Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 330 Miles Range - Support 4K 1080p


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  • Andrew 2021-05-07 Verified purchase
    Amazing performance
    Simplistic design, and low cost you cannot do better than this for a quick fix to receive local channels. The only option available to improve this type of product’s performance is to purchase the unit that incorporates an in-line Amplifier. I have purchased and tested both Powered and Un-powered. Definitely spend a few extra bucks and get the Amplified unit.
  • John 2021-01-29 Verified purchase
    Perfect in the boat.
    Mounted it inside a cabinet on the back wall along the side of the boat. Picked up stations 40 miles away. Couldn’t believe it. It’s hardly noticeable as it’s so thin, hidden, and takes up no actual space. Highly recommend.
  • Loram 2021-07-15 Verified purchase
    It works
    Installed behind my TV on the wall near the ceiling picked up 30 plus channels. I was only interested in the 2 local channels I had lost on Dish Network. They came in better than Dish’s channels. I live about 18 miles from my local channels broadcast towers. I highly recommend this antenna.
  • Customer 2021-03-28 Verified purchase
    Worth a Try
    I own the gped ’metro’ for small TV so I decided to cut cable and go with antenna for main TV. I have plenty of stations in my area. Very good picture quality.
  • BAR500 2021-01-18 Verified purchase
    Easy Peasy and it Works
    Call me skeptical that a passive antenna for this price would actually work. Well, I am amazed at how easy it was to install and how well it pulls in local stations! I’m roughly 20 miles from the primary transmission towers. I am able to receive around 40 channels that are clear and stable. The antenna is located on the inside window facing the direction of the towers. The provided coax cable has ample length to reach the TV’s antenna connection. I am very satisfied with the product.
  • Margie 2021-10-06 Verified purchase
    Great picture
    This was purchased to replace another digital antenna that didn’t pick up very many stations. After hooking it up to my tv and searching for local channels all I can say is "WOW" - I get all of the local stations I should, and the picture quality is crisp and clear. Glad I purchased this antenna.
  • georgeb1970 2021-06-07 Verified purchase
    No more cable for
    I brought a 65" TV and since I don’t use cable I was able to purchase this antenna and receive well over 65 channels including 3, 6, 10, 12 and 15 all local stations along with so many others. A great buy and our family loves surfing channels.
  • Byram 2022-01-08 Verified purchase
    Easy to install and requires little space
    Placed the antenna behind 56" OLED TV mounted to wall swivel. Took 5 minutes to install. I can pick up 20 stations. However, according to, the broadcast towers are only 5-7 miles away from my address so don’t know about longer ranges. House is old with plaster walls and brick exterior. YMMV.
  • Carol 2021-10-23 Verified purchase
    Love it
    You will be surprised plenty of Chanel’s and clear
  • robert 2021-01-22 Verified purchase
    Good buy
    Best at it’s price
  • Katherine 2021-06-08 Verified purchase
    Works as expected
    The installation instructions were easy enough to follow, and there are plenty of YT videos on the topic. I get pretty good signal with this antenna here in suburbia. I have two of these, one upstairs and one downstairs, they both work as expected. I get 25-30 channels, although two channels (5 and 17) seem to cut out from time to time, and I don’t know why. I would recommend this for anyone as long as they aren’t too far out of town.
  • Paul 2022-01-10 Verified purchase
    Works for me
    I’m in a condo unit with neighbors between me and the tv signal. TV on 2nd floor wrong side of the building gets all local channels, mostly trouble free reception.
  • ndnbooh 2021-02-27 Verified purchase
    Works Great!
    I have ordered 5 of these antennas so far, and will purchase another soon. The picture on my hdtv’s is outstanding. I use them at the office and purchased for my family. The install is super easy. Thanks gped!
  • Terror 2021-04-08 Verified purchase
    Basement TV now gets stations! 40 Stations!
    I have tried a few models only having to return them. This picked up 40 stations in the first try! Comes with a same cable that the cable tv companies use with the copper wire not the cheap silver wire and it seems to be the trick. With the other antennas nothing would get picked up, this one works great. I spliced another 20’ cable and ran it from the basement to the upstairs window and placed it between the screen and window and we picked up 40 stations, good enough for me!
  • PiscoMatt 2021-07-28 Verified purchase
    Just as good a new one
    Saved money buying this refurbished one. Worked just as good as a new one I’ve had before. Worked well enough in my basement, picking up 40 channels. When I put it on my 2nd floor, I got about 50 channels.
  • James 2021-10-30 Verified purchase
    Works perfectly!
    Upgraded to this antenna after having a bulkier one for a while. If the TV towers are positioned correctly, it’s very easy to find the proper place to mount the leaf to get the best signal! If you think it’s an eye sore, I’ve had luck just sitting it on a chair and getting a signal for the one or two shows a week I watch.
  • gene 2021-11-25 Verified purchase
    I live in downtown, so I can’t vouch for other locations. Helicopters mess with it though.
    I’ve had this thing for 7 years now. No big complaints. Pretty impressive for a piece of tech to last this long.
  • Elizabeth 2021-12-30 Verified purchase
    Great Antenna for Smart TV
    I highly recommend this, as I was tired of paying for local channels at inflated prices through my cable provider. I’m in the North East (NY/NJ) and I can receive most of the local; ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, PBS, ION, Univision and some others. Definitely recommend
  • James 2021-09-09 Verified purchase
    Highest-rated antenna for a reason.
    I can’t comment on the longevity of this, but I expect it to give me many years of fault-free use. I hooked this up (super easily) expecting to get the 19 local channels that the product’s website said I’d get, but what I actually got was 41! I am very pleased with this antenna. My old antenna would cut out whenever a car drove by, whenever the sun was at the right angle, when it was cloudy, when my dog farted... this one just. plain. works.
  • Graham 2021-04-13 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    Works great. Installed attached to the rafters in my attic. Feeding 3 bedroom TV’s via a splitter!
  • Ben 2022-01-22 Verified purchase
    Finally, one of these that works.
