2021 Newest HD TV Antenna up 160 Miles Range-Indoor Antenna Support 4K 1080P


2021 Upgraded AmplifierOur smart tv antenna adopts upgraded with new generation smart switch control powerful amplifier signal booster with built-in smart IC chip next generation & crystal clear filter technology to picks up signals within 160 miles r

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  • shelly2040 2021-06-21 Verified purchase
    Worth the money.
    I would rather not pay for cable tv since I don’t spend a lot of time watching. The major networks, PBS, and several others are accessible with gped and so far, unless it is extremely stormy outside, the picture is perfect.
  • MARYLOU 2022-01-25 Verified purchase
    SUPER EASY to install and set up. I ran the TV’s ’channel locator’ and had local TV in minutes! Great product!
  • Larry 2021-03-21 Verified purchase
    Best if you can place near a window.
    I bought 2 and put on 42" wall mounted TV’s in bedrooms where I did not have a good place to have a cable box. I painted them later and the pins that hold them in place and could not tell that it altered the works at all. One is semi hid behind one tv and the other one is in full sight above the TV for best reception.
  • Luke 2021-09-14 Verified purchase
    Cable TV v.s. Free TV
    Cut the cord with Spectrum after 21 years. Plugged this in without the outlet booster and got 43 HD channels. ABC, NBS, CBS, FOX, WB. Ordering 3 more fory other tv’s.
  • Sumy 2021-08-15 Verified purchase
    It works well enough.
    Only complaint is that the weight of the cord tends to pull it off wall/window, which I’ll deal with, but mostly happy with reception. Doesn’t grab some of the weaker signals, even those just 8 miles from house.
  • me190E 2021-02-06 Verified purchase
    It works as advertised.
    It’s in my window and receives the local stations very well. Reception is as good as cable or satellite. And I don’t pay for cable or satellite. Love it.
  • Tracie 2021-07-22 Verified purchase
    Cut the cord still get local TV
    I love this so much I have two. I cut the cord with cable and I’m not looking back. This gets my the local news stations. I paint it the color of my walls so you barely notice it.
  • LauraB 2021-04-29 Verified purchase
    Works great!
    Way better than the more expensive one I bought a few years ago. Turns out I didn’t need that one. This is the one. and cheaper. Yeah! I live in downtown city area amongst high rises and was having trouble, thought my picture quality was because of that even though stations were not that far away, but after some online research decided to give this Antenna a try and it is the bomb.
  • Cash 2021-04-15 Verified purchase
    it works perfectly!
    Who would believe that this little flat thing stuck to a wall with a push pin would be such a great antenna? It’s made me a believer!
  • Arrowslice 2020-12-01 Verified purchase
    Great Antenna for my garage!
    I hooked up this antenna to my, TV in the garage and it recognized about 50 channels right away! I definitely recommend getting this if you’re thinking about placing it somewhere similar like I did. It’s not really a "Bedroom Antenna" so if you’re looking for something like that, then try a clearstream max antenna. That’s what I have in my room and it works great.
  • SJR 2021-05-04 Verified purchase
    Great Picture Quality
    This is the best picture I’ve ever received on my television. I had another similar antenna and was always fighting with it to try to get decent reception. The first time I turned on my TV with the antenna, it was like watching cable TV. I’m ordering another one for my other television now.
  • Kosar#19 2020-12-26 Verified purchase
    Always scoffed at inside TV antennas
    For years I’ve been putting up outside antennas for family n friends to catch the local TV stations. It’s a lot of work, but I never found an inside antenna that worked well in remote NW Ohio to catch the Fort Wayne IN channels for local news. Mom just bought a condo n I was ready do all that Flintstone antenna stuff ..in the cold w taking the wire through the attic and into her kitchen counter. My son convinced me that inside antennas had improved especially the gped Leaf antennas. OMG was he right. It’s a 15min install...putting the small flat panel in the back of a kitchen cupboard and using a supplied co-ax cable to join the antenna n TV. Did a remote control scan n pulled in all the available Fort Wayne channels and with a great "picture." And never once had to worry about falling through the attic:-) Paired this with what looks like a computer monitor...an LG 22" inch TV (22 LJ 4540. 1080p LED TV)that was rated best for watching the screen at an angle. Which is perfect for my mom walking around her kitchen.
  • Gronowski 2021-12-10 Verified purchase
    Finally a Antenna that can get more channels
    I’ve tried several different indoor antennas and never got more then 5 channels. This was my last attempt at a indoor antenna, and I’m glad I got this one. I live 10 to 44 miles from the broadcasting towers in my area, and the channels come out perfect. I get more then 40 channels with wonderful clarity. I have this antenna and a fire stick, and get so many more channels now then I did when I was paying for cable. I’m now saving over two hundred dollars a month. I’m extremely happy with this purchase.
  • Lee 2021-04-29 Verified purchase
    Love it
    We pick up 36 digital channels with our antenna in the window beside our tv. Great for when the dish isn’t working (any time it rains.)
  • VV 2020-12-06 Verified purchase
    I got something like 27 channels
    I lived in the DC area, I got something like 27 channels. When I moved away to a more remote area I got none. Gave one to a friend in Baltimore she also got a bunch of channels. Always check "TVfool" online before you buy this kind of antenna to see if you’ll actually get any reception
  • Kurtis 2021-08-13 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    Best antenna I’ve ever owned. My last antenna had a powered filter/amplifier and it still was nowhere near this good. I’ve never had this many channels. Plus, it’s so light, you can pin it to the wall instead of nailing it
  • RH24 2021-10-25 Verified purchase
    Give it a try, if you’re giving up cable.
    I’ve used the product for a week and I would recommend it to anyone giving up cable. It works great I know have my local stations without the fuss. If you can get over having to hang the product on the wall and it not being aesthetically pleasing you’ll be okay. I was able to pull in about 49 channels, I only feel I truly need 5. Another downside is channels will go fussy, time unknown. So far a good product, I would recommend it to family and friends.
  • Alexa 2021-06-06 Verified purchase
    So happy with this product
    So happy with this product. We get a ton of local channels now, with a great picture. I hoped to get the local news/football with an ok picture, but this has exceeded all of my expectations. It’s small and thin, making it easy to place where needed without it being an eye-sore.
  • History 2021-09-02 Verified purchase
    Works as promised.
    Read several comment from multiple sources and this inexpensive, easy to install antenna works as promised. It is thin, and uses a couple of pushpins so doesn’t require damaging walls. Get almost all the channels I used to when I lived in a building with a roof antenna.
  • Sandy 2021-03-08 Verified purchase
    Free stations. Works great
    Picture is great. I receive all the major stations and a lot of quirky ones. Better than paying a lot of money for stations I don’t watch.
  • Book 2021-10-25 Verified purchase
    Works well, white cords are a plus in my decor
    This was a replacement for a gped Leaf antenna that I had for about 5 years. It’s reception started deteriorating in the last year. After tinkering with it, I decided to replace it. I first tried some other antenna options, but none had white cords like the Leaf, which disappear more readily in my decor. So I ordered this one and have been very happy with it. It receives about the same number of channels, and reception is good even on fairly windy days. I guess they don’t last forever, but they are reasonable enough if the life span is only 5 years.
  • Justin 2021-06-23 Verified purchase
    Far better than an amplified one I tried!
    It doesn’t make any sense to me but this one is the best antenna I’ve tried yet, even over amplified ones. I bought this because consumer reports rated it very well, so I tried it. I love it and would highly recommend.
  • JayDee 2021-05-31 Verified purchase
    Very satisfied!
    I’ve had mine for 5 years now. Brings in more channels than I expected. Very satisfied!
  • Mack 2021-11-03 Verified purchase
    This antenna is perfect in my condo
    This antenna is perfect in my condo. I’ve only had one issue and that when it was during 80 mph winds, so it certainly wasn’t anything the antenna did. It’s perfect for still getting the local stations, without having to get cable.
  • Eric 2021-01-17 Verified purchase
    Great product! Buy one and get you some free ...
    Great product! Buy one and get you some free Local HD 1080p TV. We recently cut the cord on cable and thought we’d try this to get free local stations to go along with our streaming services.The TV towers are 22 miles away. I hooked it up to our 19 yrs old Samsung TV ( yes, i know, we need a new TV) did a scan and was only able to get 10 channels and only 2 local stations, even after moving and scanning in different areas of the room. I was pretty disappointed. I then decided to try and hook it up to our bedroom TV which in only a couple yrs. old, and what do you know...36 channels!!! All the 10 local stations in 1080p.
  • Loerz 2021-07-12 Verified purchase
    and was good to go
    This picks up all the major networks plus some in my semi-rural town. I didn’t even need much adjusting, I just tacked it up, did a channel search, and was good to go.
  • Jesssica 2021-04-20 Verified purchase
    I’ve owned a brand new one before and loved it. This refurbished one works just the same
    I’ve owned a brand new one before and loved it. This refurbished one works just the same! Be sure to check your zipcode to see how many channels you could access from your location before ordering for your own benefit.
  • Jenniffer 2022-01-12 Verified purchase
    This thing is Awesome! Plugged it into the back of the TV ...
    This thing is Awesome! Plugged it into the back of the TV and stuck it to the wall. No adjusting to pick up a signal. Instant free TV. I’m buying one for every room one the house.
  • bargainbob 2021-09-09 Verified purchase
    And the refurbished looks and works like the first one but at half the cost
    I bought a Leaf several years ago which is still in use. I ordered another to replace a bulky TERK which i got before the the LEAF. The old one is coming apart from sun exposure with no obvious problems in reception. And the refurbished looks and works like the first one but at half the cost.
  • Cole 2020-12-20 Verified purchase
    Works Perfectly
    I live in a rural area around 35 miles from my local TV transmitters in Columbia, SC. Grabbed the Leaf 50 expecting half baked reception with the amp and pretty much zero without the amp.

