Doodle Drawing Mat 40 x 32 inch Large Aqua Magic Water Drawing Mat Toy Gifts for Boys Girls Kids


Water Drawing MatLarge Size. Sea world pattern.Be easy to use.Can be folded to compact size.Portable for indoor outdoor and travel.A great learning toy for toddlers.A good interaction toy for boys and girls.ReusableJust need to fill the magic pen with cle

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  • Partyof 2020-03-04 Verified purchase
    Not worth the money. Cheaply made
    Was disappointed that it looked cheap..Hopefully the markers work. Its a gift so I dont want to open it all and try them. Even the box it came in looked cheap, that is what made me open that box and look at the mat..Im considering buy a diff gift!!
  • connie 2021-10-29 Verified purchase
    It was horrible a waste of money will be returning asap
  • Lori 2022-09-27 Verified purchase
    Colors are not even close to as bright as the pictures
    The colors are very dull
  • Momsie 2021-10-26 Verified purchase
    Cheaply made
    Its ok, but not for the price. Looks cheaply made
  • Beckster 2020-12-18 Verified purchase
    Returned this immediately
    Very cheaply made. We opened it and just returned it, not exactly what I thought it would be.
  • Tammy 2020-11-13 Verified purchase
    Good Mats for Kids; not a fan on the pens
    This is a good mat for my son as he enjoys playing with it. He is still young (19 months) so he mostly just draws small lines on it. When we wants to play on the mat he asks for the pen and then he plays for some time on it. The only thing I don’t like is that the pens are not very easy to open and fill with water. We are only using one pen that we were able to open and fill with water. We only have one child so that is okay for now.
  • christopher 2020-04-05 Verified purchase
    Maybe not
    Broke pretty fast. Not durable
  • jay 2020-03-23 Verified purchase
    Ok, not hreat
    The colors are generated from the pad, not the water markers so they are pastel , not bright primary colors.
    The bad comes folded in the box, so does not go flat on the table it is OK but not great.
  • Emily 2020-03-23 Verified purchase
    As described
    A gift for 3 year old grandson
  • HB 2020-10-16 Verified purchase
    Not bad, not great
    My daughter loves it. There is a spot that does not work and it could be a little bigger.
  • Jane 2022-07-15 Verified purchase
    Leaky pens
    The pens didn’t work well, they leak and the points pressed in easily. Also there was one that had a brush and it poured out water.
  • Kypesh 2022-03-02 Verified purchase
    It is not 100% but still Great
    The center of the mat doesn’t color (where soccer ball is). Otherwise it is terrific. Markers work well.
  • Kelli 2020-09-13 Verified purchase
    Not what was
    Wasn’t what described or expected
  • Stephanie 2020-11-11 Verified purchase
    Not expected
    Seams to be okay, disappointed it wasnt in a box, just plastic wrapping. Is a gift for my nephew so he wont care much.
  • Candace 2020-01-05 Verified purchase
    Entertainment for toddler and tween! Great for cold, gross, weather when you have to be inside!
    This does exactly what I expected and you can’t beat the price!
    I bought it in an attempt to entertain my very rambunctious 2 year old during the long, cold, wet February days where she can’t go outside to play, but is constantly getting into everything okim the house because she’s bored.
    She really liked coloring on the mat for a while, until the water ran out of the pens... and it seemed to take a long time for the mat to dry/disappear. My 10 year old also liked playing with her on this
    But other than that... it seemed to entertain her for longer than most things... and that’s a huge deal in our house!!
  • Judy 2021-04-08 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    This was a gift to a 2 year old niece. She enjoys it.
  • Jason 2020-03-29 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    Kids like it
  • Zachary 2022-06-04 Verified purchase
    It’s a good gift to give to a younger kid!
    My son liked this, but he lost interest very quick! When I bought it I thought it was gonna be steadier but it’s kinda flimsy! But I would recommend for a kid that doesnt get bored to easy!
  • Maureen 2022-03-30 Verified purchase
    Perfect for kids
    My kids loved it!, And it doesn’t make any mess at all!
  • Angely 2021-02-01 Verified purchase
    Really nice
    My son likes it
  • Emily 2021-01-13 Verified purchase
    Good for little kids
  • Kelly 2020-10-01 Verified purchase
    Great price
    Great for kids!!
  • lindsay 2021-03-13 Verified purchase
    Mess free!!!
    My daughter loves this mat. It has a sheer white layer on top, so when you get it wet, you’ll see the color of the plastic underneath.
    It’s smaller than I expected.
  • Heidi 2022-04-25 Verified purchase
    Good for the price. My son might tear it up within the first couple days but we’ll see.
  • olga 2021-09-18 Verified purchase
    Bought as a gift
    I bought this as a gift, but it looks exactly as I thought it would. It looks like is pretty good quality, too.
  • Jessica 2022-02-28 Verified purchase
    Pretty good
    Pretty cute, one of the pens would not unscrew so we had to boil it and use plyers to loosen it. Other than that it seems to work well (we’ve only played with it once).
  • Heather 2022-03-28 Verified purchase
    Decent purchase
    While the presentation of the product looked a little cheap, when it came, I thought that I can’t give this as a gift. However, I didn’t open it to look, and my sister says that my nephews love this. She also said that there are lots of extras, letters and number stencils to help them learn. She also mentioned it was nice size and big enough for the two boys to share at the same time. So, a second handed thumbs up, all around a good purchase.
  • Shu 2021-12-17 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    Loved this. Easy and fun. One market didn’t work though.
  • Tachyon 2021-07-30 Verified purchase
    The kids enjoy it. We had to soak the pen tips for a while to get them working but after that it was fine. A good way to keep from getting crayon or marker all over your walls.
  • Selene 2021-09-30 Verified purchase
    Great gift for toddlers
    This was perfect gift for my kids, however the picture makes the mat look a little bigger than real life. But overall the product is great!
  • Kim 2020-03-14 Verified purchase
    Very cute idea, but just didn’t work for my kids!!
    I love that the product is super easy for the kids to use & there is no mess to clean up, but what I ABSOLUTELY did not like, was that my son would take the time to draw out a picture, then have to wait a few minutes for it to appear, but then all his artwork just disappeared after about 4-5minutes. Might work for sum people But my 4yr old son was getting very frustrated when his drawings dissapeared!!
  • NB 2020-09-26 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    My great nephew loved it.
  • Andyzhu 2021-11-06 Verified purchase
    No more mess at home
    My kids were drawing everywhere and this was a perfect solution. Though my kids didn’t engage all the time with this, however, it helped to keep them busy for hours. It’s a good product in a cheap price.
  • Tiffany 2019-11-30 Verified purchase
    Water mat
    Perfect for my niece!
  • Daniel 2020-07-24 Verified purchase
    Not bad
    Its way smaller than the picture. Definitely not for two kids
  • connie 2021-10-05 Verified purchase
    Only thing is the tops were hard to get off but they did come off in the hot water
  • mellieb709 2020-09-15 Verified purchase
    Worth the money
    Great product my son loves it and he enjoys seeing the colors even tho I wished it was more colors but it works
  • John 2022-07-05 Verified purchase
    Mess free creativity
    My son absolutely loves this doodle mat. It keeps him occupied and allows him to be creative. I like it because it’s not messy and I no longer have to worry about marker or crayon ending up on the wall because he likes drawing with this more than with crayons.
  • katie 2021-06-27 Verified purchase
    Art works
    MY 2 yr old likes to draw on it. We only used it once but the markers were easy to get ready with water etc.
  • jcmom 2020-02-01 Verified purchase
    Cool product
    Cool product for the kids without making a mess
  • Albany 2020-07-23 Verified purchase
    Seams Cheap
    Christmas present so can’t answer some do the questions. Cheap packaging for what you paid.
  • EverLinda 2021-05-16 Verified purchase
    Its cool
    This is ok for younger kids 2-5. My 6 year old said it’s not enough drawing space and takes to long to dry.
  • Sharon 2020-02-02 Verified purchase
    Cute works great but very small
    Very cute ! Works well but may needs to be larger size
  • Kitkat 2022-07-23 Verified purchase
    Fun and mess free
    This is great for my little one who loves to color...on everything. Only issue j have had is the "pens" can easiyget over tightened and then you can’t get them back open to add more water.
  • Tess 2020-07-31 Verified purchase
    Its ok
    Its ok
  • Mo 2022-03-30 Verified purchase
    Small but kids loved it.
    I thought it was bigger but kids loved to use it because of the colors.
  • Jennifer 2022-03-01 Verified purchase
    Highly recommend, but need muscles to open brushes.
    This mat is an awesome concept! My toddler has been using it every night since we got it! She loves painting in the different squares of colors and watching her creations appear. I love no mess. :) My only complaint is that two of the brush holders won’t open. My husband finally got one of them to open but we haven’t been able to open the last one. Overall, a great product!! Highly recommend.
  • Carly 2021-02-22 Verified purchase
    No harsh chemicals!
    Got this for my 2 yr old that loved drawing on EVERYTHING. I love that it’s just water in the pens, so when they put it in their mouth, no chemicals! Even if they try and draw on the carpet or walls, nothing happens.
  • Leman 2020-09-05 Verified purchase
    Great product
    This helped with preventing my son from writing on the walls and it is big enough that he can keep writing without running out of space and getting frustrated
  • ursula 2021-04-16 Verified purchase
    Not giftable.
    For the price the box it comes in looks like you could buy it at a dollar store
    Other than that perfect to get your kids to draw other than on the wall or floor
  • Maria 2021-04-27 Verified purchase
    Like but could be better
    The pen is harder to use for my four year old
  • Nicole 2021-05-12 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Smaller than I thought, but the kids love it and it helps to not have an issue with markers on furniture or the ground.
  • Vikki 2020-04-07 Verified purchase
    its cute I think it will make a fun gift
  • Briana 2020-10-31 Verified purchase
    Fun toy
    My son loves his mat. Great as gifts too
  • Charly 2021-11-13 Verified purchase
    Like it
  • Sam 2019-12-09 Verified purchase
    Nice gift
    Great for small kids
  • Court 2021-04-20 Verified purchase
    very easy to use!
    It is great but the only issue I have is it the creases stay after it is folded.
  • Betty 2020-02-29 Verified purchase
    Make sure you read the markers
    The markers lids are backwards so you turn it left to open and right to close, I love the concept of it considering my 5 year old tried to open it to dump the water on her 2 yr old brother. Easy to use and you just lay it out to dry! Love it
  • Angela 2020-03-05 Verified purchase
    Good for smaller kids
    Super easy to use cute but my child lost interest pretty quickly
  • Savit 2022-08-10 Verified purchase
    Looked better in the advertisement
    This will do as a child’s gift. You get what you pay for.
  • tenzin 2022-03-21 Verified purchase
    Need more options
    Wish there were more options to choose from other than sports theme. Also pink or purple girl options would be nice, but overall great for the kids.
  • vPrime 2020-03-09 Verified purchase
    My 3 year old was on it for hours all that really matters.
    Nice products
  • casey 2021-01-11 Verified purchase
    very good
    My baby loves it! It’s clean! It’s not going to be everywhere!
  • aliziris 2020-12-06 Verified purchase
    Excellent products!! my daughter loves this new toy, it cames with 6 pens, my babies can paint together with this mat, it’s so great, recommend
  • adam 2021-03-09 Verified purchase
    Great service
    Liked everything!
  • Aiyana 2020-01-13 Verified purchase
    Great product
    3 year old bday present she loves to draw!
  • Richard 2021-04-01 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Love this product! Durable, works well, color stays long enough to hold a child’s attention but dries in time to pack it up again. Kids of all ages love it... bought it for a birthday gift and kids from 1-10 were playing with it (supervise young children as the pen caps are small). This is a great, no mess way to have children color and create.
  • Werlyn 2021-03-12 Verified purchase
    Mess free entertainment for a toddler
    This is entertaining and mess free for our toddler. Highly recommend. It is suggested to soak the pens for a bit, but I haven’t had to.
  • Mark 2020-02-21 Verified purchase
    This is cool
    The fact that it is water is so awesome.
  • Jordyn 2021-02-28 Verified purchase
    Great item
    Very nice coloring mat for kids. I bought it for my 15 month old daughter because she loves to draw. My 4 year old loves it just as much. The water pen only works on the color pad so you don’t have to worry about them running off with the pen and writing on the walls. My husband loves that it is completely mess free.
  • Salazar 2022-04-13 Verified purchase
    Perfect mess free coloring!
    Perfect for my 3 year old! Mess free coloring!!
  • Evans 2021-05-13 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers who want to color on everything! We had a hard time opening the pens but eventually figured it out.
  • William 2021-09-13 Verified purchase
  • Laurel 2021-08-28 Verified purchase
    Bought it for my 3 year old niece and she seems too love it
  • Riley 2022-05-07 Verified purchase
    Good job
    Very nice and easy to use. Perfect size for my 4 year old niece
  • Cameron 2021-11-26 Verified purchase
    It is safe for my "small artist"
    I bought this for my little grandson who likes to draw everywhere. The mat is easy to carry (not weight at all), washable and designed to have fun
  • Nikki 2021-03-28 Verified purchase
    5 Stars
    Excellent Product!
  • Bolingbroke 2021-03-20 Verified purchase
    Really funny to use!
    It’s really cool, not sure if it’s available in larger sizes cuz it’s the only issue I could experience. Had to constantly erase
  • Katy 2020-04-28 Verified purchase
    One of the best on the market
    Hours of fun for the family I purchased one for us and then I purchase this one to give as a gift tons of extra is great quality
  • JaQ 2022-04-20 Verified purchase
    Great product
    Great product and sellers!
  • Hector 2021-10-04 Verified purchase
    Its a big mat!!
    This was a gift i sent to my nephews.they loved it.
  • shuo 2022-06-05 Verified purchase
    Great fun for children
    I would buy this again for someone else as a gift. Great purchase.
  • shuo 2021-06-24 Verified purchase
    Great fun for children
    I would buy this again for someone else as a gift. Great purchase.
  • Judytan 2021-01-28 Verified purchase
    Great for toddler
    Durable, quality and good for teaching numbers, colors and letter
  • SusanNorton 2020-04-08 Verified purchase
    Affordable and great
    Kiddos loved it.
  • Jessica 2020-02-29 Verified purchase
    Perfect for the little ones !
    Not a fan of packaging as it’s definitely not for gifting. However it’s great for keeping the little ones occupied and is super easy to use and no clean up required.
  • Ashley 2020-08-28 Verified purchase
    A must present
    No mess, easy to clean up, and my 2 and 4 year old loves it. Big enough for two to easily play. I’d highly recommend this!
  • crookedtimber111 2021-08-07 Verified purchase
    Great idea
    We had a hurricane approaching and I needed something new for the grandkids who would be staying with us during the storm. This was perfect as it didn’t need electricity! The boys loved it and it kept them entertained for several hours. Luckily, the hurricane passed us by.
  • Kathleen 2022-05-08 Verified purchase
    Great for toddler gift
    The caps twist off in opposite direction you’re probably used to
  • Bethaney 2021-07-29 Verified purchase
    Great Christmas gift
    Amazing my 1 and a half year old loves it
  • NerineRN 2020-11-30 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My twins love it
  • Jermaine 2021-11-23 Verified purchase
    Kids loved it
    Th only thing is the pens are hard to open once you put water in.
  • Eric 2022-07-29 Verified purchase
    Granddaughter loved it.
    Loved it was fast delivery and just what I wanted
  • Eric 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    Easy clean up & safe!
    Purchased for my soon to be 1 year old. She is into everything and always wants markers and water. She has LOVED this, especially being able to draw wherever on the mat!
  • NoMercy 2020-12-18 Verified purchase
    Very good!!!!!!
  • Bini 2021-11-30 Verified purchase
    Overall great product.
    The product was a good size and the pens work great. Also customer service responds fast and really work with you.
  • Brittany 2021-11-26 Verified purchase
    My daughter loved it.
  • Dessy 2022-08-05 Verified purchase
    Perfect for my 2 year old
    I got this for my 2 year old that loves to color but has a hard time keeping it to just paper! This works great because even when he tries, he can’t color the walls or my furniture! I love that he gets 4 different colors with just one marker!
  • kathy 2020-07-17 Verified purchase
    No mess and my kids love it
    Should have ordered a larger size but still works amazing
  • Lynsey 2020-01-28 Verified purchase
    Excelente material a mi hijo le encantó
  • Andrew 2022-05-31 Verified purchase
    Toddler needed items
    Some what ok.....but it comes with 3 pens
  • SunshineLee 2021-05-24 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My daughter very loves it
  • Trost 2022-04-24 Verified purchase
    My kids love it, and so does my wife.
    My son loves it.
  • Jekeysha 2020-03-18 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    Perfect for toddlers!
  • Shay 2020-04-20 Verified purchase
    Great gift.
    This was a gift and she played with it right away!gre
  • Bob 2020-04-10 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My son loves it
  • Bren 2021-09-28 Verified purchase
    It came i sent it to my grandkids. My daughter said it was to young for the 4 1/2 year old. She gave it to the neighbor who has a one year old. Otherwise it would have been ok.
  • Brittany 2021-09-24 Verified purchase
    love it!
  • Brittniey 2020-02-04 Verified purchase
    Yup this is good
    Does what it says it does and works.
  • Noelle 2022-03-04 Verified purchase
    Grandchildren love it.
  • Desthers 2020-03-29 Verified purchase
    Amazing quality
    Perfect exactly what it looked like in the picture.
  • Michelle 2021-02-25 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Purchased for my 1 yr old nephew to keep him busy he loved it and so did I. Mess free!!! The tops were tricky to get off but with help it was done!
  • Sammi 2021-12-02 Verified purchase
    Fadt delivery as described, my grandson loves it at 16 months
  • Michelle 2021-06-04 Verified purchase
    Safe and easy to use
    I really liked it! No messy no more in my living room lol
  • jocelyn 2020-06-24 Verified purchase
    easy to clean
    my great grandson loves it.
  • Jacob 2022-03-02 Verified purchase
    She loves it
    I bought this for my daughter shes almost two. She absolutely loves it its her new favorite thing and it comes with enough pens for everyone and me and her daddy can color with her.
  • Susan 2020-05-27 Verified purchase
    Good starting coloring mat for toddlers
    Very cute and works well I love the book that came with it that helps you learn to draw and the hidden alphabet around the mat.
  • Aless 2020-12-25 Verified purchase
    It took me a sec to understand how it works! but this is a great toy for kids
  • Shannan 2022-02-26 Verified purchase
    It’s a game to share with your little one
    My granddaughter love it!
  • DMV 2021-06-13 Verified purchase
    Great Customer Support! Worth the money!
    They have fantastic customer support! My product was received a few markers short. When I reached out about the issue, it was resolved it quickly and are sending me another set! This is one of the more cheaper of these products on , and it gets the job done!
  • Dani 2022-02-18 Verified purchase
    Great for kids
    Great project for kids that like to draw on walls. So when they try, it’s just water and doesn’t do any harm.
  • Teresa 2022-06-04 Verified purchase
    No mess art activity
    My 2 year old likes to play it and it seems easy to put together for a no mess art activity
  • ayda 2021-12-23 Verified purchase
    Mess-free doodle mat
    A really nice toy for kids to play in summer. Good quality! Will definitely recommend to friends.
  • Zemo 2021-08-18 Verified purchase
    Magical product
    A magical product! My kids loved it and enjoyed drawing on it.
  • minivanmama 2021-11-01 Verified purchase
    Nice mat
    Perfect for my kids. They love it!!!
