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SturdyDog Fence:Exercise dog pen has 8 panels 24H Inches 4 ground stakes,3 secure locking thumb snaps,pet playpen is ideal for small animalsEasySet Up and Foldable Pet Playpen:No tools required. Simply unfold, shape& connect dog playpen together.folda

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  • Cynthia 2022-06-29 Verified purchase
    Great product except
    It works great except

    NOT FOR NEWBORNS. The get their head stuck in the slats. Be very careful
  • Lisa 2021-10-27 Verified purchase
    Works great for what I need.
    I breed small dogs so I needed a large enclosures for puppies to run, and one for my adults. These fences work great for my needs. We reinforced them and staked them so they stand sturdy. Since my dogs are small these are plenty sturdy, especially reinforced.

    The complaint I do have is mine did not come with the gate latches shown in the listing. The latches on mine are similar to what they say is "other companies". I hate that there is one on top and one on the bottom that you need two hands to open. I have a hard time opening the gate with puppies in my hands since I need 2 hands to open it. It should have a way to lift the top latch and both top and bottom release at the same time. We are trying to figure a way to make opening the gate an easier process. Since we have to fix the design flaw on the gate latches, I took a star off. Maybe if my gates had the latest they advertise as better, we would have given 5 stars if they in fact were better.
  • talen 2019-12-01 Verified purchase
    Not sturdy!
    My dogs broke through several of the welded wires within minutes, and they’re tiny little 8 week old puppies! Also would be nice if the stakes were about a foot longer to give it some upright support. As is, they hold it in place ok, just flimsy. I annded some tent stakes and tie downs to mine!
  • Ginalola 2020-08-21 Verified purchase
    Hard to use if not staked to grass
    I used this for 13 Great Dane puppies and worked well. The only drawback was I needed to use it in the house and in my patio but the stakes obviously couldn’t be staked into anything so it moved all over the place. They should make something that would work other than in grass.
  • washington 2022-04-02 Verified purchase
    Good gate that serves our purpose
    Got this to keep our toddler away from our ac unit in the backyard. Easy to put together. Quite heavy but I think that’s a sign of it sturdiness and quality. I like that it stakes into the ground although it’s still pretty wobbly if you handle the top. Overall it serves our purpose and still gives us easy access to the unit because of the door. We just have to keep an eye on our toddler as he likes to grab the fence and shake it. And he could pretty easily pull it over if he wanted. We plan to secure it to the house to prevent that. If using for a pet I think this would be a good option.
  • Cheryl 2020-07-27 Verified purchase
    Dog Fence
    This was used as a temporary fence in a yard for a visiting dog. It was easy to assemble.
  • Opsahl 2020-06-19 Verified purchase
    Great Customer Service!
    I ordered a 16 panel and an 8 panel 40" fence set up and a few of the pieces in the 8 pack came back with small dents in them from the shipper. I had 3 new panels within 5 days of sending them an inquiry. They responded right away and were very quick to ship replacements out. They even offered a partial refund. Excellent customer service. The product was well constructed and SUPER easy to assemble. Pretty sturdy for what I needed it for which was indoor use as a bunny cages. I can imagine they only get more sturdy with outdoor in ground application, but I am super happy with this product and want to thank their customer service rep who helped me within minutes of my email to them. Much appreciated.
  • Garry 2020-02-10 Verified purchase
    Good stuff
    Great playpen for my 3 shelties..easy to assemble. Good stuff
  • Harrison 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Great fence
    The fence is easy to install and works great
  • Amanda 2021-05-04 Verified purchase
    Took half of it camping and it was perfect. Set al of it up in the front yard for when I’m deer hunting. Love this product!
  • Susan 2021-02-17 Verified purchase
    Keeps my chihuahuas confined
    I don’t need to worry about my girls anymore. Great fence.
  • Leyava 2020-03-02 Verified purchase
    Ease of assembly very useful for new puppy owners
    I used this to create a play-pen area using three of the eight panels. The remaining 5 is used for creating an enclosure in my porch. Along with an artificial turf patch, it acts like a tiny heaven for my puppy to do its regular business and helping us immensely to get himself potty trained. The material of this fence is sturdy enough to bear the impact when the 15lb puppy jumps on it playfully. Its gate is easy to assemble and won’t open up accidentally.
  • Crystal 2020-02-15 Verified purchase
    Worth it
    Bought this so I can put all the pups outside while I clean the house or need to put them away when we have guests. I love it! I bought the 40 inch and my old lady German Shepard can’t jump that high anymore so it will likely be perfect until the golden grows up! I am super satisfied with this product!
  • Armstrong 2020-10-14 Verified purchase
    Good for the price
    I recently bought a house and needed a cheaper solution to a fence for my dog who needs to burn energy. I purchased 16 panels 40 inches tall. My dog is very hesitate about fences so if you have a big dog who would jump a fence I do not recommend it, BUT, if your dog is like mine and 70 pound baby, this will work fine. She does not attempt to jump it so far. And she loves it for playing and going potty. I do not leave her unsupervised just in case. We used the side of our house to maximize square footage and closed it off at our deck. Very sturdy, my husband took a mallet and knocked the stakes very far into the ground.