    Mounted it in a Northeast facing window and hooked it up without the antenna to test. To my surprise ALL my expected channels came in crystal clear unamplified. The only channel I’m missing from the market is the local ION-TV channel, but it has an extremely weak signal so I didn’t expect to pick it up anyway.
  • Kevin 2021-12-06 Verified purchase
    Great purchase.
    I was truly guessing as to whether this antenna would work in my location (live in an 8 story concrete loft building and have windows on only one exposure). I’m getting about 50 channels (includes religious channels). I do get all of the network offerings and PBS. Highly recommend.
  • m1tommy 2021-02-15 Verified purchase
    Low Profile for Local Channel Reception
    Works well to receive local channels - easy to install, caveat is that it does need to be placed near a window and possibly very high up (if you have high ceilings). Love the low profile (it can be hung up flat against a wall). No more unsightly, bulky rabbit ears and this is so affordable if you don’t want/need cable or satellite.
  • Rick 2021-04-29 Verified purchase
    Helped me say bye-bye to Suddenlink cable
    Works exactly like a brand new one at a fraction of the price. I bought two of these for different locations in our house, and both work superbly. One of them had a bit of visible wear near the attachment "pin holes" in the upper corners, but not only do you need a magnifying class to see it, it doesn’t affect functionality at all.

    Although the antenna itself is refurbished, it was supplied with a new cable and new mounting hardware.
  • Ruben 2021-09-18 Verified purchase
    Worth it, definitely worth it.
    Dude, this is definitely worth it. I had an RCA one that was "flat" (about half an inch thick probably) and I only picked up a couple of channels, probably 7, 6 of which were in spanish because I live in Mexico, USA (Otherwise known as the RGV, Texas) but after I got this leaf and hooked it up, I was getting every channel in the valley. It’s great. I get ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, NBC and all their sub channels as well as like, a million spanish channels now, which sucks cause I don’t speak spanish, but at least I get to watch football on Fox now, which I couldn’t before.
  • tlk4334 2022-01-13 Verified purchase
    Great way to supplement my other cord cutting measures
    This is a game changer. I live 15 miles outside of a major US city and I get flawless HD on CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC. Just watched the Pens/Sharks game the other night, crystal clear HD. Great way to supplement my other cord cutting measures. I have the thing laying down on a table and it’s still in HD. LOVE it. Remember to switch you TV to "Antenna", not just "Cable" when you search for channels. I get 15 channels, only about half of which I personally want, but they are great. If you’re looking for basic HD on your local stations, this is the way to go.
  • Gartland 2021-05-04 Verified purchase
    Great in Twin Cities South Metro
    Great for cutting the cord in the South Metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I can pick up all our major stations and a few I didn’t even know we had.
  • Mark 2021-12-21 Verified purchase
    It’s a fine product at a fair price
    It’s a fine product at a fair price. As it has no moving parts, I have no idea what "remanufactured" means, but that did not deter me.
  • Manuel 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    Solution for your reception woes.
    Had 0 channels after moving, now I have 20! Great results attaching it to the wall on the "sweet spot" of reception for the favorite local channel, with the 2 included pins (didn’t even know some of the channels).
  • Terry 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    If this doesn’t work, you need a roof mount!
    Absolutely excellent quality. Picks up stations more clearly than any other antenna I’ve used. Very flat, mounts easily, but make sure you’ve found the best, most reliable signal in your home before securing it!
  • Lenci 2021-03-14 Verified purchase
    No Cable Subscription needed when you have this Model Antenna!
    Fantastic antenna. I added this antenna to my kitchen television set that sits in the corner of the room which isn’t near a window at all. Man what a big difference, in the amount of new channels the TV gets now and how clear the screen is for each channel as well. I will be purchasing 3 more of these antennas for the other TV’s in my house.
  • Kathleen 2021-06-11 Verified purchase
    I’m a total text, handywomen idiot but was able ...
    I’m a total text, handywomen idiot but was able to set this up without any problem. I’m in an area that has may channels.
  • firepit 2021-01-22 Verified purchase
    The best on the market
    some things are worth every penny.