  • Shandia 2021-05-17 Verified purchase
    Clean doodles
    The size of this doodle mat is perfect for one or two. I enjoy the time doodling on it with my two-year old son.
  • Msheard211 2020-10-17 Verified purchase
    Great resource for learning writing skills for toddlers and pre schoolers
    It’s very good for kids who are apprehensive to hold a pen or pencil. The set has cubby paint brush and painting pens that help kids to do natural progression in terms of writing skills.

    It also has stencil for advance progression. And also book that help guid make some designs of small objects who gain interest using the mat.
  • Latoya 2022-01-01 Verified purchase
    My daughter loves this! It dries in the perfect amount of time to keep her busy for hours. Only thing I’d do different is add another extra pen so several friends can play with her!
  • ajones 2021-01-26 Verified purchase
    All ages will love this.
    Bought this for my 2 year old niece. My 5 year old twins are requesting one now. She loves it.
  • Terina 2020-12-13 Verified purchase
    Fun without creating a mess!
    Great product for kids to play outside without any mess!
  • justthemom 2021-04-21 Verified purchase
    Great coloring alternative!
    This product is amazing! My daughter requests to “color” all the time and would rather paint with water than her crayons. The marker water pens that come with are kind of worthless but the pen with a paintbrush at the end is awesome.
  • Robyn 2021-09-08 Verified purchase
    Water mat
    My granddaughter loves her water mat & plays with it everyday. It’s help with learning her ABC & drawing in her own.
  • Mahri 2021-03-06 Verified purchase
    Wonderful entertainment for small kids
    Got this for my granddaughters 2nd birthday-she and her 4 year old brother have spent hours playing on it-it is a hit!!
  • Katie 2020-05-30 Verified purchase
    Art without the cleanup!
    My son had a mat like this when he was younger but just a very basic one. This one has the scene behind it so colors change and you can color over certain things to reveal them. Great for art with no clean up! Every child should have this. Adults too lol.
  • Beneventi 2020-03-19 Verified purchase
    Loved it!
    This thing is awesome! I bought it for my kids, but found myself playing with it just as much as they did! Mess free and super cool!
  • Elida 2021-02-20 Verified purchase
    Easy to use for all ages
    Great product. My grandkids love it. My 3 yr old granddaughter and my 11 month old grandson can both play with it
  • andrea 2020-09-05 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    Good gift
  • Tomodachi 2019-12-14 Verified purchase
    Bought as a gift
    Not sure about the quality because I got it as a gift, but I haven’t heard any complaints.
  • Salim 2020-04-29 Verified purchase
    Overall good product
    The product is great. The water markers suck. They dont hold enough water to draw for long and the tips dry out quickly. You’re supposed to soak the tips before using them and even then sometimes it doesnt work well. I had some paint brush looking water pens from another toy and my daughter uses those instead. Other than that, The mat itself is great and she will play with it for a long time. For anyone who cares, its not a plain white drawing mat. It has an invisible background of fish and other cartoons so, as you draw, the background begins to appear wherever the water lands.
  • Kelly 2021-07-18 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    I gave as a gift and the child loves it!!!
  • Linda 2020-12-10 Verified purchase
    Grandkids love it!
    Fun to use!
  • Roberta 2022-07-17 Verified purchase
    My babies loved it
    I’ve purchased 3 of these for my nieces and nephews so far. I’ll be buying more.
  • Scott 2020-01-11 Verified purchase
    Good for kids, no mess
    Kids have a lot of fun with it
  • Kimberly 2020-03-30 Verified purchase
    So worth it
    Omygosh my kids love it. You never run out of marker because you only add water
  • CourtneyAdkins 2021-12-31 Verified purchase
    My niece loved it
    Really nice for kids. Gifted it to my two year old niece and she loved it, water markers are perfect for young kids. No mess
  • Dominique 2020-06-07 Verified purchase
  • Scott 2021-05-15 Verified purchase
    very suitable for small children
    Very suitable for small children,beautiful in colors ,children especially like !
  • IY 2020-07-04 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    Niece LOVES this!
  • Judy 2021-05-05 Verified purchase
    Nice !
    The birthday niece loved it! made after a couple of weeks of play
  • Izzy 2020-01-09 Verified purchase
    Great summer outdoor gift
    This was a fun product to play with. Easy and fun.
  • Carol 2021-06-15 Verified purchase
    Really cute
    Really fun for my little man. He can play and doodle without any mess. He likes to touch as he draws so before it was a mess with markers and he would sometimes put them in his mouth. This is just water so no worry now.
  • BEAUTY 2022-08-01 Verified purchase
    Excellent product for a boy who like to doodle on the wall
    My kids love to draw but I hate the mess associated with crafty kids. This drawing mat allows them to be creative without the mess. It even comes with accessories and plenty of pens (we lose a lot of things). Gone are the days of washing marker of little hands! We lay the mat on the floor and the kids have lots of room to share the drawing space. When it is filled, they go do something active while it dries and then they come back and draw some more. This is definitely a great product to have.
  • Chasity 2022-05-22 Verified purchase
    My niece loves it
    I bought this for my 4 year old nieces birthday and she loves it. She draws for hours.
  • valerie 2021-02-15 Verified purchase
    Great gift!!
    Awesome product, easy to clean and reuse. Quick shipping. Great as a gift for 3 and up!!
  • SdawnH 2020-07-31 Verified purchase
    There is an Artist in ALL of us!
    Great idea for our 2 yr old Granddaughter. I got her white tag board and big crayons to use at our home. She enjoyed it so much, but there is no room at her house. This is PERFECT for one of the walls in her own bedroom and can be used over and over! THANK YOU!!
  • Lingly 2021-05-06 Verified purchase
    Works great
    My 2 year old and my 6 year old love it !!
  • Midwest 2022-03-22 Verified purchase
    Birthday present
    Great product! The kids age range 3 to 8 loved it!
  • Genevieve 2020-08-15 Verified purchase
    No mess fun! With water!!!
    Kids have a blast! Draw, write, make shapes, no mess!!! You don’t need to be scared to leave the room when the kids play with this art set!
  • Brittney 2020-03-03 Verified purchase
    Nice, affordable gift
    My grandkids love this. And so do their parents.
  • Matthew 2021-03-19 Verified purchase
    She loves it
    My granddaughter loves it ty
  • Ashley 2020-11-23 Verified purchase
    Kids live them.
    Virtually mess free.
  • Phyllis 2021-05-04 Verified purchase
    Fun for kids!
    The kids had fun with this. It’s just like the little pads they sell but larger.
  • frank 2022-01-12 Verified purchase
    Great gift!
    Gave this mat as a Christmas gift to my husband’s cousin’s 1 1/2 year old daughter, and she loved it! I wasn’t sure if she would understand the concept because she just started coloring, but she was immediately amazed with the "magic" of the water pen. Basically there’s a full color design (underwater theme in my case) underneath a milky opaque top sheet, and when you use the water pen you can see through to the design below. After about 5-10 minutes, the water will evaporate and the design will disappear -- which is fine because a kid that age will have already forgotten by then about anything they "drew". The mat is small enough that it won’t take up a ton of living room space, but the child can lay down on their stomach and easily have a large drawing area. As she gets older she’ll be able to use the letter and shape stencils. Great gift!
  • macsmama 2020-10-02 Verified purchase
    Keeps them occupied!
    My kids love this 3, 5 and 7!
  • Shawn 2019-12-08 Verified purchase
    Worth the money great gift
    My neices love it
  • Zach 2022-06-20 Verified purchase
    Sturdy and easy to clean
    One of my granddaughter’s favorite gifts!!!
  • Chelise 2020-11-30 Verified purchase
    great product overall
    I bought this recently for my 1 year old son and he had a lot of fun with it. There was no water leakage from the pad or the pens. Overall, a great product.
  • Haston 2021-12-01 Verified purchase
    Mess free and fun!
    Came with a lot of stencils to play with! Great item and the price is awesome! My 4 year old loves this and I love no mess!!!
  • warly 2022-01-03 Verified purchase
    Water mat
    3 yr old twin girls liked
  • Lisa 2020-03-03 Verified purchase
    My daughter likes this canvas very much!
    My daughter likes this canvas very much. It is really suitable for children to play with. Many parents are most worried that their children will draw on the wall or every corner of the house with a pen. With this canvas, you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Samantha 2022-02-27 Verified purchase
    Fun for hours!
    Bought this for my 4 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves it, pens and brushes are very easy to use so she is able to fill them up with water when they are empty.
  • LindseyJ 2020-10-31 Verified purchase
    Lola loves her mat
    Granddaughter loves her mat
  • Brian 2020-04-10 Verified purchase
    Great for play
    Got this for my granddaughter for Christmas and she loves it
  • Ashley 2020-06-07 Verified purchase
    Great for preschool and early preschool kids
    Easy to use! Unfold and play! The pens say open and close on them but seem to be pointing in the opposite direction for removing and replacing the lids, so that was a bit confusing. Pens don’t leak, work great! Would have liked the shapes to have some sort of stamp handle attached to make using them as stamps easier. Otherwise a great product!
  • Big 2020-10-23 Verified purchase
    Buy it! You wont regret it!
    Worth every penny. Mess free and perfect for all ages even the grandparents had to try it out!!
  • Kaitlynn 2022-06-15 Verified purchase
    Easy indoor activity
    Need activities to do at home and this is great.
  • Diana 2020-08-30 Verified purchase
    Gift for Grandson
    Bought this for my grandson and he loves it!!
  • Melissa 2021-08-06 Verified purchase
    Great Gift
    Was bought for our 4 year old twins. They loved it...the fact that they both can use it at the same time was a Big Plus. Clean up?? Other then picking it up that’s it! The marker marks disappear on there on. The twins LOVE it.
  • Britt 2022-03-12 Verified purchase
    Covid-19 quarantine gift
    My grandchildren love it!!
  • Lisa 2020-05-07 Verified purchase
    kid friendly
    It was a gift. The baby girl loves it
  • Crystal 2022-02-21 Verified purchase
    No mess
    Great for young toddlers! No mess!
  • Edmundo 2020-12-14 Verified purchase
    Fun and educational
    Super fun! My 3 year old loves this. It’s big enough for at least 3 kids to use. The white coating seems reasonable durable.
  • Jessica 2021-08-20 Verified purchase
    bought for gift
    2 1/2 year old ganddaughter LOVES this
  • Volunteer 2021-02-27 Verified purchase
    Thank you so much for my delivers
  • MARANDA 2022-03-14 Verified purchase
    Good quality
    Big enough for two or three kids to play together
  • Apple 2022-05-09 Verified purchase
    good quality ,nice size
    My three kids are very love this doodle mat, this mat is very easy to use clean and draw play, it’s good quality and nice size!
  • Wrght 2021-02-24 Verified purchase
    Good product
    My 20 month old son loves this board he draws and draws all day off an on with it. I love it because it’s just water so everything else stays clean! It comes with a lot of stencils but he’s too young still to use. Overall highly recommend for little ones that don’t understand where paper starts and ends.
  • Angela 2020-07-20 Verified purchase
    The mess free activity
    Are you tired of your kids making a mess? Do you lose the add ons? Here is the problem solver. This uses only water to paint. If you lose the marker or have more kids they can use their fingers or sponges. And clean up is water only. The mat dries super quick so they can be silly over and over again. Honestly it’s fun for adults to during this quarantine.
  • willietomtom 2022-05-31 Verified purchase
    A neat concept
    This is a nice concept, similar to those paint with water books, but big enough for two kids to share. I like that this mat comes with a bunch of accessories and stencils.
  • Meaghan 2021-08-31 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift doodle mat for 3 yrs old niece
    My 3yrs old niece love it. Fun, Entertaining, Playful, educational. Came with all accessories as described.
  • Denise 2021-04-05 Verified purchase
    Perfect for 3 year old
    Loved it
  • Stan 2022-07-08 Verified purchase
    Educational Fun
    It shipped to my grandkids in Texas. Entertaining toy in this lockdown times.
  • Lorenzo 2022-06-30 Verified purchase
    Great For Kids
    Great product for kids! Just wish it came with a carrying case for all the little accessories
  • LaShaunda 2021-08-21 Verified purchase
    I love to play with this especially with my 15mo old granddaughter. This doodle pad is very good. It only needs water to doodle on it, so she won’t have colors everywhere on the face and clothes like she use other colored pencils. Another advantage of this doodle pad is that you don’t need to erase the painting, it can disappear automatically, which is very suitable for baby to play. She likes the whales. And the pad is big enough, we can draw and play on it together.
  • Hanny 2020-08-17 Verified purchase
    Perfect for small kids!
  • Phoebe 2022-07-22 Verified purchase
    My kids very love it
  • Taryn 2021-03-24 Verified purchase
    Great product! Hours of fun
    Lot of shapes and stencils comes handy in drawing different shapes. The instructions book come handy in drawing different shapes, overall kids enjoyed it and surely recommend the product to all parents who have children.
  • Jason 2021-03-30 Verified purchase
    Very cute and it’s really large and great for 3 kids to use at the same time.. Drying time was fast overall great quality. I love it.
  • Alfonso 2021-07-11 Verified purchase
    Great activity
    I liked the fact that the pens are just filled with water and I don’t need to worry if my child disappears into another room with the pen. Then I can have more times to do my work.
  • Rodeo 2021-06-04 Verified purchase
    Nice, very fun
    Very good toy for my kid. Do not need to worry about messing up as it just uses water.
  • Tonimommi 2021-12-31 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers and kids!
    Super fun! My 18 month old, and 6 year old, both love it! It comes with cute stencils and some other extras too! I love how the alphabet is on the mat! Great product! Would make for a great gift!
  • Tykiera 2021-04-15 Verified purchase
    a good purchase
    Me and my daughter had a blast playing with this- she loves it- she can play with it all she wants without getting in trouble because its just used water! Save me from the housework.
  • Mai 2020-09-20 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift
    This is a perfect gift for my son for Christmas. Useed it for several months, and it still works great.Nice!
  • katie 2021-09-25 Verified purchase
    Great Purchase - So much Fun!!!
    This magic mat is so good for my 21 months so.He loves it and so is his mommy. The shape cutouts and small stamps are great for little ones. The pens are easy to fill with water and don’t seem to leak.Its a mess free entertainment. Overall so happy with this purchase!!!
  • Kathy 2020-10-18 Verified purchase
    Mess free fun!
    Great for hours of mess free creativity! I love it almost as much as my little one!
  • Desiree 2021-07-25 Verified purchase
    Good gift for kids
    Neat toy, so much for my grandkids to use to make different shapes and drawings. Large enough for 2 children to enjoy without fighting.
  • Kathleena 2021-02-05 Verified purchase
    Great doodle pad for my daughter
    My daughter loves drawing, and always make a mess with markers, so I got her this water doodle mat. The mat is a good size, it has alphabets in the background that she can trace, the set comes with 4 different sizes of water pen and different shapes for her to trace and draw with. The best part is she won’t make a mess. The mat dries up and she can draw again. :)
  • Tiffany 2022-02-18 Verified purchase
    clean,fun,and reusable
    much better than I thought, use plain water for "ink", it will dry up around half an hour or so than the kid can start play again. if you use blow drier, it can be ready within mins.
  • Yolanda 2020-10-24 Verified purchase
    easy used
    This is very suitable for children about 2 years old, just pour water into the pen, it is easy to dry, and it will not be painted like a colored pen. It saves my time and saves my wall and floor, love it
  • TC 2021-12-07 Verified purchase
    Will reorder
    Children like it very much
  • Lisa 2020-10-16 Verified purchase
    This is really cool
    This doodle mat is the perfect size for toddlers. It is durable and stands up to little people. Size is accurate and actually bigger than expected. The colors are bright and the pictures are attractive to little ones. My 3 year old granddaughter loves this. It keeps her focused and she always asks to color with water when she comes to visit.
  • Kunjané 2021-11-09 Verified purchase
    Great water mat!
    Surpassed my expectations. We have never had a water doodle mat before and we love it. Keeps my daughter busy during quarantine. As soon as the water dries she can start her picture over again, love it!
  • Leia 2020-08-19 Verified purchase
    Hours of fun!
    Keeps child with add and autism distracted for hours! Finally I can relax. I got down there and played with it too. Besides the cracking bones from being too old..I must admit I enjoyed it also!
  • michael 2020-07-17 Verified purchase
    Great birthday gift
    Got it for my grandson, he loves it
  • Daniel 2021-08-05 Verified purchase
    Great birthday gift for sisters
    I purchased this as a birthday gift for a friend’s two daughters and they loved it! I needed a gift that would accommodate 2 and they are big on physical activities so this was perfect! Super cool and fun :)
  • Monika 2022-01-25 Verified purchase
    paint without the mess
    My 2 year old niece and 3 year old nephew love this and NO mess!!
  • Sunnibear 2022-07-01 Verified purchase
    It’s worth buying.
    Can doodle. can also brush out the following picture is beautiful. Good size. It’s a very good product for children. It’s worth buying.
  • Carina 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Grand kids love this! They write on it all the time, its easy to clean.
  • Uni 2021-12-22 Verified purchase
    Great purchase
    Perfect for preschool age ! No messy markers
  • Jamie 2020-09-27 Verified purchase
    Hours of fun for little ones.
    The water doodle magic mat was so easy to use. My 3 yr old loves it so much. You fill the pens with water and draw. After about 15 minutes is starts to disappear so you can draw all day.
  • delali 2022-05-08 Verified purchase
    great for kids
    great for kids
  • Joshua 2020-05-16 Verified purchase
    Great !!
    Nailed this to the wall for my boys they love it !! And it’s super easy just add water when they need it !!
  • Cj 2020-11-28 Verified purchase
    Birthday gift
    This was a birthday gift for my granddaughter. She enjoys her water books so this was a no brainer gift. Lots of room to color and dries fast.
  • Hugo 2021-05-12 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    My kid loves this, good product. Happy with purchase.
  • Crystal 2021-06-11 Verified purchase
    Entertainment we q
  • Jaquenette 2020-05-26 Verified purchase
    Good product
    Purchased for a 2 yr old granddaughter’s birthday gift. It was definitely a hit. She played with it for over 2 hrs. I bought another one for a 2 yr boy & it kept him entertained.
  • DJ 2021-07-26 Verified purchase
    Good gift for a three year old!
    My daughter definitely enjoyed this! It makes me happy that it doesn’t make a mess and she can’t eat it lol. it’s a great gift for a small child!
  • Teresa 2021-08-28 Verified purchase
    Gifted it to a 4 year old a few years ago and they still use it!
    Y’all, children love this toy. It’s fun, and something that have a lot of versatility. Buy this for your younger friends and siblings. They will love it!
  • Meghan 2021-03-16 Verified purchase
    Grandgraughter lived it
  • Molly 2022-05-30 Verified purchase
    Play Matt
    Ideal play Mat , no mess quick and easy
  • Traci 2020-06-27 Verified purchase
    Omg absolutely love this item & would buy again
    Absolutely inlove my toddler is obsessed
  • Amanda 2021-04-05 Verified purchase
    Mess free fun
    My boys love this mat..they love drawing but have a tendency to draw on the walls too so this mat is perfect since you just fill the pens with water and they can draw as much as they want without wrecking the walls!
  • Helen 2020-10-13 Verified purchase
    Good for playing and teaching
    Purchased for my little brother who really loves playing with water. He was really impatient to use it so we just kept a small container of water by him. I liked that the mat doesn’t let any water bleed through. There is also a "hidden" alphabet border. Overall, good for teaching shapes and letters.
