Heavy Duty Dog Crate, 32 inch Dog Kennel with Removable Floor Net,Escape Proof Dog Cage


HEAVYDUTY FRAME -- made from corrosion-resistant steel,strong and durable, hard to be damaged,nontoxic finished surface keep your dog health,nd render excellent anti-rust ability, suitable for most medium and large dogs,two locks with the safety buckles t

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  • cmwiener 2022-03-10 Verified purchase
    Defective product
    Great cage but sadly the latches don’t reach. I saw someone else with this cage and it was fully functional so maybe I just got unlucky.
  • sanh 2022-04-28 Verified purchase
    Malinois Proof
    I’ve through a ton of kennels for my year-old Malinois who has a bit of separation anxiety. And by a little I mean she has destroyed heavy duty wire crates, escaped, and ripped up 200 square feet of carpet and padding all in an hours time. At last I’ve found a kennel to contain my tiny beast and help her get properly crate trained! I love the size of the holes as it allows the kennel to breathe without allowing the dog to get any leverage to rip it apart. The floor slats are nice as well- I always feel bad having to leave my pup without any bed but she will absolutely destroy even the toughest ones so at least I feel confident the floor of this one is better than wire or the normal thin bars. Since all the holes and slats are so small I always take off my dogs collar so it doesn’t get stuck- I recommend doing this as well.

    My only complaint is that the hardware is cheap and super soft. Even hand tightening carefully several of the bolts stripped to the point of making them impossible to remove without drilling them out. Two of the bolts indentations weren’t even centered making them worse casualties. And of course this kennel doesn’t fit through most regular doorways so Im hoping I can drill the bolts out without messing the kennel up. I’d recommend adding washers and better hardware in general. It’s pretty wild that the key that comes with the kennel is harder than the bolts themselves.

    All in all, it’s a great kennel but probably get your own hardware until they upgrade theirs :-)
  • Batsheva 2022-08-03 Verified purchase
    Missing pieces
    It’s a heavy duty cage and a great size for my American bully. Super frustrating that it was missing important piece that you need in order to put together. I’ll come back and write more after my dog has used it a few times.