    I’ve tried over half a dozen of these flat panel antennas. This is the best
  • MysFam 2021-05-31 Verified purchase
    Execeed our expectations
    Exceeded my expectations. Can’t tell a difference between the chanel quality of cable (Direct TV) and this antenna.
  • alphaboy 2020-12-21 Verified purchase
    Great product, excellent reception and very thin
    Great product, excellent reception and very thin, can easily be hidden behind TV or painted onto wall. Too bad there’s not an equally thin coax cable to pair with this beauty.
  • Tim 2021-10-23 Verified purchase
    works great.
    I bought this to replace a panasonic amplified antenna. The panasonic served me well for years, but at my new apartment in Denver, I wasn’t facing a good direction and unless I held the antenna in the midair, there was no good spot. The gped gave me my channels back, mostly because I could secure it to a window where the reception was best (using the velcro stickers). The included push pins were used to guide the cord along the wall.
  • JamesA 2021-11-01 Verified purchase
    gped Antenna
    I am in love with gped! I got rid of cable, except for the Internet, and I have these antennas in all 5 rooms where I have TV’s. Of course, it is true what they say: They work better next to a window. But, I tried a couple other antennas, and they just didn’t work as well as gped!
  • SMR 2021-09-12 Verified purchase
    AMAZING! We had purchased a less expensive antenna and got a few channels but saw a comment on this product on a website called Disable My Cable [...] You can type in your zip code and see what channels you can get in your area. We purchased this antenna and hooked it up immediately. Viola we have all the stations we wanted especially NBC which didn’t come in with the less expensive antenna. Now we can watch the Olympics and NFL Football. So worth the money! We are now buying a second one for our other TV!
  • Amy 2021-04-09 Verified purchase
    Love it, took no time at all to set ...
    Love it, took no time at all to set and hook up, and I get everything locally with no problems. Since i stream everything else, now I don’t have to worry about getting a bunch of separate apps on my Fire TV for local stuff.
  • Andrew 2022-01-23 Verified purchase
    Installation was easy - just connect the cable to the satellite and ...
    I’ve purchase two of the Leaf 30 antennas and overall the product works as advertised. After going to tvfool.com to see what OTA channels I could get at my house, I ordered the antennas. Installation was easy - just connect the cable to the satellite and your TV and run a channel search. The satellite picked up all the channels I expected and the picture quality is very nice. I have one satellite on a ground floor and one on the 2nd story, and I do not see any difference in picture quality. Both are located at least 10 feet from a window. I’ve used both the push pins included to mount on the wall, as well as masking tape to attached it to the back of a TV stand. I have not painted it, so I cannot comment on how that works.
  • Lorlee 2022-01-09 Verified purchase
    love it but can’t use it
    I love the design and the easy installation. and the reputation of this company. I was unable to use this antenna or any indoor antenna because I live in a valley surrounded by mountains.. I called the company to see what I could do . I spoke to a very friendly woman and she checked my area and told me how sorry she was but this antenna would not work in my area. She was very helpful.
    As I said I would reccomend this repuable company to anyone, Also the product came on time and well packaged.. I’m sorry I mudt return it.
  • Patrice 2021-05-06 Verified purchase
    This one is great!
    I’d previously tried two other styles/models by other manufacturers. This one is great!
  • Andrew 2021-11-10 Verified purchase
    I get great reception. This isn’t really surprising
    This is my only experience with a digital antenna for broadcast television. I get great reception. This isn’t really surprising, as it’s a straight line-of-sight shot to the broadcast antennae a few miles away. Still, it does it’s job and I’m completely satisfied.
  • Messer-Fmly 2021-02-03 Verified purchase
    Would highly recommend it!
    The antenna was delivered fast and packaged well. I live about an hour from the city in a small town in Louisiana and I’ve never caught this many channels before! The antenna looks just like the picture. It has a white side and a black side so you can choose which side matches the setting the best. It came with 2 white pins and 2 black pins to choose from to hang it on your wall. And it also came with sticky pads if you want to hang it in a window or if you don’t want to use the pins.
  • ShireysShineysnShite 2020-12-17 Verified purchase
    It Works Well- best bang for the buck
    We started using it as soon as it arrived and I’ve no complaints. It works very well and can be placed in a discreet location unlike those old fashioned rabbit ears of years gone by. I’m actually online today to purchase another one for a second tv we have.
  • Guillaume 2021-05-29 Verified purchase
    It really work. So happy
    This is what I needed. I didn’t think that it would work well because I have a rca and it doesn’t work well but this I must say works good. I need in between or in the middle of apartments plus I have nothing but trees around me. Direct tv couldn’t work because of the trees. I’m very happy. Let me say it again. This works really good
  • Sheila 2021-08-07 Verified purchase
    Good product. Definitely recommend.
  • MB2200 2021-08-19 Verified purchase
    Satisfied With Results
    Works. You gotta play around with the channels, meaning channel 2 is 33, 4 is 28, 5 is 44 and channel 7 is actually 7. I live in Brooklyn and I got about 30 channels. Took ten minutes to set up. Comes with circular adhesives and pins to attach to the wall. If you just want local channels, live relatively obstruction free ( top floor apartment ), don’t want to pay for cable, then this is for you.
  • charmcitygal 2021-03-09 Verified purchase
    Considering Cutting the Cord? This is a GREAT First Step
    Oh my goodness! The gped Leaf 30 is wonderful. I had a 2008 Vizio TV that wasn’t connected to the internet/cable/WiFi. I have been considering "cutting the cord" and thought that the gped Leaf 30 was a great way to give this a try with a TV not connected to anything. WOW! Easy to set up. 60+ channels including all my local NBC, CBS, ABC stations PLUS 4 Public Television options. I recommend this product UNCONDITIONALLY! I bought two - now I get to gather the courage to cut the cord on BOTH TVs.
  • Peterson 2021-05-15 Verified purchase
    Great product. Easy install n set up
    Great product. Easy install n set up.
    I got 49 channels that I kept, but total channels closer to 85-90. A lot of Spanish stations, which I can’t speak so I hid them. Wow, we had no idea what quality FREE TV is out there. All my local network and PBS channels. I’m running a test in bedroom with no cable attached, just Roku and Leaf antenna. I’m almost ready to cut the cord.
    Quality of Leaf antenna is excellent and picture clarity better than cable. Do it if you’re thinking about it. Its absolutely a great investment.
  • Nelson 2021-09-02 Verified purchase
    I’ve tried several other Antenna’s and this one work better than any !
    Works very well, I’ve tried several other Antenna’s and this one work better than any one
  • Mark 2021-07-08 Verified purchase
    Initially reception seemed fine, once I got it in the right spot( ...
    Initially reception seemed fine, once I got it in the right spot( moved it three times for best reception). Now it pixilates frequently, even after running a channel scan. I know I’m within the 30 mile range, but might need to think about getting the 60 to ensure signal reception.
  • Lagome 2021-11-03 Verified purchase
    Nice Product, but could be better
    This is a nice product - it allows us to watch TV without having to pay for cable TV, which we don’t watch much, nor do we miss it. When we get a local channel, it comes in very clear - as good as cable - but unfortunately, it is not as easy to find a place to hang the antenna as promised. We checked the site to see where and how far the stations are - 20 miles, so we bought the Leaf 30. We had high hopes, but the only place that it works is by hanging in our front window, with the cable dangling in the room. As a result, we have to keep taking it down when we are not watching TV. Plus, if it is raining the signal is weak and it varies during the day and evening. Not sure if it is the distance or the signals. Anyway, we like it, but wish it worked better.
  • Claudine_photos 2022-01-31 Verified purchase
    Great antenna, though I was hoping to get more channels.
    I don’t get as many channels as I thought I’d get. Tried moving it to several areas to see if more channels would pop up. Found the best place offers 14 channels of which NBC, ABC and Fox are included, but not CBS. Apparently other people with same antenna brand have trouble getting CBS in our area as well. The image is great and crystal clear so far. We get a few other channels I have never heard of, but they take me back in time as they only seem to show old TV shows like Hogan’s Hero’s and The Love Boat, etc. Seems funny to use an antenna and all of a sudden go back in time 25+ years to old TV. It’s nice though as TV was a lot funnier back then and not as crass as today’s shows. Not worth returning antenna, but sure would be nice to get all 4 main channels. Come on CBS !
  • RV 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Eh...not any better than my current rabbit ears.
    I’m giving this three stars to be generous, as I think the problem is half the antenna and half the location of my apartment.Location - Chicago suburb. I’m about 10 miles from the towers. Per gped’s website I should be able to receive all channels with the Leaf 30, and to be fair, it did receive the channels - intermittently. Any wind or weather at all will cause pixelation. Which is the exact problem that I was trying to cure by replacing my old antenna (a pair of rabbit ears). Plus the best reception for some channels is in the opposite side of the window than others, meaning that to get optimal reception I have to constantly move the antenna. Leaf’s design makes this really impractical...this is an antenna that is meant to be placed and left completely alone.
  • Elaine 2021-11-14 Verified purchase
    I was hoping it would work better so I could
    It only works okay at my apartment at the bottom of a hill. I was hoping it would work better so I could watch football and PBS. It only gets a few channels well, and I’m on the top floor of my apartment building.
  • Baron 2021-01-12 Verified purchase
    It works, but you might need more boost
    It’s a good antenna, but you need the range booster where I live to get anything more than a couple channels. I tried hiding the antenna behind the tv but the interference was too much and so now it hangs on the wall next to the tv. If I cover it up, the tv won’t work, so I have to accept it as wall decor.
  • Limey 2021-08-29 Verified purchase
    It works, but it’s not much better than the old rabbit ears I’d been using. Was hoping for something more.
  • FJGarner 2021-12-22 Verified purchase
    It is a good tool for cutting your dependency on cable
    It is a good tool for cutting your dependency on cable. But it’s successfulness is dependent on the type of building your home is and the singal strength it receives.
  • Owen 2020-11-23 Verified purchase
    works, but might not be what your looking for
    It works as advertised, but I only got horrible channels and 80% were in spanish.
  • Michelara 2021-07-31 Verified purchase
    Easy to hang and I like the two different colors ...
    Easy to hang and I like the two different colors on each side. I get some channels, but not as many I had hoped. I think it depends on the location of the antennae.
  • Melanie 2022-01-17 Verified purchase
    Only okay
    Works okay. Nothing spectacular by any means.
  • AkF 2020-06-15 Verified purchase
    Works ok, but does not get all our local ...
    Works ok, but does not get all our local stations (CBS and Fox stations with transmitters within 10 miles). Perhaps some site of interference?
  • Xiomara 2021-11-28 Verified purchase
    Hit or miss.
    I wanted an antenna since I don’t have cable and this does the job. But a few things came to mind over the time I was using it

