New Amplified Digital HD Tv Antenna 120 Miles Long Range


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  • Willis 2020-07-02 Verified purchase

    I’m getting 65 channels over the air now, 20 more than I got with an cheapie. Play around with it, this picks up far fewer channels when I flipped it around the corner 90 degrees to the east-facing wall. And it picks up more channels when attached to an external wall than in a window.
  • Cloudy 2022-01-08 Verified purchase
    There are others that cost less but this thing often gives us a better picture for PBS than cable
    This antenna is super//it’s our second purchase. There are others that cost less but this thing often gives us a better picture for PBS than cable. So we didn’t want to risk disappointment and possible return.
  • Florenzo 2021-12-08 Verified purchase
    gped Leaf 30 TV Antenna pulls the stations in!
    Removed from box thinking I would have to ’play’ with it to get the signals. WRONG! First place I put it, I received 50+ channels with no problem.
    Well made, looking at it one would think it is inconceivable that it could work so well, but it does. Hats off to gped.
  • Casitag 2021-09-15 Verified purchase
    I’m getting great reception. Happy
    My television is in a loft with no windows. I’m getting great reception. Happy!
  • VITO 2021-08-18 Verified purchase
    VITO Approved !!!!!!!!!!
    VITO Approved !!!!!!!!!! Good reception if you are within 25 miles of transmitting antennas. Any further than that you won’t get many channels , some will work.
  • kdock 2021-06-20 Verified purchase
    Very glad we got this
    Really good reception. I thought I’d need to put it in a window, but have found that high on the wall behind the TV is just fine.
  • Austin 2022-02-01 Verified purchase
    The only antenna that routinely brings in all channels in my area.
    The title says it all. I’ve tried four other indoor antennas, and this one works great for Austin, Texas. Your results may vary.
  • Jesse 2021-06-15 Verified purchase
    I cut cable!
    Simple installation, but the push pins don’t go through plaster very well. I have 3 of these in my house and they all receive 23 channels in crystal clear HD after a channel scan
  • Merrill 2021-01-05 Verified purchase
    Parents love it
    Parents don’t watch much TV but do want to get local channels, so this was perfect. Set up easy and they get more channels than before.
  • Battletheuniverse 2020-12-18 Verified purchase
    but my windows don’t have a great line of sight
    Was honestly shocked at how many channels this picked up and how clear the picture was. I’m close to NYC so naturally there’s plenty of close by broadcasting, but my windows don’t have a great line of sight. Nevertheless, I can pick up 40+ channels with great picture just by pointing the antenna towards a (back facing) window, not even directly on the window itself.
  • Gregory 2021-05-18 Verified purchase
    Wow! Very impressed.
    I bought this for my RV camper which was parked inside a concrete garage at the time of unboxing. I hooked up the gped leaf 30 antenna and scanned for new channels. 65 channels at 97%. I’m more than happy with that. I can’t to take it outside and rescan for more channels.
  • Florence 2021-09-12 Verified purchase
    I’m very satisfied with this purchase. I actually don’t watch much TV, so I don’t need a lot of channels, just the basic things is enough. I live in the east bay of the SF bay area, I can receive CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, PBS and quite a few other channels including of Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and, most of the programs are HD! Again, since I don’t watch much TV, this is more than enough for me. If you want to watch some fancy channels like Discovery, this might not be your choice. Installment is very easy. I simply used scorch tape to stick it to my window glass ( it’s recommended to stick it to windows other than walls).
  • Douglas 2021-01-12 Verified purchase
    Good for FM, too.
    I live in a building with absolutely LOUSY radio and TV reception.I had a GE Quantum antenna that didn’t help a bit.I replaced it with this (and replaced old cables and splitters with new digital/rated cables and splitters), and now my reception is flawless.
    But my FM radio reception still sucked.gped insists this antenna only works for digital TV, and that splitting the line a second time would degrade reception, but they’re wrong.It’s now providing perfect reception on two TV’s in different rooms plus my FM stereo.WooHoo!
  • Jean 2021-01-26 Verified purchase
    Great product. I get more channels than I thought ...
    Great product. I get more channels than I thought I would. It’s nice to be able to watch TV for free rather than paying the high prices of cable and satellite.
  • Milwaukee 2021-07-17 Verified purchase
    Great purchase!
    I’ve only had the gped Leaf 30 for two days, but it works great for my TV. I live fairly close to the broadcast sources (10/15 miles) and this little gem pulls in almost 60 channels for me. It was a snap to install and the reception is great! Highly recommend!
  • Nola 2021-10-05 Verified purchase
    Cut the Cable Cord
    This tiny antenna packs a big punch. Luckily we live less than 10 miles from the nearest tower and didn’t require anything to fancy. Came with easy install instructions, a couple of options for fastening to the wall or window and two color options. You could even paint this antenna to match your existing wall color if you want. Position closer to a window for best channel options. Ended up with more channels than we expected and purchased more for other rooms.
  • Kris 2020-11-27 Verified purchase
    Nice product
    I like the super easy install and the amount of high quality channels I get. Hung it behind the tv and you can’t even tell its there. Would recommend this product
  • joni 2021-04-21 Verified purchase
    It’s a lot better than the antenna I bought last time
    Works very well. Just stuck it on the wall by the tv and that was it. It’s a lot better than the antenna I bought last time.
  • Michael 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    Really happy with the performance of this indoor antenna
    Really happy with the performance of this indoor antenna. I’m sure I could get better performance from an outdoor antenna, but for the simple ability of receiving my local channels in a suburban area, I’ve got no complaints.
  • vnx 2021-01-14 Verified purchase
    Excellent HD reception for major network channels
    We cut the cord on cable, and wanted to pick up local channels that aren’t available via PS Vue. I had never used an antenna so I wasn’t sure what we’d be able to get over the air, but I was blown away how well this worked. We live in a suburb of Cleveland about 20 miles away from downtown where most of the signal towers are, and we get around 30 channels, many of which I was’t even aware existed.
  • Jones 2020-12-31 Verified purchase
    Outstanding bang for your buck get it refurbed to save a few more!