    I’ve tried a number of different antennas, amps, multiple amps and antennas, but no setup seemed to hold a signal consistently, despite living 10 miles from very good signal sources. I finally realized the issue was with the lack of proper shielding in the coax cable provided by most of these flat antennas, which causes interference from other devices and physical movement. Despite the cost I bit the bullet on this one, used my own coax cable, put my rca amp as close as possible to the antenna itself, and all my interference is gone. This picks up way more channels with no pixelation on major stations. Could not be happier.
  • Jonathan 2021-03-08 Verified purchase
    It works beautifully
    I live in Santa Monica California. I am told that best reception could be achieved by placing the antenna on a NE facing wall near a window. I had no such wall. I am also in a first story apartment in a two story building. That said, it was a bit of a pain to get the right length of coaxial cable to unobtrusively set an antenna on a NW wall to connect to the antenna on the opposite wall, but I did it! This may not remain consistant, but I got 90 channels programmed on my TV. Now, the vast majority of these are in Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or shopping channels or religious broadcasted.
  • Jay 2022-01-10 Verified purchase
    Mohu is the TV antenna to get!
    This is the best tv antenna you can get. Got one for a family member and it worked (still does) great. I made the mistake to get a competing antenna a few months back for myself. Big mistake. I couldn’t get the local channels I wanted. With gped,i got 15 more channels. Once i plugged it in,i was like,i have reception here?! I moved it to find a position and it worked here too?! I was like even before deciding where to put it,i already had all the local channels,a great picture/sound and choices to put on the wall up high,close to a window. It’s always great to install something and that it WORKS right away. I’m recommending gped to my nephew,since he has streaming service but needs the locals for sports. Thanks gped!
  • mollyao 2022-01-09 Verified purchase
    It is easy to install, and connect to tv! I don’t know if it’s supposed to be in the new box, but mine was not in the box. It seemed like new, but who knows.
  • Abuelita 2021-10-12 Verified purchase
    Super easy to hook up, you won’t need a single tool or anything!
    Hooked this up in five minutes and got 12 channels. So great! Beautiful clear picture. Can’t believe how easy this was to hook up.
  • Steve 2021-09-05 Verified purchase
    AWESOME. Three are music channels and most are reruns ...
    I hooked it p to my TV and did the channel scan and saw that I had 43 channels available. AWESOME. Three are music channels and most are reruns which fill the the time but all 4 major networks come in great. I didn’t hang it on the wall but just sat it on the floor/wall behind a bookshelf and had excellent reception. I bought mine on a recommendation of my daughter.
  • Larry 2021-12-27 Verified purchase
    Mohu makes the best antennas hands down
    Awesome antenna. I’ve tried other antennas and they were crap. We cut the cable and have gped antennas on both our TVs. I’ve installed them on my in-laws TVs too. They’re easy to connect and in 10 mins or less you’re watching several clear channels. No hassle and NO CABLE BILL!
  • Brian 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    We use it in our RV to get over the air local channels and it’s fantastic.
    I didn’t have high hopes for this thing because it was so cheap but it actually works really well. We use it in our RV to get over the air local channels and it’s fantastic.
  • Miss 2021-03-12 Verified purchase
    This HD Antenna is wonderful, it is super easy to install, is paper thin and hangs on the wall practically undetected. I placed it near a window and it worked within seconds. I live in the center of Miami Beach, on the first floor of a highrise with many highrise condos and hotels around me and was afraid it would interfere with reception however I am getting about 80 channels with all the major channels in HD. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to cut the cord on cable.
  • Smooth 2021-08-29 Verified purchase
    Works great. No issues
    Works great. No issues. I tried a couple of others that were similar but didn’t work at all. This one is the best I’ve tried so far.
  • Shannon 2021-05-11 Verified purchase
    Really worth the value!!
    I live in a metro area so I’m within 10 miles of a TV tower. When I received the antenna, I placed it on the wall closest to the tv. I ran the channel scanner and got only 7 channels. But....I then moved it 5 feet and scanned again and got 65 channels. Some were duplicates since they were HD and SD. I deleted those and a few others. I still have 45 channels. Only disappointed I can’t get either of our PBS channels. But reception is crystal clear. Antenna is just resting in the bottom of the window.
  • Joshua 2021-03-26 Verified purchase
    Works even better than expected
    Works even better than expected. Easy set-up. Only issue is that the provided sticker tabs used to adhere it to the window or wall don’t work very well. The antenna often slips down so I’ll need to MacGyver it to the window.
  • John 2022-01-24 Verified purchase
    This is the perfect indoor antenna
    This is the perfect indoor antenna. It is flat. Thus, it can be tacked on a wall behind the TV or just laid down on the TV table. The reception is great. Actually, I think I’m getting channels further than the 30 mile advertisement.
  • jaynae 2021-07-06 Verified purchase
    Perfect Antenna
    Great product! Couldn’t be easier to set up and use. Worth every penny.
  • Steve 2021-11-06 Verified purchase
    One was a powered flat one like this and the Leaf blew it away
    If you’re going to cut the cord then this is the antenna you need. Stop shopping now and hit the "buy" button. I’ve tried two other antennas. One was a powered flat one like this and the Leaf blew it away. The anther was a powered "rabbit ear" style and again the Leaf was way better. I get the most channels with the Leaf and the Leaf is the easiest to conceal in my family room decore.
  • Anna 2021-06-08 Verified purchase
    Love it!
    Out of the box and hooked up in minutes. Tip: If you’re having trouble attaching to your tv, detach everything to screw it in then hook everything back up.
  • ClaireP 2022-01-10 Verified purchase
    Great reception for my area!
    This antenna gets great reception for such a small one time investment! Go to gped’s webpage and you can put in your zip code and they will tell you what the best antenna to get for that area. I was going to buy the more expensive one and they told me I didn’t need it! Love the honest customer service!
  • Schuhart 2021-07-29 Verified purchase
    Works great with a few modifications.