  • Cece 2020-11-30 Verified purchase
    Art without the mess
    My son is soon to be 3 and loves breaking crayons and smashing markers. Slowly getting him to stop door that but for days he wants to be artistic and messy i put this on the floor and a cup of water. It does come with pens (they are also great) but he prefers to “feel the colors” which I rather clean up water and not paint all the time.
  • Jill 2020-10-27 Verified purchase
    my go to bday gift
    this is my go to bday gift for little kids. it doesnt make a mess like some gifts people give, and lets kids be creative too. also good for travel
  • Joy 2020-10-10 Verified purchase
    Love this item
    Love this it for my 2 yr old due to him loving to’s safe and fun and easy to travel with on vacation.
  • latoya 2020-07-13 Verified purchase
    Great for gift
    Kids liked it
  • Kyree 2021-08-29 Verified purchase
    Drys quick
    Great purchase my kids love playing on this mat and it drys quickly so they can create new works of art!!
  • Garcia 2021-07-26 Verified purchase
    Great for kids
  • Deep 2021-04-07 Verified purchase
    Decent gift idea
    Pretty cool playmat. Wish there would be different markers but that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing. I’ll be gifting this to the littlest niece.
  • Jai 2022-01-30 Verified purchase
    Thumbs up
    Daughter loves it
  • Singh 2022-06-27 Verified purchase
    Very durable and a good value
    I ordered this for my 3 year old who loves to color. It comes with multiple pens, the doodle pad, and several shaped stencils. My son isnt very interested in the stencils, so he never really uses them. I love the fact that this mat came with multiple pens because we can fill up several and then when one runs out he can just grab another. I will say that the pens leak, so dont fill them and then put them in a diaper bag or anything. The mat itself has colored sections and then a soccer ball in the middle. If you put the water on the soccer ball it looks like you professionally painted it :) it’s really cool! The mat does take a little while to dry, so I recommend not folding it right away after use u til it has time to dry thoroughly. Our mat didnt come with any I instructions so we learned that from trial and error! It’s a very high quality mat and should provide a long time worth of fun for my son!
  • REBECCA 2022-05-24 Verified purchase
    Great concept! Markets are frustrating.
  • Brooke 2020-05-11 Verified purchase
    Great mess free toy for toddlers
    Great size mat and very durable. My 3 year old really likes it.
    I did notice it did leave "stain" Mark’s from the water after it was dry (see pictures) and the caps for the water pens screw own backwards. The put arrows for which way to turn to open and close but it is actually opposite.
  • John 2021-03-20 Verified purchase
    As Described
    As Described
  • Gina 2020-11-29 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift
  • satya 2020-10-24 Verified purchase
    nice convenient gift for children
    No damage to floors or ruined dresses. Little girls love to paint with water. Lots of fun, any time, any where.
  • Shadow 2020-09-12 Verified purchase
    Great Mat for Littles!
    Love how easy it is to use! No issues with leaking on the pens. Appreciate that it doesn’t dry with the doodles still visible.
  • Mandy 2021-05-10 Verified purchase
    Bought for 2 yr olds
    My kids loved this when they were little
  • liylis 2021-06-14 Verified purchase
    Worry free, no mess!
    Creates an opportunity to experience something new every time a child uses it.
  • Doreen 2022-04-28 Verified purchase
    She loves it
    With grandma painting she want to also I bought the doodle pad so she can practice she is 2 and she make flower
  • SJ 2022-04-01 Verified purchase
    SO much fun
    Water is the best thing for toddlers to play with. So easy to clean up, and the kids love it. This mat drys relatively fast so they just keep playing
  • shermes 2021-02-20 Verified purchase
    My 6 year old loves it!
  • DFS 2020-08-06 Verified purchase
    No mess art!
    Awesome gift for a toddler. Leaves absolutely no mess!
  • Jin 2021-02-14 Verified purchase
    Hold my grandbaby attention
    Love it it keep my grandbaby busy
  • Kristine 2022-01-30 Verified purchase
    6-stars. Great product
    Great idea for kids. No mess. Been using it for a while now, so simple and yet its amazing product
  • Tawny 2021-12-22 Verified purchase
    No mess coloring. YES!
    I have 3 of these. They are awsome! Ni mess and great entertainment. We use them for airplane travel and inside coloring on a rainy day
  • Hugo 2021-06-23 Verified purchase
    Very happy with service & can’t wait to watch the kids open it up for Christmas!
  • Diana 2021-08-08 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    Great gift
  • Crash28 2020-07-07 Verified purchase
    Highly recommended
    Overall perfect and no mess is the best part
  • Lesilie 2021-03-19 Verified purchase
    Great for kids 3+
    My kids love this and its awesome
  • Kathiria 2022-03-02 Verified purchase
    Fun for a 4 year old
    My 4 year old granddaughter loves it.
  • Jennifer 2021-10-07 Verified purchase
    Definitely a great idea
    My kids can color with water and no mess and enjoy the pictures they can make
  • Amit 2021-11-23 Verified purchase
    My granddaughter loves this. Just add water to the pens and your good to go. No mess.
  • Bill 2020-07-21 Verified purchase
    Great for kids
    I bought this for twins. They loved it. Very durable they crawled on it and had so much fun. Very easy to set up and clean
  • HP 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    Birthday gift
    My niece is 2 and loves it!
  • DRA 2021-11-25 Verified purchase
    very good product
    My children are very happy with the mat
  • Shantay 2020-12-18 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    My son is 2.5 and loves this doodle mat. My husband and I draw with him all of the time and it’s easy clean up, just hang it and let it dry. Boom ready for the next drawing session :)
  • PeachyMichey 2020-10-09 Verified purchase
    Thumbs up!
    Love it especially Perfect for indoor activity during rainy weather
  • Emma 2020-09-21 Verified purchase
    Hours of Imaginative Fun
    Bought some of these for a Toys for Tots drive to brighten Christmas morning for a little one. My now teen daughter had one when she was younger and it made for many hours of clean, simple fun that allowed the imagination to play too!
  • Freddie 2022-02-10 Verified purchase
    Grand babies love it!
    Great product hours of fun. Keeps them busy and occupied while letting them use there imagination . Good size easy to set up
  • Beverly 2020-06-13 Verified purchase
    good for kids
    gift for my nephews, they love it
  • Kindria 2021-05-29 Verified purchase
    Our girls love playing with this Matt !!!!
  • ECL 2020-07-08 Verified purchase
    Cool mat
    I bought this for my two year old daughter. She loves to lay there and play with the pens and mat. She asks my other kids to play with her also. Great value and for any age.
  • jodene 2022-06-09 Verified purchase
    Fun for all ages
    My nephew loved this, and no mess for mom.
  • Skc 2020-06-22 Verified purchase
    Delivery in time
    My kids loved it
  • austin 2021-12-27 Verified purchase
    Fast and easy fun
    This has been enjoyed by my 4 year old granddaughter as the best challenge for her creative mind. Easy to use and very durable.
  • Barbara 2022-05-25 Verified purchase
    Perfect for my 3 year old!
    My daughter loves this mat and I do too! Just takes water in the pens and she is busy for an hour. It dries fairly quick so it makes it easy to put away! No mess, no color on walls or your child.
  • Rich 2020-10-28 Verified purchase
    Lots of fun and enjoyment for kids 5 and under.
    My wife grandson loves it.
  • M 2021-09-15 Verified purchase
    Fun and easy water painting
    My son loves this toy and it’s so easy to use. Only problem is we are only able to use 1 of the pens ... they are very hard to open once closed.
  • Marquitta 2021-08-03 Verified purchase
    Water color mat
    Bought as a birthday gift. True to description and picture.
  • Angela 2021-10-13 Verified purchase
    It a perfect gift
    My granddaughter
  • Jake 2021-10-20 Verified purchase
    Love it!
    My daughter loves it have fun and especially no ink on the floor or marker which is a win win!!
  • Kindle 2020-06-29 Verified purchase
  • Amanda 2020-09-23 Verified purchase
    For the budding toddler artist, without the mess!
    I bought this for our 20 month old granddaughter and she loves it! She enjoys drawing on the mat and having someone else draw so she can add her own scribbles. It’s perfect for busy parents who want to provide a fun activity without a mess. There is no paint to spill, nothing to clean up. I would definitely buy this as a gift for any toddler - preschooler. Good value for money.
  • Christine 2020-10-29 Verified purchase
    Great Bday Present
    My friend said her daughters loved it!
  • Lady 2022-04-07 Verified purchase
    Good thing to get for a 1 year on up
    My daughter loves it
  • Kimberly 2022-01-01 Verified purchase
    PLEASE use clean water
    My son loved it very cool
  • Irsa 2021-06-14 Verified purchase
    Easy to clean and safe for kids.
    I would highly recommend for families with toddlers. Especially those that loves to write on walls. We live in a rental so having markers or pens laying around is a big no no. I came across this and since it only use water it was great! My kids loved it and were super excited. Especially when I told them it’s okay to get it on the floors and walls. And the empty marker packages that came with were very nice and good quality.
  • Peter 2021-11-12 Verified purchase
    Kept grand daughter happy for hours
    Wonderful gift grandchildren lov it thank you
  • Pilar 2022-03-20 Verified purchase
    Fun gift
    Bought because I had one when I was younger. Gave to my neighbors for their sons birthday. He loved it (4 years old) and thought it was so fun!
  • elizabeth 2020-10-13 Verified purchase
    Clean Art
    Great to keep the little ones engaged in clean art.
  • Vanessa 2022-03-22 Verified purchase
    It’s not messy at all!!
    It’s perfect for little kids
  • Gabriela 2020-10-31 Verified purchase
    This is great my son loves it and there’s no mess to clean up! Great idea!
  • Drake 2022-05-15 Verified purchase
    Best for homeschooling toddlers
    My kids totally love this! I’ve never seen them enjoy doodling together for this long. They usually get tired a d bored after a few minutes, but this one surely stirred up their interests!
  • Hoffman 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift
    This is a perfect gift for little scribblers. A great mat for kids to write and draw and encourage artists. Easy to carry around to camps and parks.
  • Paulina 2022-06-03 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift for our 5 year old niece!
    We recently bought this for my niece and she is absolutely in love with it! She is constantly asking to play on the mat and it keeps her occupied for hours at a time! We have the peace of mind that she won’t get paint or markers all over the house, but this is a safe product that brings her so much joy!
  • savannah 2021-09-01 Verified purchase
    Easy to use. Hours of fun time.
    I ordered this product for my three younger children ages 5, 4, & 3. They absolutely love it! It’s super easy to get started and the fun can last for hours. It is large enough for all three of my littles to play together comfortably. It comes with its own bag to carry all of the accessories (stencils with letters and shapes, foam pieces, stamps, and three different sizes of markers) and the drawing mat in. Clean up is super easy, once the markers run out of water, you can refill them for some more fun time or throw them in the bag, hang the mat up on the shower rod or outside over the porch rail to dry for 30 mins to an hour, then roll it up and put in the bag for Easy storage as well as to take long for travel. This thing is Super colorful and my children and I couldn’t be happier with the ease and fun this product brings to our home! Definitely well worth it!
  • Jessica 2022-01-16 Verified purchase
    Highly Recommend to promote fun learning
    Love it! Great product highly recommend a no mess activity for kids. It teaches and promotes learning while enjoying a colorful mat. My 4 year old loves the tracing over the Stencils and letters.
  • Laura 2022-05-09 Verified purchase
    Amazing easy to use product!!
    I love this aqua mat!! My 2 toddlers were so excited and played with it for hours!! It even comes with 2 of each pen, so no fighting!! Thank you for the wonderful product and great packaging! Highly recommended! Super easy to use!!
  • Karmen 2022-02-17 Verified purchase
    Mother and baby fun activity
    This thing is so large that we can play and draw together magic like art. Endless possibilities, I love it. A great tool to spend time together
  • valentin 2021-12-04 Verified purchase
    So much fun and no mess!
    This product will entertain for such a long time and there is no mess if your little one runs off the mat with the water pen. We love it!
  • Melissa 2020-06-29 Verified purchase
    Mess free fun!
    My daughter is 2 and is getting into arts and crafts. She loves this mat. Keeps her busy for hours. Best part is it’s mess free.
  • Hale 2020-09-23 Verified purchase
    Finally a mess free distraction!
    My three year old twins always want to draw, but you never know if they’re going to draw strictly on the paper or not. It’s so awesome to finally have a way they can draw without me having to worry! I can get things done around the house while they’re distracted and they’re having a lot of fun with it. It dries pretty quickly too!
  • Robert 2021-10-24 Verified purchase
    Buy it!!!
    Bought this for my sons birthday! Its of great quality I’m very impressed!! He loves that he and his brother can both use it at the same time. It can be used very soon 15 mins or so to make an entirely new drawing.

    I highly recommend! No mess!
  • obed 2021-07-01 Verified purchase
    It great
    My three-year-old daughter love it and no mess with the colors
  • Alma 2020-05-26 Verified purchase
    My kiddos loved it . I always used to wonder how to keep them occupy during afternoon time .
    This was the perfect mat to keep them busy for an hour or two .
  • Jean 2020-05-01 Verified purchase
    My granddaughters love this drawing Mat
    Bought this mat for my granddaughters. Because I would prefer them to use water instead of markers. They love it I would highly recommend this to any family with young children. So I give it five stars.
  • Johnson 2022-02-23 Verified purchase
    Fun without the mess!
    I got this for my daughters 3rd birthday and she loves it! She can’t be trusted with actual paint or markers so this is great.
  • kendall 2020-08-31 Verified purchase
    It’s amazing !
    I bought this for my little brother he’s 4 years old and he loves it no mess and easy for him to use .
  • Ashlie 2020-06-27 Verified purchase
    Love this matt
    Kids love the mat! Very easy to use, NO mess
  • Tara 2022-07-09 Verified purchase
    Entertaining for hours
    Love this color mat!! My kids are entertained for hours with it!! Super user friendly and doesn’t make a mess!
  • Bradley 2021-10-10 Verified purchase
    Mess free! Must have for random days in during shelter-in-place!
    Like many parents we’ve been scouring and other online sites for solutions for keeping out kids busy and off the screen during these odd times of pandemic. I chose this particular mat because of the size and the features that it has multiple partitions and comes with more than 1 pen (plus the accessories). The add pens were especially key beaches my daughter was going to use it with my nephew who always comes over. As you know kids will fight over everything.

    This mat has been a perfect option when we just need something to keep the little ones busy and now have to worry about cleaning up. It only uses water!!!

    Everything seems to be well-made and it drys out relatively quickly after each used. The added mentioned stencils and accessories are also a nice touch. Also love that it has numbers and letters they kids can practice off of.

    Overall satisfied with the purchase.
  • Linda 2021-07-12 Verified purchase
    My nephew really thinks that it’s a magical mat (well i dont fill water in the pens in front of him and he is 3 so its easy to fool him lol). He enjoys drawing on it a lot.
  • Latisha 2021-08-07 Verified purchase
    Would buy again
    Love this, worth the price its great for kids 18 months +
  • Sally 2020-05-29 Verified purchase
    Clean, safe, colorful!
    This play mat is awesome!!! Completely MESS FREE!!! I purchased this for my 2 and 3 year old boys. Its a big Mat , enough space for both of them to draw at the same time. They had lots of fun and spent some joyful time with it (so I can do some housework).
    Mess free, easy to use, and it can be used for a long time (Only water required). I don’t need worry about the boys putting the water pen into their mouth, also drawing on their clothes. The pad dries very quickly. Highly recommended. Great product!
  • Reader 2022-07-05 Verified purchase
    Perfect for one kid
    My daughter loved this it’s perfect for one kid to play on. If you have more than one kid they might fight over the mat and I would suggest a bigger one.
  • Sheena 2022-06-11 Verified purchase
    Doesn’t make a mess!
    I bought this product for niece and cousin and love it!
  • MCoffey 2021-04-08 Verified purchase
    No mess
    No mess fun
  • Cathy 2021-09-12 Verified purchase
    Great busy mat for kids.
    Bought this for my grandson who is almost three. He loves it! It appears to be well made. There is a small crack from it being folded during shipment but it did not affect the use at all. You need to follow the instructions and soak the pens for a few minutes before use and remember that the threads are reversed so don’t get frustrated with them. This is a great idea for grandmas house or taking with you somewhere.
  • Stacey 2021-03-05 Verified purchase
    Great for sensory and to keep the walls clean
    My kids love it.
  • Kathy 2020-05-10 Verified purchase
    As described great gift
    Item as described
  • Sheryl 2022-04-02 Verified purchase
    Lots of fun
    Bought for the preschool kids I work with
  • Stephanie 2021-09-23 Verified purchase
    Children loved it
    It was a hit with the Birthday girl!
  • Tyler 2021-02-03 Verified purchase
    Good loved it
  • Salman 2021-04-11 Verified purchase
    Great purchase!
    Wow, this is probably one of my greatest purchases ever! It keeps my 2 year old entertained coloring but I don’t have to worry about the colors getting on the walls and all over her room! The markers are easy to fill with water and it’s really mistake proof! I would definitely give this as a gift
  • Jessica 2021-05-23 Verified purchase
    Fun outdoor toy
    Cute. Not as big as you would think but very fun for the kids. Would buy it again.
  • CHERRIE 2022-02-03 Verified purchase
    Looks good
    I got this for a gift for my nephew. I think he will like it
  • Christy 2021-02-19 Verified purchase
    Unstable pen
    One of the pen could be opened. Do not want to return the whole item.
  • Bart 2022-02-11 Verified purchase
    Need Nails
    Good size the girls love it / The only thing is it doesn’t have circles to hook it up in your wall so you need to make it work with nails
  • Angela 2020-04-30 Verified purchase
    Great gift she loved it
  • Syretta 2021-12-01 Verified purchase
    Good activity mat, didn’t receive any sticker but the kids are enjoying it
  • Robin 2020-09-05 Verified purchase
    A must for your little artist!
    A must for your little artist! My kids (2&4) love this. I love it because it is easy clean up. No ink all over my house, and refilling with water takes less than 5 seconds.
  • Carney 2020-06-08 Verified purchase
    Good purchase
    My grandson loved this for his second birthday.
    And, it’s parent!
  • janet 2020-09-14 Verified purchase
    Mess-free introduction to drawing for young kids!
    This drawing mat is soooo adorable! I’ve been wanting to introduce drawing to my 1 year old, but I’ve been scared to because of the mess I feared it would make! This is the perfect solution..... You fill the little markers or paint brush with water and it "writes" in beautiful bright colors just by the small amount of water dispensed. My son loves it!

    It is, however, great for younger kids rather than older I believe... Because of the water slowly spreading over a few minutes... The writing/drawing bleeds, creating thicker lines than originally drawn. If your little artist is trying to get more detail, that might frustrate them, but for my little guy, it’s perfect.
  • Toni 2022-05-02 Verified purchase
    Great for young kids
    Great gift, mess free, good for little ones
  • Crystal 2021-10-30 Verified purchase
    Grandkids loved it.
    Grandkids enjoyed!
  • Taffy 2021-01-08 Verified purchase
    Clean and Easy way to draw
    Great product for the kids during this quarantine.
    Great size mat and very durable. It comes with multiple pens, the doodle pad, and several shaped stencils.
    This is the perfect solution for the Mess kids create while drawing.
  • Zamira 2022-03-30 Verified purchase
    Grandpa wins !
    Easy to use and she loves to play with!