    Refurb? Perfect. You’d never even know.

    The gped leaf is an absolute beast as an antenna. I have an older receiver (circa 2001 // shut up it still works great) that has NEVER had good reception. It does have a coax plug for antenna on the back. I recently moved into the 21st century and got a decent TV, wanting to get rid of my ancient downconverter box (no cable, no problem). The Leaf is powerful enough that, despite literally living in a basement apartment and being surrounded by concrete, I have the clearest radio reception I can imagine AND I can run a splitter to the TV. So, this means with one device that requires no electricity and can literally be hung on the wall with thumb tacks, I get all of the signal I want.

    Simply tremendous.
  • Stephen 2022-01-20 Verified purchase
    Works Great in Australian City
    Bought this as a 3rd and last try to get a decent indoor antenna before giving up and going with a new external. I live in Australia, about 10km outside Melbourne and have been unable to find one that I didn’t have to move around to get all the channels. Had to buy an adaptor for the connection as my TV’s don’t use the screw in connectors but once I had that I had every possible channel tuned in and clear as a bell just by sticking the gped Leaf 30 on the wall above the TV. Great product and for me at least where I live a Great Buy.
  • APC 2021-12-20 Verified purchase
    Finally, I can cheer for my team again!
    I’m so happy with this purchase. I was doubtful but willing to try anything to get local channels so I can watch football games. This delivered way beyond expectations! I now have 35+ channels clear as day! Thank you!
  • Daniel 2021-10-04 Verified purchase
    watch TV for free like in the old days but better!
    I can’t believe how easy this was to set up, and how much network content is there free for the taking! My family cut the cable cord a while ago and I honestly didn’t even know that I could still watch network TV with perfect quality without it. So happy I figured this out before the next Olympics. I will say the picture quality is kind of TOO good, I’m seeing pores and flyaway hair that I’m not used to seeing...
  • orloffsahoy 2021-09-20 Verified purchase
    Just about the simplest imaginable
    Took about five minutes to set up, and that’s because I insisted on reading the directions. It works perfectly, with an incredible picture, and gets around 60 channels. If it weren’t for the NFL, baseball, and the Pac/12, I might just cancel DISH. Interestingly, the sound is louder with the antenna than with DISH. No idea why. I was skeptical that this would work. Now I’m a believer.
  • kds 2021-02-17 Verified purchase
    We bought this to accompany our Hulu, because we couldn’t stream ABC in our city. It was very easy to set up, the picture quality is excellent and we get a good variety of stations with it!
  • Frank 2021-03-12 Verified purchase
    Best antenna I’ve ever bought!
  • Sexton 2022-02-03 Verified purchase
    Works Pretty Well Almost all of the time
    I live in a large twin city metroplex and so signals are plenty. It’s amazing just how well this works; it works just as well as one that I paid 3 times as much for.
  • ArcticMinibike 2021-06-30 Verified purchase
    Best Basic Antenna for the Price
    This is my third one. It’s my go/to antenna. They just plain work for suburban ranges. This works better than the powered ones for me. They have improved the cable quality too. The old ones were sticky. This one was nice. It does require a bit of directional adjustment and not so great if your house is in a low area with hills blocking it. Higher the better.
  • Gabriel 2021-01-25 Verified purchase
    I’v had this item for a while no without any major issues.
    I’v had this item for a while no without any major issues. It picks up most of the local channels very clearly. The only odd thing is that it doesn’t pick up one local channel. You’ll need to make sure it’s as high as you can get it for the best reception.
  • PCA 2021-05-19 Verified purchase
    Love this antenna
    I have 4 of these antennae around the house. I’m in a semi/rural area and have no problem getting 60/61 digital channels on each of the TVs. The only things you need to think about before purchasing are 1) are the transmitters within the antenna’s stated reception range, 2) can you get a relatively clear line of sight to the transmitters and 3) can you situate the antenna (within the house) where you don’t have a lot of metal obstruction. In some of my rooms I had to tweak the antenna location in order to get all of the available stations (ex / if the antenna was on the west wall of the room I only got 57 channels but if I moved it near the southeast corner of the room I got four more stations (primarily because most of the transmitters are east of me).
  • Kolar 2022-02-10 Verified purchase
    Tin foil can bring in more channels!
    I couldn’t get certain channels (Judge Judy was on) and I decided to play around with tin foil. I’m of the age where growing up we used tinfoil regularly to improve reception. I was surprised to find how incredibly well it works! I gained 5 more stations and eliminated ALL static/interference. As you can see, it’s just a 10" wide 2’ long strip of heavy/duty tinfoil which I colored a bit to make it pretty. If I take it down, the tv immediately goes to blue screen saying scrambled signal//if anything at all. I had to play around with placement. If the foil is too near the gped, I don’t get any reception at all. I have crystal clear tv :)
  • Billy 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    Free tv
    Works, I’m getting around 15 clear hd channels without any Cable companys high rising bills!
  • Also 2021-11-22 Verified purchase
    Amazing! bought a second one within an hour after plugging up
    Took less than 5 minutes to connect antenna. My jaw dropped from the clarity that I received . it looks like I have HD TV.! I recieved over 80 channels from first scan. Every channel was crystal clear!! I ordered something similar from a Shopping Network on TV. Received the same day as this one. It’s going back. It has to be plugged in a outlet in order for it to work. I’m laid off due to the covid/19 .. so this is made to order!
  • trailmug 2021-10-18 Verified purchase
    Works when others dont
    This is the best panel antenna I’ve tried, and also outperforms a set of rabbit ears. Try different orientations, ours works best on the desk with the cord at a right angle. Works well with RCA panel antenna amplifier.
  • Florencio 2021-08-20 Verified purchase
    Works as expected
    Set it up in 2 minutes ... picked up 44 channels instantly ...
    I set mine up against the wall (opposite from the towers), just above the TV. Held it up by two pins ...Also, as recommended by others, I took the two twist ties that keep the co/ax cable secured and put each one through a hole (next to the pin holding the antenna up). I made a couple of twists and formed make/shift rabbit ears. Not sure if it made a difference, but I am happy with this product’s performance.
