40x32 Inches Luminous Magic Doodle Drawing Mat Glow in the Dark


Reusable Doodle Drawing MatMade of high-quality polyester, no Ink, no mess, non-toxic, no pollution. The back of the mat is made of water-resistant nylon. Safe enough for kids. Fill the pen with clean water and draw on the mat. The marks will magically di

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  • Eclipse11 2020-11-04 Verified purchase
    Great value. Entertainment for hours.
    Great, my kid love it very much!
  • sionna 2020-11-18 Verified purchase
    Little one loves it!
    My daughter loves this drawing mat! So nice not to have a mess when she wants to color!
  • ario98zx2 2020-09-27 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    My 2 and half year old daughter loved it.
  • Angie 2020-07-03 Verified purchase
    Zero worry
    My friend suggested this item as an activity for the kids to do at home. It had a huge durable mat, plenty of markers and brushes for the kids. Our youngest son loved playing with the dinosaur stencils. It was a win for sure and they stayed interested in it for a few weeks.
  • RoRo 2020-10-08 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    I highly recommend this product! My grandkids spent several hours playing with this doodle mat and they especially loved the stamps.
  • jflesch712 2020-09-29 Verified purchase
    Very satisfied!
    Keeps my child entertained and I do not have to worry about the mess or markers drying out.
  • oleman 2020-06-30 Verified purchase
    Fun for kids
    My son loves this product! It was definitely worth purchasing. Easy to clean up and keeps kids entertained for a good amount of time. Dries really fast without help.
  • Tasha 2020-11-26 Verified purchase
    My kids love this
    Great for toddlers. Mess free coloring and fast delivery.
  • steve 2020-08-13 Verified purchase
    The water drawing mat is perfect for toddlers. When I let my daughter draw or color she always tend to go for her skin instead of her whiteboard or paper. Since the marker is water, she can not draw on her sensitive skin. I love it!
  • Sammay 2020-10-26 Verified purchase
    Just saw
    This is a great mess free way to let kids create!
  • drake 2020-09-24 Verified purchase
    No mess!! It's a perfect gift!
    We love this mat. This is perfect for little kiddos who want to write everywhere. This is a saviour and keeps them buzy all the time. Love it.
  • Dewey 2020-07-04 Verified purchase
    Great birthday gift
    My grandsons are going to love this birthday gift
  • Sims 2020-08-18 Verified purchase
    My kids LOVE it!
    My children absolutely love this product. They play with it every morning. There is absolutely no clean up because all you use is water. I homeschool my children so it makes a great time for art! I highly recommend, especially if you are not so fond of little ones using markers! It is extremely easy to keep clean as well.
  • Stepanton 2020-11-13 Verified purchase
    4yr old loved it!
    I got this for my grandson third birthday. The mat was a nice quality and lots of fun. Mom, Dad, older brother, and even grandma played with it. I liked the roller stamp. We found that we could make hand and footprints, too. Lots of fun!
  • Mill5ts 2020-07-30 Verified purchase
    My grandkids love it!
    Bought this for my 2 year old nephew and he loved it so much. It was easy to use and no mess. thanks!
  • Prado 2020-10-26 Verified purchase
    birthday Gift
    Great gift for a toddler and preschooler. do not have to worry about any mess.
  • sherri 2020-08-15 Verified purchase
    grandchildren love it!
    Kept my 6 grandchildren occupied for more than an hour. IPads and tablets were forgotten!
  • MrsP 2020-06-08 Verified purchase
    great water doodle pad!!
    Great for young children, this Doodle Mat comes with lots of stencils and accessories. It works on both my wood floor and carpeted floors. Pictures stay long enough for the little ones to enjoy their artwork and then dry, no mess!
  • Stiles 2020-12-10 Verified purchase
    Hours of Fun
    The kids loved it, and it was cheap. Thanks
  • LeslieE 2020-05-13 Verified purchase
    Fun activity for kids
    Absolutely perfect. No mess and easy clean up!
  • Nelda 2020-12-01 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift
    Honestly I love it for my kids. It is very easy and simple to use. I highly recommend this doodle mat.
  • MBee 2020-06-27 Verified purchase
    Reusable and non messy!
    Easy to use and came with lots of extra accessories. Easy to fold for storage
  • jaimie 2020-08-19 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    I bought this as a gift and was given great feedback from their mother that this was a huge hit with her boys!
  • MariaE 2020-09-01 Verified purchase
    The kids loved it because of the size and all the extra pieces.