    I tried a few other flat style antennas that cost half the price and they didn’t work well. The gped 30 worked much better out of the box bit still got glitches on PBS stations. I live 35 miles from the major broadcast towers and 50 miles from the PBS tower. I changed out the RG59 cable that was in the box with a RG6 quad coax cable and that solved the issue. (Note, this is one of the few flat antennas with a removable cable). I now only get a few glitches on PBS channels when its very windy, I have have allot of trees in my back yard between the antenna and the broadcast towers. I say try it, you can always return it.
  • BethesdaM1ke 2021-03-18 Verified purchase
    Great Product
    Purchased this antenna when our cable system dropped a local channel. It was easy to install. Once channel selection was completed, we are receiving over 60 channels via the antenna. The picture is very clear and sharp. It’s a great product.
  • Jenny 2021-06-18 Verified purchase
    I cut cable, get 50 stations w/ this antenna.
    The amount of stations you get depends on your location. I get about 50 stations. I gave up cable about 2 yrs ago, don’t miss it all. You’ll get stations that aren’t on cable. Simple to set up. I scan the stations about once a week. The picture is actually sharper than cable. If it’s raining it can interfere w/ reception, again that’s based on your location. Very happy with it.
  • VCR 2021-06-13 Verified purchase
    Great savings over cable
    Sometimes I get a No Signal msg. That’s not the fault of the antenna though. Sometimes signals are strong, sometimes not.
  • Herman 2021-10-26 Verified purchase
    overall very happy
    Very happy overall with this, super easy to ’install’ and I’m getting all the network channels on my smart TV, which is what I was after. Only minor disappointment is that the pic showed a white cable, which was perfect for me, but it arrived with a black cable.
  • Kim 2021-01-17 Verified purchase
    Good clear reception despite all my trees
    I replaced an old attic antennae with this gped Leaf and the best reception was able behind a book case! No one can even see it. All my familiar channels are finally clear and I now receive more channels than before. It’s very easy to install and find the best position.
  • Lily 2021-11-18 Verified purchase
    WOW, This Actually worked!
    I get some 30 channels at 720p quality or better. ABC CBS NBC FOX all come in great. I am in the heart of a city so signal strength is great for me. F U Comcast....even though I still pay you for internet. I’m still amazed how well this works.
  • Graham 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    It’s pretty awesome if you don’t have cable
    It’s awesome if you don’t have cable
  • Thomas 2021-01-03 Verified purchase
    It works, but no better than my other smaller antennas
    I bought this thinking it would be able to pick up more stations than my existing half-size, no-name, antenna of similar design. Realistically there was no difference whatsoever from that perspective. I will say that the detachable cord is a definite improvement from the quality and convenience standpoint. Their advertising claims a modest 40 mile range. All range claims for TV antennas should be taken with a grain of salt. I have a couple of broadcast towers within about 6 miles of my house that cannot be received with this indoor antenna. The problem is local terrain, not the antenna. Even the local business that installs outdoor TV antennas won’t service my area because they already know from experience that it won’t work here. Bottom line: this is a good quality product, but it may or may not solve whatever problems you are having with your present antenna.
  • John 2021-10-02 Verified purchase
    Not Antenna’s Fault
    I live 25 miles from a midsize city and the gped Leaf 30 could only bring in our NBC affiliate. I wasn’t too suprised because I was using the antenna in a finished basement about 20 feet from any window. If you’re on a ground level or above floor especially near a window, I believe the gped Leaf 30 would work as advertised.
  • Stephen 2022-01-13 Verified purchase
    They work good depending on where you are.
    I was only looking to get the tv station really near me (I’m at the top of a hill) but I g3t it to bring stuff in from Boston 50 miles away. Cool.
  • Pamela 2021-06-19 Verified purchase
    Doesnt work..tried all much static
    I like the design of the product but it doesn’t work too jumpy to staticy of a picture
  • James 2020-05-21 Verified purchase
    No geeks needed
    My pets broke my old rabbit ears. Got this in 2 days. Plug-in procedure was obvious and simple. Watching TV again.
  • Joshua 2022-01-20 Verified purchase
    Works as advertised.
    Came with a small flat box. Easy to install. Works as advertised. I do not need a cable TV any more.
  • Jeff 2020-12-07 Verified purchase
    Sharp Picture
    Light weight antenna provides very sharp picture and quality audio.
  • jill 2021-09-20 Verified purchase
    Great price and easy installation
    Very easy to install. We live in a small village about 30 miles away from where the TV stations are located. We are able to get 26 local stations. Not bad considering we live in the middle of the woods.
  • Richard 2022-05-17 Verified purchase
    picture quality
    I liked the amount of channels it received.
  • Bonnie 2021-12-12 Verified purchase
    So easy to set up. Your results will depend on number of channels available in your area. I did pull in every one that was available.
  • phosgr 2021-07-12 Verified purchase
    Was terrific
  • mman 2022-01-20 Verified purchase
    works well in Myrtle BEach
    will need to mount to window but saves the monthly fees
  • Cesarami 2021-10-05 Verified purchase
    Put it up high...i live on a second floor and still had to put it at a high place.
    Pleasantly does an incredible job capturing the signals from all the channels in my county.
  • sbuzzar 2020-04-07 Verified purchase
    Good product
  • Brandon 2022-01-29 Verified purchase
    Worked Great
    I had previously spent a bit of money trying to get a good signal with a roof-top antenna, it was a waste. I bought this thing, hooked it up, figured out where it was best placed, and got a great quality picture. Top notch and worth every penny!!!
  • liou 2022-01-10 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    Great investment. Fantastic reception
  • gkkurtz 2021-12-09 Verified purchase
    Works good; unobtrusive on a white or off-white wall.
    Why the heck does anyone pay for TV channels that are also monetized through advertising??? Media companies have been double-dipping for decades.

    A digital antenna receives most channels in the city and is a good way of "sticking it to the man."
  • Dan 2020-09-21 Verified purchase
    Best multidirectional antenna for inside the home your homee
    This is the best multidirectional indoor antenna that I have ever used. Save your money and enjoy the clear quality programs that this antenna provides.