    1. 30 miles isn’t enough. I feel like I’m located in between some stations so every so often I would lose a channel.
    2. Majority of the channels are those mystery channels you have on your cable package. Aka, reruns of old movies. If that’s your thing, then this is your product.

    3. I forgot about commercials, my oh my. That’s what majority of my viewing time was

    Summary; good product but maybe upgrade the range. Super easy to set up and nearly invisible.
  • Scottish 2021-01-05 Verified purchase
    Hit or Miss
    Picked up four channels and only one in HD though may be due to location. Moving the device in different locations did not help.
  • Dianne 2020-04-02 Verified purchase
    I constantly have to move it to acquire best signal. It does not bring in one local ...
    I constantly have to move it to acquire best signal. It does not bring in one local station less than 10 miles away. Would NOT
    buy again.
  • Colier 2020-10-26 Verified purchase
    No way it has a 30 mile range.
    Easy to setup. Not sure where they come up with a 30 mile range. I am in a metropolitan area and unable to pick up 2 local stations. As well the ones I do pickup stutter, pixilate, and completely cut out. When it works it is good, but find myself having to move it around the living room trying to catch a signal. Reminds me of the old rabbit ear antenna with aluminum foil. I am actually looking to replace it now. Would not recommend unless you live next door to the station.
  • Webster 2020-11-24 Verified purchase
    Worked ok. I guess I needed a longer range ...
    Worked ok. I guess I needed a longer range than 30 miles. In Helotes, Tx. Can only pick up about 8 to 10 channels most of the time. Very thin and flexible.
  • Kate 2021-03-04 Verified purchase
    Doesn't really work.
    It keeps cutting off and on. Hard to watch.
  • Daniel 2020-04-25 Verified purchase
    Pleasing to the eye, but probably better in an urban location.
    Although the antenna worked as well as the one I wanted to replace, it did not perform as well as I expected, probably due to the hilly terrain in my location and the distanxe to any broadcast tower.
  • marshurban 2020-11-19 Verified purchase
    Works great.
    This works better than the one I put outside. I experimented to see which way to turn it, and now I get all the stations.
  • Jacquie 2020-03-16 Verified purchase
    Highly recommend
    Antenna was a good price, range is fantastic, and flat enough to be out of the way. Highly recommend.
  • Deb 2020-04-11 Verified purchase
    Easy to use, good product
    It was easy to connect and set up and it worked immediately.
  • Snowcatt 2022-06-06 Verified purchase
    Very effective antenna
    This antenna works as advertised. Very satisfied.
  • Clinton 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    Cable is bad you should cancel it
    Probably the highest quality/dollar ratio of any product I have ever purchased. Dead simple installation, insanely great results. Even in a basement in Canada it works like a charm.

    Buy this thing.
  • joshuar89 2021-07-02 Verified purchase
    Really great picture. HD.
    Better than I thought it would be. Great picture.
  • YourAverageConsumer 2021-06-06 Verified purchase
    Haven't had cable for years! This is an awesome alternative :-)
    This Antenna was exactly what was advertised. The 30 mile on the Leaf 30 make it possible in Massachusetts to get no the 21-30 channels advertised but 40 Digital TV channels over the Air (Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, MY TV, CW, ION, PBS and several others) as clear as any cable providers. I think it was 43 buck well spent.
  • Overseas 2021-04-30 Verified purchase
    great product
    great product
  • KidNicholas32 2021-08-12 Verified purchase
    High quality and Great Design!
    Amazing how much better this is from an antennae that I had purchased from a box store and hides nicely in our design of our living room. Big fan!
  • Woon 2021-06-01 Verified purchase
    It works like charm!
    It works like charm. Scanned around 30 channels. Honestly, I did not count it. I got the channels I wanted and some of them are in HD too like ABC channel. Not necessary to fix it near to the window. I found it interfere with human body rather than the location of the antenna itself. Easy to fixed. Anyway, I live in Queens, NY. So, the signals might be strong enough for me. Highly recommended!
  • Porter 2021-05-23 Verified purchase
    Works great
    I bought this antenna on the recommendation of the disablemycable website. I also swapped out the coaxial cable that it ships with for an RG6 coaxial cable that I already had at home also on the recommendation of the disablemycable website. I honestly did not try it with the included cable so I cannot compare, but it worked great with the RG6 cable. I live in a suburb of Philadelphia and I was able to pick up a lot of channels. I hung the antenna on my bedroom window. It comes with a couple mounting options, but I just used scotch tape since it is covered by the window blinds. I just ordered a second antenna today for another tv in my basement.
  • Kevin 2021-11-29 Verified purchase
    Awesome antenna reception is crystal clear
  • Moonlit 2021-10-29 Verified purchase
    Works great even not amplified
    Pick up several stations even in the mountains, and very easy to hide. May buy another for a second TV.
  • LKyle 2021-11-08 Verified purchase
    Easy to move around
    Magical! Threw it up on the wall and immediately got ~30 channels over the air. Easy to move around, super light and unobtrusive.
  • Jeremy 2021-08-05 Verified purchase
    Sweet product
    Loved it. Perfect for getting local channels and helping with not paying cable bill
  • Brian 2021-07-30 Verified purchase
    Wonderful product!
    It replaces the cable I have running from our giant outdoor antenna to my workshop, and actually gets better reception!
  • Kimberly 2020-02-05 Verified purchase
    Easy to install
    Fast delivery. Easy to install. Works amazingly well!
  • Sean 2022-04-13 Verified purchase
    extremely happy with this product
    I have gotten over 60 channels, extremely happy with this product.
  • Lhousesprings 2021-09-29 Verified purchase
    Great when you cut the cable bill
    We bought 4 of these when we decided to cut the cable bill. Picked up about 26 channels, works great, even in the basement
  • Susie 2021-08-25 Verified purchase
    Free TV!!!!
    love this I get plenty of channels about 70! Best purchase ever!
  • Tresa 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    This antenna is amazing! We are so pleased with it
    This antenna is amazing! We are so pleased with it...much better than the amplified bunny-ear antenna that we had. No comparison.
  • Elizabeth 2021-11-23 Verified purchase
    I had to move it around to find the sweet spot to get NBC
    I had to move it around to find the sweet spot to get NBC, but once I found it, all channels worked great!
  • Greene 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    Quality product.
    Easy to install. Great reception. Very satisfied.
  • Bulldog_guy 2020-10-15 Verified purchase
    worked great. got many more channels than expected (over 90 ...
    worked great. got many more channels than expected (over 90 HD channels in the Fort Lauderdale area)
  • Cory 2020-05-06 Verified purchase
    Great producgt
    Excellent product. We own a cabin in the Poconos in PA and did not want to pay for cable. This antenna allows use to get the Scranton PA stations. The picture quality is great. Well worth the money.
  • MJ 2020-11-18 Verified purchase
    Excellent Choice for Local!
    Love this. I have Sling TV instead of cable/satellite but was in need of local channels (NFL IS BACK!). This is insanely easy to install - took about 25 seconds and it was done. I was watching an NFL game a minute later. If looking for local channels you cannot go wrong with this.