  • Pamela 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    Color of cord
    Seems to be a great antenna. Problem is you don’t get to choose a cord color! So obviously I got a black cord that looks hideous on my white wall.
  • Michael 2021-07-30 Verified purchase
    Great t.v. viewing.
    Liked the bigger coaxial wire that connects to the antenna, that makes a big difference overall also the ability to connect a longer cable wire to it ,so far I’m getting 13 channels with it over my old thin small wire antenna that was getting only getting 4 channels, gped leaf antennas are by far better for the money, I’m in a rural area about 70 miles from a major broadcast tv station.
  • Twinb1953 2021-02-20 Verified purchase
    Sadly, it didn’t work
    This was very easy to get up and running. It scanned for the channels and I could see that it was recognizing many. Unfortunately, the last thing it did was subtract "scrambled" channels. Everything disappeared. I kept receiving a message that there were no channels "memorized". I wanted this to work, and I don’t blame the antenna. It’s a nice piece of equipment. It’s the cable companies. I just read that the FTC gave them permission to scramble the channels. I don’t think this is ethical, but that’s a whole different discussion. I hope it works for you. This antenna is going back. :(
  • Lucore 2021-09-04 Verified purchase
    It’s okay; you get what you pay for.
    Had it for years. It’ll support whatever quality comes through, but that’s not the problem. Some of the few total channels were good until I got sick of them, others got replaced with junk; bad reception sometimes. You get what you pay for, I might get rid of it.
  • Jungle 2021-03-20 Verified purchase
    Sometimes Signal Cuts Off
    Sometimes the signal gets cut. If you want simplicity and convenience though this is it, just hang it on your wall and plug it into your TV and that’s it.
  • kjj 2021-06-07 Verified purchase
    didn’t work for me
    This may be fine for most people but I live in a wooded area so it didn’t work well for my location. I was really hoping this would work out.
  • Dawn 2021-02-14 Verified purchase
    Mine is unusable
    I’ve had my antenna for about 6 months, and it is unusable. I put it in a window that got morning sun, and it appears that the sun has caused it to curl up // and I can’t flatten it.
  • Sara 2021-09-27 Verified purchase
    Adequate but not outstanding
    The picture quality I get is fine. What’s disappointing is the number of stations received. There are several stations within that 40/mile range that are not picked up.
  • Rene 2021-10-19 Verified purchase
    Mediocre at best
    Only got CBS and a couple channels I’ve never heard of or watched.
  • Comet2k 2020-12-17 Verified purchase
    Not quite good enough
    Though this antenna pulled in a lot of stations, on one TV it could not receive the CBS channel (which is difficult for many people in the Chicago area). On another TV it couldn’t get the PBS channel. The 10/foot cable isn’t long enough to reach the best location for our upstairs TV, so I had to use a splitter and another cable, which seemed to weaken the signal for some stations. I tried three other antennas and finally settled on a Winegard FL550 that is amplified. I live only 17 miles from the transmitters and didn’t think I needed an amplifier, but the house next door is just 10 feet or so away, plus there are trees in both of our backyards, so it’s not an ideal location. The amped Winegard receives more than 60 stations and they come in clear and with great color. Your results will vary, but finding the right antenna requires a lot of trial and error with the antenna you choose and where you put it. This gped Leaf may be great for you, but it just wasn’t good enough for my needs.
  • Kennet 2022-01-28 Verified purchase
    Three Stars
    its ok not getting all channels
  • Jones 2022-02-25 Verified purchase
    not got many channels as it claims
    easy to install. I am not getting many channels as it claims, picture quality is so so. some channels got lagging effects
  • hotsauselover 2022-03-18 Verified purchase
    its ok, but not great
    I thought it would work better, but it just works about average
  • Denise 2020-11-06 Verified purchase
    Lower your expectations
    Got this for my sister...we were only able to secure 5 or 6 channels. The antenna had to be adjusted at certain times of day to secure a signal. When you got a signal the picture was clear
  • JD 2021-05-01 Verified purchase
    Not up to the hype
    I have a flat antenna (Winegard, maybe?), but it has an attached cord that is not long enough. I have used a male-male adapter to add a short length of coax cable. I saw the gped has no attached cable, so bought it along with an appropriate length of coax. The gped was smaller and probably because of this, I got 1/3 less channels. Neither is amped (last amped one was worse), and both were used in same window spot, so is an accurate comparison. Returned.
  • cdb4 2020-04-01 Verified purchase
    Very little change
    Very little change from my old antenna
  • Mary 2021-07-31 Verified purchase
    Decent, but wouldn't cut the cable bill.
    Before purchasing, I went to the gped website to see how many channels it predicted we would get. It listed around 45 which I was happy with. Upon hooking it up and moving to multiple areas of the house (different tvs, different windows, etc); we receive about 25 channels. We get ABC and NBC. We only live about 10 miles from the city of Buffalo so I was expecting a little more. The channels we get are comparable to hotel TV at best. However, it will be nice in the winter to have local news and weather.
  • rlv 2020-06-11 Verified purchase
    Good, but not as powerful as they suggest
    Not as powerful as advertised. I live no more than 15 miles from transmitters and I still get fuzzy pictures occaisionally. But it has been an improvement over the rabbit ears I last used.
  • Jason 2021-02-01 Verified purchase
    Decent indoor antenna for the money.
    Could not get the four over the air networks that I wanted---ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, without having to move the antenna around to get better reception for
    one or the other. When the signal comes in strong, the picture is excellent.
  • Mike 2022-02-08 Verified purchase
    Here in greater Boston, with the antenna facing south towards all the TV towers, it probably picks up a dozen channels, of which maybe 1 or 2 are worth watching. In other words, if you watch a lot of network TV, this thing is pretty hopeless. You can watch old (very dark picture) episodes of Frasier late at night, and most of the PBS stations. Not much else.
  • cerquone 2021-11-01 Verified purchase
    Plug and play!
    Plug and play! It took 10 min. to attach to the cable port, pin it to the wall, and search for channels in the area. We have six local channels here in the middle of Wyoming. Goodbye cable!!!