  • Shay 2022-05-30 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Perfect for my son to write without color marks all over.. just wet in water and write on pad
  • Helena 2022-01-30 Verified purchase
    Hours of activity for you an kids to enjoy
    Love the water mate easy to use an clean
  • Christian 2021-09-27 Verified purchase
    no mess
    kids love it!
  • Prashant 2022-01-28 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers
    easy to use, big enough for 2 toddlers to share and enjoy at the same time.
  • Alexandria 2022-04-23 Verified purchase
    This was a gift for my grandson.
  • CH 2021-09-21 Verified purchase
    You get what you pay for
    It’s okay, not easy to clean
  • Shani 2020-08-19 Verified purchase
    My grandchildren love this
  • Jennifer 2021-11-29 Verified purchase
    No mess and lots of fun
    My daughter is three years old and she loves this !
  • Brianna 2022-05-03 Verified purchase
    Working with water
    When I saw the picture of these tiny grownups drawing their architectural designs with water, I was instantly mind blown. I received my water drawer and I’ve held a meeting every morning this week using it. The only downside to the product is there’s no place for a flash drive to save my work. I love being able to use it everywhere in the office, laying around on the ground working, taking a shadoobie with my coworkers, and just making real boss moves. I guarantee you I will buy another one and by next year I’ll be CEO ! If you’re looking to increase your performance and enjoy work, this is the perfect tool! Every company should have one .
  • Rivera 2021-06-16 Verified purchase
    I bought it as a gift and I’m so glad I did
    Perfect gift. Easy for kids to do. No mess.
  • JR 2020-07-25 Verified purchase
    Children loved it
    This product is great for children. The markers fill with water so it’s completely mess free! Each quadrant on the mAtt reveals a different color and around the entire matt are numbers and letters. Kids loved it!
  • Hensley 2022-04-17 Verified purchase
    Very cool, my 2 year old enjiyed it, and i enjoyed how safe it is to use.
  • Atarah 2022-05-23 Verified purchase
    NOBODY can outdo !!!!
    Bought as gift for my two toddler grandsons. I was very very pleased with my selection. It was perfect for my little grandsons. If you’re looking for can’t outdo . Best place to buy anything !!!
  • Katie 2020-09-05 Verified purchase
    Wonderful gift
    This is a good buy got this for my two year old and she loves it and so do I. No mess really no stains better than crayons in my opinion
  • Brooke 2021-01-15 Verified purchase
    Great Buy!
    Absolutely Love it!
  • Therese 2020-12-29 Verified purchase
    Fun while educational
  • Jameele 2022-03-08 Verified purchase
    Great idea
    I love the idea of this because it only uses water. I wished it came with directions for cleaning when a child accidently uses somthing else they were not suppose to use.
  • Mitchell 2021-04-05 Verified purchase
    Exactly what the description says. Bought it for my son and he loves it!
  • Skittles 2021-04-14 Verified purchase
    My kids love it
  • ARLaGuardia 2021-01-30 Verified purchase
    Good gift buy
    Good quality
  • Allen 2020-12-09 Verified purchase
    No damage at all.
    Best thing you can use!
  • Zachary 2020-06-28 Verified purchase
    The kids loved it!
    Worked well! Vibrant colors, no mess and easy storage. Kids loved it !
  • Michelle 2021-11-09 Verified purchase
    It can withstand a pair of 3 yr olds!
    Bought it for my 3 yr old granddaughter and she loves it!
  • vanesse 2020-06-25 Verified purchase
    It’s ok
  • ivebinbad 2022-02-17 Verified purchase
    Nice and Simple to Use
    I like how easy it is to use. No worries about marker on the walls and easy clean up.
  • Pamela 2021-01-30 Verified purchase
    This mat evolves with the kids you’ll have it forever
    My kids loved theirs for years and when they outgrew it ... we used it as the mat for under painting or other projects. This mat grows with the kids because it can evolve as the projects do. Got this for my gal pal and her kids love it as much as mine did! Hours of fun!
  • Alina 2020-04-27 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers
    Works really well and the kids love it.
  • L.archer 2020-10-13 Verified purchase
    Great purchase
    My girls love this!
  • Doniell 2021-08-11 Verified purchase
    Nice gift
    My daughter received this as a Christmas gift. She loves it! And it’s a nice size so she has plenty of room to draw and I can join her too!
  • Amber 2020-07-29 Verified purchase
    The hand and foot print, hidden letters and number- The reveal of the football is an added bonus!
    I use this product to ‘paint’ with my 3 years old niece. She would say “Let’s paint!”, and that is another activity for us to bond. It is easy to use and clean up is easy!!
  • Jessica 2021-10-10 Verified purchase
    Fun mat for a variety of ages!
    I got this for my 2 year old son for Christmas. Turns out my 6 year old nephew loves it just as much! It’s the perfect way for my little to draw without worrying about crayons or markers all over my walls- yet allow him to hold something that feels like a marker or crayon.
    It took a little while for it to dry, but it was a great size for him to use more of the mat.
  • tina 2021-01-16 Verified purchase
    Daughter loves it! Dries out and can reuse whenever.
  • DMP 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    My daughter loves it she is 4
  • Melody 2021-09-29 Verified purchase
    Highly reccomend
    Great for kids who like to color on everything except paper. Can’t make a mess with water pens lol my daughter loves it and I remember loving these when i was a kid too
  • Amy 2020-06-21 Verified purchase
    My kids love it!
  • trackgirl 2021-03-22 Verified purchase
    Good products
  • Lora 2021-01-02 Verified purchase
    Mess free
    It’s really convenient for my 5 & 1 year old it saves me a mess to clean love it
  • Nelson 2021-04-20 Verified purchase
    Fun and simple
    Great size and easy to use for the kids
  • Andreina 2021-10-29 Verified purchase
    Love that my kid can’t color the walls or floor with this
    My 3 year old loves it and I love that I don’t have to clean it every time
  • Grey 2021-04-18 Verified purchase
    So entertaining
    My 2 yr old love this mat!! We have a spray bottle we use for th cats, but he has found that sparying the mat is much more fun!
  • Evelyn 2022-06-06 Verified purchase
    Great Coloring Mat for toddlers, great price
    My granddaughter is 20 months and she loves color/art time with the Coloring Mat. She uses her hands a lot, besides the water pens. It drys fast.
  • Tiffany 2021-06-30 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    Great gift for toddler. Biggest issue is keeping the water crayons in a place where you can find them
  • Tiffany 2020-06-29 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    Great gift for toddler. Biggest issue is keeping the water crayons in a place where you can find them
  • Sister 2022-05-03 Verified purchase
    Best thing iv got for a lil kid
    Bigger than i thought but my lil man loved it and i love that all it is is water he thinks he got a marker and tryed coloring his self but nothing i love this its a must have if ur kid marks on thing u dont want him or her too
  • Christine 2021-01-24 Verified purchase
    No mess, tons of fun
    So much fun, my kids really enjoyed this with no messes!!
  • Laticia 2020-09-21 Verified purchase
    Fun and educational!!!
  • Davian 2022-01-19 Verified purchase
    This playmat can be used over and over. Fill the little pens with water and your children can draw endlessly. The drawing disappears after a while and the kids can draw again! It’s easy to store and pull out when they want it again.
  • Jose 2021-08-15 Verified purchase
    Good buy
    My grandchild LOVES it
  • Ashley 2021-10-26 Verified purchase
    Good value, easy clean up, children loved it
    Good value for the money. Easy clean up with rag or paper towels no mess on floors or table. Easy to fill up brushes. Can be used by at least two children at same time. Children enjoyed it very much.
  • Grandma 2021-04-02 Verified purchase
    Fun toy
    Gift able value for money easy to use
  • Nicole 2021-10-16 Verified purchase
    A must have for toddlers and kids. Would definitely refer this as a item to buy.
    Super awesome gift that we gave to twin three year olds. They drew on it for hours while visiting and then packed it up to bring home with them to enjoy. It’s getting a lot of use. Fill
    the pens with water and then make your design or fill in the letters, numbers or shapes that come with the mat. 15 minutes later the image disappears! Great gift that keeps on giving!
  • Guadalupe 2022-06-21 Verified purchase
    The perfect choice!
    Oh this is so wonderful for little kids! Both my little 2 yr old girls and my 4 ye old boy love it! It’s perfect for a gift too! The value is awesome for the money we paid! And what I love the most as a mom is that it’s mess free!!! Woohoo
  • Poodle 2020-09-17 Verified purchase
    Great fun for a 2 year old!
    I bought this for my 2 year old granddaughter and she loves it! No mess and she has played with it in and off for many days!
  • Veronica 2021-08-30 Verified purchase
    Great Product
    You neeeeeed this!!!! My toddler loved it soo much! And the best part she can’t write on herself or the walls. Love it!
  • Charli 2020-11-23 Verified purchase
    Great fun for a toddler!
    A very cool art toy. The aspiring artist can draw and paint with nothing but water. When the water evaporates, the canvas becomes blank and ready for more.
    It proved to be a hit not only with my almost 2 year old granddaughter, but with mom and dad also- literally no clean up after play time!!
  • Tammie 2021-08-07 Verified purchase
    Not as big as it looks
    My niece loved it but definitely smaller than it looks
  • Lauren 2020-11-26 Verified purchase
    Fun gift
    Worth the order! Easy clean up
  • Shaiann 2020-06-27 Verified purchase
    Great price! Amazing gift
    It’s just water so no mess and no worries if the pen travels from the mat to the walls (the way toddlers like to do) lol I love this! It dries fast so your kid can keep on drawing.
  • Michelle 2021-09-11 Verified purchase
    So cool!
    Really cool and no mess. You just fill the pens with water and they can write on it. The color disappears as the water dries. Easy to fold up the mat and put away too.
  • Diana 2021-04-15 Verified purchase
    This was a really cute gift. Grandbaby loved it! She’s 4 years old and loved the water in the pen and the brush too. She kept wanting to play with her “magic pen” on her “magic blanket” lol.
  • Krisandra 2020-12-06 Verified purchase
    Kids loves it
    Mess free fun for the grandbabies
  • Bon 2020-12-11 Verified purchase
    No mess!
    My son loves this ! Keeps him occupied and the best part, no mess!
  • Jessica 2021-03-12 Verified purchase
    My son loves it and no clean up
    My two year old loves it and I don’t have to worry about clean up
  • Tecno 2021-11-18 Verified purchase
    Best toddler gift!
    I bought this as a gift for a 2yr old who loves to color. She really enjoyed it! Easy to use easy to fold up. I would recommend
  • Pamela 2021-12-10 Verified purchase
    Wonderful little mat
    Great mat- comes with two water (refillable) markers, some shape stencils, and a water (refillable) paint brush. Has some numbers and alphabet in the design around the border to help learn to write numbers and letters. Great purchase and would recommend.
  • Colorado 2020-05-18 Verified purchase
    Great present
    Bought this for my niece for Christmas (She is almost 2). She loved it!
  • Patti 2022-06-04 Verified purchase
    Fun for toddlers
    My two-year-old niece and five-year-old nephew enjoy playing with it!
  • Pam 2020-10-23 Verified purchase
    My nephews love it easy to clean great gift
    Great gift for kids my nephews loved it
  • Summer 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    Got my nephew this for his birthday! All you need is some water to color and it air dries to reuse!
  • Bella 2021-03-09 Verified purchase
    Excellent product
    Excellent product
  • Monant 2022-06-21 Verified purchase
    Great toy
    It cleans itself, gave as a gift to my grandson for traveling, packs up easy into a bag
  • Adrienne 2021-11-10 Verified purchase
    Highly recommend!
    This mat kept my active toddler busy for hours. I love how it came with a bag for easy storage. Btw it’s not just got little ones. Our 9yr old, myself and my husband enjoyed it.
  • Angie 2021-09-02 Verified purchase
    Great item
    The kids enjoyed this item and the price was great.
  • Slynn 2022-01-08 Verified purchase
    It’s worth it!
    So I have had another brand of one of these and it didn’t come with all the extra fun stuff only came with mat and 2 water pens and the few shapes but it was a smaller mat and didn’t last. I hope this one last alot longer! I love the more color options to it and the extras and how much bigger it is! So far I’m giving this a 5 Star rating and saying its worth it keep your Littles busy!
  • Yvette 2020-11-11 Verified purchase
    Kids love this
    Great for kids of almost all ages
  • Fernanda 2022-02-18 Verified purchase
    Both my Grandchildren loved it. Played for hours!
    Was a gift for a 2 yr old and his sister 4 yrs old. Both loved it!
  • Jarvis 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Thanks for this product the greats love it
  • Mia 2021-10-27 Verified purchase
  • Choek 2020-07-23 Verified purchase
    Easy to use.
    Gave as a gift. They both enjoyed it.
  • SRC 2020-11-12 Verified purchase
    Absolutely giftable product! Didn’t think I’d like the boarder lines when purchased but the colors are really bright and the pictures are even bigger than I’d thought as well! Perfect size for my toddler GrandTwins, even big enough for a part of four! I’m loving this so far. I haven’t actually opened and used the the pens as of yet but I’m very hopeful I’ll be satisfied!
  • Loyalty 2020-09-04 Verified purchase
    Toddlers love if!
    Donated to toddler time at church and it was a hit
  • AmyL 2021-06-18 Verified purchase
    Fun and mess free
    This is for my grandson he loves playing with it.
  • MizzM 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    Best gift
    Easy to play and very educational and interactive toy at low price
  • Hertzog 2021-08-16 Verified purchase
    My toddler loves it! And the best part is that it makes no mess!
  • gratta 2020-10-31 Verified purchase
    My daughter loved this gift
  • donna 2021-05-28 Verified purchase
    We love it!
    My son loves it and is entertained for hours!
  • KLHN52 2021-04-07 Verified purchase
    It was a gift.
    Product came as described. Big enough for both of my children and their 3 cousins to draw at the same time. Quick drying for fast clean up. Thank you!
  • Shonda 2020-09-30 Verified purchase
    A great distraction
    My son loves it. He has not stopped drawing with it since he got it.
  • Carmical 2021-04-07 Verified purchase
    My girls loved it
    Kids love the different features of the mat
  • Queenie 2021-04-08 Verified purchase
    He t a home run with this!
    My greatgranddaughter loves it!
  • sarah 2021-11-11 Verified purchase
    Super nice
    The kids loved it. Easy to clean and no mess
  • Nayeli 2020-11-14 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers!!!
    Works great and my daughter loves it! Easy clean up and no mess!
  • Genesia 2020-08-17 Verified purchase
    Nice toy
    Received as a gift for my 2 yr old. Super excited to use it as she loves to color all over the place.
  • Kerye 2021-06-01 Verified purchase
    Good activity
    It was easy to use and easy to clean up since it is a water toy.
  • amt 2021-01-25 Verified purchase
    Clean fun
    This was better then I expected. Good quality and keep several children occupied. Love how it comes with several pens and stencils. Well worth the money
  • Squishy 2021-04-07 Verified purchase
    Great mat
    My two year love it.
  • Sheri 2021-11-21 Verified purchase
    Very fun.Very good
    Awesome product. Best part is it uses water to draw, so you do not have to worry if kid is taking pen in mouth. Keeps my daughter busy and it is mess free.
  • Drentwett 2021-11-25 Verified purchase
    Pretty cool
    I like this product because it encouraged creativity
  • BruceT 2020-10-04 Verified purchase
    Your kids will love it.
    My children love this product hours of family fun time.
  • almonte 2021-03-26 Verified purchase
    Excellent for kids and teens
  • Shina 2022-01-11 Verified purchase
    Loves it
    My grandson loves this mat he plays with it all the time
  • mallory 2021-01-27 Verified purchase
    Bought as a gift
    Love the product works perfect for toddlers!!
  • Teaira 2021-01-15 Verified purchase
    Great item!
    It is a great item for my 2yr old!
  • Diez 2021-06-17 Verified purchase
    good quality
    Excellent product! My daughter is hooked on it and there is no mess!
  • ostroski 2021-09-05 Verified purchase
    Great Gift for a Toddler
    Got this for our two year old nieceis birthday and she loved it! She loved scribbling with the pen and loves pointing to all the letters and animals around the border. The different colors are a really cool feature and it has little shapes she can color in and identify around the border. It is also super awesome It is only water so she can use it again and again! The stencils and puzzle it comes with are adorable and help her learn letters.
  • Megan 2020-07-15 Verified purchase
    Great activity map!
    Was a gift for our granddaughter who absolutely loves it!
  • user89 2021-12-28 Verified purchase
    No mess with it
    It is no mess product and kids love it.
  • sheryl 2021-09-14 Verified purchase
    Great gift for your child or friend.
    Sheis almost 2 and loves to draw and write. Then she enjoys watching it disappear!
  • Kate 2021-03-26 Verified purchase
    Bought for a three year old. He loved it. Not messy!
  • Zoulas 2020-06-24 Verified purchase
    Loved it!!
    My kid loved it. Thank you!!
  • Tarymelon 2020-11-12 Verified purchase
    Kids like to play with water and draw on it, but I noticed cracks in the creases where it was folded when packaged. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it from happening.
  • Elizabeth 2021-01-12 Verified purchase
    Very thoughtful and educational for kidz, I got it for my niece who is 3, and ahe loves it!
  • Halder 2021-04-07 Verified purchase
    Great for small children!!!
    My 2 year old granddaughter loves this! Keeps her busy and creative!!!
  • Brad 2021-11-29 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift!
    Great for kids. No mess easy to use
  • Abel 2021-01-25 Verified purchase
    Great price
    Love this mat. Kids love drawing on it.
  • Binal 2021-04-11 Verified purchase
    Great messfree fun!
    My children really enjoyed the mat and It is magic. I enjoyed the lack of mess! Large enough for my 3 kids to use at the same time.
  • P367 2021-12-12 Verified purchase
    Easy fun
    Daughter loves it so much
  • Tabladillo 2021-03-04 Verified purchase
    My 2 year old loves this!
    My son loves this so much! I have never seen him so excited to learn before this.
  • Catherine 2020-09-10 Verified purchase
    My baby's favorite
    this is one of the great product that was worth my money
  • flavibral7 2022-01-22 Verified purchase
    Good size
    Excellent, love the product and the functionality of it
  • Sassii 2021-08-28 Verified purchase
    Super cool
    Love it! The kids could not stay away from the pad and you can get very creative with it!
  • Paulette 2021-06-06 Verified purchase
    Mess free entertains for hours
    Fun and entertaining for my it
  • Watkins 2021-03-17 Verified purchase
    My son loves it.
    This was a gift for a 2 year old boy. He absolutely loved it right away. Perfect for indoors or outdoors on a nice day. Easy to clean. I would recommend it to others.
  • Colleen 2021-02-17 Verified purchase
    Great for fine motor skills!
    My toddler grandbabies love using this!
  • valeria 2021-02-09 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Perfect for my niece, she loves drawing! So this made a great gift for her 5th birthday
  • Jocelyn 2020-08-03 Verified purchase
    Must buy
    This product is amazing It is really big and keeps my little busy
  • Tonya 2021-06-18 Verified purchase
    Good quality.
    Perfect size to work with two kids. Easy to use.
  • Ashleigh 2020-11-03 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    Great fun, no mess.
  • Jayco 2021-05-01 Verified purchase
    Tons of fun
    Tons of fun! My daughter loves drawing on the mat endlessly. So much fun and no mess
  • Lauren 2021-03-13 Verified purchase
    No mess
    Kept them busy!
  • Olivia 2021-12-05 Verified purchase
    Perfect for mess free play
    It keeps the littles busy for a lot longer than I expected! Mom win!