    PS: I paired mine with an XBOX One and Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner and it works like a charm.Check your area first to see how far away your tower is - the 30 mile radius this has was more than enough for me.
  • Dave 2020-10-12 Verified purchase
    Free HD, livin in the city.
    So far so good, pristine looking FREE HD channels in LA. Perfect for watching sports, the oscars, news, presidential debates. Random things that are live. WITHOUT CABLE! Time Warner, suck it. gped, do not suck it.
  • Suz 2021-04-21 Verified purchase
    Terrific antenna
    After 5, yes 5, indoor antennas this one is terrific. Very similar to Winegard but works so much better.
  • Draper 2022-04-24 Verified purchase
    Great product
    Performs as stated. Good design, easy to use.
  • Emma 2021-01-26 Verified purchase
    I get more channels with this antenna than I did ...
    I get more channels with this antenna than I did with Comcast basic, and the picture is very clear. Wish I had switched years ago!
  • WyndWoman 2022-05-29 Verified purchase
    no cable bill for us
    this unit works great even through our 8" masonry walls. in Tucson we get over 30 on air channels and they come in clearer than the streaming by a long shot. if you live in a city go here [...] to check available channels
  • Krueger 2021-10-17 Verified purchase
    Good antenna.
    works as advertised. I am 30 miles from San Francisco and 20 from San Jose and get stations from both. Unit is hung on wall about 6 ft up.
  • Isaac 2022-03-23 Verified purchase
    These little antenna rock
    These little antennas work awesome. Go gped antenna!
  • Hamley 2021-10-30 Verified purchase
    More than expected...
    The antenna is great for free HD viewing. I receive more than the regular local channels and live in the country. Exactly what I was looking for to save hundreds per year. Do yourself a favor and cut the cord! Ta
  • Mike 2022-01-11 Verified purchase
    Easy to use and really great signal.
    Amazing ! I purchased this for my main level TV, but decided for giggles to give it a try in my basement in the media room (I do have some daylight exposure in the basement). I plugged it in, just put it in the most convenient spot in my media room closet, turned on the TV and bam! great signal, great picture. My Tivo has a strength meter, so I tried moving it around a bit to make the signal a little better, but it was super easy to set up.
  • Jacob 2020-08-23 Verified purchase
    Works great!
    Tried 3 other antennas that even had amplifiers and still struggled to get nearby stations. Hooked up this and able to get all stations clear without having to move the antenna at all. Great stuff!
  • Denise 2020-04-13 Verified purchase
    and it was so easy to install
    I finally quit cable - the cost was ridiculously high. I decided I would get an antenna so I could watch basic television stations, and then I stream extra programming, such as movies, already aired TV shows, and so on. I had heard getting an antenna that works was hit and miss and people I knew had experienced difficulties finding the right one for their area. I went online and found a site that indicated what antenna to use for my area. It was the gped Leaf 30 TV Antenna. I purchased it for a very reasonable price, it arrived in a very timely manner, and it was so easy to install, that I wondered why I had waited so long to order it! It works amazingly with my television and i receive the basic channels I had hoped to receive! Now my television viewing experience is so much better and so much more affordable! Yay! Thank you gped Leaf!!!!!
  • Lucinda 2021-08-29 Verified purchase
    Fabulous product
    What a fabulous product! Immediately cut the cable. Despite difficult natural terrain and distance to towers, I get 24, clear, non pixelating channels here in North Central AZ. I am thrilled, and wish I had cut the Cable a year ago! Thank you gped!
  • Lucy 2021-02-22 Verified purchase
    Great! Really works.
  • Nieves 2020-11-10 Verified purchase
    Antenna works great and the design is very sleek
    Antenna works great and the design is very sleek. It is white on one side and black on the other to go with any décor. Lays flat on the wall and picks up everything possible for my area. An antenna is only as good as the area you are in, the position you place it and the materials of your home. Once properly set up and positioned, you should have no trouble picking up what you need to.
  • Wes 2022-01-16 Verified purchase
    Excellent indoor antenna
    Got 1channel with similar brand-got over 20 with the gped Leaf!
  • Carla 2021-06-12 Verified purchase
    gped Leaf Paper-thin antenna is great!
    The antenna was easy to setup and works great. I recommend it.
  • Kasyy 2021-01-07 Verified purchase
    Works like it should - I can get only 3 channels ...
    Works like it should - I can get only 3 channels but for the back porch to watch the news etc. it fits the bill for us,.
  • Destiny 2020-08-12 Verified purchase
    It was super easy to install and I pick up way more ...
    It was super easy to install and I pick up way more channels than I ever expected. So glad I did this instead of paying for cable.
  • Eugene 2022-01-01 Verified purchase
    The Best HDTV Antenna in the market - Absolutely great performance
    I purchased 2 similar HDTV Antennas. The gped Leaf and another made in Taiwan /china.
    i first used the Taiwan / china antenna. it worked well but from time to time the signal strength and quality kept falling and the picture froze.
    this was happening almost every day.
    i then connected the gped LEAF - i connected it to TWO HD TVs in the Living Room and Bed room - i am absolutely delighted to state that they has never been a break in reception.
    the signal strength goes from 80% to 97% and the signal quality stays at 100% most of the time.
    i live in Singapore, and if you visit you will know that 80% of the population live in High Rise Apartments.
    and yet the reception is absolutely amazing.
    i recommended this to a friend and she bought one straight away.
    LOVE IT - would like to buy another and keep it as a stand-by.
  • Tom 2020-11-16 Verified purchase
    Good reception.
    Piece of cake to set-up. Good reception.
  • James 2020-08-18 Verified purchase
    Very please. Received almost all channels FCC indicates are ...
    Very please. Received almost all channels FCC indicates are available in my area.
  • Errol 2021-07-23 Verified purchase
    like new
    Refurbished, but like new. Great deal.
  • Thomas 2021-05-09 Verified purchase
    Works perfect good product
    Works perfect good product.
  • Mario 2020-02-09 Verified purchase
    Works great. Liked the first one I purchased so much
    Works great. Liked the first one I purchased so much, got a second one for another TV.
  • Zdrazil 2020-10-22 Verified purchase
    A good addition to our TV viewing
    Pick up remote stations. A good addition to our TV viewing.
  • ALFREDO 2022-02-10 Verified purchase
    Never get any interference, Great buy. Who needs cable, when you get great picture with this antenna.
  • Robert 2020-03-17 Verified purchase
    Unobtrusive design. It will take some strategic locating to ...
    Unobtrusive design. It will take some strategic locating to get all stations. Moving 5" up/down left/right makes a difference. The adhesive on the velcro pads failed but I used the existing holes with a couple thumb tacks. Portland, OR.