    So far i would have given 5 stars if it was built properly
  • Jen 2022-06-13 Verified purchase
    Purchased for a dog rescue
    Purchased as a gift for a dog rescue in the area. They asked specifically for this model as they have had great success with it in the past. Only draw back was the long delivery wait. Other than that, the quality is great, super sturdy. Assembly was not super complicated.
  • Ashley 2020-01-14 Verified purchase
    Best I Found So Far
    As some stated before Hardware is soft and screws might strip fast. Now I have a Frenchie with separation anxiety and will CHEW! he has ruined all cages before this one and will hurt himself trying to except as shown in picture, he cut his tongue on the holes but we are now adding plexiglass inside to avoid that happening again. I wish the coating was better as you can see on the door from chewing lots of rust. Again best option I can find with out spending. just might need some DIY improvements if your pup is like mine.
  • Kimberly 2021-09-18 Verified purchase
    My Dog Cannot Escape!
    After my dog chewed through his regular crate, we were not sure what the heck to do! He actually loves this crate! If the house is too noisy or he just wants to lay down, he will go in the crate. He does not try to chew or dig out. I’m not sure if he can’t due to the design or if he doesn’t try because he likes the space. It was a GREAT investment for us. We have a happy, healthy pup.
  • Kordonowy 2021-06-12 Verified purchase
    Wonderful Customer Service Experience
    My 7 month old Siberian Husky loved his traditional wire crate, that was until he got neutered. I kind of assumed it was because of the cone, but after the cone was removed he still despised his crate. So bad to the point he completed warped the metal around the doors and destroyed the plastic tray. While I was waiting on this crate to arrive I let him roam the house while I was at work… DISASTER. Everyday was something different. After he decided to snack on the kitchen cabinets, I decided I had to message this seller to see if they could get it here any sooner… To my surprise I got a response saying that they would ship it the next day! And they did! It’s now going to arrive a week before it was originally estimated. Wonderful customer service!! Can’t wait until it gets here to update
  • KK 2020-03-10 Verified purchase
    Finally! So far, so good…
    I was looking for a chew/ escape proof crate for my rescue dog with severe separation anxiety. She completely destroyed her “wire” crate, bending and separating the wires apart with her teeth and ultimately escaping it several times to further eat through doors in my home. So far she has not been able to get a good enough grip on this cage to be able to do any significant damage or escape. FINALLY! The cage is very sturdy , easy to assemble , and very roomy. The flat barred floors were spaced a little too wide so I placed a rubber mat inside and her bed. Only thing I found weird was the pitched roof. I would’ve preferred taller walls and a flat roof so it could’ve been more versatile as a table top.
  • Tarina 2020-05-18 Verified purchase
    Sturdy Kennel
    We have an escape artist, The only thing I wish was different is that they had these kennels in a smaller size.
  • Walker 2020-09-01 Verified purchase
    Quick response and resolved my issues fast.
    Very nice product, my dog loves it. Enough room and very sturdy 100% recommend
  • Reinhardt 2022-08-03 Verified purchase
    It’s everything we were looking for.
  • Katrina 2020-01-04 Verified purchase
    Nice kennel
    I used it for my 125 lbs Cane Corso and it works amazing great quality easy to assemble definitely need another one for my pit that destroys her kennel.
  • weddle 2020-11-22 Verified purchase
    Helped us so much!
    Our high anxiety Great Dane mix loves it! She’s no longer hurting herself trying to escape, this crate is like a safe little cave for her and she’s happy to go in now.
  • morgan 2020-01-12 Verified purchase
    Not for big dogs with separation anxiety
    My 90 pound pit bull mastiff destroyed within two weeks. I do not recommend for big dogs with separation anxiety. He ripped both doors off the cage.
  • Fernando 2020-03-23 Verified purchase
    Quality Built
    Fast assembly, no missing hardware. Everything went smoothly on the build. I have a 1y.o. GSD and he is pretty high strung. This kennel helps him chill and not get worked up so easily. it is big enough for him to stand up straight, move around freely. The top opening on the kennel makes it easy for you to pet, inspect your dog. The wheels allow you to easily move the kennel so you can clean underneath it. It is built to withstand the most rambunctious canine. The price is good. The quality is top-notch. Highly recommend the purchase if you are in the market for one.
  • Janice 2021-11-10 Verified purchase
    Big dog heaven!!!
    I would buy this again and reccomend in a heartbeat.... its heavey duty, nice looking and big enough for my german shepherd... buy it... you wont regret it!!
  • James 2020-04-15 Verified purchase
    Life Saver!!
    We have a senior dog that started having separation anxiety after COVID pandemic, vet said a lot of animals got used to parents being home all the time. He started breaking out of crate, even injuring his mouth and bleeding. Got a plastic play pen and that one lasted a few days. Did some research and got this one (thought it was worth a try) and he now sleeps well in his big “condo” and I think his brother and sister might be jealous of his new sleeping arrangement. A little hard to put together requiring a flexible person to get inside to tighten up some things.
  • Tamera 2020-12-25 Verified purchase
    Changed to 5 - Good Crate for dogs with extreme anxiety
    I came back and changed to 5 star as I have had the crate for a month now. All I can say is it has worked wonders for my rescue Catahoula who had such separation anxiety he had chewed through two crates, b