  • paul 2020-08-04 Verified purchase
    Works great!!

    Hooked up to 4 televisions via cat5 cabling through the house. Local channels are crystal clear. Happy to have cut the cable cord!!
  • SAS 2021-04-29 Verified purchase
    I already had a Leaf antenna in the living room ...
    I already had a Leaf antenna in the living room, so I knew how effective they are. I purchased another one for another room, and as expected, it works very well. It eliminates your cable bill completely and frees up more money.
  • Jxrodrig 2022-04-30 Verified purchase
    Works well
    Overall a great product, as advertised and works well. Price is high as there are other products that work as well but not as thin, paintable, etc.
  • larissa 2020-01-25 Verified purchase
    Great antenna
    I have been using this on my upstairs TV for over a year now. I get 46 channels, not that I watch all them, but that is pretty good compared to "old schools" antennas. The picture us super clear. The channels almost never cut out.

    I am getting rid of cable so I needed to purchase a few more. I like that is white on one side and black in the other to match your decor. The one I have now is hanging on my wall with the little push pins that were provided.
    If you are planning on getting rid of cable, this is a great antenna to get.
  • EMT 2022-02-24 Verified purchase
    Not disappointed.
    Live in Nashville and pick up a lot of HD channels. Not disappointed.
  • Judy 2021-06-29 Verified purchase
    com to see which antenna would work best, I purchased this
    After checking out to see which antenna would work best, I purchased this. Works great but I am in a metropolitan area about 15 miles from the main antennas. I get 68 channels. Some Spanish and a bunch of shopping channels but I do get all the standard channels, even CBS which is usually an issue with antennas.
  • Wyatt 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    Works well and much cheaper than cable or satelitte.
  • Ken 2021-06-12 Verified purchase
    love it: )
    works as advertised, love it :)
  • Davidson 2021-03-19 Verified purchase
    They still get tons of channels with this and it has worked great!
    Bought this for grandparents that no longer want to pay for cable. They still get tons of channels with this and it has worked great!
  • Nick 2022-02-08 Verified purchase
    Plugged it in, got 36 channels. Easy.
  • Krawczyk 2020-12-20 Verified purchase
    Great antenna!
    This thing is amazing! We are getting ready to cut the cord and wanted to see what TV we could get for free. We live in Phoenix - south of South Mountain down by the Indian Reservation. The TV towers on South Mountain are probably 10 miles away. We found almost 100 digital channels when we scanned and the picture is amazing quality! This really is a great antenna!
  • quiltmom1 2020-09-03 Verified purchase
    Great invention
    Purchased for my retired husband, he loves it and loves that we are saving money by using this.
  • Dale 2020-09-20 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Love it
  • Nicholas 2020-06-28 Verified purchase
    Works great. I am in OKC so there is almost ...
    Works great. I am in OKC so there is almost no interference and I get channels from Texas to Colorado with it. Fox is an issue, but not the products fault. Picture quality and ease of use is amazing. It is exceptionally discreet and blends with the wall perfectly (I got white). Pays for itself in 10 days of cable bills
  • Angel 2021-03-17 Verified purchase
    Works great! Better than I suspected!
    Works great even in a rural area! Lots of free channels! Love it!
  • joseph 2020-12-05 Verified purchase
    Works for me
    Does what I wanted it to. Brings in the big 4 channels (abc,cbs,nbc,and fox). I live in Iowa about 40 miles from the source and the signal comes in fine without amplification plus a couple of other channels as well.
  • Chuck 2021-05-31 Verified purchase
    Good antenna, fast service
    Works, fast service
  • TAP 2021-04-24 Verified purchase
    It works!
    I have tried several indoor antennas over the years and none of them did a very good job. The gped Leaf 30 TV antenna actually worked. After installing the antenna on a window I was able to "cut the chord" and go with the free broadcast of local stations. I installed a cable splitter and now can enjoy broadcasts on a second TV.
  • Eric 2022-05-19 Verified purchase
    Before my area is just outside of city, over ...
    Before my area is just outside of city, over the air channelis just 1 or 2 available.This one I can get all channel.
  • Catluvx2 2020-03-19 Verified purchase
    works great.
    Best Antenna out there... love it!
  • Judy 2022-02-17 Verified purchase
    Great antenna
    Crisp, clear picture
  • Tortoise1956 2022-01-02 Verified purchase
    Works great, I get more than 60 channels here in ...
    Works great, I get more than 60 channels here in Las Vegas and many of them are HD quality. All I had to do was hang it on the wall in the living room, and voila!
  • DC 2020-12-03 Verified purchase
    This antenna works great - the picture is crystal clear and the reception ...
    This antenna works great - the picture is crystal clear and the reception is awesome. This will save me a ton of money as I have since ditched cable.
  • Joe 2022-06-12 Verified purchase
    The perfect cable cutter for Chicago
    I live in Chicago, I had an amplified RCA similar to this. It fell off the window and cracked and just was not the same. This is awesome I picked up 72 digital channels! I live on the third floor and have the gped Leaf facing South toward downtown. In Chicago, we are fortunate to have Willis (Sears) Tower and the John Hancock building broadcasting channels. If you want to be a cable cutter and not sacrifice quality HD basic stations this is the way to go.
  • Laura 2020-01-19 Verified purchase
    It is so easy to set up
    The gped Leaf 30 did exactly as it said it would! If you are interested in this item, please do your research and make sure that you can actually get the channels in your area. If you can get channels, then make sure you order the correct mileage 30/50/etc. It is so easy to set up, even my 13 and 16 year olds can do it! And, if you want to use it in another room, it is very portable.
  • Daquano 2021-11-12 Verified purchase
    Working well so far. But do your research before ...
    Working well so far. But do your research before you purchase because reception is specific to the area you live in. People living in rual areas will likely receive less stations then those living in or close proximity to larger cities.
  • Andrew 2021-04-08 Verified purchase
    very satisfied.
    Works as advertised...very satisfied.