  • SGP 2021-05-24 Verified purchase
    Great for a big city TV
    This is great for a large city but not good for outside the city. I can get all the local stations in the city with great reception. Reception is non-existent away from the city.
  • Johnnie 2021-02-04 Verified purchase
    Best antenna after trying several.....
    I would highly recommend this antenna. I was able to access all the local channels in my area, which is what I was trying to do.
  • WRD 2020-06-01 Verified purchase
    easy to install and works great
  • Rich 2021-01-29 Verified purchase
    Light and easy
    I had trouble receiving a signal for many broadcast channels in one room of the house, so I thought I would give this a try. I had used a couple of different antennas before this one with little siccess. Fortunately, this comes with a long cable so I was able to get this to an outside wall where it perfomed much better than others.I would recomment this. Consider that you have the option of placing it in a location away from the television that is a better spot for the signal.
  • Cobar887 2022-04-10 Verified purchase
    works good
    Works as advertised
  • Deb 2021-07-07 Verified purchase
    As advertised
    Not as good as cable but gets the local stations
  • Hector 2020-08-28 Verified purchase
    Great Quality!
    Great Antenna
  • Kenneth 2021-05-28 Verified purchase
    works good
    tv. works great.
  • Momof2boys 2022-03-25 Verified purchase
    Helped us cut the cord and dump cable!
    Great antenna! Works as described.
  • Joanna 2021-02-28 Verified purchase
    Great reception and free local channels!
    Great reception. We cut the cord and have started streaming. Used this gem to watch the super bowl for free. Worth every penny
  • loolin 2020-05-28 Verified purchase
    Works great
    I don’t even have this on the wall or a window it’s just sitting on the TV stand facing south. If we have really bad weather I do get a few lines but for the most part this works great
  • Curtis 2022-03-24 Verified purchase
    I sprung for the gped leaf because I was told it was the best. It is not, pixalated channels that i formally got with just a cable and an outlet cover hack. signal lost often. Should have gotten a knock off for this quality.
  • AJ 2021-02-19 Verified purchase
    Good picture but limited range
    It’s ok but nowhere near what you get with an outside mounted antenna
  • akobayan 2021-01-05 Verified purchase
    Seems to work fine. My TV is in the basement but I was able to run the cable to the top of the stairs with some extra cable that I had. It gets most of the channels so at least I have some local channels available.
  • Stephen 2020-10-13 Verified purchase
    Don't Use trial and Error to aim the antenna!
    Have installed many of these antennas at different locations. Do not waste your time aiming. Instead download free app "Antenna Point" to your phone. It will quickly tell you where to point the antenna for optimal reception. There may be other apps that do a similar job.
  • nan 2022-01-18 Verified purchase
    Use a good cable for best results
    This antenna doesn’t work any better than the cheaper clear tv antenna.
  • Gabriel 2021-02-21 Verified purchase
    linted channels
    good for basic channels only
  • Gunga32 2021-11-07 Verified purchase
    It works about average. Nothing drop dead fantastic about it. Got it for the spare tv. In my bedroom.
  • Rose 2020-08-07 Verified purchase
    Directional reception
    Although easy to install the reception very directional
  • lugar 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    Didn’t work too well for me
    Only gets three channels indoors
  • Joyce 2021-02-12 Verified purchase
    Works okay most of the time
    I put it in the most optimal location and I live in Chicago but I still get interference 20% of the time.
  • Jarie 2022-01-10 Verified purchase
    Picture shows the item with a white cord, received a black cord. Called support and they said they could not send a white cord. Will now have to go purchase a white cord on my own. Very misleading.
  • Kevin 2021-05-30 Verified purchase
    It works pretty well for what it is. It claims 40 miles but if it’s not sitting on the roof of your house you’re never going to actually get 40 miles. Our towers are about 25 miles away and we got about half the channels we were expecting and had to move it around all the time. So ok but not great
  • luvscats 2021-01-30 Verified purchase
    Works but not for my needs
    I bought this because I am getting a second TV and I wanted to make sure I could get the Olympics on both the living room and game room TVs to watch as I unpack.
  • Chad 2020-07-27 Verified purchase
    Does not have the reach claimed
    Size and form factor are perfect, but signal reception is wrak and pixilated on many channels, including on from a tower less than a 10 minute drive from my house, even with the antenna on the 3rd floor.
  • Gamble 2021-07-27 Verified purchase
    Great antenna!
    Love the simplicity of this antenna. So easy to hang any where. Works great. Easy to install.
  • G.W. 2020-12-28 Verified purchase
    Works wonderfully. Local stations come in as clearly as cable.
  • margo 2021-04-20 Verified purchase
    why pay more for new ?
    works well and the price was right
  • George 2021-09-30 Verified purchase
    Works well
    Works well in my living room, about 20 miles from the local broadcast antennas. I attached it to the wall near a window.
  • Bolts 2022-03-14 Verified purchase
    Do it now
    Why did I wait so long to drop Direct TV? Great reception, easy to install.
  • Bill 2021-03-24 Verified purchase
    once again a great product
    I am picking up channels 50 miles away and this is only a 30 mile rated and antenna , once again a great product
  • animal 2020-10-14 Verified purchase
    Can finally receive local channels.
    For the first time since canceling cable, I am able to get all local channels and more. I tried other products, but this is the only one that has worked. Purchased from "Warehouse Deals" with no issues as to quality.
  • Jill 2021-03-16 Verified purchase
    Great reception
    Works great
  • Batman 2021-05-29 Verified purchase
    What can I say it’s just a great product and great value
  • Jerry 2021-02-03 Verified purchase
    Works Great!
    Works Great!
  • Catherine 2021-03-29 Verified purchase
    Easy to hook up and gets great reception on the ...
    Easy to hook up and gets great reception on the three over-the-air networks I watch most, CBS, NBC and PBS. If you can live without live CNN or the Weather Channel, this is the way to go.
  • Neil 2020-08-20 Verified purchase
    Unobtrusive and good-looking.
    Clear reception from local TV broadcasters.
