2021 Upgraded Portable Fan, Hand Free Mini Fan with Removable Neck Hanging Design


Can be removable as 2 handheld fan2021 Latest Fan(The picture only indicates that the product can be removed as two handheld fan).With innovative upgrade design,this newest neck fan can be removable as 2 handheld fan or single use as a hanging neck fan.Ba

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  • RN4Gas 2021-08-22 Verified purchase
    They work great
    There was nothing I disliked and everything I liked
  • KayCee 2021-08-21 Verified purchase
    Portable Fan
    Got this for outdoors for camping, horse riding and trap shooting. Easy to use and very light weight.
  • TamiK 2021-08-20 Verified purchase
    Nice fan
    Good fan to ease the hot weather outside, cute colors too.
  • Kelley 2021-08-19 Verified purchase
    It Works!
    This device is very helpful in keeping me cool when the flashes it! I use it mostly indoors, but recently used when attending an outdoor festival and it was very helpful. I definitely recommend.
  • Jupiter 2021-08-18 Verified purchase
    Flexible to put any where
    Easy to use and has 3 speed settings
  • Sunnyone 2021-08-17 Verified purchase
    Great set of fans!
    These fans work great and seem pretty durable, but most importantly. they last pretty long.
  • Diedra 2021-08-16 Verified purchase
    Best purchase in a long time!
    I love this neck fan. It keeps me so cool and is a lifesaver for hot flashes. I use it at work and home. When everyone else is comfortable and I am so hot I am sweating this fan really helps me regulate my body temperature.It is a great product!
  • insogna8 2021-08-15 Verified purchase
    Glad I purchased
    Glad I purchased because it suits my needs.
  • Gale 2021-08-14 Verified purchase
    Totally worth it!!
    Exactly as described works great and a great price
  • Danyelle 2021-08-13 Verified purchase
    Comfortable and cool
    Very pleased with the quality. A good addition for long hikes or theme park days!
  • Staci 2021-08-12 Verified purchase
    Works great, fan speeds are great and this is a must for hot summers!
  • Amriana 2021-08-11 Verified purchase
    Bought this for our Orlando trip for my girls and loved it! Small but mighty fan!
  • Casey 2021-08-10 Verified purchase
    Best way to keep cool on the go!
    i am always hot, even just cleaning around the house and this is the perfect fan to cool off, sit outside and move around with. Very lightweight
  • Kayla 2021-08-09 Verified purchase
    Amazing to keep you cool
    I bought to go to universal studios. It saved my life since it was a hot July day in Florida. Then I used it for Puerto Rico in August when I tour the rain forest. I truly love it
  • rmitchell 2021-08-08 Verified purchase
    OH my these are great
    I bought 2 of these for a trip with my sister to Las Vegas. It was crazy hot and we walked around with a constant breeze thanks to these fun little fans.
  • Jeanne 2021-08-07 Verified purchase
    Perfect for amusement parks
    Great product no air at work u need this defiantly
  • Rosemary 2021-08-06 Verified purchase
    My boyfriend loves it , and used it in the house I am always cold and he is always hot. Might buy him another just as a backup
  • Dynamite 2021-08-05 Verified purchase
    It works great
    My daughter is really enjoying her fan I got mine first this is a second purchase
  • Rivers699 2021-08-04 Verified purchase
    Love it!!!!
    I love this it turns so many ways, very flexible and easy to use absolutely love it!!
  • rfachir 2021-08-03 Verified purchase
    It is a fan
    I am obsessed! Wore these around FL theme parks and they kept us cool in 100 degree weather!
  • Bella 2021-08-02 Verified purchase
    Keeps you cool
    Light weight and comfortable
  • Zerbe 2021-08-01 Verified purchase
    Exactly what I wanted!!!
    Powerful and easy to use. Better air circulation than other brands that are more expensive.
  • Cerniglia 2021-07-31 Verified purchase
    Super Cool
    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend who works outside all day. Summer is here are brutal. It was his favorite item that he received.
  • Mandy 2021-07-30 Verified purchase
    Was easy to order
    I mow and always use it
  • trigger 2021-07-29 Verified purchase
    Great fan that adjusts!
    This is the second fan I ordered because this fan can adjust to blow the air on your face or any direction! It is great and creates quite a strong wind!
  • LaWanda 2021-07-28 Verified purchase
    Excellent for the price
    I use it when I go to a weekly meeting that does not have AC. I point it down at my body. It does the job of keeping me comfortable.
  • janisr 2021-07-27 Verified purchase
    Great Fan
    I use it to stay cool while dancing.
  • Shawn 2021-07-26 Verified purchase
    Keeping cool
    This personal fan is perfect. It is great for working in the yard, walking outside or enjoying wine on the patio. It is just wind enough to keep you cool while able to still hear.
  • Kelia 2021-07-25 Verified purchase
    it is workable
    We used these walking around Disney and they did great! I charged them fully prior to the 1st use and never had a battery die during the day. Would definitely recommend.
  • Alberta 2021-07-24 Verified purchase
    Great Product!!!
    Cooling ability is AWESOME!!!
  • Skylar 2021-07-23 Verified purchase
    Perfect hands free fan
    It is great for my 3 miles walk everyday.