  • Don 2021-11-23 Verified purchase
    Works great. Have another that I purchased 6 mths ago
    Works great. Have another that I purchased 6 mths ago. This antenna works a well as the first that I paid full original price.
  • Hyphen 2020-05-13 Verified purchase
    easy to use and gets great result
    simple, easy to use and gets great result. Very clear reception.
  • Mooregirl 2022-02-22 Verified purchase
    Great product
    Works great!
  • DandyPatt 2022-04-26 Verified purchase
    Great solution great price
    Works great and the color blends with the wall
  • BlueBird 2022-03-31 Verified purchase
    Great if you are thinking about pulling the plug on ...
    Crisp clear local channels. Great if you are thinking about pulling the plug on cable and saving money.
  • Pierre 2021-01-30 Verified purchase
    Unobtrusive, excellent antenna
    Worked as advertised.
  • Brett 2022-01-24 Verified purchase
    Some stations are not perfect, but after reading up on the signal location ...
    Product work well and connected with a clear signal on the majority of stations in my area. Some stations are not perfect, but after reading up on the signal location distance this made sense.
  • Flesheater 2020-04-26 Verified purchase
    Works great!
    Works great. Looked like new. Quick and easy set up.
  • Toad626 2021-04-15 Verified purchase
    I had to go through and delete a good 30 channels as they were foreign and I only ...
    From LA area. This thing rocks. Picks up so many channels. Leaf 30 model. I had to go through and delete a good 30 channels as they were foreign and I only speak english.
  • Wsmedley74 2021-11-12 Verified purchase
    Great antennae.
    Was able to pick up a number of local channels. No issues.
  • James 2020-08-29 Verified purchase
    Very good
    I have another gped leaf for my family room and this one was for one of my bedrooms. Another one is a brand new one but there was no difference from the original brand new one and this re-certified one.
  • Laura 2020-11-08 Verified purchase
    Exceeds expectations
  • ARN 2022-05-25 Verified purchase
    Hooked it up, worked great, excellent reception in suburban area.
  • newlife249 2021-07-02 Verified purchase
    Works like a magic
    Works like a magic. Based on the tower map, we should be able to get about 40 stations but actually got more than 80, even a analog one. The picture quality is amazing. I order an refurbished one to watch olympics games and he money was well spend.
  • Jacquelyn 2020-02-14 Verified purchase
    New best friend!
    I love this thing! I got 46 free channels and I really enjoy it!
  • chad mccartney 2022-01-03 Verified purchase
    good buy
    dont let the refurbish label fool you, these work great
  • Buyer 2021-03-09 Verified purchase
    This works great!
    No more cable. This works great!
  • LLC 2021-06-12 Verified purchase
    Better than any standard antenna!
    Got 10x the local channels.
  • Regular 2020-06-27 Verified purchase
    This awesome! Major local channels as clear as cable
    This is awesome! Major local channels as clear as cable!
  • Cat 2020-12-19 Verified purchase
    Great design and reception - blends in with the wall
    Paper thin and a breeze to install - took only minutes! Great design and reception - blends in with the wall.
  • Doug 2021-09-24 Verified purchase
    Surprisingly good reception
    Far exceeded my expectations. Have mine mounted inside (yes, inside) the wall cavity beside my TV. Gets over 20 stations. Highly recommend.
  • Charissa 2021-06-11 Verified purchase
    Such a great product!
    Free TV...heck yeah. Super easy to set up, great reception.
  • April 2020-03-22 Verified purchase
    Free from cable bills! Looked up directions of towers ...
    Free from cable bills! Looked up directions of towers in the area, positioned antenna the right way, disconnected cable, never looked back.
  • Nancy 2022-02-01 Verified purchase
    I use this in a basement and live in kind ...
    I use this in a basement and live in kind of a valley. I get more channels with this compared to other similarly priced anntenas.
  • Shelley 2020-03-11 Verified purchase
    Love it since cutting the cord
    Have had it a month and can get 60 channels. Love it since cutting the cord.
  • Tom 2021-04-30 Verified purchase
    Surprisingly good for the channels it gets in my area, Queens NYC
  • Ray 2021-09-07 Verified purchase
    Works great. Crisp HD picture and good reception in the ...
    Works great. Crisp HD picture and good reception in the area. Obviously as it is over the air, the signal would suck during bad weather so you really cannot take points away from it or complain.
  • Darren 2022-05-03 Verified purchase
    Great product.
    Awesome, but sometimes you have to fiddle the position to optimize different channels.
  • Shaw 2020-05-23 Verified purchase
    Great for areas where there is no cable-or your budget ...
    Great for areas where there is no cable-or your budget will not let you buy cable and even students cant afford cable
  • brenda 2021-04-25 Verified purchase
    great purchase for the tv great reception very adjustable Thinking ...
    great purchase for the tv great reception very adjustable Thinking about replacing a few more cable boxes with gped leaf
  • Matt 2021-10-19 Verified purchase
    Great antenna
    Works well once you find the right signal direction. Got a lot of free channels
  • candid 2020-02-21 Verified purchase
    Nice TV antennae
    This got me better reception than I previously had, for my antennae TV, and I glad I purchased it. I put it in my window, and purchased some COMMAND STRIPS to hold it there, which works very well.
  • Jason 2022-04-07 Verified purchase
    Works great. Simply plugged it in to the cable input
    Works great. Simply plugged it in to the cable input, searched for channels, and found 35 crystal clear stations right away. Turns out there are far more than just the three news stations I thought existed. This will make it much easier to cut the cord soon.
  • DevilDogMac 2022-01-28 Verified purchase
    This antenna is a great buy. I had been talking with friends about ...
    This antenna is a great buy. I had been talking with friends about shopping for an antenna and three different people all recommended gped. So I chose this antenna after some research on ranges. I get a great signal on each of the major network channels and there are several other channels I pick up with this antenna. And its true about the picture quality difference between a cable tv service and OTA. OTA picture quality is spectacular. I picked up a cheap steaming service on the side for some additional channels but its great being able to switch over to the antenna and watch something ota. gped has made a fine product and I would absolutely another when I have a need.
  • Dale 2021-07-05 Verified purchase
    An excellent antenna to do away with high cable costs!
    This product works exceptionally well in the Houston, Texas area. We dropped cable to save money as cable simply keeps going up in cost. This antenna works perfectly bringing in well over 70 channels. Of course out of that many our views would be limited to those that we are drawn to. The pictures are in HD, all digital.