  • maricalyn 2020-06-19 Verified purchase
    Great for the little artists
    Both 3 year old and 7 year old grandkids are loving this as a birthday gift. Parents are pleased too.
  • Bre8j5e 2020-06-16 Verified purchase
    Great gift for kids
    This is a gift for my grandson.We love this drawing mat! No mess but all the fun!
  • CarrieG 2020-06-21 Verified purchase
    Very fun!
    This mat was a hit from our 1 year old all the way up to our 7 year old. There is ample room for all to play at once. There are lots of accessories including detailed stamps, pens, brushes, and stencils. A real win!
  • Amy7hy 2020-11-16 Verified purchase
    Highly Creative product
    I never imagined such things. I was super amazed when I received the product and opened it . It will never get messy as everything is just about Water and I freely give it to my Son so that he can do his creativity
  • Jaclynn 2020-12-29 Verified purchase
    Super cool!
    All you have to use is water and no mess to clean up
  • DebbieH 2020-05-25 Verified purchase
    The kids really enjoy this
    my kids love it, its easy to clean, and keeps them entertained for hours
  • Alisha 2020-09-03 Verified purchase
    Best coloring project ever!
    This aqua doodle mat is massive. Several of the kids could color on it at one time. The best part is, it is only water. Once the mat dries out you put it away and you are done. The worst mess you have is some spilled water which requires a little towel. If you are needing a gift for a little one the parents will love you for this.
  • Gutierrez 2020-08-01 Verified purchase
    Easy clean up
    Great for the kids, they love it!
  • Poofiefar 2020-06-19 Verified purchase
    Fun and cute!
    Great creative learning fun for my Great grand daughter.
  • Coxy7 2020-09-29 Verified purchase
    So much fun
    We love it, it is big and every tool comes along is fun. Easy to use, quick drying and fun for kids
  • Renner 2020-08-04 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    My kids love this! Good quality and exactly as advertised.
  • Marge 2020-05-31 Verified purchase
    Just buy it already
    Bought as a gift for my twin nephew's it seems to be a hit! I would definitely buy again if I new someone who could use it!
  • Deirdre 2020-12-30 Verified purchase
    So cool!
    Gave this to my nephews for birthday. They loved it! Really great way to keep them busy without making a mess.
  • Marcia 2020-11-06 Verified purchase
    Gift for my niece
    We truly enjoy this mat. It cleans easily. The adults colored as much as the kids! No marker stains, no fuss, no broken crayons. Markers use water and only appear on the mat!
  • Jeepz 2020-12-11 Verified purchase
    Great for Kids!
    It is a nice mess free activity you can leave your children and walk away from knowing there wont be a huge mess all over your walls and floors! Awesome product.
  • Sandra 2020-08-14 Verified purchase
    kids love it
    My son loves this plays with it for hours
  • Oksana 2020-09-25 Verified purchase
    Best kids no mess no worries drawing fun!
    My 2 yr old and my 7yr old loved it!. My boys have not stopped playing with it since xmas. Great product and bought a second one for my nephew. It has many water pens and stamps and traceable tools. It is also very large and many kids could play at same time. I highly recommend it!
  • Yuhasz 2020-10-10 Verified purchase
    The kids love this
    Reusable easy to use.The product is very fun and of great quality, my son loved it!
  • leotie 2020-07-31 Verified purchase
    Perfect for play time
    Kid friendly with no coloring mess.
  • carrie 2020-07-31 Verified purchase
    Fun for the kids!
    Kids love these! Wonderful gift!
  • Riddle 2020-07-25 Verified purchase
    This was the perfect gift for my nieces and nephews! They are all 5 and under. They were so excited to try it and color on it! Perfect!
  • Osorio 2020-10-23 Verified purchase
    Wonderful paint toy!
    I got this for a gift to my 2 yr niece and 3 yr nephew they love it!
  • nichole 2020-06-11 Verified purchase
    Fun and easy to use
    I have twin boys and this keeps them occupied for at least a couple hours, no mess for mommy and fun for them!
  • makenna 2020-07-18 Verified purchase
    Awesome gift
    Its super easy and fun and my 3 yo loves it hell be four in feb so he really enjoyed the dinos
  • flonnie 2020-10-05 Verified purchase
    My grandson loves this
    The nephews absolutely love it! Their mom loves the easy set up and clean up!!
  • irish65 2020-10-15 Verified purchase
    Just as described
    Used for a 5 yr old birthday! Clean, no messes and all the kids loved it! Adults were even drawing on it!
  • Alaina 2022-01-19 Verified purchase
    Bought this for my grandchildren, they love it! It is a little thin and that prevents it from remaining flat when they are both coloring on it.