  • SaharaimB 2021-06-09 Verified purchase
    Kid friendly
    Easy to use, easy to clean. Grandsons loved it. They loved watching their work disappear too
  • TammyM 2020-06-01 Verified purchase
    my toddler girl love it
  • Beth 2021-12-13 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    Loved the product. My kids enjoyed doing art with it and it was not messy at all, which was nice. I’d definitely buy it again and highly recommend it especially for toddlers.
  • ebuzle 2021-05-13 Verified purchase
    Love it!
    Love this product and my daughtier has so much fun with it without making a mess.
  • kniceley 2021-09-04 Verified purchase
    2 year old fun
    Our daughter loved this matt. No mess no clean up. Its great.
  • BarbS 2020-08-18 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    I just got this as a gift for my grandson, and he loves it! It is lots of fun and does not make a mess! Win Win!
  • Nydia 2020-08-12 Verified purchase
    Loved it!
    My niece loves it. No mess!
  • bourgeois 2021-09-01 Verified purchase
    Safe for kids
    It is easy to use and not messy
  • Roxie 2021-08-23 Verified purchase
    Great to gift
    I bought it for my little niece and she love spending hours there drawing, also for her parents to tech her some lessons from school, it is very useful and helps her develo her creativity.
  • wren 2021-08-22 Verified purchase
    Little Mess Is Best
    The included kit with the Aqua Magic Doodle greatly interested our two year old. Using just water she is able to draw exclusively on the mat, no mess elsewhere like normal markers do. The bright colors and pictures kept her interest for over an hour. A good margin for any product with a two year old.
  • Mahurin 2021-08-21 Verified purchase
    Easy Clean up
    Great item for my two year old easy clean up , like as in none lol always GOOD
  • Subrina 2021-08-20 Verified purchase
    Daughteris birthday
    Bought this for our grandson birthday. He has gonna love it!
    Thank you!
  • Grace 2021-08-19 Verified purchase
    Exactly what we were looking for to keep our 2 and 5 year olds busy and off a screen.
  • Nikolina 2021-08-18 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Super cute and fun, my kids love it! Get this for fun at home.
  • Stacey 2021-08-17 Verified purchase
    My daughter loves it
    No mess on walls or tv stand my daughter likes to color everywhere
  • dunbarswife 2021-08-15 Verified purchase
    Brilliant Mats
    Got these mats for the first birthday of our baby girl. She loves them loads and even takes naps on them. Will definitely return for more.
  • Lord 2021-08-14 Verified purchase
    Great Product!
    Nice product ! i really recomended
  • Latonya 2021-08-13 Verified purchase
    Great birthday gift
    This is so easy to clean and so easy to use. My Granddaughter loves it!!
  • Luisa 2021-08-12 Verified purchase
    Excellent choice
    Wonderful!! My 2 year old loved it
  • sathiya 2021-08-11 Verified purchase
    Great toy. Fun and easy to maintain
    This toy is amazing. Easy to maintain. Fun to play with. Very engaging. Pens just need water which is just great.
  • Saunders 2021-08-10 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    It is very easy to use and has lots of options to play with and also learn simultaneously.
  • Gisela 2021-08-09 Verified purchase
    Very nice
    Very fun and not messy . Also affordable
  • Lucy 2021-08-08 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    Easy to use and clean! giftable!
  • Samantha 2021-08-07 Verified purchase
    Great Quality!
    My daughter loves to draw and scribble. She absolutely loves this
  • Figueroa 2021-08-06 Verified purchase
    We bought it for our 2 year old granddaughter and she loved it.
  • Heather 2021-08-05 Verified purchase
    This product is easy to use and direct your child to learn creatively
  • Ace 2021-08-04 Verified purchase
    Fun for toddlers
    My daughter loves to draw with water and see the colors appear!
  • Marangelee 2021-08-03 Verified purchase
    Good choice
    Bought these as a gift for the grandkids loved this gift!!
  • Andrew 2021-08-02 Verified purchase
    Fun and mess free.
    Me 3 year old loved all the pieces!
  • SThurston 2021-08-01 Verified purchase
    good product
    This keeps my niece busy for hours.
  • Jeremy 2021-07-31 Verified purchase
    Great for fun and creativity for kids
    Overall the Doodle mat is very good, My kid just loves it, plays with it quite often, almost everyday. The only thing that I did not like is that the places where we fold the mat, there after a few weeks, marks have come and it is no longer plain. But it is acceptable. I would certainly recommend this.
  • Idamaris 2021-07-30 Verified purchase
    Very clean!
    Love this product! So easy to clean! Kids have so much fun!
  • Camper 2021-07-29 Verified purchase
    Fun for all ages
    Bought as a gift for 2 year old and then later one was gifted to my 2 year old for her birthday. This so fun for kids of all ages. My 13 and 9 year old played with the mat to.
  • Viv 2021-07-28 Verified purchase
    Most clean arts and craft kit
    This is the best arts and crafts mat without the mess
  • Ashly 2021-07-27 Verified purchase
    Doodle mat is great !
    Easy to use , no mess
  • Lis 2021-07-26 Verified purchase
    Great so far!
    My child play with it every day
  • Stephens 2021-07-25 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    My baby Loved It keeps there attention and she would lay down and draw all the time
  • Hoss 2021-07-24 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My baby girl loves it
  • jeannette 2021-07-23 Verified purchase
    A great gift for a future artist
    My daughter just received the aqua doodle Matt for her bday and she loves it. Definitely recommend to the mommyis who that has kids that like to draw
  • carrero 2021-07-22 Verified purchase
    2 yr old loves it n i love that there is no drawings on my wall i live in rental housing so this is amazing
  • Portocarrero 2021-07-21 Verified purchase
    It was good
    My grandchildren and their friends spend hours quietly playing with this!!!!
  • Amanda 2021-07-20 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    My 2 year old absolutely loves this! Sheis played with it for about 4 hours straight so far.
  • Tracy 2021-07-19 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift.
    The best birthday gift to my 2 year old daughter overall, gets her and my creative juices flowing while not making a mess anywhere. Love this item!
  • Kara 2021-07-18 Verified purchase
    I really liked this! I bought it as a gift for my baby sister and she loved it. I recommend it.
  • Mezzina 2021-07-17 Verified purchase
    great ! love it !
    I love this mat! Works with just water, takes a little bit to dry but gave my Grandson tons of fun!
  • JamieB 2021-07-16 Verified purchase
    A must buy!
    Love this for my godson, it was really fun for me to use too!! Great gift
  • Julie 2021-07-15 Verified purchase
    Mess free, trouble free fun
    Our little girl absolutely loved it, so fun, easy, and mess free
  • CarleneA 2021-07-14 Verified purchase
    Easy peasy.
    Was purchased for my 2 year old. She loves it. And It is so easy on clean up and mess free on the walls.
  • Josie 2021-07-13 Verified purchase
    Easy to use!
    Reusable product that kids enjoy
  • ERIN 2021-07-12 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    Love how easy this is for my 2 year old!
  • dalisha 2021-07-11 Verified purchase
    This is fun for kids
    My boys love playing with this and coloring on it with the water pens!
  • AdamaF 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    Mess free drawing
    This is a large mat. You only need water and after a while, it dries and you have a new coloring surface.
  • brandy 2021-07-09 Verified purchase
    Mess free creativity for the kids!
    My 2 year old daughter loved this! She got it for birthday. This is perfect for her to be able to be creative and express herself! there is no mess at all. You just put water in the markers and you are set!
  • Schlamp 2021-07-08 Verified purchase
    Easy clean up!
    Love this doodle mat! Its very easy to use, the colors show up great, and no mess! The only odd thing is that the pens screw on the opposite way after you fill them with water, once we figured that out, everything was easy and fun!
  • Maureen 2021-07-07 Verified purchase
    Good product
    What a neat idea! Saves a lot of mess and clean up with markers or even crayons. My 2 year old spends a lot of time with this product and I am gifting it to others her age!
  • Hannah 2021-07-06 Verified purchase
    Nice gift
    Good, came quickly and good quality
  • Ermitano 2021-07-05 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    A great gift for my daughter who likes to paint, without the mess
  • KMS0808 2020-07-26 Verified purchase
    Good products
    Its very nice and easy to use!
  • Hussein 2020-08-29 Verified purchase
    Make sure lids are on right.
    No mess easy to use and clean.
  • Lisa 2020-06-17 Verified purchase
    Easy clean up
    Hours of fun for the little ones and great on your walls and furniture no marker mess throughout your house.
    My granddaughters love it
  • Barbara 2020-07-10 Verified purchase
    Alot of pieces
    My daughter loves her doodle mat! Mess free way for coloring.
  • Samuel 2020-08-13 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    My kids loved this! Great quality with some fun activities!
  • TurtleDab 2020-06-09 Verified purchase
    The kids love it
    Bought this for my granddaughters 4th birthday. She absolutely loved it. It was a huge hit. Even the adults were drawing on it.
  • Fernandez 2020-08-24 Verified purchase
    Awesome gift!
    My 2 yr old spends hours playing with this! Shipped fast and great quality!
  • Joanne 2021-06-27 Verified purchase
    Great value
    It is amazing. Our daughter loves it.
  • Vanessa 2021-06-26 Verified purchase
    Amazing product!!
    Very large mat, several markers and stencils, bright colors, great quality! I highly recommend this product
  • kristin 2021-06-25 Verified purchase
    That my daughter loves it
    My son loved this. He loves to paint and color, so this was perfect because theres absolutely no mess and nothing to clean up. It comes with stamps and stencils too. Would recommend for any child.
  • Darney 2021-06-24 Verified purchase
    Love this mat
    Love this for my almost 2 year old!
  • Anne 2021-06-23 Verified purchase
    It is not messy...perfect for little ones!!
    Easy to clean and fun
  • SCgemini 2021-06-22 Verified purchase
    No mess
    Got this as a gift for my 2 year old! Mess free!
  • Allie 2021-06-21 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    My daughter absolutely loves this. It is easy to use and no mess.
  • Avila 2021-06-20 Verified purchase
    My Daughter Loves!!!
    This product is durable and easy to daughter loves it!
  • angelique 2021-06-19 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift for kids who love coloring
    I love this product , the kids can stay occupied coloring and tracing without me worrying about it getting anywhere else if they color anywhere off the mat.
  • Polsenski 2021-06-17 Verified purchase
    Very Useful and handy
    It is fun and comes in handy when my daughter wants to draw on everything
  • sierra 2021-06-16 Verified purchase
    Great product
    This product was great for my 2 yr old.
  • Tahbo 2021-06-15 Verified purchase
    Great for mess free fun!
    Gave to my 2 year old and 5 year old for birthday and they love it I love the mess free art time!
  • Vivs 2021-06-14 Verified purchase
    One of my sons favorite gift without all the mess, easy to use, lots of space!!! My son will lay across it and just color so we figured we would try this!!! Glad we did!!!!
  • becky 2021-06-13 Verified purchase
    Bought for my granddaughter. She had a blast drawing on it and using all the different extras that came with it.
  • Donato 2021-06-12 Verified purchase
    Fun and mess free toy.
    Love it my daughter would not stop playing with it. Even more fun to use with a pain brush
  • Jahaira 2021-06-11 Verified purchase
    Easy to use and vibrant. Kids love it!!
    The pens are easy to use and the colors on the mat are very vibrant. The added stencils were the cherry on top.
  • shajeda 2021-06-10 Verified purchase
    Great product, perfect size
    My kids usually get bored with things quickly but they have been entertained using this!
  • xin 2021-06-09 Verified purchase
    Kept him entertained for a long time! Includes shapes and number stencil!
  • Sargeo 2021-06-08 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers
    My 2 year old loves this, and my floors do not end up with crayon marks.
  • ram 2021-06-07 Verified purchase
    The littles loved it! Definitely kept them busy for a couple of hours.
  • AmandaS 2021-06-06 Verified purchase
    For toddler
    Super easy to use. Great gift for any kid. Comes with water pens, stenciled, and stamps.
  • Lesly 2021-06-05 Verified purchase
    Easy to clean
    Fast delivery kiddos love it.
  • zeonnia 2021-06-04 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    It was a gift and they were very satisfied with it.
  • Paige 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    Easy to use and clean!
  • Troutster 2021-06-02 Verified purchase
    Easy and so fun!!
    My daughter loves this and so do I!! Mess free and just color with water!! It is absolutely amazing!!!!
  • Toni 2021-06-01 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    Love this product! Was exactly what we wanted!
  • AnitaM 2021-05-31 Verified purchase
    Love this product!
    Great product! Non frustrating packaging!
  • Maggie 2021-05-30 Verified purchase
    Awesome kid toy!
    Awesome kid toy! Mess free!
  • Chyna 2021-05-29 Verified purchase
    Great product
    Kids love it. Very good quality
  • Pantaleo 2021-05-27 Verified purchase
    My daughter loved this gift so much.
  • Allison 2021-05-26 Verified purchase
    Brought this for my friendis son for birthday he goes playing with it he is 2 years old
  • Syed 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    Awesome gift!
    My son loves his doodle pad. Came earlier than expected!
  • Caitlin 2021-05-24 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    My 2 year old twins love their new doodle mat!
  • WyndeKC 2021-05-23 Verified purchase
    Great for toddler
    Kid loves coloring on it. We love markers that will not make a mess on furniture or walls
  • Ebony 2021-05-22 Verified purchase
    Perfect Gift
    It was good my friends son loved it easy to use
  • Envy 2021-05-21 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    This is a wonderful gift to give to someone with a toddler or child. Product is exactly as described… Purchase two for gifts. Kids love them!!
  • deajionna 2021-05-20 Verified purchase
    Great for kids
    Hours of enjoyment with my daughter and wife we all draw on it
  • Bcherry 2021-05-19 Verified purchase
    Kids loved it
    These Mats are perfect for young kids. I bought them for my 3, 6 year old grandkids and they love them. No mess at all.
  • Phyllis 2021-05-18 Verified purchase
    Great buy for kids!!!
    This product really keeps the kids busy for sure with lots of fun!!!!
  • Trella 2021-05-17 Verified purchase
    I love that It is a fun with out mess
  • schiefelbein 2021-05-16 Verified purchase
    Nice for little artist
    Reminds me of the Melissa and Doug Water Wows. Pens are a little difficult to screw on. The mat is very nice and daughter loves it
  • Boykin 2021-05-15 Verified purchase
    Great Product
    it is very functional, beautiful, and very large!
  • dixie 2021-05-14 Verified purchase
    Great for any age!
    My 2 year old and 5 year old both equally love the doodle mat. With zero mess as well as educational value this is a great investment
  • Summer 2021-05-13 Verified purchase
    Easy to clean
    This is just as advertised. Very nice and easy to use. My child loves it.
  • Gibbons 2021-05-12 Verified purchase
    Got this for my 3yr old boys bday and he loves it
  • Nelson 2021-05-11 Verified purchase
    Great for small kids
    Good product, very convenient specially for small kids
  • Hardin 2021-05-10 Verified purchase
    Nice product
    My grandson loves this!
  • Krystal 2021-05-09 Verified purchase
    Finally! Something non messy!
    My 2 year old daughter loves it. I love it too. It is non messy!
  • Robertson 2021-05-07 Verified purchase
    Great for my kids. Fun
  • morganc3 2021-05-06 Verified purchase
    Magic Doodle Mat
    This is a great play gift as it allows the kids to express their artistic self. It works great and the Grandchildren love it. I would recommend to anyone with children to open up their creative mind.
  • Jordan 2021-05-05 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Its fun and safe for toddlers
  • Alex 2021-05-04 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    This is absolutely perfect for my two year old he loves it and best of all no mess!
  • Sosh 2021-05-03 Verified purchase
    My kid loves it !!
    This was so cute for my grand daughter. Works perfectly. Thank u.
  • Hagedorn 2021-05-02 Verified purchase
    Worth the money
    Great product! My twins love it!
  • Allicia 2021-05-01 Verified purchase
    Happy mommy
    My niece loves this mat. She wants to play with it every time she comes over.
  • Lyfewitkay 2021-04-30 Verified purchase
    Great for learning.
    Absolutely love this mat! My daughter is 3 and we enjoy it, at least 5 times a week. I like it more then she does. it is a great alternative to traditional learning, makes it fun for toddlers to learn and play at the same time.
  • Marple 2021-04-29 Verified purchase
    2 year old approved!
    Very fun activity to do with my 2 year old twins. Easy set up and mess free. Love the designs along the border and all the things it comes with. My girls actually preferred to color with this over regular markers and coloring books. I highly recommend this product.
  • Alicia 2021-04-28 Verified purchase
    I love it
    Super Kool and no mess my daughter loves it
  • Kaylyn 2021-04-27 Verified purchase
    Just perfect!
    I bought this product for my 2 yr old little girl with down syndrome to play with. She loves it, and so does her 4yr old and 10 yr old sisters. Easy and Entertaining!
  • MCristinaSC 2021-04-26 Verified purchase
    No mess art!
    This was a gift for my 3 year old daughter. She loves it. No mess art activity! Just what this busy momma of six likes!!
  • waywaycool 2021-04-25 Verified purchase
    Good product
    Great product just fill pens with water and it keeps kids occupied for hours
  • Shelbey 2021-04-24 Verified purchase
    Good for toddlers
    My nieces enjoyed this gift . They are 3 and 2 years old .
  • Cline 2021-04-23 Verified purchase
    The quality is good and also helps to keep kids away from screen for a while.
  • PattiF 2021-04-22 Verified purchase
    Fun activity for kids
    Super entertaining, my 5 years old son, love it. Really good present.
  • Ashley 2021-04-21 Verified purchase
    So easy!!!
    love this. It dries up and kids can start over again. Its truly mess free
  • breslin 2021-04-20 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My kids love it so much! Easy to use and they can use it after it dries again
  • MundtFam 2021-04-19 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Very Happy with product
  • CoreyS 2021-04-18 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    My baby is simply enjoying it.Happy with the purchase
  • Annette 2021-04-17 Verified purchase
    My grandbaby loves it
    No mess,Easy to use and store
  • Pammers 2021-04-16 Verified purchase
    No mess
    This mat is so cool! Zero mess and the water pens and stamps work so much better than I had expected. Great gift for kids!
  • Wenona 2021-04-15 Verified purchase
    Hours of fun
    Got it for my nephew. He loves it. Big size, works great!
  • Monique 2021-04-14 Verified purchase
    no mess!
    works great my 3 year old nephew loves it !
  • Tamera 2021-04-13 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers
    Very cute. Great gift
  • MichelleM 2021-04-12 Verified purchase
    My 2 year old loves it!
    My daughter loved the mat! I love how kid friendly and non toxic everything is. With using water for the source of the marker.
  • hendricks 2021-04-11 Verified purchase
    Love this mate
    I love that you can just let it dry. And fold it up and put it away. When your done
  • Michelle 2021-04-10 Verified purchase
    Good mat
    This mat is great, my son loves it
  • Rebecca 2021-04-09 Verified purchase
    Our daughter loves it
  • bobteri 2021-04-08 Verified purchase
    Perfect for Toddlers
    My daughter absolutely LOVES it and I do not have to worry about her coloring on my walls since they only use water to color!
  • Lara 2021-04-06 Verified purchase
    My grandson loves it! It is a ton of fun. Easy to clean up too
  • Melissa 2021-04-05 Verified purchase
    Toddler must have
    Our two year old loves it, and our nine year old loves playing on it with her.
  • Adriana 2021-04-04 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers
    Love the concept and the babies enjoyed it. No mess made and the kids had fun.
