2 Rattan Drawer Coffee Table,Modern Furniture Decor


Use natural rattan leather as decorative surface, which is environmentally friendly and natural, moisture-proof and insect-proofthe use of white paint to take the edge, soft feelA horizontal bar is added at the bottom to enhance stability, and at the same

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  • Mary 2021-11-27 Verified purchase
    Pretty but cheaply made
    This was exactly the style that I wanted. HOWEVER, it is very cheaply made and came slightly damaged, (I’m not sure it’s enough damage for me to send back though). Even though I measured, it’s shorter than I expected. Cute
  • sylvia 2022-01-27 Verified purchase
    Several imperfections, poor quality
    The quality of the material is very poor. It’s more expensive than ikea, but about 70% as good. I ordered two pieces. Both of them came with issues- one had chipping paint and a lumpy spot in the wood, the second one had pealed off sides. On top of that, the wood is fragile, very easily chipped, and the cane is also sticking out in some spots. It’s sturdy enough and from afar it looks cute. These didn’t come assembled as other s mentioned. The instructions were confusing (nothing is labeled and the drawings are poor), but you can play around with it to put it together. Took me maybe 15 minutes each.
  • Ariel 2021-10-06 Verified purchase
    Okay product
    This is your standard particleboard table. It does have a strong smell but that goes away fairly quickly.
  • David 2022-09-30 Verified purchase
    Love it!
    Cute midcentury modern boho side table. Super easy to assemble - just twist on the legs. The drawer is very functional too.
  • Alexa 2019-11-27 Verified purchase
    Cute, modern and very easy to put together
    Came basically put together! Would recommend for a small space
  • SPR 2019-03-25 Verified purchase
    Perfect little Coffee Table
    This is exactly what I was looking for. I was nervous because some of the s mentioned it came damaged etc. but mine is perfect!! Great buy
  • John 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    More than i wanted to spend but worth it
    I was comparing this piece with a few others of a very similar style at different price points. ultimately chose this one as it seemed like best bang for my buck and even just the assembly made it worthwhile.
    all you have to do is attach the legs and it’s ready to go. quality seems good for the price, no mismeasured legs, wood is solid, i would absolutely recommend
  • Kelster 2019-10-03 Verified purchase
    Mid-century modern perfection!
    Although I wish the overall size were bigger, it came packaged in great condition and as pictured/described. I used them as tables for my son’s new modern room reno project and the overall colors and design were a great complement to the entire style and vibe of the room. Would recommend.
  • Sara 2022-04-06 Verified purchase
    Adorable and Great Value!
    I needed some smaller, not so bulky tables for this vacation rental, and these were perfect! Easy to assemble, just screw in the legs! Sturdy and adorable!
  • Thornton 2021-03-10 Verified purchase
    Very cute, Super Easy Assembly
    It’s super cute! Exactly as listed. It was so easy to put together. Seems sturdy. Really like this a lot
  • bianka 2022-05-25 Verified purchase
    my favorite table ever
    i love it. it was very easy to put together, is stable, and looks amazing with my room. i was able to put a lot of stuff on it and it makes everything look so put together. i recommend.
  • anna 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    Beautifully designed and well made
    I am very happy with the purchase. Well made, details fit perfectly. Assembly is relatively easy, would be nice if details were marked with letters and also would be nice to have screwdriver included. Other than that beautiful table.
  • Xiao 2019-01-27 Verified purchase
    It’s such a cute and aesthetic piece
    It’s a bit small in my bedroom but I’m keeping it because it’s so cute and has the retro vibe I was looking for. It was very easy to assemble following the instructions. It’s a great purchase with this price. Highly recommend!
  • Amelia 2019-10-04 Verified purchase
    Modern and Functional
    Cute little setup that was easy to assemble. I’d definitely purchase another one if they had more in the same color.
  • Pam 2021-01-27 Verified purchase
    Turned out great!
    Turned out really cute, nice quality. It’s a little smaller than I expected
  • Erin 2021-04-09 Verified purchase
    Easy to assemble, good quality for price
    A lot of s said it was super short but it ended up being the perfect size for my bed height. it’s not large but if you want a table for a neat, small corner it’s perfect! the assembly instructions were easy - coming from a person who always has a million pieces left after I think im done putting something together. it’s super cute and good for price
  • Julia 2019-12-27 Verified purchase
    Amazing amazing Coffee Table
    Superrrrr easy to build!!!! And it looks gorgeous next to your bed ! Absolutely obsessed!
  • Julia 2021-03-25 Verified purchase
    Need to assemble every piece. Very nice once put together. Wobbly leg
    The instructions are clear but it takes about 30 minutes to put together. The legs were wobbly once I set it flat but I added some of the leftover foot pad to the bottom of one leg and it seems to have fixed it.
  • Kamryn 2021-03-25 Verified purchase
    Very cute
    Cute! This is a king size bed for size comparison
  • Michelle 2021-12-27 Verified purchase
    Pleasantly surprised - perfect for boho style room
    For the price I am very impressed with these little tables. There were much more expensive ones out there but these work just fine for our low traffic spare room. They were easy to build and are really cute! Recommend.
  • Gabrielle 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    Cute. ! Perfect size
    Love it. It’s pretty tall and is super easy to put together. It’s also sturdy.
  • Mike 2021-01-27 Verified purchase
    Very great quality
    Nice and sturdy, solid wood pieces, purchased 2. Very nice design.
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  • Use natural rattan leather as decorative surface, which is environmentally friendly and natural, moisture-proof and insect-proof
  • the use of white paint to take the edge, soft feel
  • A horizontal bar is added at the bottom to enhance stability, and at the same time, some large items can be temporarily placed
  • The size of scientific proportion design is more convenient to use in daily life
  • The combination of gold and white is suitable for the placement of multiple scenes such as living room and study room
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