  • Mangrum 2022-02-25 Verified purchase
    Great gift for toddlers!
    My daughter loved it. Its nice and large and suitable for her artistic needs!
  • Kelsi 2022-02-05 Verified purchase
    I love everything about it. No issues at all!
  • Shaunan 2022-03-16 Verified purchase
    My grandkids LOVE this!
    This is good carpet for kids to play coloring
  • moniyady 2022-03-21 Verified purchase
    Great water play
    The children were so excited to start doddling.. tracing.. and stamping there way thru the day having a great time. Great gift for the kids just add water and the kids are off drawing their hearts desires. Definitely Recommend for 3 yrs old and Up to teenagers
  • aff3o 2022-03-12 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Keeps my son occupied for some time while I can work in peace
  • talynn 2022-01-16 Verified purchase
    For my girls
    I love it It is big Enough for all three of my girls to play with and also my son so I am happy I got it thanks again
  • Bobbie 2022-03-23 Verified purchase
    Good to occupy grandmais kid on a visit
  • Kenneth 2022-02-04 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    no ink only water and the kids can not write on each other.
  • Aldo 2022-02-15 Verified purchase
    Better then paint
    My kids love to paint which makes a mess. They absolutely love this which is so much less messier. All you need is water which I love. This is cool for most young kids and makes a wonderful gift. I was very impressed with it.
  • Gagnon 2022-01-23 Verified purchase
    Its a great gift!
    Purchased this for my great nephews for birthday and they loved it. It is easy to use and dries up quickly. Great gift for learning and drawing.
  • Katrina 2022-02-25 Verified purchase
    Good price
    Fast fun and easy clean up.This is a great little educational tool for the toddler in todays age of technology.
  • KyleC 2022-02-19 Verified purchase
    We would buy it again.The colors are very bright! It keeps them entertained and my walls clean!
  • jaidurham 2022-03-19 Verified purchase
    Awesome toy
    I got one as a present for my friends kid and they liked it so much I decided to get one for my kiddos.
  • kathy 2022-03-20 Verified purchase
    great gift
    My cousins loved this! great gift.
  • Teresia 2022-01-24 Verified purchase
    Kids Love it!
    Gift purchase. The kids have used this item over and over again. They love it!
  • wjfrank 2022-03-20 Verified purchase
    Fun fun!
    Daddy and the kids love to draw so this is perfect
  • MTB29er 2022-01-29 Verified purchase
    fun and educational
    this was a gift for my twin 2 year old grandbabies. They loved it!! i have 5 grands under 4 and they all played with the mat at the same time. Great size for several kids. Entertained them for a good while!!
  • Matos 2022-02-19 Verified purchase
    A amazing drawing mat for toddler
    Love it. Nice indoor game for toddler. No need to worry about pen marks anymore. The small tools sharps, numbers and animals are very helpful and user friendly. My boy loves them.
  • brooke 2022-03-12 Verified purchase
    I have 2 kids ages 2 and 5. Both of them are fascinated by this cool stuff. Just put the water in the pen and draw on the pad. When the surface is wet it becomes transparent of colors, it will fast drying in 10 minutes. Cool stuff. Highly recommend.
  • Alma 2022-01-31 Verified purchase
    Lots of fun
    Got it for my grandson. He is five years old and has lots of fun with it. It keeps him occupied and helps him with his motor skills.
  • Pamela 2022-02-26 Verified purchase
    Not messy !
    Our grandsons love it.it provides hours of entertainment and there is no mess to clean up !
  • Spank 2022-03-15 Verified purchase
    Good break from tech
    This thing is great, especially for the price. Comes with many stencils, writing tools, etc. Nice and large. Great break from kids sitting on their stupid ipads or watching netflix all day.
  • Dwan 2022-03-15 Verified purchase
    Mess free!
    My kids love it and It is mess free!
  • AJones 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Super easy to use and clean. Great price and awesome for young children to entertain and educate. Great gift idea
  • hailee 2022-02-26 Verified purchase
    Birthday gift
    I purchased this for my 4 year old granddaughter and she loved it! She and her older sisters are having fun drawing on it. It was easy for them to use and it was much bigger than I expected it to be. Plenty of room for all 3 to spread out and draw. My daughter was also pleased since she did not have to worry about getting anything on the floors or furniture. I would definitely buy again.
  • BrieeBriee 2022-01-25 Verified purchase
    Doodle mat
    Of all the toys we have gotten our grandson this one keeps him entertained the most. He has come up with more ways to play with it than I ever could have thought of. What a great idea. thank you so much!