  • Douglas 2020-09-12 Verified purchase
    Works Perfect! Could not be happier
    Works Perfect! Could not be happier. Be sure to to check the gped website to confirm it will work at your specific location

    The antenna pulled in about 160 channels (most of which I deleted because the were not english) Now have the major and minor over-air networks including CBS, ABC, NBC, CW, and the independents . I was skeptical but took a leap of faith know I could return it if there was a problem
  • Arlington 2020-12-03 Verified purchase
    With the gped Leaf I receive nearly 60 channels with excellent reception. With previous products I a
    I receive nearly 60 channels with excellent reception. With previous products I averaged about 20 and not even all 5 of the major networks came in clear.
  • Thomas 2020-06-15 Verified purchase
    HD for Days. If it's free its for me. (Cable that is)
    Works great in the NY Tristate Area. About 5 miles outside of Manhattan on the Jersey side, the reception is better than the cable box and I got over 50 channels. Even having this in a basement window picks up all the major channels in clear HD. I recommend this product.
  • Troy 2020-11-12 Verified purchase
    Works great
    Works great
  • Paul 2021-09-23 Verified purchase
    it's the best!
    very impressive i have cut my cable!!!!!!!
  • Tim 2020-06-09 Verified purchase
    Out Performs Others at This Price Point
    I have been using this antenna for years and I have nothing bad to say about it. As with any OTA indoor antenna you will have to move it about from time to time to pick up certain channels cleanly but that is to be expected. I have tried other antennas at this price point and I think the Leaf out performs them. Remember that you will get different results in different areas and everything depends on what OTA channels are available in your area. You may have a bit more trouble picking up channel in mountainous territories. All in all a very good product.
  • Pat 2020-04-21 Verified purchase
    Works great on my upstairs tv in my bedroom which faces ...
    Works great on my upstairs tv in my bedroom which faces the front of the house. I picked up more channels then when it was on my tv in my kitchen which is the back of the house.
  • GC 2020-12-07 Verified purchase
    GREAT !!!!!!, the final piece to cut the cable cord, works perfectly, minutes to set up
  • Nancy 2021-07-24 Verified purchase
    It really works and is very easy to set up
    I bought this for a refugee friend who cannot afford cable and tried it out. It really works and is very easy to set up. I was skeptical but it got all the over air channels in my area. Very pleased.
  • Rob 2021-10-18 Verified purchase
    Love it! Exactly as described
    Absolutely love it! Highly recommend to anyone wanting local channels without a nasty, bulky antenna!
  • Brian 2020-08-20 Verified purchase
    Buy it
    Good product, would buy again.
  • samir-Auli 2020-09-22 Verified purchase
    Very good Antenna
    This is my second gped Leaf paper.
    It is working fine.I like the first one,so I got the second for the other room.
  • Isaac 2021-01-26 Verified purchase
    This antenna works way better than anything else I have tried!
    This antenna rocks! I have installed three of them for family and I recommend them any time someone asks. I tried several other brands before gped and I can honestly say none of them have come close to working as good.
  • tgjennings 2021-01-29 Verified purchase
    Good deal.
    Works perfect, BUT needs a stand to properly orient and hold its position for best reception.
  • David 2020-08-14 Verified purchase
    Love my Leaf I ended up purchasing 6 of them ...
    Love my Leaf I ended up purchasing 6 of them and switched all tv to Sling....good by high cable bills.
  • facetingman 2021-09-14 Verified purchase
    Super Deal
    economical and perfect solution to high charges by cable providers
  • Steven 2021-10-01 Verified purchase
    i purchased this antenna for a TV in the master ...
    i purchased this antenna for a TV in the master bedroom. I wanted to receive local channels primarily for news. I attached the antenna behind a tall dresser that the tv is on. I receive about 10 channels. All have very clear HD picture and audio.It seves my purpose very well.
  • Jack 2020-04-21 Verified purchase
    I love it!
    This is a fabulous product! I now get about 25 stations and a perfect picture on each.
  • Donald 2020-01-19 Verified purchase
    Excellent product
    Very happy with product, price and performance.
  • Maliyah 2021-08-20 Verified purchase
    Refurbished is just as good as brand new
    Refurbished is just as good as brand new. I have no issues with my Antenna and I have been using it for a little under a year. I get 40 channels local to my city. And all the important ones to me are accessible, no chipping in and out. And i have not lost connection. My only personal con is that the adhesive given to keep the gped Leaf stuck to the wall does not keep it completely firm in place and it is not easily removed for repositioning the antenna.
  • michael 2020-02-15 Verified purchase
    I was looking for an antenna to use since I ...
    I was looking for an antenna to use since I cancelled my cable. This works perectly can pick up HD stations with no problem.
  • Craig 2021-04-12 Verified purchase
    Item arrived on time and was as advertised Look at ...
    Item arrived on time and was as advertised Look at the star rating to see what I thought of it.
  • RedwoodGal 2021-10-12 Verified purchase
    Affordable and Does the job Well
    Simple setup. Pulls in stations very, very, well (we live in a bad area for OTA signals). Would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable, effective, indoor antenna.
  • robertoflay 2020-08-30 Verified purchase
    great for picking up free over the air channels
    great for picking up free over the air channels
  • Vazquez 2020-06-26 Verified purchase
    Great indoor Antenna!
    Great indoor Antenna!
  • isadore 2021-06-14 Verified purchase
    just as expected, excellent price
    just as expected, excellent price
    we have sucessfully cut the cable and this antenna picks up about 30 local Louisville channels
  • Angela 2021-12-30 Verified purchase
    It works great! Thank you
    I received the product exactly how it was described by the seller. It works great! Thank you!
  • SHINUALD 2020-07-29 Verified purchase
    Awesome Antenna Leaf
    Our Client is very pleased with these. We purchased 3. Great reception.
  • Robert 2021-04-06 Verified purchase
    Great Product
    Super-strong reception!!!
  • Tracy 2021-08-29 Verified purchase
    Works great!
    Picked up 45 channels before I even attached it to the window. Getting another one for the other TV. Fell down a couple of times, but i just added extra velcro attachments...