    I would highly recommend this antenna for those who fit the description. By that, I reference the range of this antenna as well knowing it does not include an amplifier. That is not needed in my location.

    This is one cable, from the antenna to the back of the television. (We do have a 42" screen and it displays great.) No power plug, no USB plug.
  • Average 2021-08-27 Verified purchase
    Recommend using command strips to mount it to the wall
    Mounted it behind downstairs tv and still receive loads of channels. Recommend using command strips to mount it to the wall.
  • Rodney 2021-03-21 Verified purchase
    Clear HD channels for free!
    You will be surprised how many channels you can pick up with just this simple antenna. Just attach it and run the channel scan. Clear HD channels for free!
  • BSB 2022-01-20 Verified purchase
    Great little antenna
    Great little antenna for the price! Hooked it up, scanned for channels and bingo! I will buy another one for a TV upstairs.
  • HiTekRedNek 2020-11-17 Verified purchase
    Installed in the attic to use in a bedroom. ...
    Installed in the attic to use in a bedroom. Getting into and out of my attic was by far the hardest part of the job.

    Getting about 60+ channels here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex area. Works as intended and hoped for.
  • lee 2021-03-16 Verified purchase
    easy to attach
    This was as advertised, easy to attach, clear reception. My tv was on the 2nd floor. Luv it.
  • Maloney 2022-01-21 Verified purchase
    Get local stations for free
    Gets all my local off air stations. Beats paying for cable, wish I could get ESPN.
  • gwendolyn 2021-01-15 Verified purchase
    Cut cable bill.
    Very good for the money
  • Brian 2021-09-21 Verified purchase
    Installation could not be any easier.
    I was very pleasantly surprised that straight away, it pulled in well over 70 local channels, including all of the majors. And that was without having to play around with orientation; we literally just tacked it to the wall directly behind the TV.
  • Daniel 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    People still pay for cable?
    Worked great. I knew exactly how many channels we would get based on information from their website and it was spot on. We love being able to watch live TV without contracts or extra money paid out to cable companies. For reference we get all of our local big whig channels (CBS, NBC, FOX,ABC) plus quite a few other locals.
  • Paul 2020-02-01 Verified purchase
    Worth the money
    I was considering purchasing a attic antenna and running coax cable for the television downstairs. However, with this relatively inexpensive antenna it is receiving 19 db signals (@ 26 miles) off a ten foot cord whereas two other antennas (one powered) (both off ten foot cords) cut out around 40 to 45 db (@ 18.3 miles) depending on weather. Go to a website called "Grounded Reason"; there is a link to calculate the nearest stations to your address and the signal strength.
  • TROY 2020-07-29 Verified purchase
    gped Antenna nice
    gped has the best antennas out there, great HD picture.
  • SHilsenbeck 2021-09-05 Verified purchase
    Simple Antenna works great.
    I bought two -- one is in the attic (no radiant barrier), and works fantastic. Could not be simpler to hook up. The second is near TV on a wall and reception is not quite as fantastic. Will probably move to the attic to improve the reception.
  • Rose 2020-07-13 Verified purchase
    Clear picture and works great
    Works great!!! I was pleasantly surprised at how clear the picture is compare to the old antennas in my day. You’ll be happy!
  • Hill 2022-05-20 Verified purchase
    Works in the basement!
    Use it on the basement tv and able to still get good reception. Easy set up.
  • JohnM 2022-03-04 Verified purchase
    Better than the Vansky flat antenna
    Hands down this antenna was superior.
  • Jack 2020-10-04 Verified purchase
    Great. Bought a 2nd one
    Works better than expected! Bought a 2nd antenna just because we might watch our other TV
  • Motherof5 2021-04-11 Verified purchase
    It really works
    I got rid of my 123.00 a month direct tv service but could not get any tv reception. I can now get my 3 local channels. Thank u
  • Amza 2021-12-05 Verified purchase
    You get most local chanels
    Very good quality product
  • Phil 2021-08-13 Verified purchase
    gped Leaf 30 Indoor HDTV Antenna
    Works great. Easy to set up.
  • Jacqueline 2021-12-20 Verified purchase
    Great antenna
    Very easy to install. Picked up more channels. Like the choice of black or white side. The cord is detachable if you need to install longer cord.
  • Coral 2022-04-28 Verified purchase
    gped Leaf 30 Indoor HDTV Antenna
    I purchased one of these for my brother awhile back because he does not have cable. It worked so well that I purchased this one for myself (I have one room that does not have cable). I works very well. The picture is very clear and so is the sound. I do recommend that you check to see how many stations are in your "line of site" because if you live in a valley, you may not get many stations.
  • Jane 2021-03-02 Verified purchase
    Excellent little antenna
    I was on the fence about this antenna for several weeks decided to buy it and so glad that I did, I was able to pick up my local channels and even some from the next town. Very pleased with this antenna
  • michael 2021-05-16 Verified purchase
    gped antenna works like a charm
    I compared the item with my existing Funke active unit, almost no perceivable differences, both were top class performers! Next, I tried it for my Myrad, a UK brand tuner. It completely outclassed the common outdoor unit-floor noise
    was nearly gone, the reception signal improved considerably. Great product!
  • Royal 2020-07-13 Verified purchase
    What an incredibly pleasant surprise!! It works!!
    OMG! Just installed this antenna with super support from gped and unbelievably I now have over 100 channels in high def!! This product is amazing and an incredible deal. It’s ligjtweight and almostva no-brainer. My only suggestion is the instructions need to include a little more information. My initial attempt did not work. Didn’t have to wait for customer support and Michele had me up and running in less than 3 minutes. Thrilled I can now get PBS and local news!!
  • DLJ552 2022-01-22 Verified purchase
    Easy to install
    Works as advertised
  • Richard 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Works Great!
    We got rid of cable and purchased this antenna plus another one with an amplifier made by a different company and the gped Leaf received 63 channels far more than the amplified unit. Purchased a second gped unit.
  • AVILIA 2021-12-05 Verified purchase
    Awesome Product !!!
    Works great, made and designed in USA! Product Performance is great and works well as it should.
  • Lonnie 2020-03-16 Verified purchase
    Great antenna!
    We attached the antenna to our wall, just using the included push pins, and get a great picture. Our TV is not near an outside wall, but we still get a great picture on the inside wall. I plan to move it to the attic when I have time, and see how it works up there.
  • Duane 2020-03-05 Verified purchase
    Cut your cable bill
    Skeptical on results but am getting better results than I did with a electric plug in device. Recommend for free tv !!
  • Judy 2021-07-05 Verified purchase
    Good antenna
    With my RG6 cable, I can get all the channels.
  • Cf 2020-09-03 Verified purchase
    Good price. Works well
    It’s working well sitting on a shelf, too high for my cats to go, very near a window. I didn’t want my cats finding it in the window I live approx 15 miles from Pittsburgh. sorry I haven’t counted all of the channels it picks up
  • John 2021-01-05 Verified purchase
    Cut the Cord
    Eliminated cable and this provided local stations
  • ted 2020-01-19 Verified purchase
    Love it.
    Great picture, pulls in all my off air channels.
  • Richard 2021-01-12 Verified purchase
    Easy to setup with excellent results
    This antenna provides excellent reception for local broadcast stations on shore and while coastal cruising. I have a flat screen tv aboard my sailboat and this antenna delivers at a very reasonable price.
  • Girasoles 2021-08-30 Verified purchase
    Ditch Cable
    Works very well. I’d get a higher channel one to get pbs channels. My tv setup is across from a window and my house is stucco which I guess doesn’t work well for it. I do get all the other local channels fine. PBS works some of the time.
  • Jynne 2020-04-22 Verified purchase
    Works Great
    Does what it says for the channels in my area. Easy to mount, plug and play.
  • Mary 2022-02-14 Verified purchase
    Good product; glad I purchased
    Good reception. I use it in the extra bedroom for my mom to watch local news, etc and it’s nice I don’t need the additional cable box.
  • Norm 2020-09-29 Verified purchase
    great product
  • NoYouCan 2022-04-01 Verified purchase
    Inexpensive and Robust
    Bye, bye cable TV! This antenna was the solution to get digital over-the-air local programs into the flat screen. Everything is pretty much plastic which is not an issue. Place the antenna next to the TV on a flat spot on the TV stand and it enabled the TV to scan for all the local channels I expected (plus a few more) in the Chicagoland area. No regrets and worth the price.
  • Emily 2021-01-01 Verified purchase
    Lots of channels for free!
    Lots of channels for free! Good alternative to cable.
  • Stephanie 2020-09-20 Verified purchase
    Works perfectly!
    We cut the cord with cable and this antennae works great. I purchased two (one for each television) and it was very easy to install. I had to move it around a bit to get all the channels however that was very easy. The picture is great, however with an antennae if there is a severe storm the reception gets a bit dicey. For a one time fee and not having to pay for cable any more this works great.
  • Edling 2020-03-04 Verified purchase
    No positioning needed!
    Easy to install (pushpins!)
  • Mim 2021-10-18 Verified purchase
    Works great
    This is my second one
  • Deanna 2021-10-28 Verified purchase
    Great Product-Works Well
    Love the gped Leaf. Have not had cable in many years. I get great reception using this product. On certain occasions (stormy weather, low flying airplane) there can be interference on channels with weaker signals. I highly recommend this product.
  • James 2021-08-25 Verified purchase
    Placement and maybe an inline amplifier is a great accessory when you purchase!
    Great product, less expensive than cable!
  • Rosemary1924 2020-07-14 Verified purchase
    Great item
    Great item
  • Rococogolf 2021-06-22 Verified purchase
    TV antenna
    Good for local TV reception
  • LC 2021-08-02 Verified purchase
    works as indicated
    Product arrived when stated, exactly as ordered. Connected it and worked without issue. i am very pleased.
  • Pansygirl 2021-03-22 Verified purchase
    Picks up a few channels.
    Needed to see some channels, because do not have cable
  • consult78650 2022-02-24 Verified purchase
    Easy to install, great pic.
    Love this! Easy to install lots of channels! Put on every tv.
  • Judy 2021-01-26 Verified purchase
    Awesome product
    Very easy to setup and use and gets great reception for many channels
  • Han 2022-06-14 Verified purchase
    gped Leaf works well
    The gped Leaf 30 TV antenna worked very well right away. It was easy to install: I just plugged the cable into my TV and positioned the antenna on the wall behind it. All the channels I like to watch are clear with a strong signal.
  • CAK 2022-02-12 Verified purchase
    Easy to install!
    Right out of the box it’s a plug and forget unit. It has Velcro and pin attachments to give you a choice of how you want to hang it, nice touch! It gives excellent picture quality compared to the older rabbit ears we had attached to the TV.
  • Swett 2021-02-14 Verified purchase
    LEAF is a great item
    I bought this (THESE, actually) as a nice small flat and unobtrusive antenna for wall mount at several locations in various rooms of our house. They work GREAT. We live about 20 miles or a bit more from the broadcast antennas, and the signals we get are very good to excellent, according to the in-TV signal strength bar graph feature.
  • Janet 2020-11-13 Verified purchase
    Beats cable
    Easy to use! Got 30 channels! Better than paying for cable!
  • Brian 2021-10-14 Verified purchase
    Nice price nice item
    Easy set-up, good price, seems to work well so far.
  • ted 2020-11-28 Verified purchase
    Works in SF fine
    Works for me, I get around 20 channels
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2021 Upgraded Amplifier
Our smart tv antenna adopts upgraded with new generation smart switch control powerful amplifier signal booster with built-in smart IC chip next generation & crystal clear filter technology to picks up signals within 160 miles range. The new technology filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in clearer picture, low noise.

