inflates quickly, and when I first dipped my hand in it, I was concerned that it wasn’t tall/firm enough to fit comfortably between my shoulders and head. It turned out to be perfect. Soft enough to sink into bed at the end of a long day like you’ve always dreamed of, but supportive enough to keep your shoulders and neck relaxed and extended, rather than constricted or strained. have. It can’t hold up at all. It’s only been 2 months, and I can’t see any changes. Bounce back as soon as you look up. My only complaint is that the pillowcase doesn’t stay in there as it’s a perfect rectangular piece, very slippery and smooth! have. All in all, very good value for money even at such an affordable price.
  • Laura 2021-11-04 Verified purchase
    Very comfortable pillows. Not too hard, not too soft, definitely medium, just what I was looking for.
  • Jess 2021-11-29 Verified purchase
    memory foam pillow
    at last! ! Every pillow I’ve ever used flattened out quickly! Every time I lay on this new one, I sigh and think, oh...this feels so good! When I wake up with no neck pain, other great things! Highly recommend buying this if you are tired of your pillow becoming flat. Give me 10 stars!
  • Ana 2022-06-18 Verified purchase
    The real Goldie Locke situation
    Well, I could actually start a pillow shop out of the pile of pillows I have on my bed. No matter what I try, I wake up in the morning with horrible knots in my shoulders and a sore neck, both of which are at the root of recurring migraines. So I keep buying new ones. I have it all - fluffy pillows, very firm, thin, cotton, memory foam, specially shaped. They all suck. Then I worked as a pet sitter for a week for people with this pillow - my god, I woke up in the morning. It was different so it took me about two nights to get used to it. Now I am shocked and grateful that I have finally found the perfect pillow. I headbutted the other and I don’t want to disappoint you - if you see a weirdo at the airport with a giant pillow, it’s me. I think it depends on how comfortable you are using the foam pillow. For me it felt like my head was fully supported and floating. Almost forgot there was a pillow there. It’s thick and strong, but has just the right amount of head-sink. My experience with most memory foam pillows is that the slight bounce/resistance can keep you on edge throughout the night. Cooling: Definitely cooling. The house I’ve had pets in isn’t that cool so I’m sure it’s diminished over time, but I’m surprised I woke up to a no sweat memory foam pillow so I’m not sure if that part is still there Oddly enough it almost feels wet if I like it cool, but I’m glad it didn’t overheat. If you have pain, definitely try this. It might change your life too!
  • Bristol 2022-02-07 Verified purchase
    suit me
    I’ve tried several memory foam pillows and this seems to be the best. Soft cushioning provides just the right amount of support.
  • Lauauda 2022-10-31 Verified purchase
    It’s like sleeping on a cloud!
    This is my second such pillow. Need I say more?
  • Albertoarkis 2022-04-22 Verified purchase
    strong support
    I’ve been using it for months and it hasn’t flattened at all. I use it as a knee pad for support
  • jazz 2022-01-25 Verified purchase
    The Perfect Memory Foam Pillow
    The soft outer layer of the pillow. Heavy duty memory foam pillow. Heavy. I can sleep soundly.
  • Viridiana 2022-04-12 Verified purchase
    I can’t sleep on any other pillow.
    I’ve dreamed of making my bed feel like the Blogata Hotel’s bed. Someday my whole bed will actually feel like I’m in Atlantic City. So it’s hard to get up and go to work now.
  • stephanie 2022-01-06 Verified purchase
    exactly what i need
    I feel like I’ve been looking for this pillow my whole life! My previous pillow was either too soft or too hard and when I woke up I had a sore neck and a headache. I used it for the first time last night and this morning was pain free! And I sleep better. Value for money!
  • Julioesar 2023-02-16 Verified purchase
    Great pillow!
    It might get colder, but I don’t sleep with my head hot anymore. Good support, but not too expensive.
  • barzin 2021-07-14 Verified purchase
    i like this pillow
    My new favorite pillow. I’m very picky about pillows, so I’ve been looking for memory foam pillows like these for a while, but they’re usually too firm. It takes a few days to get used to. The cooling is great and I don’t wake up sweating. The perfect level of soft yet firm. I usually sleep on my side, but this one is easy to sleep on my back.
  • Natali 2021-10-04 Verified purchase
    This is my dream pillow
    bought this pillow a while back and my wife and two sons have been trying to steal it every chance they get. The most popular pillow in the house. No more compliments.
  • Frank 2023-02-27 Verified purchase
    Appears to be supported, but limp
    I’m not sure if it’s just a hard piece of foam or memory foam fragments inside so I just wanted to prove that it’s a hard piece but not too hard. However, it collapses easily when you put weight on it. It doesn’t seem to lay flat like those shredded memory foam pillows.
  • KThede 2022-02-27 Verified purchase
    affordable pillows
    The only downside to this pillow is that it’s hard to get out of bed. I recently upgraded to this and had the best sleep except when I got drunk and got pitch black...great stuff.
  • Asadaeed 2022-02-26 Verified purchase
    memory foam pillow
    My son was amazed and delighted by the support.
  • Tracey 2021-09-19 Verified purchase
    Great pillow!
    I need a new pillow with neck support and this is perfect. It has the softness and firmness you need!
  • tadeo 2022-06-13 Verified purchase
    stop looking! this is the best!
    It arrived in very careful packaging. I’ve been looking for a support pillow that will allow me to sleep on my back and side, is cool and comfortable, and keeps me in shape all night! I finally found what I think is the best pillow this money can buy. Look no further. This is perfect for you.
  • Alishharles 2022-01-23 Verified purchase
    best pillow in the world
    Slept through the night and was too comfortable to get out of bed. I would give a 20 star rating if possible
  • StevenE 2021-09-30 Verified purchase
    great product but not ideal for me
    The pillows are well made and value for money. "Made in the USA with foreign and domestic components." Odor free and beautifully packaged from a company you can trust. Really good product. However, the pillows are a personal choice and not ideal for me (average sized female). It will be thicker if you sleep on your side, but the cheekbones need a slightly softer layer. Maybe it’s just me. On the plus side, it holds its shape well and keeps your head at a comfortable angle. It’s too high for me when sleeping on my back because it doesn’t compress much (but I like using thin pillows or no pillows at all when sleeping on my back). If you want a pillow with a firm shape that you don’t have to reshape in the middle of the night, or that doubles as a backrest, this might be a good choice. 5 stars even though it’s not for me.
  • Alan 2022-03-11 Verified purchase
    It’s comfortable and holds up well a year later.
    I’m pretty sure only firm foam pillows will hold their shape, and shredded stuff will always compress.
  • Irina 2021-09-22 Verified purchase
    Great overall pillow!
    At first, I thought the pillow didn’t provide enough support, but my worries proved unfounded. It met all expectations. It took me some time to think about it and fill it out. If you lay in the corner it will drop quite a bit. Stay in the middle and it works just fine. Heartily recommend!
  • Marthis 2022-11-04 Verified purchase
    The pillows are foam but very comfortable. Memory foam wraps around your head and supports your neck.
  • Sonya 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    Softer than expected, but very comfortable. Tasteless!
    I’ve been using a firm memory foam pillow for years and accidentally left it at a hotel. I often roll over in my sleep, so I decided to try using a soft pillow to reposition my back and stomach. I was amazed at the quality of my sleep - no neck pain in the morning and no chemical smells to "get out of the body". I want it to last a long time and not "flatten". highly recommended!
  • Sergio 2021-05-05 Verified purchase
    Firm and breathable pillow
    I don’t like hard pillows, but I like this. It’s stiff but bounces so your neck doesn’t hurt. I recommend it.
  • Chantel 2022-06-13 Verified purchase
    Great pillows. Not as stiff as I like, but cool and comfortable
  • RafS 2022-08-03 Verified purchase
    The only pillow i use
    I look forward to sleeping on this pillow. If you travel, you must take this pillow with you. I actually bought an extra as a backup. So not only am I sleeping on the best pillow in the world, but when it’s time to change it, I’m still waiting for a new one.
  • rickengel 2022-03-12 Verified purchase
    simply the best
    Best pillow ever, overloaded with thickness. I just hugged your shoulders just right. Perfect for leaning against a wall or stacking pillows while reading a book. It really is one of the best pillows I have ever used. Thanks.
  • JasonZ 2022-07-12 Verified purchase
    great pillow and protector
    The perfect balance of comfort and sturdiness. The case is beautifully made - soft and protective. five stars!
  • RAHULG 2022-09-17 Verified purchase
    Great pillow!
    Best pillow I’ve ever used...provides comfort, a soft surface and just the right amount of support!
  • Victormanuel 2021-11-30 Verified purchase
    super suave e facir de laval
    Super caridad muy suave y acomoda la cabeza. La recomomiendo para los que duermen boca abajo. Para los que duermen de lado puede tener poco soporte. Excelente compra por mi parte muy contenta
  • Rahat 2022-04-20 Verified purchase
    nice item
    I love these pillows. Will definitely buy more
  • ValdasV 2023-02-05 Verified purchase
    This pillow is ideal for back/side sleepers who have back problems and want to keep their spine straight. While it’s strong, it wraps around your head with low elasticity. This has pretty much eliminated my back/neck pain. Definitely recommend.
  • Villalpando 2021-07-22 Verified purchase
    Absolutely love these!
    Absolutely love these! ! ! There are only a million of them!
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Goodbye to Low Quality Sleep
The quick rebound pillow core in our pillow can support the head and neck in different shapes depending on the sleeping position and reduce the pressure on the cervical spine. Memory foam pillow can make you say goodbye to low quality sleep and ensure comfortable and good sleep quality.