  • Trisha 2022-02-26 Verified purchase
    Great gift for kids
    My little thought this was the best thing in the basket! Easy to use and no mess!
  • Ojeda 2022-02-08 Verified purchase
    Just fill Pens with water. It is super easy. Size of mat is great, accessories also really good!
  • Baker 2022-02-04 Verified purchase
    Lots of fun!
    Great quality. Comes with a lot of pieces to use for stenciling. Big enough for two kids to draw at the same time. We are happy!
  • frye 2022-02-24 Verified purchase
    Child loves the doodle mat. So many options to play with and learn.
  • Diana 2022-03-14 Verified purchase
    Perfect for a 2 yo
    My 2.5 year old loved it! Easy to use
  • Suhey 2022-03-29 Verified purchase
    What a delight!
    This is the perfect learning tool for a child. Yes it is a learning tool, but the fun is real. Especially discovering all the hidden objects in the mat, tracing your hand or the shapes included. Best part is no mess to clean up, just wait for the mat to dry and clear out.
  • Aron 2022-03-22 Verified purchase
    It is great product!
    It was quickly shipped my kids love it they have been there playing since it got here!
  • Kayla 2022-01-18 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Works really well for my little one. Very fun activity.
  • Katie 2022-02-15 Verified purchase
    Life saver
    Great entertainment for the kids. have not heard a word out of them from all the drawing.
  • Brown 2022-03-04 Verified purchase
    Kids Love it!
    Our 7 and 2 year old spent hours playing on this. Good size for them both to have their own space. Easy and fast clean up
  • Shalissa 2022-02-12 Verified purchase
    Girl loves it
    I purchased it for my friendis daughter and she absolutely love it! This doodle mat just caught her attention for a couple of hours. She was so excited with appearing some things on it and making colorful shapes.
  • April 2022-01-16 Verified purchase
    Great activity mat for my grandchildren
    Liked all the activities to keep my grandchildren busy
  • markcum 2022-02-27 Verified purchase
    Happy Kid
    It really helps young children with their fine motor skills, Practice makes perfect!
  • Lindsey 2022-02-16 Verified purchase
    Our son loves this product! Has lots of things to do to keep little ones entertained.
  • Gamble 2022-01-21 Verified purchase
    Great Gift!
    Perfect birthday gift for 2yr old. It allows them to be creative without the mess
  • candace 2022-01-15 Verified purchase
    Very good quality and very useful
    Very good quality and very useful for the kids.
  • Gionet 2022-03-04 Verified purchase
    Fine motor skills
    This product is amazing! Fun for the kids to draw on and write their letters and numbers.
  • Scales 2022-02-08 Verified purchase
    Good to keep kids entertain
    My daughter and nephew love the Aqua Magic Doodle Drawing mat, they spend hours playing with it.
  • Pam 2022-03-11 Verified purchase
    It is easy to use and clean
    I am using this mat with my boys and It is excellent. Very educational mat!!
  • Chalmers 2022-02-13 Verified purchase
    good fun
    Good quality mat, keeps kids busy
  • Roycik 2022-03-20 Verified purchase
    Awesome toy for kids.Very happy with quality of my purchase! My kids love it!
  • LeighR 2022-03-24 Verified purchase
    Great product
    So much fun. The 1 year old kept biting the tip so good thing they made it baby proof!
  • Darcie 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Fun for all ages
    I really liked this mat and It is big enough for a kids to draw whatever they want. My kid seems interested as it comes with many drawing tools and keeps him entertained for an hour every day.
  • Mario 2021-11-22 Verified purchase
    Kids love it.
    My 3 yr old Loves it.It is simple but yet brings a lot of excitement to the kids and easy clean up and no messes!
  • Srborough 2021-10-19 Verified purchase
    Great item tho
    Love how mess free it is. my kid seems interested as it comes with many drawing tools and keeps him entertained for an hour every day.
  • Emmery 2021-09-04 Verified purchase
    Fantastic product!
    Love it! Fantastic product! My 2 year old loves it!
  • edyta 2021-08-31 Verified purchase
    My 2.5 year old daughter received this as a gift. It is great, educational, and hold her attention, even for a toddler!
  • james 2021-10-16 Verified purchase
    Great Product Great Value
    I like the size of the mat and all the extra accessories that came with it too! It also has the alphabet and numbers around the edges!
  • Shalle1211 2021-10-24 Verified purchase
    It was a great product very easy to use. My kids love it. No mess!