Up To 160 Miles Range
Our new-for-2021 HD antenna includes an intelligent Integrated Circuit (IC) chip, powerful amplifier signal booster to insulate against cellular and FM interference and provide low-noise crystal-clear picture for channel reception!

22FT Digital Coaxial Cable
22FT high performance coaxial cable ensures be placed almost anywhere in your home. With 18ft long cable indoor antenna, feel free to place it to any spot indoors for the best signal and the strongest reception to enjoy the ultimate free TV experience.

Please find available channels in your area before buying this antenna.
1. Visit dtv.gov/maps, it's simple and useful to you.
2. TVFool, you could grasp that the signal strength and the broadcast towers around you.

Voltage: 5V
LNA Gain: 28dB
Product Size: 8.1" x 9.1" x 0.7"
Power supply connector: USB
Reception Range: 60-160 MILES
Coax Cable: 1.5C-2V / Black L=22FT
Compatible: 720p, 1080i, 1080p, HD, 4K
Working Frequency: VHF(87.5-240Mhz) \ UHF(470-700Mhz)

Connection Tips:
1. Connect tv antenna to “Ant In” on the back of your HDTV.
2. Set up TV menu, change the scan type to "Antenna" Or "Air".
3. Scan for channels using your TV's "Channel Search" Or "Channel Scan" and enjoy free TV with your family.

NOTE: Please aviod obstacles when you install the antenna. Keep away from the family high-power device. Areas with large obstructions will reduce effective range. It's strongly recommended install the antenna close to window or higher location. Always keep re-scan for channels after moving the antenna.

  •  【Up to 160 Miles Long Range Antenna】- 2021 updated smplifier signal booster! 160 Miles signal reception range for local channels. The amplifier signal controller with built-in smart IC chip. The new technology filter out cellular and FM signals, bring clear pictures, low noise and access to more free broadcast TV signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance.

  • Omnidirectional 360° Receotion】- Our on the go portable Indoor TV Antenna can receive signals from any direction whether you place it indoor outdoor. This means you’ll receive a crystal clear picture whether you attach the antenna to your TV stand or wall — all with no extra power source required.

  • With Detachable Stand】- GPED digital antenna equipped with detachable stand to meet your different needs. You can stand the antenna on the table, lay it flat on the table or hang it on the wall to watch free local channels with crystal clear picture. The antenna is easy to install, flat smooth style, you can install it within 3 minutes. 

  • 22ft Coaxial Cable Support】- The long cable makes it easy to place the antenna in the best reception spot in your home, especially for customers whose televisions are quite far away from windows. Antenna with 22ft coax cable can work great in your bedroom, living room, or game room.

  • Free HD Local Channels】- Cut the cord on cable and enjoy GPED amplified tv antenna! Our HD Antenna supports variety of signal transmission such as 720p, 1080i, 1080p 2K and 4K HD. You can watch ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, HBO, Univision, HSN and SO MUCH MORE free channels. With amplified tv antenna start to access all of the news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs! Start saying goodbye to your monthly bills!

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