  • Fire 2021-11-19 Verified purchase
    Works great. I leave it connected in case the cable ...
    Works great. I leave it connected in case the cable goes out.
  • Anne 2022-03-29 Verified purchase
    Bye bye Comcast!
    Works like a charm!
  • Chihuahua 2021-11-11 Verified purchase
    Great value for a QUALITY product
    I Live right in a larger city that does not require any amplified signals. This antenna is refurbished. Came in a sealed plain box from gped marked "open". Included directions and coiled cable. This antenna is probably the best antenna I have tried in the past couple years. It was purchased for an extra TV upstairs but does outperform my other flat hard case RCA for the same price. Highly recommended even in refurb condition. Easy to move or hang on door to pull in a couple stations that require twisting the antenna.
  • greytf 2020-11-11 Verified purchase
    Good for value.
    Overall not bad. I live in a wooded suburb and get decent reception to towers about 25 miles away. Reception can be patchy at times, but it is to be expected. Very happy.
  • monacr 2020-10-30 Verified purchase
    Highly recommend if you are able to stream This and streaming ...
    I now own two of these and with streaming I am cable free!!!!!
    Highly recommend if you are able to stream This and streaming and you too will be cable free.
  • Christopher 2020-01-22 Verified purchase
    Works Great!
    Worked so great on one TV I bought a second. And it works great on that TV too.
  • Carreem 2021-02-25 Verified purchase
    First step to cut the cord - no more fat bills for the cable services
    Never thought an antenna will look like this one. Neat, no nails, no screws, blends in the decor.
    Performance superb. Dont know if it is because I live near to most of the transmission towers.
    Also I do not know whether the credit is due to the antenna or the quality of transmission, especially HD transmission.
    Totaly satisfied.
  • Hawley 2022-05-28 Verified purchase
    Brings in all the channels
    Perfect antenna
  • Ms 2021-09-19 Verified purchase
    Worth it
    I get a clear picture that looks just like I have cable. This has worked well for me for over a year. I’m buying a second one today.
  • Larry 2021-09-25 Verified purchase
    It WORKS! Buy it.
  • Maria 2021-04-28 Verified purchase
    Se ven muchos canales la pueden comprar
    Funciona es excelente
  • David 2021-12-24 Verified purchase
    Worked great
    Worked exactly as advertised!
  • Lisa 2021-04-08 Verified purchase
    Like it
  • tina 2020-05-06 Verified purchase
    Trees cannot block this signal.
    It is wonderful.
  • musiclady 2021-01-16 Verified purchase
    Great Product
    I purchased 2 of these antennas for a neighbor. I had bought this antenna for myself in 2014 and I noticed that the coaxial cords that came with hers was about twice as thick as mine. A nice update for her benefit. She was amazed at how clear the channels came in and the pictures were. She was very happy with her purchase. (I switched out my cable for a Cat 6 and rescanned my tv and I got an extra channel and the picture quality did seem to improve a little. But it was really good to begin with.) Wind and storms will interfere with the picture quality but that is not the fault of the antenna. Just think of all the money you will save by cutting the cord. A top quality indoor antenna which I highly recommend.
  • cathy 2021-06-30 Verified purchase
    Met my needs
    Very easy to set up. I live in rural area and was able to only get one TV station . Which was no surprise.
  • Jazmine 2021-02-03 Verified purchase
    Amazing picture quality
    Less than 4 minutes from box to wall. Amaxing picture quality
  • evaline 2020-04-01 Verified purchase
    Brought in a lot of channels
    Brought in a lot of channels
  • Jonathan 2021-08-24 Verified purchase
    Item is great
  • karen 2021-05-05 Verified purchase
    It works!
    So quick and easy and i got to stop paying xfinity monthly!
  • Ray 2021-10-02 Verified purchase
    The product is very affordable and works well.
    The antenna works well--as advertised!!
  • Bob 2021-01-10 Verified purchase
    Very pleased
    Installed this in a high rise apartment building where rabbit ears picked up zero stations Put this in the window and got about 8 stations. So very pleased. The picture is great.
  • Peter 2020-02-01 Verified purchase
    Resd instructionsfor proper installation.
    Absolutely the best digital reception!.Other products do not compare.
  • BGrant 2021-07-30 Verified purchase
    Fabulous antenna!
    This little antenna works like a charm. I really like how thin and small it is. I hung it up behind my tv on the wall so it is hidden. I purchased it when my Satellite provider decided not to carry a couple of my local channels. I can now tune into several local channels for free with this antenna! As soon as my contract is up with my Satellite provider I will be dropping them and using this little antenna along with my Netflix. No more of my local channels being held hostage by Satellite companies for extremely high prices!
  • Martin 2021-10-06 Verified purchase
    Great product depending where you live.
    Brilliant free tv.
  • SFR 2021-01-07 Verified purchase
    V. good TV antenna
    Compact and simple to install, good signal reception covers all major digital and non-digital stations in the Washington Metro area without using the amplifier that comes with some models.
  • Melinda 2022-05-08 Verified purchase
    It works! I installed it in the Dallas Fort Worth metro and can see NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS and more!!
    Setup is simple. Television reception is excellent! After making this one-time purchase, I have no monthly cable tv bill!
  • Robert 2021-01-23 Verified purchase
    Love putting it to cable tv
    Hung this on the wall behind tv and recieved roughly 4 channels. I live in an old plaster home. Decided to hack into the cable tv/ internet splitter in the attic since we cut cable tv. Threw this thing over a rafter and bingo! 27 channels! Works great!
  • Marshall 2020-09-03 Verified purchase
    gped Leaf 30 works perfectly well
    The gped Leaf 30 replaces an old RCA square plastic thing that we had to move around depending on which channel we were trying to dial in. The Leaf is taped onto a window behind the curtain and picks up every channel. More or less invisible and solid antenna.
  • Patrick 2021-10-01 Verified purchase
    This is the best antenna I have purchased so far!
    It was easy to install and actually picks up stations better than my previous antenna.
  • SL 2020-11-27 Verified purchase
    Love gped!!!
    This brought in better reception, not so pixelated for 34 channels.