  • Tom 2021-03-09 Verified purchase
    Well made.
    Well made. Sturdy. Easy to assemble.
  • Shannon 2020-01-29 Verified purchase
    Easy assembly
    This arrived earlier than anticipated and was super easy to put together. A few small dents but nothing that I’m super bothered about.
  • DRC 2020-06-12 Verified purchase
    Absolutely perfect to keep and train our pup!
    Easily packs up to go anywhere.
  • Bek 2021-06-22 Verified purchase
    Sturdy cage and if your pet is trained well it keeps them in !
    Sturdy, my puppy jumps on it all the time but it keeps her in there and doesn’t fall, i put it against a wall just in case she moves it but you can add/ take away parts and it’s very easy to assemble. Took me about 15 mins
  • Ruth 2020-12-29 Verified purchase
    It was so easy to put up the fence
    The fence was great for camping. Only took 15 minutes to put up. We have a older Brittney and it worked well ti keep her from running off.
  • Mekhai 2022-07-02 Verified purchase
    Love it
    We love it
  • Mel 2020-06-14 Verified purchase
    Quality product
    This could not be easier to assemble! You just slide rods into each piece. Bars are nicely spaced. The door easily latches yet the dog cannot inlay it. There are 8 individual sections included, and you can purchase more. I only used 7 to fit my space and it’s still very roomy.
  • MO 2020-06-23 Verified purchase
    Everything you need in a small fence
    We bought this fence so our pregnant Tibetan Spaniel could birth her puppies, with plenty of room for us to help if needed. Afterwards we are going to take a few sections out so we can train two of the puppies to use this enclosed area as their sleeping kennel; plus, their safe haven when we are away from the house, and they are left home. Great product.
  • Henry 2021-10-10 Verified purchase
    Best investment ever!
    We went camping and at times our two small dogs (15lbs each) hung out in the play pen. They were safe and they loved it. It was very sturdy and easy to assemble.
  • Debra 2020-11-23 Verified purchase
    Easy to use!
    Easy to assemble, and easy to use! Instant security for the dog
  • Christy 2019-12-02 Verified purchase
    Puppies Love It!
    We used to kennel our dogs in large kennels while we worked, but saw this product and now the puppies have an open play place! This pin was easy to assemble and is sturdy. We keep it in our dining room with vinyl flooring underneath for any accidents. The best purchase!
  • McGuire 2020-02-26 Verified purchase
    Terrific small dog fencing! Versatile!
    Very easy to install, looks great, and versatile! I recently added 2 puppies to my household and these fences have been a godsend. There are several sightly aggressive dogs on one side of my chain link fence and I used several boxes of this fencing to add a little distance between the yards. Yes, part of my yard is not fully accessible, but, these fences are so easy to move, that I will be able to move them closer to the chain link fence if the dogs ever decide on tolerating each other. I will probably always have the extra barrier as added protection. Plus, there are 2 gates per set! So, I am able to access the fenced off part of the yard anytime I want. I also use the fences inside my house. The puppies still have occasional accidents and I am using the fencing to keep them in a central place until they are completely trained. Again, I can move these with ease, give them more play space, or less, as necessary. It also allows the grandkids to have their own play zones without worrying about the pups eating their crayons or taking their toys. And, there are the gates so no one is stuck. I tried conventional baby gates in sereral doorways and the grandkids weren’t able to get through easily. I also bought the tips, sold separately, to use on the inside poles to protect the floors but they are not essential. Oh, and I did have to contact customer service and they were wonderful!
  • Tarlian 2020-08-05 Verified purchase
    Awesome Playpen for Outdoors and Indoors!!!
    We purchased four sets of this dog playpen for our eleven-week-old puppy. We have one set indoors to contain him at night and when we cannot watch him. We set up the other three sets outside and they make a terrific, safe play area for him in the grass. The panels are extremely easy to set up and it is quite secure (not tippy). I highly recommend this playpen!
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  • Sturdy Dog Fence:Exercise dog pen has 8 panels 24H Inches 4 ground stakes,3 secure locking thumb snaps,pet playpen is ideal for small animals
  • Easy Set Up and Foldable Pet Playpen:No tools required. Simply unfold, shape & connect dog playpen together.foldable, light weight and collapsible design makes it ideal for travel.
  • Great for Small Animals:8 panels exercise pen works great as a dog fence or as an exercise area for non-climbing small to medium animals including rabbits, ducks, turtles & guinea pigs and some other small animals.
  • Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor Use:The rust-preventive e-coat and water-proof,protects the dog playpen from the elements & included ground stakes,allow to configure into multiple shapes, great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Large Safe Space for Fun:This interactive and expandable pet playpen for small pets provides large enclosed area for pets, ensuring that they have enough room for play and exercise.
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