  • Christina 2021-04-03 Verified purchase
    Cute gift
    Very good quality, also comes with stencils
  • dykes 2021-04-02 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers
    The cleanest easiest way for a toddler to color!! My daughter loves it!
  • Marissa 2021-04-01 Verified purchase
    No mess!
    My daughter loves this and it makes no mess at all!!
  • Lauterbach 2021-03-31 Verified purchase
    Amazing toy
    Very easy to set up. Our children absolutely love it!
  • Mykeeh 2021-03-30 Verified purchase
    Great buy!
    The kids loved all their gifts! Will be ordering similar items.
  • Gillentine 2021-03-29 Verified purchase
    Loves it!
    My 2 year old loves it. He can draw without ruining my walls or floors so I love it too lol
  • Soe 2021-03-28 Verified purchase
    Fun for kids 6 and under mostly
    My grandson absolutely loves this and there is no real mess when he is done. I would certainly get this again.
  • robyn 2021-03-27 Verified purchase
    Great Gift!
    It is a great gift. My daughter loves it!
  • Katcha 2021-03-26 Verified purchase
    Requires lots of refills
    It is very convenient with toddlers!!
  • richelle 2021-03-25 Verified purchase
    Good quality and the kids can all play with it at the same time
  • SMC 2021-03-24 Verified purchase
    Good choice
    My daughter loves to draw on everything and this made all of her art aspersions come true. Thank you!
  • sawicki 2021-03-23 Verified purchase
    Very clean no mess and fun
    My granddaughters love this and momma told me it is awesome because there is no mess and the kids stay busy for quite awhile.
  • Folger 2021-03-22 Verified purchase
    Easy product
    This is perfect and nonmessy.My toddler loves it and the extras that came for learning our perfect.
  • keesha 2021-03-21 Verified purchase
    It is amazing! My 3 year old LOVES it already! Mess free fun!
  • Zaners 2021-03-20 Verified purchase
    My daughter absolute loves it and thereis no mess
  • Meeko 2021-03-19 Verified purchase
    Easy to use and travel with
  • mariangel 2021-03-18 Verified purchase
    Mess free!
    My daughter loves it and it is mess free! I definitely recommend for your littles.
  • McCartney 2021-03-17 Verified purchase
    I gave it as a girt but I hear that my 4 year old nephew enjoys it a lot.
  • Ramayada 2021-03-16 Verified purchase
    Fun and interactive !
    So so much fun to doodle with my neice and nephew ! They loved it
  • Jen 2021-03-15 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Good material, lots of extras like stencils. Super cute. Bought for my niece. Opened it to see how it works and I love it. can not wait to give it to her.
  • Misadah 2021-03-14 Verified purchase
    My grandson likes It
  • Catie 2021-03-13 Verified purchase
    No mess!
    my son loved it, he spent a lot of time playing, and it was great for me
  • Candice 2021-03-12 Verified purchase
    Awesome gift
    Gift to each of the grandchildren
  • mweber07 2021-03-11 Verified purchase
    Perfect for gifting for toddlers and young preschool!
  • Randell 2021-03-10 Verified purchase
    My daughter and her cousin love it
  • Robert 2021-03-09 Verified purchase
    I love it
    It is extremely fun and great for kids
  • Jess 2021-03-08 Verified purchase
    Mat is wonderful. Daughter can be artistic without making a mess.
  • EllenD523 2021-03-07 Verified purchase
    Worth buying
    This was a birthday gift for our neighbor who was turning 5! Him and my nephew LOVED playing on it.
  • TraPhe 2021-03-06 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers
    So much fun! My daughter loves it!!!
  • Ester 2021-03-05 Verified purchase
    Great activity for kids
    Just unpacked the mat and my kid loves it.. I thought It is only going to be a mat and a marker but there are alphabet stencils bunch of shapes etc .. this is a great learning tool too.. love it
  • Olga 2021-03-04 Verified purchase
    Doodle amazing for kids!
    Awesome toy!
  • Leann 2021-03-03 Verified purchase
    no mess, easy to use
  • Nancy 2021-03-02 Verified purchase
    Great toy with no mess !
    Great product for kids with no mess !
  • Ashlie 2021-03-01 Verified purchase
    My grandchildren live it they keep busy with it and have a lot of fun
  • Zwirtz 2021-02-28 Verified purchase
    Easy distraction
    My kids likes it.
  • Gail 2021-02-27 Verified purchase
    Very nice quality!
    My 2yr old son LOVES this! My husband and I love it as well!
  • blankpoint 2021-02-26 Verified purchase
    Great for kids
    Best buy for lils who love to color without making a mess on the floor.
  • Sabrina 2021-02-25 Verified purchase
    Mess Free
    Super cute and awesome idea. My daughter loves it so much and I love that she can only draw on the doodle pad and not on herself or the wall!
  • Amber 2021-02-24 Verified purchase
    Pleasantly surprised
    Recently purchased for my 1 year old son. He is still young but want to start working on his fine motor skills. I like the fact that there are no stains. All you need is water in the markers. Glad I purchased
  • Harris 2021-02-23 Verified purchase
    Great drawing mat!
    Love it! It has a lot extra pens, rulers, puzzle and shape foams. Great value and quality! My LO adores it.
  • Rudenko 2021-02-22 Verified purchase
    I really loved this especially being that there is no mess for me to clean up lol! Bought it for my 3 year old and she loves it. Just add water and get coloring. Board is a good size and stays on floor
  • Cilla 2021-02-21 Verified purchase
    It is fun for the kids!
    Way better than I expected. High quality, lots to play with. Our almost 2 yr old loves it!
  • Dianne89703 2021-02-20 Verified purchase
    4 year old loves it!
    My kiddos really enjoyed this doodle mat, and the best part there is no mess to clean up nor is there having to wipe anything down on the mat itself except for the occasional drops of water!
  • DaSilva 2021-02-19 Verified purchase
    Favorite kids toy
    Easy to use for my 2 yr old. And It is easy to keep her from making messes all through the house.
  • Zachary 2021-02-18 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift
    Nephew loves the gift! Played for hours
  • VanHorn 2021-02-17 Verified purchase
    Love It
    My 18 month old loves the doodle mat and I love it because she can not make a mess.
  • Deborah 2021-02-16 Verified purchase
    Exceeded my expectations
    Excellent choice easy to use and clean
  • Shawna 2021-02-15 Verified purchase
    It is very good for toddlers
  • Cacchiotti 2021-02-14 Verified purchase
    Kids loved it no mess
  • oxley 2021-02-13 Verified purchase
    Awesome purchase
    Great fun for all my kids. Even my 7 and 10 year old love it!
  • georgia 2021-02-12 Verified purchase
    Water color mat
    My 2 year old daughter loves it and I love that it does not make a mess
  • Niaja 2021-02-11 Verified purchase
    Happy with product
  • Jaymi 2021-02-10 Verified purchase
    Wish I had when I was a kid
    The kids love this toy and I think it is pretty cool too. One thing I would not mind playing with them.
  • Britnee 2021-02-09 Verified purchase
    My 5 year old loves this and it has been great for helping him learn how to write his letters!
  • Sarah9151980 2021-02-08 Verified purchase
    Wonderful Product!
    My daughter loves and enjoy doing this.
  • LoveE 2021-02-07 Verified purchase
    So much fun!
    The kids love the product. They have so much fun with it!
  • Miranda 2021-02-06 Verified purchase
    Just takes water
    Fun so far! Even babys drool is creating fun art!
  • Edwards 2021-02-05 Verified purchase
    No messy paint
    My toddler loves this water doodle mat, the water markers are awesome.
  • Leya 2021-02-04 Verified purchase
    Amazing product, fun, educational , great for children, fun continuous activity.
  • Eisenman 2021-02-03 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    Bought this for the grandkids who were staying for the weekend. They were very entertained with it.
  • alexandria 2021-02-02 Verified purchase
    We bought this for our grandchildren and they love it! They have so much fun with this item!
  • Christian 2021-02-01 Verified purchase
    Mess free fun!
    it is a great aqua doodle, my daughter loves it!! it is nice and big and came with a lot of fun accessories. I love it because my little girl will draw and make fun creations for hours without making a mess and if she decides to take her art work to the walls it just water!!
  • Anita 2021-01-31 Verified purchase
    Kid loves it
    We received the doodle mat as a gift for my 2 year old and she loves it
  • TruHkelz 2021-01-30 Verified purchase
    Great for a time
    Absolutely love it! Our daughter can color and we have no worried about her destroying our walls,floor,etc!
  • Christine 2021-01-29 Verified purchase
    My toddler really loves this. It is easy to use and set up for them to play by themselves
  • Navarro 2021-01-28 Verified purchase
    Great Toy
    My son loves it. No mess either. it is great.
  • Louie 2021-01-27 Verified purchase
    Fun for all ages
    Love love love this mat!! My kids love it and keeps them busy for hours
  • Kevy 2021-01-26 Verified purchase
    so fun
    my kids love this!!!!
  • Chelsea 2021-01-25 Verified purchase
    Very good and my son loves it
  • Ryleigh 2021-01-24 Verified purchase
    Works just as it said! This is an amazing product and the best part is there is no mess!
  • Kalyn 2021-01-23 Verified purchase
    Great gift the kids loved it
  • varung 2021-01-22 Verified purchase
    Mess free
    Great activity mat. Entertaining and mess free!
  • Monk 2021-01-21 Verified purchase
    It is great for the little ones that love to draw on everything!
  • reinadas 2021-01-20 Verified purchase
    Beat gift ever
    Best gift ever!!! She is obsessed and we never have a mess!! Love love
  • Shaffer 2021-01-19 Verified purchase
    Great drawling met for all ages
    I have 5 kids from 2 to 12 and they all love this
  • Tracey 2021-01-18 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    Fast delivery. No mess. Huge hit for a 2 year old
  • Pena 2021-01-17 Verified purchase
    Add water and go
    Given as a gift to a family with small children who immediately took to it, probably will purchase again.
  • Jannelle 2021-01-16 Verified purchase
    Great gift.
    Kids absolutely loved it. Perfect gift. No mess since all you add to the markers is water. In very pleased with this item.
  • Nana 2021-01-15 Verified purchase
    Easy to clean!
    My little 2 year old absolutely loves it
  • Ashlee 2021-01-14 Verified purchase
    Great quality!! Looks fun and entertaining.
    My granddaughter is 2 years old. She does not quite get the concept yet but likes to draw lines across the white space. Will keep working with her using the different shapes, etc. Love it.
  • Spigelmire 2021-01-13 Verified purchase
    very good
    My 2 year old son love this
  • Urban 2021-01-12 Verified purchase
    The kids LOVE it. They fill the pens themselves then spend hours playing.
  • Dallen 2021-01-11 Verified purchase
    Good product indeed, baby enjoys it.
  • suziq 2021-01-10 Verified purchase
    Aqua Magic Doodler
    My grand baby loves it!!
  • Norma 2021-01-09 Verified purchase
    Excellent quality
    Great product loads of fun for my toddler!
  • Chester 2021-01-08 Verified purchase
    its good learning for kids
    I love that my toddler can draw and doddle without making a mess!
  • Tiggy 2021-01-07 Verified purchase
    Fun mat
    I love this for my 1 year old it keeps Her busy and mess free !!!
  • Melanie 2021-01-06 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    Great product. My 2 yr old loves to draw and this is perfect for her and the size is great. It is really big and gives her a lot of drawing space!
  • Banker 2021-01-05 Verified purchase
    Awesome gift
    Our son has a blast playing on the water mat! It is helping his fine motor skills to hold a pen!
  • Scatter 2021-01-04 Verified purchase
    No mess!
    Great for toddlers, I like that the markers are water based so no mess! Something they can grow into.
  • Dimitra 2021-01-03 Verified purchase
    Mess free!
    Best mess free art for toddlers!
  • Khach 2021-01-02 Verified purchase
    Best gift ever!
    My kids love this thing! Hours of fun!
  • Hutchison 2021-01-01 Verified purchase
    Love it!
    This product is amazing, it is so simple but its kept my toddler busy for hours. With no mess!!
  • bonnie 2020-12-31 Verified purchase
    Best thing for my daughter
    My daughter and I enjoy painting together. So happy I got it! Also ot dries pretty quickly and love that she can draw everywhere with no mess. Definitely will recommend
  • Gerry 2020-12-30 Verified purchase
    Worth it
    Beautiful and very safe and creative
  • Naomi 2020-12-29 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    The product is great my child loves it
  • Lynn 2020-12-28 Verified purchase
    Easy and mess free!
    This product was awesome for my daughter! She loved it!
  • Loretta 2020-12-27 Verified purchase
    Looks fun and the baby went insane exploring it!
  • Brewer 2020-12-26 Verified purchase
    Great product
    The kids love playing with it
  • Wa2C 2020-12-25 Verified purchase
    Easy mess free
    Absolutely live, perfect mess free activity
  • Stacy 2020-12-24 Verified purchase
    Happy babies
    I have three children and they absolutely love it! Easy to use with no mess and easy to clean up. Speedy delivery!
  • Shannon 2020-12-23 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Very good quality. Easy to use kids loved it my 1.5 year old just kept playing on it.
  • weisinger 2020-12-22 Verified purchase
    My 1 year old loves it
  • Nestaho 2020-12-21 Verified purchase
    Perfect coloring mat for toddlers!
    Perfect gift for my 13 month old! She loves coloring on the mat and thereis no mess! Super Easy to clean up and store.
  • Gina 2020-12-20 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers
    My granddaughter loves it.
  • Jvrobles 2020-12-19 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift for my 2 year old granddaughter. She is totally fascinated on how this works. I am too! We have loads of fun playing with this product.
  • alexiajnava 2020-12-18 Verified purchase
    Great product
    No mess to clean up. my nephew loves the color mat and designs.
  • emma 2020-12-17 Verified purchase
    No mess to clean up
    My daughter loves it! No mess at all
  • Barb398 2020-12-16 Verified purchase
    Son had fun.
    Everything is as described.
  • Shylove122 2020-12-15 Verified purchase
    No mess! 100% fun!
    This was for our daughteris second birthday. Excellent product! She loves coloring and It is virtually 100% clean
  • Odessa 2020-12-14 Verified purchase
    great product
    amazing quality product
  • Shae 2020-12-13 Verified purchase
    Lots of fun
    Amazing product for a learning and creative toddler
  • Duffy 2020-12-12 Verified purchase
    highly recommended for babies
    i just got it and my baby is all over it. drawing on it non stop. never felt so much happier with a product.
  • Jenny 2020-12-11 Verified purchase
    Fun toy!
    My kids really loved it and spent lots of times with it
  • gordon 2020-12-10 Verified purchase
    Would buy again
    My two year old loves it
  • Linda 2020-12-09 Verified purchase
    Hours of Fun
    Granddaughter loves it !
  • Villatoro 2020-12-08 Verified purchase
    Very cool
    Very cool and educational. Easy to clean and store away
  • Jasmine 2020-12-07 Verified purchase
    Easy clean doodle mat
    Easy to clear and no mess
  • Erinchy 2020-12-06 Verified purchase
    Clean fun!
    Littles love it! Clean play! Makes a great gift.
  • Mayle 2020-12-05 Verified purchase
    Great purchase
    Wonderful toy for the 2 year old loves it and mom loves it too!!!
  • Leah 2020-12-04 Verified purchase
    Girls gift
    Wow! Great gift for my niece!
  • lambert 2020-12-03 Verified purchase
    A lot of fun for the little kiddos
    Very nice activity for the little ones. Keep them busy and curious
  • Belinda 2020-12-02 Verified purchase
    Great product
    This is a great product for my 20 month old toddler. It allows her to explore drawing without me having to go crazy worrying that she will draw on walls. Very mess free and very easy to set up. My toddler loves it and spent at least half hour straight playing with it per day.
  • Trish 2020-12-01 Verified purchase
    My three year old loves it
  • Brendon 2020-11-30 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Great game I love it
  • DeSpain 2020-11-29 Verified purchase
    Easy to clean
    Came fast and looks fun!
  • Erich 2020-11-28 Verified purchase
    It is so clean!
    This product was perfect for my 2 year old whom loves to draw and color on everything. The water mat was brilliant to keeping actual marker and crayons off my walls and floors. It is entertaining and he absolutely loves it!
  • Candi 2020-11-27 Verified purchase
    Good quality. Lots of accessories and the kids love it. Beat my expectations.
  • Bethany 2020-11-26 Verified purchase
    My children love coloring on this and It is educational!
  • RahRah 2020-11-25 Verified purchase
    Great mess free fun!!!
  • aljouhara 2020-11-24 Verified purchase
    Love It
    Easy to use and mess free!!
  • Hannia 2020-11-23 Verified purchase
    Quick clean
    It is so amazing, my brother currently draws on the wall so this mat was the best thing that has happened, It had more things than i expected.
  • Sunderland 2020-11-22 Verified purchase
    Great, easy to use.
    My grandkids love this!! Theres no mess from colors running. Only water. Dries and can be used over and over.
  • Kelley 2020-11-21 Verified purchase
    Super fun for kids
    Kids would love it!!
  • Andrea 2020-11-20 Verified purchase
    Great Fun
    Loved this product great for my grand kids extra pieces no fighting.They LOVED it!!!
  • davis 2020-11-19 Verified purchase
    Awesome product
    Love the size and extra stencils it brings. Kids love it
  • Jose 2020-11-18 Verified purchase
    Must have for toddlers!!!!
    Absolutely love it. No mess. My daughter is obsessed.
  • kween 2020-11-17 Verified purchase
    My toddler enjoyed it.
    No mess and easy clean. Keeps my toddler occupied for an extended period of time.
  • Lopez 2020-11-16 Verified purchase
    Very satisfied and cleaner way to play
    The product is of good quality and strong enough to be handle multiple times by kids
  • Cheyenne 2020-11-15 Verified purchase
    Loved it!
    Loved product, easy cleanup
  • GScanlan 2020-11-14 Verified purchase
    Works with water!
    My niece loves it.
  • bollinger 2020-11-13 Verified purchase
    Easy and mess free
    My kids love this! It is durable and has fun multicolors. Would recommend.
  • escobar 2020-11-12 Verified purchase
    Granddaughter lovesit
  • Dosnie 2020-11-11 Verified purchase
    Amazing product for toddler
    I bought it for my son and he absolutely loves it
  • Lori 2020-11-10 Verified purchase
    The kids just love it!!! It keeps them engaged and happy.
  • Sher 2020-11-09 Verified purchase
    Great for my toddler and hours of fun and learning ahead!
  • ocynthia 2020-11-08 Verified purchase
    Help little ones how to draw or color
    Awesome for little ones
  • Stephanie 2020-11-07 Verified purchase
    My daughter loves to draw on this and It is a super easy clean up
    My 3 year old niece loved this and spent four hours in her room playing with it!
  • Talia 2020-11-06 Verified purchase
    It was a birthday gift and the child plus the childs parent loved it!
  • meghann 2020-11-05 Verified purchase
    Son's not eating Crayola markers anymore!
    Works great! My son loves it and I love that hes not sucking marker ink out of the markers.
  • katherine 2020-11-04 Verified purchase
    Fun for kids
    Really cool and easy to clean up, not difficult to use either.
  • Santaz 2020-11-03 Verified purchase
    My little guys love this mat and the alphabet tracing has been a great help for them!
  • Abraham 2020-11-02 Verified purchase
    It was such a hit at my daughteris birthday party! No mess, easy to set up and clean up, and was bigger than I thought it would be
  • lemarr 2020-11-01 Verified purchase
    My toddler loves it !