  • Carmen 2021-07-22 Verified purchase
    Keep Cool!
    Sturdy quality, and lightweight. Definitely a keeper!
  • Jessie 2021-07-21 Verified purchase
    Very good
    Perfect for travelFree hands!
  • mcintyre 2021-07-20 Verified purchase
    Great product
    I use mine when I go to a local theme park
  • Furgy 2021-07-19 Verified purchase
    Used mine at office, it helped a bit with the heat!
  • Killough 2021-07-18 Verified purchase
    Great fan!
    This worked perfectly, small and compacted!
  • SN314 2021-07-17 Verified purchase
    Perfect for hot day
    These create just enough air flow for hot summer days.
  • Ashley 2021-07-16 Verified purchase
    Just as advertised
    Works and helps keep you cool.
  • Delgado 2021-07-15 Verified purchase
    Love my purchase. Love the fact that you can travel with it
  • mego 2021-07-14 Verified purchase
    Best thing for game day
    Easy to turn on and use. Needed something for game day and practices to keep cool.
  • sparklegirl 2021-06-16 Verified purchase
    Work and daily exercise walking
  • Hannah 2021-08-13 Verified purchase
    Lightweight and works great
  • R41DJ 2021-06-29 Verified purchase
    Life saver
    I live in south tx so it gets hot out here! I used this at a water park, the zoo, and outside shopping centers. it saved me from being frustrated I got to relax and have fun with my family. This is a must I still use it with no problem.
  • Brandon 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    Living in Florida it is a must have
    Love it when not around your neck you can set it up on your desk.
  • Amanda 2021-07-09 Verified purchase
    Simple to use and light weight
    I am a mail carrier and it is great on hot days
  • Brooke 2021-07-08 Verified purchase
    This thing has saved me. The heat and hungry is Louisiana is the worst. So glad I bought this!
  • Blossom 2021-07-07 Verified purchase
    Great neck fan!
    I use this neck fan every time I am on my treadmill. What a godsend! Now I do not have to be so sweaty and hot when I am running. Great product!
  • kandi 2021-07-06 Verified purchase
    Powerful and larger than I thought they would be. Started charging and checked out the lights and speeds. Nice breeze and I think they will do nicely.
  • Nbykc 2021-07-05 Verified purchase
    We love our fans. I get hot easy and I just love this thing.Light weight. Fits my petite mom as well as my football size brother. Great for all.
  • Charlie 2021-07-04 Verified purchase
    Worked great
    It works great for the work I do I would recommend it
  • Leticia 2021-07-25 Verified purchase
    A must have!
    I love this version. I am a personal shopper and I love having this for busy days when running from store to store.
  • SKP85 2021-08-13 Verified purchase
    Great fan
    It works great has really helped me with my hot spells.
  • Luis5 2021-06-18 Verified purchase
    Great and powerful
    Gets the job done. Powerful little fans. The colors are fun. Happy purchase
  • Jen2 2021-08-17 Verified purchase
    So So USEFUL
    My daughter use this in between her soccer practice and she is loving it.
  • Bor1 2021-06-27 Verified purchase
    Great fan for cooling
    This is a must buy item I went to the beach and it was right on time.
  • Elijah 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    Works like magic
    Bought this fan for our 7 and 8 year old kids. They are hot natured so we purchased these before vacation this year. They worked great
  • Sparkie 2021-07-22 Verified purchase
    Bought theses for my grands sons and they love them
  • Shana 2021-08-26 Verified purchase
    Very cool fan
    Purchased this fan as a replacement for the one that my wife had and she really loves it. The previous fan cost twice as much, however this one does the job and then some.
  • Candi 2021-07-22 Verified purchase
    Works like a charm!
    Recommended highly. Works wonderfully.
  • tonia 2021-08-19 Verified purchase
    Helps with hot flashes!
    Light weight and easy to use exactly what I ordered
  • Yolanda 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    This was a present to my cousin and she is delighted with it!
  • Geftodd 2021-06-29 Verified purchase
    Works great
    Great product. Used outside at pumpkin patch duty and it was great to have. Like the different speeds
  • Pollyanna 2021-07-01 Verified purchase
    Pretty Neat Personal Cooler
    I have used it shopping and while doing housework. I am hot natured and this has been a lifesaver!
  • OGalvan 2021-06-13 Verified purchase
    Life Saver
    Purchased for my son who is always hot. He finds it quite easy to use.
  • Debie 2021-07-30 Verified purchase
    I love this item
    It is good for hot flashes and I love it
  • Wanda 2021-08-22 Verified purchase
    Amazing a light show while being cooled off
    Going to go buy two more ! These are awesome
  • Brenda 2021-07-14 Verified purchase
    Awesome fan
    I dig the portability, the price, and the ease of use
  • Shannon 2021-08-03 Verified purchase
    exactly what i wanted
    Works great! Convenient !
  • sundans64 2021-06-24 Verified purchase
    As advertized
    Does what it should.I work in a high rise and walk up the stairs twice a day to get a little exercise and break up my work day and It is usually a bit of a sweaty endeavor. This has helped so much and I can keep my hands free to hold on to the handrails.