  • SunKissedLady 2020-10-22 Verified purchase
    A Great Way to Watch Network TV
    It is everything the description states. Works beautifully and saves a bunch on a cable bill!
  • Bob 2021-01-03 Verified purchase
    Use a hanger
    Coat hanger worker just as good
  • Richter 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    Very happy
    Plugged right in and got like 45 channels which include the majors and now I have at least some regular TV, all of the local news and NFL. Great decision if you don’t have cable TV anymore
  • Sean 2022-02-08 Verified purchase
    Good product and even better after a 25% discount. :-)
    We live approximately 16-18 nautical miles from broadcast centers in Atlanta, GA which are to the NW of us. The antenna is being used in an upstairs bedroom on the SE corner of the house. After moving it in front of a window facing South, we were still able to pick up 33 channels. The picture quality and reception are both excellent.
  • DaleLillie 2021-05-02 Verified purchase
    Works as claimed
    I am able to pull in 41 perfect channels. Much better than I expected.
  • Thomas 2022-03-24 Verified purchase
    You get what you pay for
    Cord is to short
  • state 2021-03-10 Verified purchase
    Should have bought this first time around..
    I bought this after getting tired of looking at my attic style antenna sitting on the floor. Not only does this antenna hide behind my TV but I get better reception. My TV is mounted in my basement on a brick fireplace so reception had always been spotty. Not anymore!
  • BigDog 2020-05-08 Verified purchase
    Saving a ton of money
    No more cable or satellite bills. Just prime video. Antenna to get news and a couple stations
  • Joe 2021-07-27 Verified purchase
    Just as advertised
    I was able to get all of the standard channels plus the subsidiary channels. Very happy with it.
  • Smj 2021-05-07 Verified purchase
    Serves the purpose
    Had to hang in the window for good reception. Received freeze panes whenever a plane flew overhead.
  • RS 2021-11-28 Verified purchase
  • HerWoodworking 2021-03-30 Verified purchase
    What’s not to like?
    What’s not to like? It brings in so many channels to watch. Funny story—my sister asked how it worked in my camper. I tossed the gped on the floor, scanned for channels and brought in 10 more channels than where I had it on the wall.
  • Kasia 2020-09-12 Verified purchase
    Works very well and I'm so glad it's American made!
    Easy to install and picks up about 47 channels; although I only watch a few. I am not very far from station towers and have it facing their direction toward the city at the top of my wall. It did not work as well on the window.
  • john 2021-09-05 Verified purchase
    The picture quality from the gped on our non-HD Samsung TV was spectacular
    It was easy to install to get a great signal from the transmitter about 15 miles away on Lookout Mountain. The picture quality on our non-HD Samsung TV was spectacular -- I know that may be an overused term but the picture was so clear and brilliant, I just had to take a minute to look at it and wonder if we had a new HD TV . Very happy with the purchase and would highly recommend the gped. Just for additional detail, the gped is on an outside wall that just happens to have direct line-of-sight to the transmitter on Lookout Mountain with so structures in the way , so I cannot comment on the picture quality if there were any walls or buildings in between the signal and the gped
  • Antall 2020-12-13 Verified purchase
    It Works as Well as They Claim
    Great product. We cut the cord with cable last year and use this to pick up local channels in California. Be aware of your distance from broadcast towers. You can find these online. I you are more than 30 miles, you may have a problem with positioning the antenna.
  • Matt 2021-11-08 Verified purchase
    Love this antenna
    Got rid of cable and use this for local network broadcasts. Exceptional reception and picture quality.
  • Filoli 2020-01-14 Verified purchase
    Very Good Reception
    Able to get more channels than other three antennas I had previously purchased. Am very happy with this one.
  • Scott 2021-11-23 Verified purchase
    Works in big city
    Works in midtown
  • Anne 2021-01-19 Verified purchase
    Great antenna
    I love not spending money on cable and getting great television reception. I get CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS (2 stations in Austin), Fox, and another 30 or so stations over the airwaves with the gped leaf antenna. I pinned it behind my wall-mounted smart TV so it doesn’t even show.
  • Carol 2021-04-19 Verified purchase
    Got rid of cable
    Finally free of cable. Everyone in my family purchased this antenna and we all love it.
  • Vodka 2021-07-15 Verified purchase
    More Channels than advertised
    Great product, works great.
  • Arthur 2022-01-22 Verified purchase
    Great product
    Liked the ease of inatall
  • David 2020-03-07 Verified purchase
    Easy installation, easy setup, nice picture quality!
  • Gail 2022-05-21 Verified purchase
    Home improvement
    Love it 30 channels no big cable bill
  • The 2022-02-27 Verified purchase
    So easy to install. Cut the cable and can watch local channels now.
  • Luis 2020-09-06 Verified purchase
    Actually worked!
    Easy product to use and Install. It works.
  • mark 2020-08-29 Verified purchase
    Works Great
    Works great and the price was right. . No more cable for ME!
  • GIOVANNA 2020-04-18 Verified purchase
    Very cool
    Easy to install in our garage, matches the wall. Very useful. Would recommend.
  • Kathy 2021-06-08 Verified purchase
    Bought for cable and with coronavirus..not taking any chances. Got about 30 channels in her apartment.
  • Bobby 2021-09-09 Verified purchase
    Great Value works well
    Great value purchase on this antenna. I got it for a fraction the price of new and it is just like new, and works very well in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
  • Jonathan 2021-07-07 Verified purchase
    Good VHF/UHF antenna that easily blends in.
    This is a great antenna that I would highly recommend to others. It has a detachable coaxial cable, picks up both VHF and UHF frequencies, and is hardly noticeable (even less so if you paint it to match the wall).

    There is ~15 miles of fairly flat land between my house and the tv transmission towers, and this antenna has no issues picking up the signals.

    I would buy this again.
  • christine 2022-04-05 Verified purchase
    Exactly as expected
    Does exactly what it says it does.
  • Beach 2020-05-02 Verified purchase
    Brings in 50+ channels
    Just plugged it in, hung it on the wall near the TV, and rescanned the channels. Brings in over 50 local channels. A good bargain - no cable fees.