  • Robert 2021-12-15 Verified purchase
    Works great. Much clearer picture than my old antennae
    Works great. Much clearer picture than my old antennae.
  • Kevin 2021-05-18 Verified purchase
    Could not be happier - plugged it in and immediately got 30 channels ...
    Could not be happier - plugged it in and immediately got 30 channels including the 4 major networks - exactly why I purchased it!
  • Angela 2021-05-10 Verified purchase
    Glad we boughy it
    Surprised us by bringing in over 60 channels. Glad we boughy it.
  • megan 2021-03-18 Verified purchase
    but watching TV is great.
    I have no reference level, but watching TV is great.
  • B 2021-04-12 Verified purchase
    Hit or miss with reception/signal
    Reception is choppy
  • Vincent 2020-10-29 Verified purchase
    Love it
    I live 10 miles from New York City and it works great
  • Jane 2020-04-09 Verified purchase
    Support is excellent
    I called right away and the support person walked me through the process for locating the stations, which was not obvious. Very patient too! And apparently an American!
    The antenna seems fine and gets a lot of stations, which it should, in Brooklyn, NY.
  • noz 2020-10-05 Verified purchase
    best reception
    works better than other antennas
  • Courtnie 2020-06-15 Verified purchase
    Easy to set up.
  • Bork 2020-07-06 Verified purchase
    Not as strong as I thought it would be. We have rabbit ears and they actually work better. Mounting supplies are pins and stickers
  • Thomas 2022-05-16 Verified purchase
    Excellent Attenna
    Easy to install and use. Made a significant positive difference in reception as soon as we got it working! We live in an apartment in which there was lots of interference from bus and transit and this antenna surmounted those difficulties.
  • EmilyP 2021-07-18 Verified purchase
    Best antenna
    Very easy to install. It does what it is supposed to do. Very good antenna.
  • keeter 2021-10-10 Verified purchase
    Setup Easy as 1, 2, 3
    Super simple, and nicely designed. Bought it in white so the aesthetics flow in the home. Does what expected.
  • Charles 2021-05-17 Verified purchase
    God antenna for the money
    Antenna performed as described. I think the 30 mile is a bit on the ambitious side. The omni-directional is true. I still get some pixelation from some of the further stations. But overall, the antenna is a good product for the money
  • Ruth 2021-04-17 Verified purchase
    Exceeded my expectation
    Exceeded my expectation
  • hope 2020-08-09 Verified purchase
    Easy to install
    Small and easy
  • sms 2021-12-24 Verified purchase
    Great antenna! Lots of channels and a nice picture too!
    I got this so we could get some local stations at the office. It picked up way more than I thought it would and we can have the local news on now. Great value for the money!
  • platt 2021-11-14 Verified purchase
    Works great!
    I put it up in minutes and it works great. I live in a city, but this gets all the channels available in my area. No readjusting for different channels needed. Super EASY to install.
  • Branson 2022-04-12 Verified purchase
    Does better than old antenna
    Very good
  • Bob 2020-08-27 Verified purchase
    Easy to set up; works
    Hang it almost anywhere and it works. Pulls in most all the channels; certainly better than some other antenna do.
  • Sharon 2020-05-02 Verified purchase
    Yep it works-free tv!
    It does what it says it does when placed high on a window. Great distance, great pic, great price for a product that works!
  • Jeff 2021-09-30 Verified purchase
    Works great
    Easy install
  • Robert 2021-02-27 Verified purchase
    It is very good.
    I used this antenna for many years. It is very good. The most important is to find a location with good signals. I add another cable and tied the antenna at the end of 7 ft cane, then move the antenna along the ceiling and side to see the pictures on the TV for all channels. After find a good place, stick the antenna. We are in one story house located close to SE 15100 SE Sunnyside Rd, Clackamas and can receive all channels around Portland Oregon.
  • captaintom 2020-07-17 Verified purchase
    Perfect for cord cutters
    I hid this behind my TV. Works as it should.
  • bethbrooks 2021-12-09 Verified purchase
    Why Did I Wait So Long!!!!
    Easy to connect, super light, and I get over 40 channels (!!!) with it placed next to a window. Just move it around the room to find the best position for reaching channel signals. Great way to save money - cancelled my cable instantly!
  • Roger 2020-11-02 Verified purchase
    Just as advertised
    Only issue is that it is directional, so I have to move it to get that ONE channel...
  • DBshop 2022-02-15 Verified purchase
    Picked up channels the old antenna did not. And, all channels have a higher signal strength.
  • Anonymous 2021-08-17 Verified purchase
    Amazing picture quality
    We wish we would have gotten this years ago! We are completely shocked at how incredibly sharp the picture quality is. I got this thinking I can return it if it doesn’t work, instead I ordered another one for our other TV!
  • Chan 2021-10-18 Verified purchase
    Easy setup, gets all the major networks
    I live <20 miles outside DC. Picks up all the major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, public television without too much hassle. I had to adjust it once in order to find a good spot with all the channels. Easy setup.
  • Sherry 2021-06-09 Verified purchase
    Easy to install
    Works great for local channels
  • Horack 2022-03-05 Verified purchase
    cut the cord!
    Mounted it high on an inside wall ang got network HD as well as other channels.
  • Dale 2020-07-02 Verified purchase
    Mogul Delivers
    Mogul works when others fail to deliver or in this case receive signals.....
  • Kimberly 2020-06-07 Verified purchase
    Definitely worth it
    Very easy to connect and really good picture quality.
  • Rita 2021-02-27 Verified purchase
    Moho 30 Antenna
    Very happy with this product. Works well for the money.
  • sange 2022-03-30 Verified purchase
    Wow, this is great. Got about 30 channels and it was super simple to install.
  • Jean 2020-07-28 Verified purchase
    Quality product and quality results!
    Omg! The difference from using a cheap antenna from a drug store and trying to use a converter box to this antenna is fabulous. From 10-12 fuzzy channels to almost 50 is terrific!
  • Jeff 2021-05-22 Verified purchase
    It works as described
    We tried a couple other antennas that did not seem to get any channels. We were able to get the major networks and several other channels with this antenna (27 in total).