  • hilger 2021-10-09 Verified purchase
    Kids Birthday
    Kids birthday present. She enjoyed it.
  • Burnette 2021-12-10 Verified purchase
    Fun activity
    Amazing product. My kids are so happy
  • Jysand 2021-12-29 Verified purchase
    Your child will love this
    Amazing product. My 1.5 year old loves it and It is mess free!
  • Chanah 2021-11-27 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Love how easy and mess free it is
  • Erica 2021-12-01 Verified purchase
    Kids have a great time!
    Awesome product to give little ones as gifts. I bought for my friendis kids to bring them some fun. They cannot stop drawing on it! They have great fun!
  • Lizzie 2021-11-13 Verified purchase
    No mess with Markers!!
    My 2 year old daughter loves it. She will not be making a mess with the markers.
  • Daniel 2021-12-15 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers.
    My toddlers love this mat. It is large enough for both to use at the same time. It came with great accessories and there is no mess.
  • Dayna 2021-10-26 Verified purchase
    My little angel just loves drawing
    My little angel just loves drawing, Its a great mat to play and learn at same time.
  • Dan 2021-11-13 Verified purchase
    Kids loved it great purchase.I love this product its mess free and can be reused over and over
  • george 2021-10-03 Verified purchase
    Great activity for kids and learning
    Wonderful item. So easy to use, all my children loved it.
  • Fuller 2021-12-17 Verified purchase
    Baby loved it!!!
    It is an awesome way to let the baby to draw without a fear to destroy your house. It is Eco friendly and very easy to use. My 14 months old baby loved it!
  • YucaipaDan 2021-12-15 Verified purchase
    Daughter loves it!
    My daughter loves this mat! She was so excited about all the stencils that came with it. This will definitely be used for hours everyday!
  • billy 2021-10-12 Verified purchase
    Great product
    No mess fun! Comes with so many options to learn with!
  • Franczhesca 2021-11-30 Verified purchase
    Perfect for this quarantine!
    My 3 years old boy loves it!Great for learning creativity at this stage!
  • Eunkim 2021-11-05 Verified purchase
    Doodle mat
    I finally found something that will keep my neices occupied for hours and that I do not have to do a lot of clean up for!
  • Jessica 2021-08-22 Verified purchase
    Great activity for kids and no mess!
    It is very easy to use and a great gift for a toddler so they will not write on the walls or leave marks
  • France 2021-12-13 Verified purchase
    my kids love love this mat.they have so much fun painting and coloring on it ,good quality, highly recommend
  • sassypatty 2021-12-01 Verified purchase
    giftable, mess free
    my toddler received it as a gift and absolutely loves it totally mess free, water dries up quickly and comes with five refillable pens so her sisters can all partake
  • Sonya 2021-11-23 Verified purchase
    Fun toy
    Easy to lay out. and put away. Easy to draw on. Great price
  • courtney 2021-11-09 Verified purchase
    No mess!!!
    My son is 18 months and he loves the Aqua Doodle and Mama loves it because my child can color without eating crayons or coloring on anything else in my house! He also really likes the stencils even though he has no clue how to use them! I think this is such a cool concept and something that can grow with him! I think he will enjoy it for years and I will enjoy the fact that there is no mess!
  • Evita 2021-12-14 Verified purchase
    Perfect for gift
    My 2year old absolutely loves to play with this. Got it for her birthday and she uses it now every day. it is so helpful because she rather draw on the mat and not the walls! I love that the markers provided you just need to add water and just keep reusing them. I definitely recommend this for anyone with a 2 year old
  • Shirls 2021-12-17 Verified purchase
    Great quality
    Grandchildren loved this we spent several hours drawing,tracing and laughs and had a great time playing hangman on it. Lots of fun and good entertainment for the kids as well as the adults. Good family time. Many thanks !
  • Guitreau 2021-10-25 Verified purchase
    Excellent product
    Shipped super fast. Kids having alot of fun with it.
  • Farrell 2021-08-30 Verified purchase
    My niece loves it, it keeps her entertained and from attempting to write on walls
  • lina1983529 2021-09-09 Verified purchase
    Perfect for children of all ages
    Great product. Perfect for indoor outdoor use!
  • Eduardo 2021-12-28 Verified purchase
    Good product
    Perfect for the kiddos. My kids are 2 and 3 and it entertained them for awhile.
  • JeRend 2021-11-24 Verified purchase
    Great quality mat with a lot of extras!
    This mat is so cool. I really appreciate the fact that my 14 month old can enjoy drawing without me worrying about her attempting to eat crayons because the pens are filled with water! I also really appreciate all of the extras that come with this mat ,stencils, foam shapes, and a small puzzle.