  • James 2020-10-11 Verified purchase
    Works fine
    Works fine.
  • David 2021-11-09 Verified purchase
    Thumbs Up!
    Works. Light weight. Flexible. Happy with results. Compared results with a powered unit and no significant difference observed.
  • don 2020-08-03 Verified purchase
    Getting good channels very clear
    Everything giod
  • daniel 2020-11-03 Verified purchase
    Lots of channels
    Good reception
  • nardel 2021-07-27 Verified purchase
    you can watch the news withaout cable
    Nice size, and color. Fitted well on the wall. It will allow you to watch major stations.
  • Nicky 2021-01-25 Verified purchase
    Easy to set up
    Able to get a lot of local channels. Sometimes it’s fuzzy but most the time it’s good.
  • Elizabeth 2020-02-27 Verified purchase
    Works wee great price
    Easy set up
  • Mueller 2021-07-07 Verified purchase
    Great reception with it.
  • Richard 2021-10-10 Verified purchase
    Think hard on why you are keeping cable when this product is so great!
    Better than cable when cable is working.
  • Abe 2022-03-30 Verified purchase
    Great quality
    It pulled in more channels than my previous one that had an amp.
  • Thomas 2020-07-14 Verified purchase
    Good range
    Easy to install. Just screw onto tv and use pins to secure to wall.
  • Noah 2020-12-10 Verified purchase
    Cheap cable but great picture quality
    The coaxial cable that comes with it is kinda cheap feeling, but it works great.
  • dogs 2021-05-02 Verified purchase
    The Floor
    Works like a charm so long as we leave it on the floor. I dropped it by accident when we were checking different places on the wall and window. The best reception to be found for all of our channels was literally on the floor. Go figure! lol
  • RC 2021-05-04 Verified purchase
    I bought this for my room for my new TV and it works fine so far. Very easy to install. I used the adhesive from Command hooks to secure it better on the wall and for easy removal. I would recommend this product.
  • James 2022-01-09 Verified purchase
    The product works as advertised
    The product works as advertised
  • Janet 2022-06-02 Verified purchase
    Easy set up.
    I do not have cable tv.
    I plugged it in and immediately got a lot of over the air channels.
  • Brenda 2020-01-23 Verified purchase
    Great antenae
    So easy - and nothing seems easy to me!! Take it out of the box, connect with cord included and stick on wall with push pins, also included. Picture very clear and I live with tons of very tall trees! Price was great!
  • Melissa 2020-11-01 Verified purchase
    Easy to install.
    Easy to install and I get all local channels and more!
  • adam 2022-02-13 Verified purchase
    Works great
  • Barbara 2021-01-26 Verified purchase
    Saving money. No more satellite.
    Easy to install. Getting channels I didn’t know existed. Glad I “cut the cord”.
  • William 2020-03-20 Verified purchase
    Better than paying high cable bill
    Pulled in over 70 stations here in my area..only had to move it a couple times to improve reception..clear picture
  • Public 2020-03-08 Verified purchase
    Better than my old rabbit ears
    Works as expected ... better than my old rabbit ears. I get more channels and better reception.
  • Rutherford 2020-08-18 Verified purchase
    Great product
    This works great, good enough for me to buy another one...
  • bob 2022-06-02 Verified purchase
    Very good
    Perfect alternative to cable
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About This Item

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Cut The Cable Now & Enjoy Free TV Show With Your Family
  • FREE HD Program for Life: Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! Our HDTV Antenna can get access to your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more. Absolutely FREE forever.
  • 120 MILES Long Range: Generally, the Antenna should be kept far from disturbance source, air conditioner/refrigerator/microwave oven, etc. Antenna amplifier is included to provide added range and maximum signal reception for more channels if you are far away from broadcast towers.
  • Strong Signal Reception: Amplified indoor aerials with 120 miles and 1080P 4K/VHF/UHF/FM stronger reception, detachable amplifier booster and 16.5ft high-performance coax cable. Amplified aerial can be placed almost anywhere in your home
  • Ultra-Thin Design: The super soft, unobtrusively thin design and powerful reception capabilities make this antenna a top choice for any home.
  • FULL HD CRYSTAL-CLEAR TV & HD SOUND QUALITY: Our smart tv antenna adopts upgraded Powerful 2020 Amplifier Signal Booster with built-in Smart IC Chip Next generation & Crystal Clear Filter Technology to picks up signals within 120 miles range. The new technology filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in clearer pictures, low noise and access to more free broadcast TV signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance.
  • Before You Purchase: Please first visit "" to check how many broadcast towers surrounding you within 120 miles. Discover how many FREE CHANNELS are available from your local broadcasters. HDTV antenna pulls in hundreds of crystal clear digital & HD shows! Receives free HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more without monthly bills.


  • Working Frequency : VHF(170-240Mhz) \ UHF(470-860Mhz) Compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p, HD, 4K | ATSC
  • Impedance: 75 Ω
  • LNA Gain: 30dB
  • Connectors: F Male
  • Reception Range: 120 MILES
  • Size:250*225*0.6mm
  • High Performance Coax Cable : 1.5C-2V / Black L=16.5ft.
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power supply connector: USB

What’s You Get
  • 1*HDTV Antenna with 16.5ft coaxial cable
  • 1*Amplifier
  • 1*Instructional Manual
  • 3*3M Stickers


  • "" is run by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters. The interface hasn’t changed in over a decade, but it’s simple and the information is useful. Please visit website and find out what channels are available in your area
  • "TV Fool" is more complex but gives a lot more detail including gorgeous plots of theoretical signal strength
  • Strongly recommended without obstacles such as big trees, buildings or hills. Do not place the antenna in the basement or low-lying areas where the radio signal is very poor.
  • The actual receivable range may highly depend on your distance and location. Areas with large obstructions such in valleys, mountains, etc. will reduce effective range.
  • Always re-scan channels after moving the indoor antenna, the result may be better.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If a signal cannot be received with the amplifier, remove the antenna amplifier and try again.
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