    Chewed holes in the walls of my new home, damaged window sills and baseboards etc. He absolutely lives this crate. I think it’s tge fact there are no bars, instead holes so he can see out in all directions, even the top. He has claimed it as his now and sleeps in it with the door open at night and when we have to leave he goes right in and we shut the door. He has not offered to try to get out or chew on the cage. Prior to this cage he had done upwards of $4K damage to our house and we were ready to surrender him to a shelter, as a last ditch effort we bought this crate...it is worth every cent. It saved our home from further destruction and saved his life because dogs with behavior issues rarely get adopted out of shelters. When we are home he is a Prince, nowadays when we leave....he remains a Prince! This crate is awesome!
  • Ben 2020-08-01 Verified purchase
    Good for the money
    Similar kennel models that are considered professional models go for 800-1000 so this being a third of the price you get your values worth. There was a dent in one of the frame sides but nothing that compromised the structural integrity. The damage definitely came from shipping as the side of the box it came in had definitely been thrown around causing it to split open the cardboard. Easy to assemble, watch for shipping damages.
  • Cody 2021-02-27 Verified purchase
    Great cage for the right application
    Super great kennel for larger dogs my husky is pretty big and she can sand up spin in circles and stretch all the way out in it. She has kind of scratched at the door alittle bit but she quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be easy to get out and stopped. Though I can see how my old dog (pitbull) would have destroyed this cage if I put him in it the metal siding is tacked on there but it’s very thin and not hard to dent and warp I could see how a more high anxiety dog would still break out of this or even chew through the metal
  • cannizzaro 2021-05-02 Verified purchase
    Great for sensory deprivation
    I have a dog with anxiety who has broken through a couple of cages this is great for separation anxiety with sensory deprivation and does great to support durableness. This cage has held true to description
  • caeley 2019-11-15 Verified purchase
    worth your money nice seller.
    So so so good dog fence.
  • DSR 2020-10-21 Verified purchase
    Sturdy enclosure
    This is very sturdy, very well made. It is now home to a GSD that had easily destroyed 2 Igloo houses
  • Socorro 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    Great buy!
    The only cage that had held my pit in! Highly recommend!
  • Tony 2020-04-09 Verified purchase
    Best I’ve bought!
    I have a dog that has ruined 2 crates due to storm/firework anxiety. I needed to get something more secure and this is by far the most secure kennel I’ve found. It’s so secure that it has become his place to run when a storm or fireworks begin and he is actually less anxious in general inside this crate. I can’t guarantee the same for you pet, but this has been a game changer for my boy. It arrived with a couple of dents, but it still looks good and everyone who stops by comments on how nice it is.
  • Dusten 2020-09-30 Verified purchase
    Sturdy cage. Couldn’t be happier with it
    Sturdy construction, easy to assemble
  • Any 2021-01-04 Verified purchase
    Husky proof
    Our deceptively destructive 35lb husky mix has destroyed 5 crates so far, eaten through 2x4’s, and everything else imaginable and has broken teeth in the process. Three months in and the most she has managed to do is bend some of the holes slightly - and the door when we forgot to latch the bottom latch, but that was on us and easily fixable. Worth every penny for those hard to contain dogs when you aren’t home
  • Josh 2021-01-22 Verified purchase
    I’ve seen tougher
    I’ve had tougher kennels in the same price range that our dog destroyed but we’ve had it a month and so far so good. I think it because it’s harder for him to get a hold of something in his mouth like before.
  • Jennifer 2021-12-05 Verified purchase
    Works perfect
    My dog is like the hulk when it comes to kennels. We have tried 3 different ones before we came to this one. 10/10 would recommend
  • Corinna 2021-10-15 Verified purchase
    Great product!! Welds could be better
    I honestly love this crate, but the paneling is so thin and are only spot/tack welded, so it makes me nervous and afraid my dog might break the weldes. To remedy this, we ran metal hook bungee straps around the crate and he has yet to break out. Just be sure to use a carabiner or similar type thing on the main door locations. That door only closes with swing latches and if they rattle the door enough, they pop open. However a $3 carabiner from home depot prevents them from rattling and opening and is a very easy solution. I would recommend the manufacturer use slight thicker panels and provide carabiners WITH the crate for the future. Overall still very happy with the purchase and it has successfully contained my escape artist for the last few months without issue.
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  • HEAVY DUTY FRAME -- made from corrosion-resistant steel,strong and durable, hard to be damaged,nontoxic finished surface keep your dog health,nd render excellent anti-rust ability, suitable for most medium and large dogs,two locks with the safety buckles to prevent the dogs from opening the door and escaping.
  • ONE DOOR & LOCKING CASTER DESIGN -- The front door is suitable for pet in and out. 360 degree rotated locking casters can help you to move crate anywhere easily and lock the wheels to keep the crate in place.
  • EASY TO CLEAN -- Removable (slide-out) plastic tray helps you to catch the fallen dog food and excrement,and allows you to wipe and clean easily.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE -- All hardware pack included,just need to fit it with four wheels and eight screw bolts, locks were pre-assembled,Just takes 3-5 minutes to complete.
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS -- 44.5"L X 29.5"W X 43.3"H; Metal pipe spacing:2"; Metal"slat-like" floor spacing:1" Color: Black. Attention:if you have any product quality problems, please feel free to contact us.
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