    I liked that it was easy to use ! Also not messy .
  • tiffany 2020-10-30 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Love it, its easy to use and clean makes a great gift for a two year old who likes to draw .
  • MDC05 2020-10-29 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    Easy to use and giftable
  • Customer 2020-10-28 Verified purchase
    We bought this for our granddaughter. She loved it. Very educational.
  • Kat 2020-10-27 Verified purchase
    Mess Free Alternative
    really great alternative for a kid that loves to draw without the worry of crayons all over the walls
  • Wallace 2020-10-26 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift
    Perfect for toddlers. zero mess
  • Aydt 2020-10-25 Verified purchase
    Perfect for toddlers.
    Just as described, and arrived quick. Perfect for my toddler, using water to draw instead giving her something like crayons that she could damage surfaces with.
  • Jerimi 2020-10-24 Verified purchase
    Kid loves it
    My grand kids love this!!!! I love it as well. Easy clean up and no worries about a mess.
  • aliff 2020-10-23 Verified purchase
    It is exactly as described. It is perfect for toddlers. Highly recommend
  • Caroline 2020-10-22 Verified purchase
    Great product
    Easy to use and fun for the kiddo!
  • BMA 2020-10-21 Verified purchase
    Great Product!
    We got this for my 3 year old. It is perfect and no mess. He can draw while we homeschool the older 3. He is entertained for a long time.
  • Giles 2020-10-20 Verified purchase
    My kids Love it
    Keeps my kids busy throughout the day and best of all it is mess free and reusable. Highly recommended
  • Ken 2020-10-19 Verified purchase
    A must!!
    This is such a must especially if you have busy toddlers. It is mess free and keeps them entertained for a while. Which we all know is NICE!
  • Elaina 2020-10-18 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers!
    it is great my son loves it.
  • Zanko 2020-10-17 Verified purchase
    Great gift!
    Love this mat, so much fun!
  • zakaria428 2020-10-16 Verified purchase
    Drawing Mat
    My children love this mat! No mess, so I love it too!
  • Tammie 2020-10-15 Verified purchase
    Mess free and easy to use!
    Love the product! My daughter really enjoys the doodle mat! Safe and easy to use for all ages!
  • Aschultz 2020-10-14 Verified purchase
    No Mess!
    Great product no mess! Perfect for our 2 year olds! No mess!!
  • BaileyK 2020-10-13 Verified purchase
    Fun birthday gift!!
    My daughter absolutely loves this. Sheis been wanting one.
  • DiSalvo 2020-10-12 Verified purchase
    Kids love it!
    Kids loved it! It kept them busy for a while on a hot day.
  • MichelleT 2020-10-11 Verified purchase
    So happy with this!
    Fun for the granddaughter, messfree for me!
  • ChristinaK 2020-10-10 Verified purchase
    Simple fun!
    Simple and fun for our 2 year old!
  • Fabian 2020-10-09 Verified purchase
    I purchased this for a friend who has an infant and 3 year old. My 7 year great granddaughter and the 3 year old had lots of fun with this product.
  • Whitney 2020-10-08 Verified purchase
    Amazing product
    It is amazing and I love it keeps my kids pretty busy
  • Xoxo 2020-10-07 Verified purchase
    Great gift for kids of all ages
  • gonzalez 2020-10-06 Verified purchase
    I bought this for my toddlers birthday and have not given it to him yet. I am so excited to though! He loves to write and draw so this is going to be perfect for him, and no masterpieces on the wall for me!
  • brianna 2020-10-05 Verified purchase
    Perfect for grandkids
    My grandkids love playing with this very easy to set up
  • Audrey 2020-10-04 Verified purchase
    No marker mess to clean up. Kid approved.
    Bought it as a gift for my niece that just turned four, and she loved it. It comes with some stencils and water based markers for no mess easy to to use.
  • Reiti 2020-10-03 Verified purchase
    Perfect for Toddlers
    Ideal learning tool for my toddler. No mess or clean up does not get any easier and she loves it!
  • Emily 2020-10-02 Verified purchase
    Great buy
    Both my boys absolutely love this! Hours of fun
  • Savannah 2020-10-01 Verified purchase
    My kids love it.
    My niece loved it! Plays it with it all day. No mess and very easy to clean. Good for teaching also In a fun way.
  • Reece 2020-09-29 Verified purchase
    Doodle mat
    I like it because It is creative toy
  • Netka 2020-09-28 Verified purchase
    Fun for a toddler
    Kids love it and there is no mess.
  • Dumaine 2020-09-27 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Love it my son have a ball. Best thing is no paper. Just run the pen under waster first.
  • Tom 2020-09-26 Verified purchase
    It is great
    This will occupy your kids for hours. And it is mess free. Everyone with kids or grandkids should own one.
  • Ronald 2020-09-25 Verified purchase
    It is mess free and fun for kids.
    It is mess free and fun for kids to use.
  • LeeAnn 2020-09-24 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    My daughter absolutely loves this! I love the no mess markers!
  • BriannaB 2020-09-23 Verified purchase
    it is amazing
    my son loves it!
  • richard 2020-09-22 Verified purchase
    Doodle matt
    Came with more stuff than displayed
  • Dakota 2020-09-21 Verified purchase
    Easy to use and clean. Kids absolutely loved it!
  • dilshad 2020-09-20 Verified purchase
    Product as ordered
    Exactly as ordered!
  • DUSTIN 2020-09-19 Verified purchase
    My kids loved playing with this
  • daksh 2020-09-18 Verified purchase
    Great purchase
    Two of the markers were a little more difficult to get started but it was great. It was a gift for a 2 year old and she enjoyed it.
  • Patricia 2020-09-17 Verified purchase
    Super cute
    Just got it today and my son already loves it
  • Brittany 2020-09-16 Verified purchase
    Good product
    This product is amazing my kids had them and now my granddaughter loves it too thanks
  • mdh 2020-09-15 Verified purchase
    So much easier than real markers
    My granddaughter and I have not stopped using it! It dries in a few minutes so you can start all over again. I highly recommend this item for the little artist in every household. You will not regret it. it is only water!
  • Amina 2020-09-14 Verified purchase
    My kids love it
    My kids love it and when they start doodling on other things it is only a small amount of water that no damage is done.
  • Celeste 2020-09-13 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    My nieces and nephews seem to really enjoy this!
  • Smorris 2021-05-13 Verified purchase
    Not messy!
    My son loves it. It keeps him entertained and busy! And the best thing is its not messy easy clean up
  • croft 2020-09-11 Verified purchase
    Great gift for kids
    Bought this for my niece and she absolutely loves it!
  • rauchgirl1 2020-09-10 Verified purchase
    Zero worry
    Keeps my child entertained and I do not have to worry about the mess or markers drying out.
  • Semchee 2020-09-09 Verified purchase
    Great for my 18 month old to have some messfree activity time!
  • pearl414 2020-09-08 Verified purchase
    an awesome doodle matt
    Kids love being able to paint, draw, and stamp!! I love that it is mess free!
  • Trina 2020-09-07 Verified purchase
    Mess free!
    This is the coolest thing! I love that it is mess free!
  • Jacinda 2020-09-06 Verified purchase
    Perfect for a rainy day
    My kids loved it, especially all the accessories. Perfect for a rainy day.
  • Joanna 2020-09-05 Verified purchase
    Kids love it.
    Kids love it. Easy to clean
  • Meghan 2020-09-04 Verified purchase
    Doodle mat
    It was a gift and the child loved it.
  • Cristy 2020-09-03 Verified purchase
    Super fun!
    My kid is obsessed and It is super easy to use!
  • Denise 2020-09-02 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers
    Easy to use and clean plus my granddaughter is Very happy with the gift.
  • Karla 2020-09-01 Verified purchase
    Awesome product for kids
    Love it just like what I used
  • kyle 2020-08-31 Verified purchase
    Fun toy!
    Keeps kids entertained
  • ingstrup 2020-08-30 Verified purchase
    Granddaughter loves this
    Bought this for my youngest granddaughters birthday and she just loves it.
  • Carolyn 2020-08-29 Verified purchase
    Birthday present
    My kid loved it for their birthday present
  • perrone 2020-08-28 Verified purchase
    Fast delivery
    Great for toddlers. Mess free coloring and fast delivery.
  • Harrison 2020-08-27 Verified purchase
    Great fun
    This is a great mess free way to let kids create!
  • Joshua 2020-08-26 Verified purchase
    Highly Enjoyable!
    I bought this for two children (ages 3 and 4) who live in Germany, and they love it! Their Mother loves it, too. Easy to clean and fun to use!
  • Greenwalt 2020-08-25 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    We love this drawing mat! No mess but all the fun! Only complaint is that the markers run out quickly so we will probably order more markers but everything else is fantastic! Awesome idea and great product!
  • Masapi 2020-08-24 Verified purchase
    Kids love it and no mess!
    Easy clean fun for kids.
  • Eubanks 2020-08-23 Verified purchase
    Awesome gift
    My daughter loves her coloring mat
  • Brett 2020-08-22 Verified purchase
    Had a very happy kid!
    My daughter loved it, started playing with it as soon as we filled up the pens with water. She was super excited about all the extra goodies too. I had a very happy kid this morning!
  • Nicholson 2020-08-21 Verified purchase
    Great item for kids since water is used to write with. No mess!
  • Shires 2020-08-20 Verified purchase
    fun for everyone
    bought this for my 3 year old...he plays with it for about 10 minutes at a time.he loves it when i draw with him and i find it useful that after the water dries it all disappears.i would def buy this again
  • Lusich 2020-08-19 Verified purchase
    Easy and mess free!!
    Very easy and mess free. My toddler loves it!
  • KatieD1 2020-08-18 Verified purchase
    Birthday Gift for a Toddler
    2 year old plays with this constantly.
  • Haley 2020-08-17 Verified purchase
    My daughter LOVES IT!
    My neice loved it!
  • Sergio 2020-08-16 Verified purchase
    Great for both my kids!
    Great entertainment for my 5 and 2 year old!
  • Boatman 2020-08-15 Verified purchase
    Really cool mat for kids.
    Our son has not stopped playing with it since we opened. it is just water, and the mat dries up fairly quickly.
  • Garza 2020-08-14 Verified purchase
    Great gift!
    I bought this for my 18months old niece and she loved it! Other older kids joined her to play because found it fun!
  • Ntaub 2020-08-13 Verified purchase
    Love it!
    My toddler loves it! Mess free and keeps her occupied.
  • Beltran 2020-08-12 Verified purchase
    Great for small kids
    My daughter loves it.
  • Joyce 2020-08-11 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers
    Easy to use, quick drying and fun for kids
  • GiuH 2020-08-10 Verified purchase
    Best investment
    I bought this for my Pk2 classroom and it was the best investment I am bout to buy a second one!
  • Mom4xs 2020-08-09 Verified purchase
    Love this mat!
    My son loves the mat and It is a great learning tool for him for sure!
  • ARP 2020-08-08 Verified purchase
    My baby loves it!
    My two year old baby really loves it!
  • Everyatom 2020-08-07 Verified purchase
    Terrific product
    No mess fun for toddlers. My 2 and 3 year olds loved this drawing mat!
  • Jasmin 2020-08-06 Verified purchase
    Awesome product!
    The product is very fun and of great quality, my son loved it!
  • Cecilia 2020-08-05 Verified purchase
    Kids loved it
    Kids loved receiving this for their second birthday
  • Sandi 2020-08-04 Verified purchase
    Like it kids enjoy it
    I like the product, easy to use.
  • Geena 2020-08-03 Verified purchase
    Lots of fun
    My grandchildren love this. From my youngest 1 year only to my 12 year old. Such a fun toy. Very sturdy and hours of fun
  • lonndill2 2020-08-02 Verified purchase
    Mat with a lot of accessories
    The product is nice. It comes with a lot of accessories which keeps the kid busy. However, it takes a bot longer to dry than other mat which i have used in past. It also comes with more pens than other mats.
  • tfstill 2020-08-01 Verified purchase
    Our three year old just loves this mat! He has been making letters numbers and drawing non stop since it was opened!
  • rachmaye 2020-07-31 Verified purchase
    Magic Doodle Mat
    Excellent product. Grandbabies love love it
  • sireen 2020-07-30 Verified purchase
    Best product
    Best product for 2 yr kids too and amazing quality
  • caumick 2020-07-29 Verified purchase
    Grandkids aged 2 to 9 loved this.
  • Shanti 2020-07-28 Verified purchase
    loved it
    I loved it, I bought it for my niece and she is fascinated
  • Eppie 2020-07-27 Verified purchase
    screefree entertainment
    This product was exactly like the pictures. Easy abs fun to use. My daughter loves it.
  • cuffee 2020-07-26 Verified purchase
    Cleanest way of fun
    Perfect activity for kids with little to no clean up or mess!
  • Nehring 2020-07-25 Verified purchase
    Hard to use
    My kids loved it! They had a play date and the other kids loved it too! They were highly entertained, and that includes my almost 6 year old as well!
  • Zory 2020-07-24 Verified purchase
    Great for toddlers
    Loved the mat! Also recommended to my friend for her son.
  • Forster 2020-07-23 Verified purchase
    Works great. My little girl loves it.
    My kids love this and so do I. There is no mess
  • MamaB12 2020-07-22 Verified purchase
    Great, fun product!
    Very easy, mess free!
  • Akaila 2020-07-21 Verified purchase
    Kids enjoyed
    My grandsons loved it. Kept them occupied.
  • ntwksexy4life 2020-07-20 Verified purchase
    The doodle mat is a genius idea
    The doodle mat is a genius idea for a mess free system of making art. This is a great little educational tool for the toddler in todays age of technology.
  • Auntmott71 2020-07-19 Verified purchase
    It is a great gift! My daughter loves it
  • Vucinic 2020-07-18 Verified purchase
    Nice for a 5 year old girl!
  • Gr8ful 2020-07-17 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    My child loves it. It is mess free as it is activated with water and erases on It is own.
  • Dania 2020-07-16 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My 2 yr old absolutely loves this thing. Easy to use and super fun and easy to clean
  • Harrington 2020-07-15 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    Size of mat is great, accessories also really good!
  • Medina 2020-07-14 Verified purchase
    Fun product
    Easy to use with no real clean up. Toddler loves it.
  • Awais 2020-07-13 Verified purchase
    Fun product for kids
    The markers were a bit of a pain to get primed, but once that was done it was so much fun. Love that my little messy artist can do what she wants and worse case she draws on the floor with water!
  • Garay 2020-07-12 Verified purchase
    Easy no mess
    It works great and have all the pieces
  • Anne88 2020-07-11 Verified purchase
    Best gift ever.
    Love it! My son is so happy with it
  • Veronica 2020-07-10 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    My child loves this. We can take it anywhere!
  • Thomas 2020-07-09 Verified purchase
    Awesome drawing mat
    This drawing mat is awesome. My nephew loves it!!
  • TTut 2020-07-08 Verified purchase
    Fun water mat
    Amazing product. Our son and daughter love it. Leaves no mess
  • Jeanette 2020-07-07 Verified purchase
    Good gift for young kids.
    Easy to use. Nice accessories. Hit with my 3 year old.
  • rcrane8641 2020-07-06 Verified purchase
    Perfect gift or toy
    Exactly what we expected
  • Emi 2020-07-05 Verified purchase
    Exactly what i wanted
    My children love it
  • Charity 2020-07-04 Verified purchase
    Great for sensory kids
    Love it! Has lots of things to do to keep little ones entertained.
  • bless 2020-07-03 Verified purchase
    Great for any age
    Both my grand babies ages 4 and 3 love it! It allows them to be creative without the mess
  • sginfl 2020-07-02 Verified purchase
    Education and inspires creativity
    Great size and dries quickly
  • saphire 2020-07-01 Verified purchase
    Awesome toy for toddler!
    Fun, mess free doodle mat. My 3 year old loves playing with it.
  • Jeanine 2020-06-30 Verified purchase
    Worth it
    I bought this as a gift for a friends son who is physically disabled. He loves this mat and is easy for him to use.
  • Kari 2020-06-29 Verified purchase
    Mess free fun
    Awesome mat that the kids loved to color on. Mess free and fun.
  • Dreamteam 2020-06-28 Verified purchase
    Fun and inexpensive
    I love the product
  • Johnny 2020-06-27 Verified purchase
    We love the doodle mat. My nephew is 3 and thinks it is so cool
  • Danielle 2020-06-26 Verified purchase
    So cool and helpful
    So helpful i liked it
  • Brittnie 2020-06-25 Verified purchase
    Fun for all
    Easy to use and stays messy free
  • louisa 2020-06-24 Verified purchase
    Large and fun!
    Using water to color on it is so much cleaner than markers, but just as fun. Comes with several stencils, too!
  • mincey 2020-06-23 Verified purchase
    Fun for the kids to draw on and write their letters and numbers.
  • melody 2020-06-22 Verified purchase
    Very bright and fun for kids to enjoy
    The product was in great condition and my son loves hitting the frogs.
  • sherry 2020-06-21 Verified purchase
    Great product
    My daughter loved it! Bigger than expected as well.
  • Keiyana 2020-06-20 Verified purchase
    Amazing!! Great for kids
  • BMOlee 2020-06-19 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    The kids love it, mess free, definitely a good buy
  • Asiia 2020-06-18 Verified purchase
    Great idea!
    Good to take on the go. It will be a quick easy something to occupy my little guy especially at baseball games.
  • bentley 2020-06-17 Verified purchase
    Very fun
    i bought this for my granddaughters birthday. havent opened it yet .i am sure it will be a great gift . and she will love it!!
  • Danny 2020-06-16 Verified purchase
    Easy to clean
    My daughter loves this and educational
  • Denel 2020-06-15 Verified purchase
    it so east to clean and make a very nice gift.. it keeps the kids busy and I sure they would love it
  • Tapas 2020-06-14 Verified purchase
    Aqua doodle fun!!
    My grandniece absolutely loved it but the surprise was that my big kids had fun with it too!
  • Taleaha 2020-06-13 Verified purchase
    works easy for toddlers
    very nice, does not mark anything around the house because it is only water
  • Violeta 2020-06-12 Verified purchase
    Super fun and clean!
    It is really fun! My daughter loves coloring and I love that you just have to add water for them to work!
  • websurfer 2020-06-11 Verified purchase
    Love it
    My 2 year old loves it and I love not having to worry about ink stains or messes
  • Kristol 2021-06-10 Verified purchase
    Great for little ones
    I love this mat for my young children. Wayyy better than the mess of real paint for toddlers
  • lobsang 2021-06-09 Verified purchase
    Good product would recommend
    My grand kids love this
  • Cierra 2021-06-08 Verified purchase
    Money well spent!
    My little one is only 2 but this product has not only been great just to draw on. It is also a wonderful learning tool when working one on one with the child. The shapes and colors helped so much.
  • Lucas 2021-06-07 Verified purchase
    Nice one!
    Fun, mess free for kids
  • jorge 2021-06-06 Verified purchase
    Great toy to keep toddleris attention.
    My 3 yr. old some loves it. Not messy and fun to use.
  • Rodriguez 2021-06-05 Verified purchase
    Great for entertainment
    Great product my daughter loved it
  • Sean 2021-06-04 Verified purchase
    Perfect my daughter likes it
    The product is great quality. My kids really like playing with it. It is also very good practice for children learning the abc and writing.