  • James 2020-07-10 Verified purchase
    Did not work!
    No channels!
  • mthndz 2022-04-24 Verified purchase
    Easy installation.
    This indoor Muhu Leaf antenna provides me with 30 channels of clear tv viewing. My only regret is that I did not get the one that provided more than a 30 mile range. Also I recommend that you purchase a longer cable to get more channels because 10 feet of cable was not enough for me.
  • fletch 2021-03-01 Verified purchase
    Great purchase!
    Easy to install. Light weight.
  • bubas 2022-01-24 Verified purchase
    Quick and easy
    This was super simple to install and concealed nicely behind the TV on the wall.
  • dlh 2020-10-10 Verified purchase
    Great picture if placed correctly.
    Many factors affect these flat antennas, especially location and position (facing north-south vs. East-west). The higher it’s placed and closer to a window the better signal you’ll get. When getting a good signal the picture is startlingly clear, way better than cable or satellite.
  • Dennis 2021-04-22 Verified purchase
    it works great
  • Nikki 2020-12-08 Verified purchase
    Great Buy
    Worth the price.
  • Richard 2020-04-09 Verified purchase
    Ditch your cable and purchase this guy!
    Great product and easy to set up. We got tired of paying for cable when we don’t watch a lot of tv. This is perfect for us. Installed and had the tv search for channels, we get a total of 18 channels that all come in crystal clear. Highly recommend.
  • Carvell 2021-02-27 Verified purchase
    Good reception antenna
    My husband was surprised at how many channels we can receive withe the antenna.
  • Barbara 2022-01-05 Verified purchase
    I am very happy with this purchase.
    Glad I purchased this. Picked up the needed channels I was missing using a standard rabbit ear antenna. Placed it near my window to get the extra channels and the picture clarity is very good. Definitely worth the money. You just have to figure out where to place it for best results in your home.
  • GerryK 2020-10-29 Verified purchase
    Great Antenna
    Easy to install and significantly improved reception.
  • Jones 2020-04-16 Verified purchase
    Can't be beat for the price.
    Needed an antenna to pull in local broadcasted programs. This antenna suite my needs very well with a nice clean clear presentation at a very affordable price.
  • Jamie 2021-06-17 Verified purchase
    I would highly recommend this antenna!
    Very easy to install and great picture quality.
  • SecureKat 2022-03-28 Verified purchase
    Great picture. Installation went fairly easy but needs instructions
    Picture quality is great, and it was much easier to install on an indoor wall than trying to climb a wet, slippery, sloped roof.

    Installation instructions would have been a lot easier with written instructions and dimensions rather than a tiny diagram. No clue what to do with the pins that were included.
  • alphonzo 2020-05-11 Verified purchase
    Well worth the price!
    Better than I expected!!! Great picture and a lot of channels in Houston TX.
  • Laura 2020-10-07 Verified purchase
    Easy and inexpensive TV option
    Simple set up, twist cords in, aim toward signals, run channel set up and whalah, TV! I was amazed, who knew it could be so easy? Came in box with all the packaging, looks new.
  • HarpoVal 2020-09-23 Verified purchase
    Works great
    Works great but you have to experiment with the right position in the room to get the best signal.
  • Vicke 2020-10-30 Verified purchase
    Works great! Cannot believe it.... really, really a good purchase.
  • Ryan 2021-04-10 Verified purchase
    I live in Kettering, Ohio and was unable to get Cincinnati channels. After testing a couple locations for the antenna, I did a final scan and recieved all the Cincinnati channels that I never received before as well as much stronger signals on all my Dayton channels . Awesome purchase for the money! Looked new/unused for a refurb.
  • austin 2020-12-08 Verified purchase
    The gped Leaf is amazing. Super easy to set up and I get so many channels. Highly recommend this and the 50 mile leaf. I also tried the curved gped and the 60 mile indoor gped, but didn’t have results nearly as good.
  • Mandy 2021-06-15 Verified purchase
    Works great
    Was hesitant at first with using an antenna. Put surprisingly I have been able to pickup 50+ local channels and they all look very sharp.
  • ab 2021-07-02 Verified purchase
    Works well. Easy to use.
  • Alan 2021-06-23 Verified purchase
    Works well
    Very easy install
  • Diana 2021-07-02 Verified purchase
    This really works well
    We love this antenna, we cut the cord and this gets very clear and great picture of local stations and those it pics up, we like it and have it on every tv
  • Carl 2020-11-19 Verified purchase
  • BGT_1000 2021-10-22 Verified purchase
    Worth it. Buy it!
    Works great. Picture comes in fine.
  • Crystal 2020-07-22 Verified purchase
    No brainer
    I get about 17 channels. Great video quality and graphics.
  • ripjack13 2020-09-06 Verified purchase
    Cut the cable bill out!!
    This is great. I use it in my kitchen. We only watch the news in there or a game. It only gets regular cable channels, not anything else. HBO and stuff like that do not come in, so do not expect them too.
    There is some flittering on a windy or cloudy day. But I can deal with that.
  • carlos 2021-07-19 Verified purchase
    Very pleased with its performance
    Great get all hd chanels, just need to position it right
  • Gregory 2020-04-04 Verified purchase
    Great price. Great product. Easy to mount
    I own 3 of these and cannot say enough about how nice they are. The cable is sturdy, the connection works well, all needed hardware to mount it is contained. Signal strength is great, and much better than my previous antenna.
  • ONE 2022-03-06 Verified purchase
    the bbest...
    this work better than any one i have bought , i do not care 4 delivery drivers who put my things in back of the door and not in the bdoor were its noticable
  • Penny 2020-04-12 Verified purchase
    MOHU is the best antenna!!
    Excellent free TV. gped is truly the best antenna. Do not buy an off brand because there is definitely a difference. Get the real thing w gped. The key to getting the most channels is by trying a few positions. Once you get the position right you will be able to get several channels. I get 60 free OTA channels but this will vary depending on your location.