  • Jaime 2021-11-02 Verified purchase
    Highly recommend
    No complaints. Kids love it
  • kem 2021-09-11 Verified purchase
    we love it!
    So my toddler wants to write on his table using water! This is a saver as he can write on it without me losing my mind as he explore writing on the walls, by far the best idea ever for your kids.
  • kash 2021-12-03 Verified purchase
    kids loved it
    not messy easy to use
  • Whitaker 2021-09-15 Verified purchase
    Love it very comfortable and my daughter loves it so much
  • destini 2021-08-28 Verified purchase
    Easy cleanup!
    My 2 year old granddaughter said, I love this game!
  • Jennifer 2021-10-12 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers
    This is a great product, my 4 year old loves it!
  • jackier 2021-08-22 Verified purchase
    Aqua mat
    The kids loved the aqua magic mat
  • Gretchen 2021-09-06 Verified purchase
    Doodle drawing mat
    My 2 year old loves the Doodle drawing mat
  • Sue 2021-09-12 Verified purchase
    Good for babies
    This mat comes with stencils, stamps, and brushes. It is very large. I did not notice any water residue after use. Dried clear for us.
  • dee 2021-11-29 Verified purchase
    it is very nice and thick. We are all enjoying it. Very easy to use.
  • Katy 2021-09-05 Verified purchase
    Love love love
    Exactly as shown. My 2 year old daughter loves it
  • kshea 2021-11-03 Verified purchase
    Great for kids
    Easy to use, no ink, hours of fun
  • Hana 2021-12-01 Verified purchase
    Best gift for toddlers!
    It is very easy to use, stress free about whether the kids are gonna mess up the walls!
  • Patsy 2021-11-01 Verified purchase
    Hours of entertainment for kids
    Magic doodle mat, great for hours of fun writing and drawing for toddlers. Found this magic mat for hours of fun
  • Graspper158 2021-10-21 Verified purchase
    Aqua Magic Doodle Drawing Mat
    A gift for my granddaughters.It is an interesting way to open a world of painting to little kids.

  • Michael 2021-09-27 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My son loves his aqua mat! He loves watching shapes and colors come to life with the water pens. It is very easy to use.
  • Leila 2021-12-29 Verified purchase
    Great way to keep the kids busy
    Kids loved playing with this,comes with an extra fun puzzle and stencils to use on the mat
  • karissa 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    My daughter loves this
  • Cheri 2021-01-14 Verified purchase
    Great product
    Great product came quickly
  • Carpenter 2021-09-23 Verified purchase
    Great gift for toddlers!
    My toddler sister loves it! No mess! She loves the animals on the border. She roared for the lion!
  • Helisha 2020-11-16 Verified purchase
    Great item!!
    My granddaughter loves this. And so do I. It is great to be able to let her be creative without having to worry about a mess.
  • Sherilyn 2021-11-05 Verified purchase
    No Mess to clean up!!
    I like that the mat provides mess free entertainment for my daughter!
  • Hailey 2021-09-28 Verified purchase
    A gift for my friend son they like it good quality
  • Holly 2020-10-24 Verified purchase
    No mess, ink or paint over the house
    Great product, some of the markers let too much water through, still for 2 year old is great!
  • rikki 2021-08-16 Verified purchase
    endless fun
    perfect for your little to get some coloring in without fear of then coloring where they should not. My 2 and a half year old loves it!
  • LOgle 2021-06-27 Verified purchase
    Easy no mess coloring
    My 3 and 2 yrs old love to color. I love the no mess while they have lots of fun.
  • Staci 2021-05-19 Verified purchase
    No mess fun
    Fun activity pad with no mess!
  • Timothy 2021-03-01 Verified purchase
    Great toy!
    My children really enjoy this aqua mat. The pens work great and there is plenty of space for them to draw.
  • Elle 2021-11-09 Verified purchase
    Great for kids so much fun
    It was a perfect and clean gift for my son birthday
  • Carlady4 2021-03-25 Verified purchase
    Loved it
    This is such a game changer. Kids can play hours on end and no mess. No countless buying of crayons again. Just refill pens with water and bam more hours of fun. Arrived quickly. Wipe down with simple cloth and water and It is clean. we recommended for anyone with kids or knows someone with kids.
  • Nikkie 2021-08-19 Verified purchase
    Great Product for all!
    We bought this for our daughter birthday and she absolutely loved it. Her big sisters 4 and 7 love it just as much. There are enough pens and other things that come with it that give everyone space and the freedom to play on their own. No fighting here!! Would recommend to anyone who has kids.