  • Josephine 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    Happy children
    I have not used it yet but it seems interesting. Something all of my kids will enjoy
  • wesley 2020-06-02 Verified purchase
    It works
    As good as the name brand
  • Poersche 2020-06-01 Verified purchase
    Love it!!
    Great product! My little one loves it
  • Dana 2021-07-19 Verified purchase
    Great Product
    Perfect for the kiddos. My kids are 2 and 3 and it entertained them for awhile.
  • Mark 2021-07-17 Verified purchase
    kid friendly
    keep a 3, 4 and 5 year old busy.
  • John 2021-06-21 Verified purchase
    My kids love this
    Easy to set up fun for all ages, it is my 2nd mat I owned the first one I ruined because I tried to machine wash because I had baby brain lol anyways just hand wipe it down with some sanitize wipes and it cleans easily. one of my kids favorite go to toys
  • brian 2021-07-10 Verified purchase
    Best coloring project ever!
    This aqua doodle mat is massive. Several of the kids could color on it at one time. The best part is that the mat only water. Once the mat dries out you put it away and you are done. The worst mess you have is some spilled water which requires a little towel. If you are needing a gift for a little one the parents will love you for this.
  • Svet75 2022-01-05 Verified purchase
    Easy and Fun
    We bought for our 2.5 year old as a gift. He loves it! He plays with it every day. Dries quickly, pens are not messy. Recommended for kids this age.
  • Ashley 2021-05-13 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    My two and a half year old grandson loves this. No mess. Easy to clean. Lots of fun.
  • Dipika 2022-01-09 Verified purchase
    Great for Kids
    My children are really enjoying this product so far
  • Liset 2022-01-08 Verified purchase
    Very nice!
    This item is very easy to use, no mess, and my children have thoroughly enjoyed it. They even have cute little stamps with animals and such.
  • Bobbie2 2022-01-07 Verified purchase
    Parents will love !
    My kids love it and great thing about it is no messes . Parents favorite!!
  • Bri03 2022-01-06 Verified purchase
    Great learning mat!
    Great learning Mat for kids! You just add water to the pens and they can draw on the matt. As they draw the water markings will appear on the mat! It’s neat very little mess for the little ones! Easy to use!
  • Marisol 2022-01-04 Verified purchase
    Good aqua mat
    It worked as expected and the kids enjoy it.
  • Vollmer 2022-01-03 Verified purchase
    Very nice
    My grandkids love it. Clean and creative
  • cullisor 2022-01-02 Verified purchase
    Such a great product for little kids even my almost 7 year old loves it! Would highly recommend I bought one for my nephew for his birthday as well! So easy to clean and use.
  • JenGee 2021-12-30 Verified purchase
    Very fun!
    I bought this for my son and he loves it! Easy to use and clean. Very cute, practical and affordable
  • BigE 2021-12-17 Verified purchase
    Looks good
    We love it. Very large, educational and works as advertised. Stencils and stamps it comes with are so perfect. My little one loves water and painting, this is the best combo activity for her with no mess.
  • Bryan 2021-12-29 Verified purchase
    Great item
    Great item ! My son loves it
  • bob 2021-12-28 Verified purchase
    Fun for toddlers
    I love it, no reason to not like it. I get to enjoy my little time while my 2 and 3 year old are drawing having fun ! Its worth the money.
  • CK 2021-12-25 Verified purchase
    Mess free
    This is great for young kids and meds free. My 18 month old,6 year old, grandma, and mommy loves this. One of my best purchases for the kids so far!
  • Verbois 2021-12-27 Verified purchase
    Niece loves it!
    Great value and my niece loves it!
  • Nancy 2021-12-14 Verified purchase
    All my kids like this! great buy!
  • Paul 2021-12-24 Verified purchase
    My kids love this mat!!
    My kids loved the doodle mat! They draw and dance on it! I like the fact that the pen is able to draw by adding water. They like to put pens in their mouth this is way safer than crayon. They can also learn how old write the hr alphabets with this mat. Def recommend!
  • AKG 2021-12-23 Verified purchase
    Great product!
    Bought this for my grandson’s 3rd birthday and it exceeded my expectations. He loves it and so does my 9 year old. They can lay on the floor together and the mat is big enough for both of them. Absolutely love knowing I don’t have to worry about markers getting on the carpet/walls. Dries quickly and easily folder to store.
  • Deano 2021-12-22 Verified purchase
    Fun for kids all ages!
    My kids loved the doodle mat! They draw and dance on it! I like the fact that the pen is able to draw by adding water. They like to put pens in their mouth this is way safer than crayon. They can also learn how old write the hr alphabets with this mat. Def recommend!
  • carleigh 2021-08-09 Verified purchase
    Keeps kids busy! Great gift idea!
    Kept my kids busy for a while!! Good for sneaking in some learning moments. kids love it, parents love it!
  • Ben 2021-08-08 Verified purchase
    good gift
    good quality, my daughter loves it.
  • King 2021-08-07 Verified purchase
    Amazing and fun
    This is a great gift for a toddler, I got this as a gift for my son and he LOVED it. Everything is water activated and that is what made it more fun hardly any mess and you just let it dry as to reset.
  • Claire 2021-08-06 Verified purchase
    Great quality!
    My 4 year old grandson loves this artistic play mat. His mother says she does not have to worry about clean up.My daughter in law thought that was funny. I would purchase again though. Great price, fast delivery and good quality!
  • TiffyK 2021-08-05 Verified purchase
    Wonderful purchase
    It arrived fast and in wonderful condition. Hangs on the wall easily and my kids love it
  • Ryan 2021-08-04 Verified purchase
    Great Toy
    This is a great toy to keep the kids busy for hours. Received quickly with no issues. Would buy again.
  • Adi 2021-08-02 Verified purchase
    You learn playing.
    Amazing toy, so fun for my babies.
  • Courtney 2021-08-01 Verified purchase
    My 2 and a half year old loves this
    My daughter loves this would definitely recommend
  • morgan 2021-03-06 Verified purchase
    Nice gift
    My grandkids loved this!
  • Mike 2021-03-26 Verified purchase
    Best Invention EVER!
    Absolutely love this mat! My three year old was busy for hours! Love love love
  • TSmith 2021-03-25 Verified purchase
    My 2 and 3 year old enjoyed playing with this mat!
  • AML 2021-03-24 Verified purchase
    I got this for my nephew and he destroys a lot of his toys but this is one of the few that has lasted and still works months after I love that you don’t necessarily need the pen you can kinda just finger paint with water it’s so cool
  • Megan 2021-03-22 Verified purchase
    Exactly As Described. Would Recommend.
    The kids from 2-10 all use this water mat. The Dino theme was a big hit and everything was as described. Would recommend.
  • Highland 2021-03-21 Verified purchase
    Hours of entertainment
    Great gift.
  • Ancy 2021-03-20 Verified purchase
    Great gift for kids
    Gifted this to my 2yo niece! She absolutely loves it!
  • Corrie 2021-03-19 Verified purchase
    100% satisfied
    It is as described, very easy to use, not messy at all. Very easy to clean and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • Julia 2021-03-17 Verified purchase
    Nephew LOVES this thing!!!
    My 3 year old nephew is really into dinosaurs and was SO EXCITED to get this Aqua Doodle mat! The first thing he did was write his name on it! I highly recommend it (easy to clean) and is so entertaining!
  • CindyS 2021-04-24 Verified purchase
    hours of clean fun
    safe for kids to play. But the white sheet is very easily to fall off and make it unable to draw.
  • Kelsie 2021-04-22 Verified purchase
    Amazing gift for a toddler!
  • Amy 2021-04-21 Verified purchase
    Easy to use and clean
    Our kids love this mat and the fact that they can color with water is perfect! We do not have to worry about finding drawings on the walls or them.
  • Bradley 2021-04-20 Verified purchase
    Super Large.Great deal!
    This mat comes with stencils, stamps, and brushes. It is very large.I did not notice any water residue after use.Dried clear for us.
  • Jill 2021-04-18 Verified purchase
    Kids love it.
    This is such a game changer. Kids can play hours on end and no mess. No countless buying of crayons again. Just refill pens with water and bam more hours of fun. Arrived quickly. Wipe down with simple cloth and water and it’s clean. 100% recommended for anyone with kids or knows someone with kids.
  • Chris 2021-04-17 Verified purchase
    Grandson loves it!
    My 4 year old grandson loves it! We have so much fun with it together!
  • SMarcellus 2021-04-16 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Easy to use and easy to put away
  • Lindsey 2021-04-15 Verified purchase
    I ordered this for my Grandson and he loved it so much I ended up ordering another for my friends son for his birthday this is a very good item for young children to be able to color and learn without making a mess
  • angela 2021-07-22 Verified purchase
    My kids love doodling on this! Huge hit!
  • Howard 2021-07-21 Verified purchase
    Our kids love it
    I gave this to my nephew for his 3rd birthday. He loves it!!
  • SomeGuy 2021-07-20 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    Granddaughter 3 yrs old loves it
  • Katelyn 2021-07-18 Verified purchase
    My granddaughter LOVED it .
    Easy to lay out. and put away. Easy to draw on. Great price
  • Yaser 2021-07-16 Verified purchase
    love it
    my kids love love this mat.they have so much fun painting and coloring on it ,good quality, highly recommend ,
  • Dixie 2021-07-15 Verified purchase
    Fun and learning
    Love this so much, makes coloring fun
  • Heather 2021-07-14 Verified purchase
    Grandies all loved it !
    This was a little extra for our granddaughters birthday
    When her mom set it up -all three of her siblings
    Laid down on floor and drew with Her !Great gift
  • Kalani 2021-07-13 Verified purchase
    Great value. Entertainment for hours.
    Awesome product. Bought for my nephews, they loved it! Mess free.
  • Emily 2021-06-25 Verified purchase
    Little one loves it!
    So much fun! Beautiful item for your child or as a gift!
  • Prime 2021-06-24 Verified purchase
    Easy to use
    Lots of fun, easy to use
  • Kim 2021-06-29 Verified purchase
    All of kids from 1-9 loved this gift
    My friend suggested this item as an activity for the kids to do at home. It was a win for sure and they stayed interested in it for a few weeks.
  • Pam 2021-06-23 Verified purchase
    Great product
    I highly recommend this product! My grandkids ages 2-11 spent several hours playing with this doodle mat and they especially loved the stamps.
  • Christine 2021-06-22 Verified purchase
    Fun for kids
    My grandbaby loves it!!!!!
  • Lucas 2021-06-20 Verified purchase
    My grandson is going to love it
  • Beccafly 2021-06-19 Verified purchase
    Good gift
    Amazing gift for nephew
  • Film 2021-06-18 Verified purchase
    This is the one of the best ideas ever!! My grandkids LOVED it!
    Lots of fun and no mess to clean up!!
  • Nicole 2021-06-16 Verified purchase
    My kids LOVE it!
    My children absolutely love this product. They play with it every morning. There is absolutely no clean up because all you use is water. I homeschool my children so it makes a great time for art! I highly recommend, especially if you are not so fond of little ones using markers! It’s extremely easy to keep clean as well.
  • David 2021-06-15 Verified purchase
    4yr old loved it!
    Loved everything
  • Beccafly 2021-06-14 Verified purchase
    My grandkids love it!
    Sent it to my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. Her and her 7 yr old brother love and so do their parents
  • sandra 2021-05-30 Verified purchase
    grandchildren love it!
    Kept my 6 grandchildren occupied for more than an hour.Easy to use kids love to draw keeps them entertained for hours loved it
  • Denise 2021-05-29 Verified purchase
    great water doodle mat!!
    my 6 year old son loved this! and it cleans itself when it dries!!
  • Vswright 2021-05-28 Verified purchase
    Hours of Fun
    I purchased this for my daughters second birthday. She has used this for hours on end. She absolutely loves it!
  • JDC 2021-05-27 Verified purchase
    Great quality and awesome pricing!!
    My granddaughter loved this! Perfect for her since she broke her leg and big enough for her 2 friends to join in with plenty of room. Cleanup a breeze!! What more needs to be said, buy one!
  • CityMaus 2021-05-26 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    Perfect gift for kids. Easy to install, great product as described.
  • Hutch 2021-05-25 Verified purchase
    This one is so much better then I had purchased last year. My infant loves it.
  • Hutch 2021-05-24 Verified purchase
    Great for playtime and home learning tool!
    I ordered this for my friend’s daughter’s bday party this past Sunday to entertain her daughter and cousins. The kids and parents loved it! Mess free and kids spent hours drawing. Thank you so much for making sure the item gets delivered right away. You’re a party saver!
  • EKL1015 2021-05-23 Verified purchase
    Great gift
    We love it. Very large, educational and works as advertised. Stencils and stamps it comes with are so perfect. My little one loves water and painting, this is the best combo activity for her with no mess.
  • LB 2021-05-22 Verified purchase
    Everything came as pictured.
  • Ani 2021-05-21 Verified purchase
    It is child worthy and it is a gift that embraces everyone. Thank you.
    It was nothing to dislike. Making people get togethers fun and stimulating.
  • Helina 2021-05-20 Verified purchase
    Great gift for kids
    Amazing productions easy to use
  • Keri 2021-05-18 Verified purchase
    Highly Creative product
    I never imagined such things. I was super amazed when I received the product and opened it . It will never get messy as everything is just about Water and I freely give it to my Son so that he can do his creativity.
    Thanks for such products which makes Parents and kids life easy.
  • Meredith 2021-05-17 Verified purchase
    Fun for toddlers
    I love it, no reason to not like it. I get to enjoy my little time while my 2 and 3 year old are drawing having fun ! Its worth the money.
  • Thornton 2021-05-16 Verified purchase
    The kids really enjoy this
    I got this mat so that my siblings could draw on a large surface and also to keep them from wasting large amounts of paper. They really enjoy using it, especially the stamps.
  • Eunice 2021-05-15 Verified purchase
    Love it
    Grandson loves it
  • Donalds 2021-07-09 Verified purchase
    Easy clean up
    Bought this for my 4 yr old granddaughter and she could not get enough!!! Love love
  • Sarbear0814 2021-07-08 Verified purchase
    Fun and cute!
    Was a great gift for my 3 year old, she loved it!
  • ACP 2021-07-07 Verified purchase
    So much fun
    So much fun for my toddler, no mess makes me happy , easy to fold and keep aside , bought few more for presents.
  • TJ 2021-07-06 Verified purchase
    Great buy!!
    My 21 month old loves it and it’s great for parents because there’s no mess involved. Win for everyone.
  • AngelE 2021-07-05 Verified purchase
    Just buy it already
    Three kids under four and this came in handy being cooped up with cold weather! Love this! May be purchasing another one!
  • So cool! 2021-07-04 Verified purchase
    Gave this to my nephews for Christmas. They loved it! Really great way to keep them busy without making a mess.
  • Chippa 2021-07-02 Verified purchase
    Great for Kids!
    The mat was colorful and easy to use. It was very kid friendly. The kids LOVE it!
  • LauraJ 2021-07-01 Verified purchase
    kids love it
    love that it came with a lil book to see how to draw different things , my twins love it
  • Audree 2021-06-10 Verified purchase
    Best kids no mess no worries drawing fun!
    My 2 yr old and my 7yr old loved it!.My boys have not stopped playing with it since xmas. Great product and bought a second one for my nephew. It has many water pens and stamps and traceable tools. It is also very large and many kids could play at same time. I highly recommend it!
  • Lisa 2021-06-09 Verified purchase
    The kids love this
    This is such a neat mat. The kids have so much fun with this.
  • Mary 2021-06-08 Verified purchase
    Perfect for play time
    Was a gift for my grandkids. They loved it.
  • Andrabart 2021-06-07 Verified purchase
    Fun for the kids!
    Easy and fun to use!
  • Lori 2021-06-06 Verified purchase
    Lots of use. Kids love this at my daycare.
  • Lily 2021-06-05 Verified purchase
    Wonderful paint toy!
    No mess fun! Comes with so many options to learn with!
  • John 2021-06-04 Verified purchase
    My 5 year old absolutely LOVES this and will sit there for hours trying to color the whole thing in. My 2 year old is loving the stamps. Great for a variety of ages and big enough that they don’t fight over it!
  • Grigori 2021-06-03 Verified purchase
    I was upset on how easily it scratched from the stentals that are provided
    But these are really good people and they sent me another one brand new and now I know to take better care of it. I would definitely buy again and it also let your kids draw without the mess
  • AmyD 2021-06-02 Verified purchase
    Would buy again
    This is a great gift if you have someone you know trapped at home for two weeks fighting off covid or just waiting for test results. Gives the parent enough time to send some emails!
  • Jeffrey 2021-06-01 Verified purchase
    My grandson loves this
    My grandson is 2 years old and love this mat
  • Nicole 2021-05-05 Verified purchase
    Great gift for toddlers!
    Loved the easy to use and mess free color mat. Kids have been playing with if for hours! My 1 and 3 year older approve!
  • Morrison 2021-05-06 Verified purchase
    My grandkids absolutely love this product and so does grandma!
  • Jennifer 2021-05-07 Verified purchase
    My grandkids LOVE this!
    this made a perfect activity for a 5 and 7 year old to do at thanksgiving dinner. They were right with us with the mat spread out on the floor and they didnt tire of it all day.
    this is one of my favorite purchases as a child activity.
  • Jessica 2021-05-08 Verified purchase
    Great water play
    Mess free and hours of fun!
  • Stacy 2021-05-09 Verified purchase
    Kids love it
    I lay this out on my living room floor for my nieces to play on. Easily fits back in the box when done, very easy clean up, no staining floors, clothing or carpet and hours of fun
  • angechris 2021-05-10 Verified purchase
    Love this perfect play mat!
    Hours of fun! No mess! Disappearing ink. Vibrant colors! Many tools included! Very happy with this play mat.
  • Kamila 2021-05-11 Verified purchase
    For my girls
    I love it it’s big Enough for all three of my girls to play with and also my son so I’m happy I got it thanks again
  • Dumpster 2021-05-11 Verified purchase
    Fun for all!
    Good to occupy grandma’s kid on a visit
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Water Drawing Mat
Large Size. Sea world pattern.Be easy to use.Can be folded to compact size.Portable for indoor outdoor and travel.A great learning toy for toddlers.A good interaction toy for boys and girls.

Just need to fill the magic pen with clean water and draw on the magic drawing mat. After drawing, the pictures will magically disappear within 3-10 minutes(depending on temperature and airflow), the most important thing is the kids can paint on the drawing mat again and again without any mess.

Educational Toys
No ink, No paint, Non-toxic, Non-polluting. Never make a mess, free Educational Toy, the back of the mat is made of water-resistant nylon material, clean and safe for babies and toddlers. Kids can use their imagination and create their creativity freely with this magic water drawing mat.

Perfect Gift
This magical water painting pad allows your child to paint with friends on the table or floor, exercise hand-eye coordination and color perception, develop painting and creative skills. The best choice for kids Birthday gift or Christmas gift.

How to Use:
1.Soak the pen head in water to swell it
2.Turn left to open the pen and filled with clean water
3.Turn right to tighten it
4.Start your doodle
Package Included:
1 x water drawing mat
4 x magic water pen
8 x drawing molded
4 x drawing template shaped
1 xdrawing booklet
1. Before using, Please put the head of the drawing pen into the water to soak for 2-3 hours. Ensure the pen can work smoothly.
2. If the canvas leave some watermarks, please put the canvas in the water and then take it out, The watermarks will disappear with the mat dry.
3. Never let machine to wash the canvas, make it away from the heat, better let mat dry before folding.

Please select Product specifications