  • irene 2021-11-25 Verified purchase
    Its good
  • David 2021-07-05 Verified purchase
    discreet and it works
    very discreet on the wall. Can detect many channels. we love it.
  • Paula 2022-01-18 Verified purchase
    Works great!!!
    have on smart tv in bedroom and get local channels clearer than do on cable in living room. Installed in less than 5 minutes. Have right next to a window and live in Dallas so close to main signals. It works well enough I am considering cutting the cable.
  • Richard 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    Much better performance than my old RCA flat antenna
    I heard about this brand on YouTube and bought one of the cheaper ones they offer. Not disappointed. I receive at least 5 more channels than before and the reception is much more reliable than before. I also like the fact that it has a white and dark side with small holes for tacking directly to a wall.
  • Curly 2021-09-18 Verified purchase
    Easy to install!
    Super easy to install. Highly recommend.
  • Retired 2022-05-15 Verified purchase
    Worth a try
    Was skeptical and hesitant to purchase this as there are some tall hills between home and the transmission antennas. This unit allayed those fears. It works great. And it receives all the channels it should while lying flat next to the TV. If you plan on mounting this to a wall, you should know that I found the provided stick pins are not very strong. They broke.
  • Beth 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    Worth the money
    Easy installation. On a clear day, this pulled in 14 stations from a 29483 zip code.
  • Chip 2020-07-07 Verified purchase
    Works fine
    Cheaper than cable..gets lots of channels
  • Dasran 2020-04-06 Verified purchase
    Worked as expected.
    Arrived without any noticeable damage. I installed outside. In clear weather it received 57 digital channels. According the FCC web site my location is 28 miles from the tower.
  • abithab 2022-01-22 Verified purchase
    good value
    dumped cable, bought this and have been pleased with channel reception
  • Neil 2020-05-23 Verified purchase
    Good product
    Bought this to pick up local stations. Works well.
  • zacki 2021-07-23 Verified purchase
  • Jamie 2021-07-26 Verified purchase
    Watching the Super bowl from home = priceless
    This was super easy to connect to our TV. Even without the amplifier, we were able to get 63 channels on our TV that is in our finished basement.

    Living with a chiefs fan, it was awesome to be able to watch the super bowl at home!
  • Donald 2021-05-02 Verified purchase
    Love it.
    Works great.
  • Bruce 2021-10-27 Verified purchase
    Great reception
    First antenna we have had in our area that actual works. With digital signal, reception is actually perfect. Easy to install, can go just about anywhere.
  • JAF 2022-03-31 Verified purchase
    It works well
    Our TV is on an inside wall, so I needed an antenna that allowed use of a long cable. This model allows use of your own longer cable. It provides a great picture too.
  • Cynthia 2020-10-15 Verified purchase
    Use up and down for channels on you tv remote
    This is very easy to install. Just remember to download in your TV settings. Also only use the up and down buttons on your tv remote. Beautiful quality. Would love to buy another one.
  • njrealnowrong 2022-05-12 Verified purchase
    Buy this
    I put on a rg6 solid copper core cable, looked out the window, put the the antenna on the wall in front of the window and boom over 40 crystal clear channels, plus over 5 radio channels. So thin, and wonderful. Best thing I ever bought.
  • Anne 2022-05-16 Verified purchase
    Easy to set up
    Used for a second smart TV no cable box or additional fees and able to receive 40+ channels
  • EliLee 2020-12-03 Verified purchase
    Works great
    Works great! I’ve tried many including powered outdoor models and they did not works like this did. Happy customer.
  • Sherry 2021-05-10 Verified purchase
  • Marie 2020-07-05 Verified purchase
    Easy to hook up
    Works great
  • Terri 2020-10-27 Verified purchase
    The best TV anteena on the market
    Your product is outstanding. It pulls in all the channels we enjoy. I put it up on a north facing wall and have not touched it sense. Installation was easy, I did not have to move any furniture, plugged in the buster, attached the cable to the TV, and sat down and watched the news. I also tried all the channels and got a total of 65 HD. I’m off cable, and have order 2 more antennas for my other TV.
  • Tony 2020-10-14 Verified purchase
    does everything it claims
    It does everything it claims
  • Jasper 2020-08-28 Verified purchase
    Best TV antenna ever made.
    This is the best TV antenna - at any price - that I have ever found. I have had 10 or more antennas over past 5 years. The others only pick up a few channels and have to be aimed just right or have to be high in the air.
    This antenna picks up EVERY AVAILABLE CHANNEL from my front room! Incredible. And it is the size and thickness of a piece of paper! Have no idea how it works but it does!
    Also I put a splitter on it so we have signal in basement and it did not effect the quality of the picture on either TV set.
  • Craig 2020-05-24 Verified purchase
    Excellent product
    Got all the local channels clear as a bell and no fees
  • Bill 2021-12-10 Verified purchase
    The antenna is very lightweight.
    Easy to install. Receives many tv stations in Houston. Clear picture quality and audio.
  • Roger 2021-06-09 Verified purchase
    Works well
    Hang it up as high as you can. Preferably in a window facing the antennas
  • Jayne 2021-09-30 Verified purchase
    Inexpensive way to watch tv! Wish I had done this sooner.
    Easy setup and works great for the channels I watch!
  • Madonna 2020-08-02 Verified purchase
    Great to get local stations
    Easy and works great
  • Donald 2020-12-28 Verified purchase
    It works
    Satisfied with product.
  • Marcie 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    Best antenna I have ever purchased
    Arrived on time. Easy to install. Gets lots of channels. Best antenna I have ever purchased so far. Well worth the price.
  • cep201 2021-09-08 Verified purchase
    Great for cord cutting
    Ok for tv. Xcellent for cutting cord
  • Joyce 2021-03-17 Verified purchase
    It works!
    Excellent picture easy to install. I live in Bronx NY on the 12th floor and got all the local channels except for WABC -channel 7.
  • Gabby 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    So easy and works great.
    This antenna is so small and easy to install. It works perfectly. HD channels crisp and clear. And it’s all FREE!!