  • Joseph 2020-12-05 Verified purchase
    No mess fun
    Very fun with extra items!
  • emerick 2021-01-05 Verified purchase
    It is awesome! Out two year old loves it!
  • Crista 2021-10-12 Verified purchase
    Best mat for babies
    This was perfect for my 2 toddlers,No mess at all
  • Nashalie 2020-11-30 Verified purchase
    Mess free
    The mat is big enough for 2! Easy to use and store away
  • Andres 2021-06-07 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers!
    Perfect size for my toddler. Lots of different things to keep her busy.
  • grady 2020-10-06 Verified purchase
    Poor quality
    Absolutely love this mat! My three year old was busy for hours!!!!! Love love love
  • Tanya 2021-01-25 Verified purchase
    Buy it!
    My 2 year old loves it! I love that it is virtually mess free
  • Misty 2021-04-14 Verified purchase
    Easy clean up
    I bought it for my 2 year old grandson, but all ages of kids liked it as you can see.
  • mendoza 2020-12-07 Verified purchase
    Easy to use! Mess free and keeps my little one busy!
  • Aubree 2021-03-25 Verified purchase
    Hours of fun
    Super easy and hours of fun. My daughter got thos for her 3rd birthday and it was a great buy!
  • pekhna 2021-05-27 Verified purchase
    Awesome gift
    I bought this as a birthday gift for my 2 year old son. His 4 year old sister and his 10 year old nephew were all super excited to draw on this. It was definitely a hit with the kids. I love that it is mess free, unlike most of the other painting and drawing type toys.
  • Seattle 2020-12-28 Verified purchase
    Good buy
    Kids really enjoy drawing
  • Ellen 2020-09-18 Verified purchase
    Fun and educational
    Just as advertised. My kids love it!
  • Jrd3 2021-08-24 Verified purchase
    My daughter loves it. It is a great gift and has multiple uses. I recommend it.
  • Haney 2021-07-27 Verified purchase
    Good learning tool
    Super lightweight but is durable. My daughter has been playing on and off with this mat since we received a week ago.
  • Fox 2021-09-02 Verified purchase
    Really good quality my kids loved it
  • Aasha 2021-09-23 Verified purchase
    Useful for kids
    I love that all you need is water to play with this product.
  • Kelly 2020-10-14 Verified purchase
    Perfect for my kids
    Just as pictured, kids love it
  • Brandon 2021-06-23 Verified purchase
    Really fun for kids
    Our kiddos love this mat and the fact that they can color with water is perfect! We do not have to worry about finding drawings on the walls or them.
  • S5gbS 2021-09-21 Verified purchase
    Gerat idea
    Fun for both kids and easy to use.
  • Evans 2020-12-11 Verified purchase
    Great learning toy
    This mat is really big and is great for multiple kids to play together. there is no mess and it comes with stencils, extra markers and stamps. Holds the kids interest for a while. Definitely recommend.
  • pilar 2021-05-14 Verified purchase
    Mess free crafting!
    MY great grandson loved it. It was a birthday gift.
  • Miriam 2021-02-15 Verified purchase
    No mess.
    My daughters love this and It is mess free so I love it too!
  • Beber 2021-04-26 Verified purchase
    Coloring without the mess
    Wow what a great experience this has been with my two years old son, easy use and clean
  • Creative 2020-12-21 Verified purchase
    Easy and safe
    Kids LOVE IT completely mess free.
  • Carol 2021-02-21 Verified purchase
    Fun mat
    My child plays with it everyday. Love it. Keeps her busy.
  • Ries 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    Absolutely love it
    What a great way to keep little ones entertained without the mess! Our grandchildren of all ages had a blast! Highly recommended!
  • perry 2020-12-21 Verified purchase
    Fun for Toddlers!
    This was great gift for my 2 year old, she loved it and has been playing with it non stop for several hours.
  • Zach 2021-08-11 Verified purchase
    Love the mat!
    Love the fact that the pens are safe for babies to use and creates no mess for parents to clean up!
  • Diaz 2021-11-29 Verified purchase
    He likes drawing everything
    There are many writing tools and stampers included.
  • Garcia 2021-11-29 Verified purchase
    Super fun
    Gave this to my granddaugther for her birthday. She loves it.
  • Saffre 2020-12-14 Verified purchase
    Great Purchase!
    This mat is awesome! Keeps my two daughters busy for long periods of time allowing me to get things done! My two year old really likes it because the markers feel exactly like big girl markers.