Comfortable Neck Support
Our memory foam pillow conforms to the natural curvature of the neck and shoulder perfectly, allowing the cervical spine to be more efficiently supported, stretched and relaxed. A 70% reduction in pressure on the body and muscle tension maintains good blood flow to your head. Bringing you a better night’s sleep than ever.

5S Slow Rebound Memory Foam Pillow
The neck pillow shape automatically when firmly being pressed and will rebound within 5S when no press, non-deformation all the year. Unique slow rebound space memory foam, the Pressure on the head and cervical spine is almost zero, providing you with a most comfortable sleep. Blood is circulating normally in the head and neck, which is conducive to deep sleep.

Soft Breathable Pillowcase
The comfortable and soft pillowcase is knitted and skin-friendly fabric with water cube pattern, which is moisture-absorbing, breathable and durable. A breathable surface lets air circulate to keep the pillow cool while you sleep. It is removable with zippered and machine washable, so you can always keep it clean and smelling fresh. All material is chemical-free for better health.

Scientific Ergonomics Design
This pillow is better at protecting the normal physiological curvature of the neck and maintaining normal physiological activities during sleeping. The right height completely relaxes the shoulder muscles, relieves neck and back discomfort, and restores your body's energy during sleeping.You will fall asleep faster and deeper.
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