  • Norman 2020-05-28 Verified purchase
    arrived quickly and works great!
    this is exactly what I needed!
  • bobby 2020-08-29 Verified purchase
    I love this we get a lots of channels well worth the money
  • Don 2021-03-02 Verified purchase
    Great HD antenna
    Enabled out new smart tv to pick up more channels and reception much better than our other antenna.
  • Robert 2021-09-22 Verified purchase
    Awesome product
    Got all the channels I used to have on the tube tv before we went from analog to converter boxes to digital. Great value.
  • Elizabeth 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    Well worth buying...have had no problem.
    Best thing that I liked was that it was so easy to install..
  • Kristin 2020-04-13 Verified purchase
    Just what I wanted
    When it says you get the channels, I had no idea the picture would be just as good or even better then what my cable company provided. I am very happy with my purchase!
  • Cprtop 2020-10-23 Verified purchase
    Works surprisingly well
    The antenna was so simple to install and use. I love being able to watch local channels. It gets a great picture.
  • Frank 2021-08-18 Verified purchase
  • ToxT 2021-11-05 Verified purchase
    affordable, lightweight
    Although we only get a limited number of channels, the reception is quite good on the channels available.
    this was easy to attach to our smart TV.
  • Ann 2020-10-23 Verified purchase
    Works well
    Good reception
  • bc 2020-08-07 Verified purchase
    Inexpensive access to local broadcasting
    I wanted access to local programming during the broadcast time period for a few channels/shows, including PBS, and did not want to pay for cable/satellite. Having used a similar antenna years ago, with mixed results (unreliable reception, barely adequate/unacceptable picture quality) I was willing to try again only because of the low cost/investment, and the apparent advances in technology. I do not regret taking the risk!
    Installation--hooking up the antenna to the TV--is very easy. What is challenging is finding a location that more or less consistently receives a signal for the channels I want. While at first I had to stand in the middle of the room, holding the antenna above my head, I now have reasonable reception most of the time. I learned that the cable that attaches the antenna to the TV cannot touch metal along its travels. Also, took several scans on the TV to establish the local channels I want. I did have to move the antenna to optimize channel reception, which nevertheless varies by time of day and weather.
  • Vito 2020-09-22 Verified purchase
    Works great
    Easy install. Hidden behind TV. Gets 62 channels. No more cable, I use this and stream the rest.
  • generic 2020-06-02 Verified purchase
    Best brand for price
    Easy to put up and out performs our other 3 types by other companies
  • Jo 2021-12-15 Verified purchase
    Great antenna!
    To save hundreds of dollars a year for cable,, we changed to streaming tv. However we missed seeing our local channels so we installed this wonderful antenna. Now for a one time cost for the antenna, we have access to all the channels we want.

    Our only challenge is the adhesive provided doesn’t keep the antenna attached to the wall. We’re testing out different adhesives to find one that will adhere the antenna to the wall permanently.
  • Singri 2022-02-24 Verified purchase
    Definitely worth the price
    With my basic cable i used to get very few channels. With this i get a whole lot of channels including HD. If you only have basic cable, save yourselves money.
  • eric 2021-01-28 Verified purchase
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Cut The Cable Now & Enjoy Free TV Show With Your Family


  • FREE HD Program for Life: Never pay expensive cable or satellite fees again! Our HDTV Antenna can get access to your local news, weather, sitcoms, kids and sports programs, including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more. Absolutely FREE forever.
  • 330 MILES Long Range: Generally, the Antenna should be kept far from disturbance source, air conditioner/refrigerator/microwave oven, etc. Antenna amplifier is included to provide added range and maximum signal reception for more channels if you are far away from broadcast towers.
  • Strong Signal Reception: Amplified indoor aerials with 330
  •  miles and 1080P 4K/VHF/UHF/FM stronger reception, detachable amplifier booster and 16.5ft high-performance coax cable. Amplified aerial can be placed almost anywhere in your home
  • Ultra-Thin Design: The super soft, unobtrusively thin design and powerful reception capabilities make this antenna a top choice for any home.
  • FULL HD CRYSTAL-CLEAR TV & HD SOUND QUALITY: Our smart tv antenna adopts upgraded Powerful 2020 Amplifier Signal Booster with built-in Smart IC Chip Next generation & Crystal Clear Filter Technology to picks up signals within 330 miles range. The new technology filters out cellular and FM signals resulting in clearer pictures, low noise and access to more free broadcast TV signals with enhanced gain, range and frequency performance.
  • Before You Purchase: Please first visit "" to check how many broadcast towers surrounding you within 330 miles. Discover how many FREE CHANNELS are available from your local broadcasters. HDTV antenna pulls in hundreds of crystal clear digital & HD shows! Receives free HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and more without monthly bills.


  • Working Frequency : VHF(170-240Mhz) \ UHF(470-860Mhz) Compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p, HD, 4K | ATSC
  • Impedance: 75 Ω
  • LNA Gain: 30dB
  • Connectors: F Male
  • Reception Range: 330 MILES
  • Size:250*225*0.6mm
  • High Performance Coax Cable : 1.5C-2V / Black L=16.5ft.
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power supply connector: USB

What’s You Get
  • 1*HDTV Antenna with 16.5ft coaxial cable
  • 1*Amplifier
  • 1*Instructional Manual
  • 3*3M Stickers


  • "" is run by the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Broadcasters. The interface hasn’t changed in over a decade, but it’s simple and the information is useful. Please visit website and find out what channels are available in your area
  • "TV Fool" is more complex but gives a lot more detail including gorgeous plots of theoretical signal strength
  • Strongly recommended without obstacles such as big trees, buildings or hills. Do not place the antenna in the basement or low-lying areas where the radio signal is very poor.
  • The actual receivable range may highly depend on your distance and location. Areas with large obstructions such in valleys, mountains, etc. will reduce effective range.
  • Always re-scan channels after moving the indoor antenna, the result may be better.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If a signal cannot be received with the amplifier, remove the antenna amplifier and try again.

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