  • Nervanie 2021-01-21 Verified purchase
    Good one
    My daughter loves it!! Mess free!!
  • Suarez 2021-02-08 Verified purchase
    Keeps her busy!
    She loves this and has not stopped drawing on it. It is easy to take anywhereliving room, kitchen, outside, to a family gathering at another house, etc. Easy clean up too!!
  • Taylor 2020-11-10 Verified purchase
    Love this!
    My daughters love this product. Mess free!
  • Chels 2021-01-30 Verified purchase
    My children love it!
    This is one of the best purchases I have made for my kids, no mess, big enough for multiple kids and lots of accessories!
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Reusable Doodle Drawing Mat
Made of high-quality polyester, no Ink, no mess, non-toxic, no pollution. The back of the mat is made of water-resistant nylon. Safe enough for kids. Fill the pen with clean water and draw on the mat. The marks will magically disappear after 3-10 minutes (depending on the temperature and airflow), kids can draw on the mat again and again.

Drawing Mat Size
40 x 32 inches. Enables your kids to paint on the desk or floor or grass with their friends together. Can be folded to a compact size, portable for indoor-outdoor, and travel. Note: Loosen the head of the pen in a clockwise direction and tighten the head of the pen in a counterclockwise direction. (You can also refer to the instructions on the pen)

Safe Toddler Toys
Never make a mess, clean, and safe for babies and children. Don’t need extra cleaning. The back of the mat is water-resistant nylon material, no worry about wetting the floor. Environmental Protection, no ink, no paint.

Educational Girls Toys
Doodle mat can help children develop color recognition and imagination, develop drawing and writing skills. Our water coloring mat is decorated with colorful letters and cartoon animals, girls can spend hours drawing what they like without wasting paper and pencils. It is an excellent substitute for traditional drawing paper.

Fluorescent Water Paint Mat
The Joyjoz toddler drawing mat can not only paint in the daytime, but the paintings made with a luminous pen can also shine in the dark. A variety of painting modes make your kids have more fun on this water coloring mat. The special design brings more fun to children. Allow 3-4 children to paint at the same time.

Birthday Christmas Gift
Not only a toy but also a communicative link between you and kid. Let your kids doodle freely with their friends and parents to share their happiness. Inspire your kid's creativity and imagination, exercise hand-eye coordination & color perception ability. The best choice for kids Birthday gift stocking stuffers or Christmas gift.

Simple Line Booklet
Introduction of basic shapes is good for painting starters .
There are some simple line drawing methods of Cow / Fish / Duck / Giraffe / Crab / Dolphin / Butterfly / Penguin / Elephant / Bear / Rainbow / Cake / Car / Ship / Umbrella / Cap / Skirt to make painting easy for starters.
The best toy to improve kid's creative ability and hand-eye coordination.

Only Water is Needed
Do not need to worry that your child will use a colored ink to draw all over the walls of the house.
It will give you surprising color while you drawing/coloring with water.
The marks will magically disappear after 3-10 minutes so your kids can draw on it again and again.
No more mess or wasting any paper.

Large Size for Indoor and Outdoor
Enables your kids to paint on the floor with their friends together.
Cultivate a more intimate parent-child relationship.
Keep your child busy.
It can be folded to compact size for outside use.
Makes drawing more interesting.
Material:High-quality non-woven fabric -polyester fibre
Recommended age: 3 +

How to use it?
1.Loosen the head of pen in positive direction
2.Filled with clean water.
3.Tight the head of pen in negative direction .
4.Start painting.

1 x Doodle mat
3 x Drawing Pens
1 x Flashlight Pen
8 x Drawing mold
4 x Drawing Template
1 x Drawing Booklet
3 x Animal Stamps
1 x Scroll Wheel Tool
1 x Gift Color Box
1 x Manual
  • There are many cute patterns around the colorful doodle board, which can promote children’s color and shape recognition. Up to 4 kinds of drawing templates improve the hand-eye coordination
  • This aqua magic doodle mat also comes with a painting book, which contains a variety of patterns to teach children to draw, improve their painting skills and develop their imagination and creativity
  • After about 5-10 minutes (depending on temperature and airflow), the patterns you draw will magically disappear with the evaporation of the water, and then the reusable magic mat will return to its original color
  • The water drawing mat is designed with number and alphabet tracing patterns, help kids to develop the motor control for writing while also learning to recognize each letter and number.
  • Doodle art is a powerful art form that helps kids think, focus and relax.It is good for kids' creativity, health, wellness, positive thinking, a memory-builder etc
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