  • Martin 2021-06-19 Verified purchase
    Great for tropics
    The new look fits better and not as heavy
  • Nikki 2021-07-11 Verified purchase
    It broke after 4 mths
    This is the best purchase I have made in a really long time. It is great!!!
  • Val2 2021-06-22 Verified purchase
    Great for soccer games!
    Bought these because I was sitting in the summer heat at my kids soccer games. it is perfect to give you some relief in humid TX weather! Definitely recommend.
  • Nonny 2021-07-27 Verified purchase
    Great for outside sports
    I gave as a gift
  • Linds 2021-07-12 Verified purchase
    Works excellent on my job
    I love how I can put it around my neck or on a table
  • Season 2021-06-11 Verified purchase
    Great Fan
    Honestly it does it is job , I love it , when doing facials this amazing
  • Brittany 2021-06-16 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Used daily. Glad the price keeps going down. Battery life lasts a long time. I take it whenever I go. Works well for my hot flashes. Used daily, I have several keep one in the car, at work and in my suitcase.
  • Brandi 2021-07-09 Verified purchase
    Enjoy it on the hot days outside with the dog
  • smitty 2021-07-12 Verified purchase
    Perfect for me!
    For a woman with private summers this is just perfect. The price is awesome. I love the flexibility.
  • Nvrlate 2021-07-11 Verified purchase
    Love it when it is hot
    Love these they last a long time too
  • Derrick 2021-07-23 Verified purchase
    Powerful and Quiet
    Love the speed of the fan, perfect for office setting, using it to cool my face for VR Oculus Quest 2. My kids all want one now.
  • Nova 2021-07-06 Verified purchase
    Battery life
    Love this fan! I know others will, too!
  • Kristal 2021-07-21 Verified purchase
    A little relief from the heat
    These portable fans worked great for the days I was outside working. The best thing is the can be recharged with a usb/computer. They are worth the money.
  • Barbara 2021-06-29 Verified purchase
    Cool Running
    Arrived on time and it was wonderful
  • ChristyZ 2021-08-14 Verified purchase
    Portable Neck Fan
    Very nice Fan, my mother loves it keeps her face cool.
  • Roberta 2021-07-16 Verified purchase
    Fits in boots lol
    omg I Love this item, I can now read a book in the sun and not melt. I have bought one for my friends
  • intuey 2021-06-15 Verified purchase
    Simple amd easy to use
    Battery last and easy to use and adjust
  • Peter 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    Oh my gosh!!!
    Upon receiving my package I immediately opened it and plugged my fan in to charge. I tested it while doing chores around my home. it is very light, great wind.
  • Ashlynn 2021-08-02 Verified purchase
    Perfect for parks
    Wore these to Universal Studios and they were perfect. Kept us cool, they are light weight and if you keep it on the lowest speed the battery lasts a lot longer.
  • Trina 2021-08-04 Verified purchase
    It works
    I really like this fan, I work in an open warehouse and am exposed to the elements.This fan is absolutely amazing!I even recommended my boss buy these for every employee.
  • Mspringer 2021-07-26 Verified purchase
    Neck fan
    This little portable fan is a total game changer. My only regret is that I wish I would have bought this sooner. It saves me from my postpartum hot flashes and as a mom of many rambunctious kids that love playing outside in the heat all day long, this is my life saver. BUY THIS NOW!!!
  • Raven 2021-07-28 Verified purchase
    Love my fan
    Works great keeps you cool on hot SC days and the smell insert is nice!
  • Turner 2021-06-18 Verified purchase
    Keep you cool
    Perfect for baseball and soccer games with the kids!
  • Tracy 2021-06-29 Verified purchase
    Great product!!
    My family found this product very useful on our disney world trip!!
  • jacqueline 2021-06-12 Verified purchase
    Cooled us down
    I love this and the battery life so good it lasts all day during summer while I am out
  • Neetu 2021-06-19 Verified purchase
    These are great!
    My daughter brought one over and we loved it. That thing is great. We bought 2. They work, really cools yiu off and the lights are fun. Fast shipping. Defi recommend!
  • Stoli 2021-07-21 Verified purchase
    Keep me cool
    Long life battery love the lights
  • Real36 2021-08-16 Verified purchase
    Awesome for working in a hot environment
  • Ahyduh 2021-06-24 Verified purchase
    Great little fan
    It works perfect to keep you cool only thing battery go low quick
  • Charity 2021-07-12 Verified purchase
    Worth Every Penny!
    Brought this for my husband who works in outside pest control and he loves it! I will be purchasing one for myself as well!
  • Tisdale 2021-07-31 Verified purchase
    Awesome neck fan!
    This fan is awesome! I bought it for my husband and he works out in the heat! Definitely would buy again! I want one for myself keeps you cool!
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Can be removable as 2 handheld fan
2021 Latest Fan(The picture only indicates that the product can be removed as two handheld fan).With innovative upgrade design,this newest neck fan can be removable as 2 handheld fan or single use as a hanging neck fan.Battery installed at side of handles,provide 100% safety.Battery time on LCD display, no more worry about suddenly run out.

100% Safety Neckband Fan
The upgrade battery rechargeable provides an excellent heat dissipation function, no safety hazards for your family or friend.The batteries are installed at the handles on both sides to avoid direct contact with our necks and overheating.At the same time, the side charging port provides maximum convenience for charging.

Up to 13.5H Working Time
Built in Grade A 2* 2000mah rechargeable battery which can work 5H-13.5H after fully charged.Compared with the previous neck fan,the working time is increased by 60%.Long battery life lets you never worry about running out of batteries when you go out.

Stronge Airflow but Low Noise
Dual airflow head design use newest Air Multiplier technology delivers powerful airflow and wind speed up to 13.8ft/s.This portable neck fan make you cooler soon.30% Quiter than original neckband fan,close to 25dB,which make you reduce the effect of noise on your life or study.

Portable Size for Multiple Scenes
Lightweight, foldable and flexible removable arms easily put it on bags or hanging on your neck.In summer, you only need to wear this portable hanging neck fan to keep you cool all the time, suitable for various outdoor activities.

2 in 1removable neck fan + handheld fan
4000mAh Rechargeble battery for longer working time
100% Safety battery design,use this neckband fan with confidence
Modified wearable personal fan reduce noise maxiumly,quieter than before
LCD remind you battery at any time,no run out when you outing
Made of Eco-friendly ABS and silicone provide lightweight and confortable

Material: ABS+Silicone
Battery: 2*2000mAh rechargeable
Consumde Power: 1-4W
Charging Time:3.5H
Weight: 9oz

1*Removable Neck Fan
1*Dual charging cable
  • With innovative upgrade design,this newest neck fan can be removable as 2 handheld fan or single use as a hanging neck fan
  • Lightweight, foldable and flexible removable arms easily put it on bags or hanging on your neck
  • Dual airflow head design use newest Air Multiplier technology delivers powerful airflow and wind speed up to 13.8ft/s
  • The lazzy neckband fan can flexibly adjust the direction 360°,plus the double fans,which allows you to find the most appropriate wind direction
  • The small fan is assembled with advance 7 blades to circulate wind multiple times faster than ever, the wind is more powerful
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